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Dedication And Leadership

Author : Douglas Hyde
ISBN : 9780268159665
Genre : Religion
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On March 14, 1948, Douglas Hyde handed in his resignation as the news editor of the London Daily Worker and wrote "the end" to twenty years of his life as a member of the Communist Party. A week later, in a written statement, Hyde announced that he had renounced Communism and, with his wife and children, was joining the Catholic Church. The long pilgrimage from Communism to Christ carried Douglas Hyde from complete commitment to Marxism, to a questioning uneasiness about Soviet Russia's glaring contradictions of ideology and action, to a final rejection of the Party. In Dedication and Leadership, he advances the theory that although the goals and aims of Communism are antithetical to human dignity and the rights of the individual, there is much to be learned from communist methods, cadres and psychological motivation. Hyde describes the Communist mechanics of instilling dedication, the first prerequisite for leadership. Here is the complete rationale of party technique: how to stimulate the willingness to sacrifice; the advisibility of making big demands to insure a big response; the inspirational indoctrination; and the subtle conversion methods. In this small book, so large with implications, Douglas Hyde comments on both Communist and Catholic potential and their lack of maximum effectiveness. He advocates positive Catholic action, not just a negative anti-Communism, and he points out that the guidelines are now down for a decisive choice between total Communism and a total Christianity. Here is a realistic approach to an acute problem uncolored by emotional propaganda, and here is a realistic answer on how to inspire dedication for leadership.
Category: Religion

Group Dynamics

Author : Donelson Forsyth
ISBN : 9780495599524
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 65.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In the Fifth Edition, Forsyth combines an emphasis on research, empirical studies supporting theoretical understanding of groups, and case studies to illustrate the application of concepts to actual groups, thus providing students with the most comprehensive treatment of groups available. Forsyth builds each chapter around a real-life case and draws on examples from a range of disciplines including psychology, law, education, sociology, and political science. Because he tightly weaves concepts and familiar ideas together, the text takes students beyond simple exposure to basic principles and research findings to a deeper understanding of each topic. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Category: Psychology

Beyond Tyranny Narcissism

Author : Benjamin Williams; Michael Mckibben
ISBN : 9781441590800
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85.37 MB
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History is strewn with examples of failed leadership. The book ends for these stories, we contend, are abusive power and control (tyranny) on one hand and "me" (narcissism) on the other. Tyranny gives us such notables as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Nero and Ivan the Terrible. Narcissism gives us Bernard Maddoff, Enron, Jim Bakker, Henry the 8th ,and Louis the 14th. With so many examples of failed leadership, why have we not learned our lesson? Why do we keep repeating our mistakes? The answer lies in human nature. Some people lust for power and control over others, and if the truth be told, others prefer being "told what to do" because then they don't have to think or take responsibility for their actions: being controlled gives them someone to blame. Others crave attention and seek the adulation of those around them and, like the victims of tyranny, those ruled by narcissists prefer a hero figure to adore in good times, and blame in bad times. Christianity is both belief and practice. Therefore it is both critical, and the authors argue, necessary, that the leadership practices of Christians be consistent with the faith. What do you do when you've tried the theories and they aren't working? You move beyond tyranny and narcissism. Where do you go? You go to historic Christianity. At the heart of the Christian revelation you will discover a timeless organizational model that is founded upon the Holy Trinity, and a leadership model incarnated in Jesus Christ both of which are relevant for daily living and decision making, no matter what your organization. It's time to stop acquiescing to tyranny and narcissism as if things cannot be better. It's time to claim the higher ground. This takes leadership born of courage, strength, character, discipline and faith. It also takes knowing where you want to go. The authors provide a well-grounded blueprint. Beginning with a Trinitarian vision of a communion of persons, McKibben and Williams outline in many practical ways how it is possible to make hierarchy and conciliarity complementary aspects of a leadership based on mutual service and accountability. If you are disillusioned with organizational church life, or simply frustrated at the gap between theology and administration, then this book will be a source of hope If you are disillusioned with organizational church life, or simply frustraed at the gap between theology and administration, then this book will be a source of hope....this is a pioneering work. Fr. John A. Jillions Associate Professor, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada; Vice-President of the Canadian Council of Churches Beyond Tryanny and Narcissism addresses organizational realities that all churches and businesses struggle with, and does so from the perspective of the historic Christian faith by drawing on the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and Christ ́s leadership style. It is the best single practical treatment on the Holy Trinity I have read. Dr Richared J. Mouw President, Fuller Theological Seminary
Category: Religion

