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Dedication And Leadership

Author : Douglas Hyde
ISBN : 9780268159665
Genre : Religion
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On March 14, 1948, Douglas Hyde handed in his resignation as the news editor of the London Daily Worker and wrote "the end" to twenty years of his life as a member of the Communist Party. A week later, in a written statement, Hyde announced that he had renounced Communism and, with his wife and children, was joining the Catholic Church. The long pilgrimage from Communism to Christ carried Douglas Hyde from complete commitment to Marxism, to a questioning uneasiness about Soviet Russia's glaring contradictions of ideology and action, to a final rejection of the Party. In Dedication and Leadership, he advances the theory that although the goals and aims of Communism are antithetical to human dignity and the rights of the individual, there is much to be learned from communist methods, cadres and psychological motivation. Hyde describes the Communist mechanics of instilling dedication, the first prerequisite for leadership. Here is the complete rationale of party technique: how to stimulate the willingness to sacrifice; the advisibility of making big demands to insure a big response; the inspirational indoctrination; and the subtle conversion methods. In this small book, so large with implications, Douglas Hyde comments on both Communist and Catholic potential and their lack of maximum effectiveness. He advocates positive Catholic action, not just a negative anti-Communism, and he points out that the guidelines are now down for a decisive choice between total Communism and a total Christianity. Here is a realistic approach to an acute problem uncolored by emotional propaganda, and here is a realistic answer on how to inspire dedication for leadership.
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Spiritual Leadership

Author : J. Oswald Sanders
ISBN : 0802479529
Genre : Religion
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Over 1 million copies sold What every church will always need The need for talented, vigorous leaders in the church cannot be overemphasized. Such times demand active service of men and women who are guided by and devoted to Jesus Christ. With more than 1 million copies sold, Spiritual Leadership stands as a proven classic for developing such leadership. J. Oswald Sanders, a Christian leader for nearly seventy years and author of more than forty books, presents the key principles of leadership in both the temporal and spiritual realms. He illustrates his points with examples from Scripture and biographies of eminent men of God, such as Moses, Nehemiah, the apostle Paul, David Livingstone, Charles Spurgeon, and others. Featured topics include: The cost of leadership The responsibility of leadership Tests of leadership The qualities and criteria of leadership The art of reproducing leaders The one indispensable requirement of leadership Sanders holds that even natural leadership qualities are God-given, and their true effectiveness can only be reached when they are used to the glory of God. Let this classic be your guide for leadership, and watch how God works through you to do great things for His glory.
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Author : Delorese Ambrose
ISBN : 0757503977
Genre : Business & Economics
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The Rise Of Korean Leadership

Author : G. Ikenberry
ISBN : 9781137351128
Genre : Political Science
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South Korea has emerged as a new middle power playing a significant role in a wide range of important global issue areas and supporting liberal international order with its leadership diplomacy. The growing role played by new powers like Korea calls into question the prevailing view that global governance is polarized with emerging powers challenging the liberal international order established by the United States and its European allies after World War II. As the case of Korea shows, large developing countries like the BRICS are not the only emerging powers active in global governance. Newly developed or high income developing countries like South Korea, Turkey and Mexico are also active emerging powers, taking new initiatives, setting agendas and mediating conflicts between rival groups on the global stage. Because these high income developing countries have advanced under and benefited from the liberal international order, they see a great stake in its stability and show a willingness to protect it. "Liberal internationalist" developing countries are joining the expanding list of middle powers who contribute to the maintenance of liberal international order as niche players and system supporters.
Category: Political Science

Living For Leadership

Author : Frank C. Etsell
ISBN : 9781449759995
Genre : Religion
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My parents, Pastors Wilson and Bessie Etsell, faced many obstacles during the early years of their ministry. They began their ministry in a small community in August 1934. One cold morning in October of that year, they found themselves sitting on a small trunk by the side of the road. They had no money and no place to live. Everything they owned was in that trunk. By faith, they overcame, and because of their dedication and determination, they developed many leadership qualities, which guided them throughout their lives. This is an account of their early years in ministry and some of the leadership qualities that contributed to almost fifty years of full-time ministry throughout Newfoundland. One of the greatest challenges that Mom and Dad ever faced came in 1950, when I was thirteen years of age, and medical doctors at the General Hospital in St. John's, Newfoundland, told them that there was no hope or cure for my condition and that I would only live for a few weeks.
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Leadership Liability A Clarion Call To Courageous Compassionate Wise Leadership

