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Death Of A Swagman

Author : Arthur W. Upfield
ISBN : 9781875892662
Genre : Fiction
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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In an isolated hut not far from the sleepy country town of Merino, stockman George Kendall is found dead - and it looks very much like murder. Six weeks later Bony arrives incognita at Merino and provokes the local police to lock him up. There is method in Bony's madness - in semi-detention he is made to paint the police station and keeps a perfect disguise while searching for single-minded killer...
Category: Fiction

Investigating Arthur Upfield

Author : Kees de Hoog
ISBN : 9781443834957
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Arthur Upfield created Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte (Bony) who features in twenty-nine novels written from the 1920s to the the 1960s, mostly set in the Australian Outback. He was the first Australian professional writer of crime detection novels. Upfield arrived in Australia from England on 4 November 1911, and this collection of twenty-two critical essays by academics and scholars has been published to celebrate the centenary of his arrival. The essays were all written after Upfield’s death in 1964 and provide a wide range of responses to his fiction. The contributors, from Australia, Europe and the United States, include journalist Pamela Ruskin who was Upfield’s agent for fifteen years, anthropologists, literary scholars, pioneers in the academic study of popular culture such as John G. Cawelti and Ray B. Browne, and novelists Tony Hillerman and Mudrooroo whose own works have been inspired by Upfield’s. The collection sheds light on the extent and nature of critical responses to Upfield over time, demonstrates the type of recognition he has received and highlights the way in which different preoccupations and critical trends have dealt with his work. The essays provide the basis for an assessment of Upfield’s place not only in the international annals of crime fiction but also in the literary and cultural history of Australia.
Category: Literary Criticism

Angus Robertson And The British Trade In Australian Books 19301970

Author : Jason D. Ensor
ISBN : 9781783081059
Genre : History
File Size : 64.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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‘Angus & Robertson and the British Trade in Australian Books, 1930–1970’ traces the history of the printed book in Australia, particularly the production and business context that mediated Australia’s literary and cultural ties to Britain for much of the twentieth century. This study focuses on the London operations of one of Australia’s premier book publishers of the twentieth century: Angus & Robertson. The book argues that despite the obvious limitations of a British-dominated market, Australian publishers had room to manoeuvre in it. It questions the ways in which Angus & Robertson replicated, challenged or transformed the often highly criticised commercial practices of British publishers in order to develop an export trade for Australian books in the United Kingdom. This book is the answer to the current void in the literary market for a substantial history of Australia’s largest publisher and its role in the development of Australia’s export book trade.
Category: History

The Mystical Swagman

Author : Gary Blinco
ISBN : 9781591461470
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76.18 MB
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It is the 1860s and colonial Australia is no longer just a dumping ground for the pitiful throw-offs of harsh English justice. The colony is rapidly taking on a new identity as a land where opportunities abound for those who are up to the challenge. Many prosper, while others prefer to tramp the endless bush and enjoy what the land has to offer, and still other turn to a life of crime. Into this wild land of rare beauty and constant change comes a quiet young orphan boy named Brennan. He knows nothing of his origins and his only family is an old lady who nurtures him into his teenage years. When she can no longer care for him, he packs a modest swag and a little money and heads into the bush. On the track, he meets up with two old swagmen who quickly become his new family. Tramping the bush tracks, they find many adventures. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful bush, they experience bushfires, floods, droughts, harsh winters, blistering summers, and the kindness and sometimes cruelty of the inhabitants. As he grows, Brennan begins to develop strange mystical powers that come to him in moments of great fear or passion. He is excited and scared at the same time, and he longs to understand his origins and find the source of these mystical powers in the hope that he can learn to master them. This story provides an insight into early Australian colonial history, the land, and its people, as seen through the eyes of a mystical young swagman.
Category: Fiction

Along Came A Swagman

Author : Ernie Palamarek
ISBN : 9781412244596
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 80.24 MB
Format : PDF
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G'day, Mate! The awesome Australian Outback is one of the beautiful but dangerous settings for this captivating tale of murky intrigue, murder and myths! Read this fascinating tale! It's a ripper, mate! From out of the mists of Aboriginal Dreamtime, a startling discovery is made by a never-do-well Outback opal miner who hauls up a priceless archeological antiquity in a dented barrel of broken dreams. Paleontologists are astounded! One look at what he found is forever burned into the minds of those who see it, setting the stage for a devious web of deceit. Greed and lust change their lives forever! Millions of dollars are at stake! Sally Fletcher, a tall strawberry-blonde Aussie who is a TV news reporter on Vancouver Island, is at a loss for words as her world comes crashing down upon her when someone starts systematically going after her, her grandfather, and her Canadian mother. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that her Australian father is next on somebody's list. Rune Erikson is hot on the trail of a deadly trio of antiquity-stealing snakeheads who slither through the casinos Down Under! Rune wants to keep rolling sevens but the dice keep coming up snake-eyes! Andy, an Outback swagman on a self-healing walkabout through the harsh conditions of the Outback, becomes embroiled in this adventure. This fascinating third novel in a series features the somewhat-jaded but dashing Rune Erikson who rips through the Outback where hardships and timeless feats of courage are legend. Coloured by romance and eroticism, this intrigue lures Rune off his sailing ketch Valhalla at Victoria's Fisherman's Wharf into the swirling myths and legends of Dreamtime in Australia's Outback.
Category: Fiction

Waltzing Matilda

Author : Dennis O'Keeffe
ISBN : 9781742377063
Genre : History
File Size : 54.98 MB
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An expose of two cover-ups: one the death of a swagman by a billabong; the other, a torrid affair between Banjo Paterson and his fiancee's best friend, and how the two events come together in Australia's best-loved national song. Australians know Waltzing Matilda, written by their most popular poet Banjo Paterson, as their most loved song and unofficial national anthem. What Australians don't know is that their song is embroiled in a web of secrecy, violence and a triangular love affair. Written at a pivotal time in Australia's history, Waltzing Matilda is as important to Australian culture as events like the Eureka Stockade and the story of Ned Kelly. One hundred and fifteen years after the writing of Waltzing Matilda, Australians continue to be fascinated with the song and sing it proudly wherever they meet to celebrate. Given the facts outlined in this story, they will be further captivated and embrace the song for decades to come.
Category: History

Henry Lawson S Selected Short Stories

Author : Robert Beardwood
ISBN : 9781920693107
Genre :
File Size : 55.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Insight Text Guides - Henry Lawson's Selected Short Stories is designed to help secondary English students understand and analyse the text. This comprehensive guide to Henry Lawson's Short Stories contains detailed character and chapter analysis and explores genre, structure, themes and language. Essay questions and sample answers help to prepare students for creating written responses to the text.

The Australian Novel 1830 1980

Author : John Scheckter
ISBN : 0820437921
Genre : Australian fiction
File Size : 55.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Exploration of the vast land, framed by the horrors of penal establishment and challenged by encounters with Aboriginal cultures, produced novels of irony and expectation, cynicism and celebration - works that demonstrate the flexibility and unflinching clarity that remain characteristically Australian down to the postcolonial present.
Category: Australian fiction