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Deep Learning And The Game Of Go

Author : Max Pumperla
ISBN : 1617295329
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It's nearly impossible to build a competent Go-playing machine using conventional programming techniques, let alone have it win. By applying advanced AI techniques, in particular deep learning and reinforcement learning, users can train their Go-bot in the rules and tactics of the game. Deep Learning and the Game of Go opens up the world of deep learning and AI by teaching readers to build their own Go-playing machine. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

Artificial Neural Networks Icann 2001

Author : Georg Dorffner
ISBN : 9783540424864
Genre : Computers
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks,ICANN 2001, held in Vienna, Austria in August 2001. The 171 revised papers presented together with three invited contributions were carefully reviewed and selected from around 300 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on data analysis and pattern recognition, theory, kernel methods, topographic mapping, independent component analysis, signal processing, time series processing, agent-based economic modeling, selforganization and dynamical systems, robotics and control, vision and image processing, computational neuroscience, and connectionist and cognitive science.
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Deep Learning With C Net And Kelp Net

Author : Matt R. Cole
ISBN : 9789388511018
Genre : Computers
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Get hands on with Kelp.Net , Microsoft’s latest Deep Learning framework Key Features Deep Learning Basics The ultimate Kelp.Net reference guide Develop state of the art deep learning applications C# Deep Learning code Develop advanced deep learning models with minimal code Develop your own advanced Deep Learning models Loading and Saving Deep Learning Models Comprehensive Kelp.Net reference Sample Deep Learning Models and Tests OpenCL Reference Easily add deep learning to your applications Many sample models and tests Intuitive and user friendly Description Deep Learning with Kelp.Net is the ultimate reference for C# .Net developers who are passionate about deep learning. Readers will learn all the skills necessary to develop powerful, scalable and flexible deep learning models from a fluid and easy to use API. Upon completing the book the reader will have all the tools necessary to add powerful deep learning capabilities to their new or existing applications. What you will learn In-depth knowledge of Kelp.Net How to develop Deep Learning models C# Deep Learning programming Open-Computing Language (OpenCL) Loading and saving Deep Learning models How to develop and use activation functions How to test Deep Learning models Who This Book is For This book targets C# .Net developers who are passionate about deep learning yet want to do so from an easy and intuitive API. Table of Contents Introduction ML/DL Terms and Concepts Deep Instrumentation Kelp.Net Reference Loading and Saving Models Model Testing and Training Sample Deep Learning Tests Creating Your Own Deep Learning Tests Appendix A: Evaluation Metrics Appendix B: OpenCL About the Author Matt R. Cole is a seasoned developer and published author with over 30 years’ experience in Microsoft Windows, C, C++, C# and .Net. He is the owner of Evolved AI Solutions, a premier provider of advanced Machine Learning/Bio-AI technologies. He developed the first enterprise grade MicroService framework written completely in C# and .Net, which is used in production by a major hedge fund in NYC. He also developed the first Bio Artificial Intelligence framework which completely integrates mirror and canonical neurons. He continues to push the limits of Machine Learning, Biological Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and MicroServices. In his spare time Matt loves to continue his education and contribute to open source efforts such as Kelp.Net. His Website: His LinkedIn Profile: His Blog:
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Fundamentals Of Machine Learning

Author : Thomas Trappenberg
ISBN : 9780192563095
Genre : Computers
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Interest in machine learning is exploding worldwide, both in research and for industrial applications. Machine learning is fast becoming a fundamental part of everyday life. This book is a brief introduction to this area - exploring its importance in a range of many disciplines, from science to engineering, and even its broader impact on our society. The book is written in a style that strikes a balance between brevity of explanation, rigorous mathematical argument, and outlines principle ideas. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive overview of a variety of methods and their application within this field. This includes an introduction to Bayesian approaches to modeling, as well as deep learning. Writing small programs to apply machine learning techniques is made easy by high level programming systems, and this book shows examples in Python with the machine learning libraries 'sklearn' and 'Keras'. The first four chapters concentrate on the practical side of applying machine learning techniques. The following four chapters discuss more fundamental concepts that includes their formulation in a probabilistic context. This is followed by two more chapters on advanced models, that of recurrent neural networks and that of reinforcement learning. The book closes with a brief discussion on the impact of machine learning and AI on our society. Fundamentals of Machine Learning provides a brief and accessible introduction to this rapidly growing field, one that will appeal to students and researchers across computer science and computational neuroscience, as well as the broader cognitive sciences.
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Deep Learning Illustrated