Spiritual Leadership

Author : J. Oswald Sanders
ISBN : 0802479529
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.84 MB
Format : PDF
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Over 1 million copies sold What every church will always need The need for talented, vigorous leaders in the church cannot be overemphasized. Such times demand active service of men and women who are guided by and devoted to Jesus Christ. With more than 1 million copies sold, Spiritual Leadership stands as a proven classic for developing such leadership. J. Oswald Sanders, a Christian leader for nearly seventy years and author of more than forty books, presents the key principles of leadership in both the temporal and spiritual realms. He illustrates his points with examples from Scripture and biographies of eminent men of God, such as Moses, Nehemiah, the apostle Paul, David Livingstone, Charles Spurgeon, and others. Featured topics include: The cost of leadership The responsibility of leadership Tests of leadership The qualities and criteria of leadership The art of reproducing leaders The one indispensable requirement of leadership Sanders holds that even natural leadership qualities are God-given, and their true effectiveness can only be reached when they are used to the glory of God. Let this classic be your guide for leadership, and watch how God works through you to do great things for His glory.
Category: Religion

Emotions And Leadership

Author : Neal M. Ashkanasy
ISBN : 9781838672010
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 87.51 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume of Research on Emotion in Organizations contributes to the ongoing research on emotions within organizational leadership through a three-level analysis focusing on: leadership and individual team members; leadership and its effects on the team construct; and, leadership in the overall context of organizations and culture.
Category: Business & Economics

Creating Tomorrow

Author : Pat Collarbone
ISBN : 9781855395657
Genre : Education
File Size : 65.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is about workforce modernisation and cultural change. In the last few years, remodelling has been taking place in UK schools and in local authorities, children's centres, and locally based agencies and services that support young people. Some of these organisations have worked through the remodelling process but others need to and would benefit from doing so. The book will be of benefit to all as its primary focus is on sustainable change rather than simply getting started. Work has recently begun on remodelling in the Further Education sector.
Category: Education

The Rise Of Korean Leadership

Author : G. Ikenberry
ISBN : 9781137351128
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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South Korea has emerged as a new middle power playing a significant role in a wide range of important global issue areas and supporting liberal international order with its leadership diplomacy. The growing role played by new powers like Korea calls into question the prevailing view that global governance is polarized with emerging powers challenging the liberal international order established by the United States and its European allies after World War II. As the case of Korea shows, large developing countries like the BRICS are not the only emerging powers active in global governance. Newly developed or high income developing countries like South Korea, Turkey and Mexico are also active emerging powers, taking new initiatives, setting agendas and mediating conflicts between rival groups on the global stage. Because these high income developing countries have advanced under and benefited from the liberal international order, they see a great stake in its stability and show a willingness to protect it. "Liberal internationalist" developing countries are joining the expanding list of middle powers who contribute to the maintenance of liberal international order as niche players and system supporters.
Category: Political Science

Memo To The Leader

Author : William Walling
ISBN : 1589398181
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 80.83 MB
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It is year 142 of Deutsches Weltreich, the German World Empire dating from 1933, when the vilified Nazi régime was born. Tenured history professor and seasoned retrotemporal researcher Dr. James Silverthorne reluctantly accepts the key role in a desperate conspiracy aimed at obliterating Deutschesweltanreich tyranny in retrospect via a desperate, clandestine return to wartime Berlin in order to thwart the efforts of SS hero of heroes Erich Lustmann. Sent back to 1939 Berlin decades after the war by Odessa expatriates in Argentina, Lustmann is armed with prescient knowledge of actual wartime events and circumstances, the former SS "Deathshead" officer’s mission is to “rectify” via a decidedly outré method Hitler’s meddlesome misdirection of the war that culminated in erroneous, fanciful military decisions, and thereby ensured a Nazi victory in WW II. Fearing his own “mission impossible” is exactly that, Professor Silverthorne nevertheless doggedly pursues his world-changing crusade in an exciting time travel adventure grand in scope and world-changing in purpose.
Category: Fiction

Group Politics And Social Movements In Canada Second Edition

Author : Miriam Smith
ISBN : 9781442606975
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 63.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Group Politics and Social Movements in Canada, Second Edition updates and expands its exploration of a wide range of organized group and social movement activity in Canadian politics. Particularly distinctive is the inclusion of Quebec nationalism and Aboriginal politics. Many other areas of collective activity are also included: the Occupy movement and anti-poverty organizing, ethnocultural political mobilization, disability, lesbian and gay politics, feminism, farmers and organized interests in agriculture, Christian evangelical groups, environment, and health movements. Contributors to the collection employ a number of theoretical perspectives from political science and sociology to describe the evolution of organized groups and movements and to evaluate successes in exercising influence on Canadian politics. Each chapter provides an overview of the group or movement along with an account of its main networks and organizations, strategies, goals, successes, and failures.
Category: Political Science

Daily Life Behind The Iron Curtain

Author : Jim Willis
ISBN : 9780313397639
Genre : History
File Size : 25.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This compelling book describes how everyday people courageously survived under repressive Communist regimes until the voices and actions of rebellious individuals resulted in the fall of the Iron Curtain in Europe.
Category: History