Author : Leadership Wisdom Institute
ISBN : 1456733281
Genre : Political Science
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Leadership Liability - A Clarion Call to Courageous, Compassionate and Wise leadership is a collection of insightful, inspirational and prophetic essays, articles, and interviews being published in book form to commemorate Nigerias Golden Jubilee independence anniversary. Leadership Liability deals with the divine duty that leaders owe to their people and special insights and inspiration for leading wisely, morally, courageously and compassionately. Leadership Liability seek to explain the responsibility of those elected, appointed or selected to lead and their divine duty and moral obligations to the people that chose or elected them. Leadership Liability addresses the religious, moral, social and leadership challenges impacting not just Nigeria but also its indirect impact on other African and Western nations. Leadership Liability is a call for moral and godly leadership. It teaches the secrets for godly leadership. The greatest need of this century is developing authentic, courageous, compassionate and wise leaders. Genuine Leadership is the greatest need of our time. It will be perhaps the most important need of the 21st century. God kind of leadership is the only leadership that can lead our societies into a real and genuine change. The reader will learn the biblical principles and wisdom for godly living and leadership. Leadership liability would be a timeless tool in your hand as a leader.
Category: Political Science

Leadership Wisdom

Author : Chima Kingston Ekeke
ISBN : 9781602666856
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.67 MB
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Seeking to be a leader is an honorable ambition and a noble duty (1Timothy 3: 1). However; to lead requires wisdom, discernment, understanding, knowledge, counsel and delight in the LORD. King Solomon realized the need for godly wisdom for leadership despite his physical attributes and family heritage when he asked God for wisdom, knowledge and discerning heart to lead the nation of Israel (1 Kings 3: 7-9; 2 Chronicles 1: 10-12). Leadership wisdom deals with the special insights and inspiration for leading wisely, morally, courageously and compassionately. Leadership wisdom teaches the secrets for supernatural leadership, which is my cry and call for leaders of today. Chima Kingston Ekeke, Ph.D., was born at Akwete, Nigeria. He came to the United States to pursue an MBA degree. Sensing a call of God in his life, he decided to study Theology at Luther Rice Seminary & University where he obtained a Bachelor (B.A) of Biblical Studies, Master (M.A) Theology and Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degrees respectively. Rev. Ekeke holds several other degrees in business and economics including a doctorate in leadership. Rev. Ekeke is multi-tasked. He is a theologian, technologist, thinker and a motivational speaker. The central theme of his message is supernatural leadership - God empowered leadership. Dr. Ekeke is the founder and spiritual leader of Ramah Chapel, a place of praise, prayer, prophecy and biblical preaching and center for supernatural leadership designed to teach, train, mentor and develop young people to become Spirit-filled leaders. He is married to Mrs. Nnenna Kingston Ekeke and they have two sons - Chiedozie and Chisom. Dr. Ekeke is an ordained minister, a godly husband and a devotedfather.
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In His Image

Author : Matthew Lee Smith
ISBN : 9781425983499
Genre : Religion
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In His Image is the next step for those who have read The Purpose Driven Life. Following the Life Purpose of Mission, this book explores God's great love for humanity from every book of the Bible. From the creation of Genesis to the culmination in Revelation, God’s love shines through every page. Never is this ever clearer than in the times of Israel’s great betrayal of their God. His passionate pursuit of His children can be heard dripping from his voice as He calls them (and us by proxy) back to His shelter and protection. This book was written ... • To convince the reader of God’s intense and immense love for them; • To encourage the reader to reach out to the God who is passionately in love with them; • To strengthen the reader’s faith in God’s compassion; and • To motivate the reader to share the love of God with every person they meet. It is very clear God loves people of all races and ethnicities. Therefore, whenever appropriate to the passage of the day, emphasis is made on the issue of racial reconciliation around God’s love. His love becomes the motivation for evangelism and for community. In each daily devotional ... • There is a Biblical Scripture they are encouraged to read; • There is a passage of Scripture to read in the devotional itself; • There is the devotional to read which focuses the reader on a single thought, broken into two, three or four practical ideas they can utilize that day in their lives; and • There is a thought to take with the reader each day which summarizes the theme concerning God’s great love for them.
Category: Religion

Strategic Leadership Across Cultures

Author : Robert J. House
ISBN : 9781483315812
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24.62 MB
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Unique in its focus, methodology, and impact, Strategic Leadership Across Cultures: The GLOBE Study of CEO Leadership Behavior and Effectiveness in 24 Countries is a must-have for those studying or practicing in the fields of global leadership, cross-cultural leadership, and organization studies. Reporting on research obtained during the third phase of the ten-year GLOBE project, the book examines strategic leadership effectiveness for executive and top-level management based on data from more than 1,000 CEOs and over 6,000 top management team members in 24 countries. Authors Robert J. House, Mary Sully de Luque, Peter Dorfman, Mansour Javidan, and Paul L. Hanges offer a series of propositions about executive leadership based on the unified theory —developed after the publication of the first GLOBE book—and empirically test these propositions. They provide evidence that leadership matters, executive leadership matters greatly, and that societal cultures influence the kind of leadership that is expected and effective.
Category: Business & Economics