Author : Jon Krohn
ISBN : 9780135121726
Genre : Computers
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"This book is a stunning achievement, written with precision and depth of understanding. It entertains you and gives you lots of interesting information at the same time. I could never imagine understanding and gaining scientific knowledge, namely 'Deep Learning' can be this much fun! Reading the book is a pleasure and I highly recommend it." —maryamkhakpour, O'Reilly Online Learning (Safari) Reviewer "This title is a great resource for those looking to understand deep learning. The illustrations are helpful and aid in cementing a richer understanding of the content, and the background context surrounding biological motivations for the tools and techniques enables a greater appreciation of the field. I enthusiastically recommend this book to any and all who are interested in the topic of deep learning." -vincepetaccio, O'Reilly Online Learning (Safari) Reviewer Deep learning is transforming software, facilitating powerful new artificial intelligence capabilities, and driving unprecedented algorithm performance. Deep Learning Illustrated is uniquely visual, intuitive, and accessible, and yet offers a comprehensive introduction to the discipline’s techniques and applications. Packed with full-color applications and easy-to-follow code, it sweeps away much of the complexity of building deep learning models, making the subject approachable and fun to learn. World-class instructor and practitioner Jon Krohn–with crucial material from Grant Beyleveld and beautiful illustrations by Aglaé Bassens–presents straightforward analogies to explain what deep learning is, why it has become so popular, and how it relates to other machine learning approaches. He also offers a practical reference and tutorial for developers, data scientists, researchers, analysts, and students who want to start applying it. He covers essential theory with as little mathematics as possible, preferring to illuminate concepts with hands-on Python code and practical “run-throughs” in accompanying Jupyter notebooks. To help you progress quickly, he focuses on the versatile, high-level deep learning library Keras to nimbly construct efficient TensorFlow models; PyTorch, the leading alternative library, is also covered. You’ll gain a pragmatic understanding of all major deep learning approaches and their uses in applications ranging from machine vision and natural language processing to image generation and game-playing algorithms. Discover what makes deep learning systems unique, and the implications for practitioners Explore new tools that make deep learning models easier to build, use, and improve Master essential theory: artificial neurons, deep feedforward networks, training, optimization, convolutional nets, recurrent nets, generative adversarial networks (GANs), deep reinforcement learning, and more Walk through building interactive deep learning applications, and move forward with your own artificial intelligence projects Register your product for convenient access to downloads, updates, and/or corrections as they become available. See inside the book for more information.
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Business Data Science Combining Machine Learning And Economics To Optimize Automate And Accelerate Business Decisions

Author : Matt Taddy
ISBN : 9781260452785
Genre : Business & Economics
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Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Use machine learning to understand your customers, frame decisions, and drive value The business analytics world has changed, and Data Scientists are taking over. Business Data Science takes you through the steps of using machine learning to implement best-in-class business data science. Whether you are a business leader with a desire to go deep on data, or an engineer who wants to learn how to apply Machine Learning to business problems, you’ll find the information, insight, and tools you need to flourish in today’s data-driven economy. You’ll learn how to: •Use the key building blocks of Machine Learning: sparse regularization, out-of-sample validation, and latent factor and topic modeling•Understand how use ML tools in real world business problems, where causation matters more that correlation•Solve data science programs by scripting in the R programming language Today’s business landscape is driven by data and constantly shifting. Companies live and die on their ability to make and implement the right decisions quickly and effectively. Business Data Science is about doing data science right. It’s about the exciting things being done around Big Data to run a flourishing business. It’s about the precepts, principals, and best practices that you need know for best-in-class business data science.
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Hands On Deep Learning For Games

Author : Micheal Lanham
ISBN : 9781788998765
Genre : Computers
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Understand the core concepts of deep learning and deep reinforcement learning by applying them to develop games Key Features Apply the power of deep learning to complex reasoning tasks by building a Game AI Exploit the most recent developments in machine learning and AI for building smart games Implement deep learning models and neural networks with Python Book Description The number of applications of deep learning and neural networks has multiplied in the last couple of years. Neural nets has enabled significant breakthroughs in everything from computer vision, voice generation, voice recognition and self-driving cars. Game development is also a key area where these techniques are being applied. This book will give an in depth view of the potential of deep learning and neural networks in game development. We will take a look at the foundations of multi-layer perceptron’s to using convolutional and recurrent networks. In applications from GANs that create music or textures to self-driving cars and chatbots. Then we introduce deep reinforcement learning through the multi-armed bandit problem and other OpenAI Gym environments. As we progress through the book we will gain insights about DRL techniques such as Motivated Reinforcement Learning with Curiosity and Curriculum Learning. We also take a closer look at deep reinforcement learning and in particular the Unity ML-Agents toolkit. By the end of the book, we will look at how to apply DRL and the ML-Agents toolkit to enhance, test and automate your games or simulations. Finally, we will cover your possible next steps and possible areas for future learning. What you will learn Learn the foundations of neural networks and deep learning. Use advanced neural network architectures in applications to create music, textures, self driving cars and chatbots. Understand the basics of reinforcement and DRL and how to apply it to solve a variety of problems. Working with Unity ML-Agents toolkit and how to install, setup and run the kit. Understand core concepts of DRL and the differences between discrete and continuous action environments. Use several advanced forms of learning in various scenarios from developing agents to testing games. Who this book is for This books is for game developers who wish to create highly interactive games by leveraging the power of machine and deep learning. No prior knowledge of machine learning, deep learning or neural networks is required this book will teach those concepts from scratch. A good understanding of Python is required.
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