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Death Of A Policeman

Author : M.C. Beaton
ISBN : 9781780331089
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A pen pusher from Head Office soon finds himself pushing up the daisies... Local police stations all over the Scottish Highlands are being threatened with closure and this presents the perfect opportunity for Detective Chief Inspector Blair, who would love nothing more than to get rid of Sergeant Hamish Macbeth. Blair suggests that Cyril Sessions, a keen young police officer, visit the town of Lochdubh to monitor exactly what Hamish does every day. On hearing of Blair's plans Hamish is fully prepared to ensure young Cyril returns back to headquarters with a full report... but before he can do that, Cyril is found dead and Hamish very quickly becomes the prime suspect for his murder...
Category: Fiction

Death Of A Policeman Birth Of A Baby

Author : T. Felder Dorn
ISBN : 9781477119853
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 72.7 MB
Format : PDF
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On 17 July 1932, on a highway near Fort Mill, SC, Rural Policeman Elliott Harris was attempting to arrest Beatrice Snipes husband Clyde for reckless driving. Mrs. Snipes intervened, snatching Harris pistol from its holster and fatally shooting him. After her trial in December, she became the first woman in South Carolina sentenced to die by electrocution. Beatrice, however, was pregnant at the time of the crime and was in her eighth month when she was sentenced to be executed on a date about three months after giving birth. This sentence generated a firestorm of negative reaction, and the Governor of South Carolina in January commuted the sentence to life imprisonment. Beatrices daughter Jean was born soon thereafter and spent the first seven months of life with her mother in prison. Jean then was removed from her mothers custody. A secret adoption was arranged, and neither Beatrice nor Clyde was told by whom Jean had been adopted. This book tells the story of Beatrices crime and its aftermath, including the impact on Jeans life.
Category: True Crime

A Policeman A Snake Murders Most Foul The Death Of The Two Headed Cartel

Author : William A. Lomax
ISBN : 9781782225409
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Policeman, A Snake & Murders Most Foul The policeman is of course undercover MI5 agent Frank Allen, this time on the trail of drugs and prostitution; the Snake is gang boss and sadistic murderer Sammy Blake. For over fifty years Blake has controlled the underworld with bizarre and brutal efficiency, but will a large London gang bring about his downfall? Frank Allen is on the case. The Death of the Two-Headed Cartel Frank, recently promoted, recently married to Sue, is content. He feels that the undercover world is a distant memory, and he can now concentrate on ‘proper’ police work. Then one day he is invited to see the chief constable Sir Cedrick Porter, who offers him one final mission - with a reward so tempting, how can Frank refuse? He accepts the task immediately – and then goes home to tell Sue.
Category: Fiction

Death Investigation

Author : Randy Hanzlick, M.D.
ISBN : 1420044761
Genre : Law
File Size : 39.23 MB
Format : PDF
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Death Investigation: Systems and Procedures is the first book dedicated to the topic of death investigation from a legal standpoint as well as the administrative and operational procedures that pertain to the medical examiner and the coroner system in the United States. Unique in its perspective, this book is the only one not concerned with instructing on investigatory conduct, autopsy procedure, pathology, or the solving of crimes. Instead, it explains the concepts and principles of death investigation established by governments, and outlines the legal and administrative steps that must be taken throughout the case. Beginning with an introduction to the basic types of death investigation, the text explains the circumstances and statutory basis for death investigation systems. The author provides specific details about the role of coroners, medical examiners, and other forensic scientists and personnel who may officially be a part of the investigation. The overall goals of the investigations are included along with case studies and examples illustrating the procedures used in each type. The author also adds a brief summary of the specific system employed by each state. A considerable portion of the book is devoted to practical considerations such as the contents of the autopsy report, the death certificate, principles and issues related to evidence and expert witnesses, as well as a description of a typical day at a medical examiner's or coroner's office. Well referenced with websites and sources of further information, Death Investigation: Systems and Procedures provides a comprehensive, concise procedural reference to students and professionals including lawyers, crime scene technicians, and anyone who works with death investigation data, or within the death investigation systems in the United States.
Category: Law

Life To Death

Author : George Piro
ISBN : 9781465305558
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 35.28 MB
Format : PDF
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The hit was supposed to be another easy hit, and I would go back to my basement and keep out of the action for a while. Now I was stuck with a brief case full of jewels and nobody wants it. I will fi nd somebody to sell it to and make some money. Oh why did this Israeli Ambassador have to make it so diffi cult, why did he do that? Now the authorities are after me, will I get to catch up with Rania? I guess I will just take everything as it comes. What is this traffi c here, it’s the authorities pulling over everyone for random check. I’ll leave the car before they see me with the briefcase, make my way pass the check point in the water.
Category: Fiction

The Real Policeman

Author : Ron Owens
ISBN : 9780595604470
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 46.32 MB
Format : PDF
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It's raw, profane, offensive, bizarre. It's not politically correct or warm and fuzzy. It's real. How did police officers do their jobs four decades ago during some of the nation's most turbulent and violent times? These aren't one-dimensional Hollywood characters. They're society's soldiers, real people cut from whole cloth. They try to help when they can, bristle when they're insulted, retaliate when they're attacked, bleed when they're injured, laugh when they're amused (sometimes inappropriately) and get ready for the next shift. Without bulletproof vests, portable radios and other equipment considered essential today, often riding alone, they developed a "One riot-one ranger" mentality by necessity. This book will put you beside some of them, sometimes inside their heads-om radio calls, both mundane and life-threatening, in interrogations, in hostage situations, undercover arrests, investigating burglaries, robberies, rapes and murders. These are the type of stories cops share with each other-stories of comedy, tragedy, chaos and the endless uniqueness of human behavior. These are some of the experiences that make them what they are, for better and worse. The experiences that forever change them, that set them apart from the rest of us, that make them a brotherhood closer than most brothers.
Category: True Crime

Bad Acts And Guilty Minds

Author : Leo Katz
ISBN : 9780226027975
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 90.4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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With wit and intelligence, Leo Katz seeks to understand the basic rules and concepts underlying the moral, linguistic, and psychological puzzles that plague the criminal law. "Bad Acts and Guilty Minds . . . revives the mind, it challenges superficial analyses, it reminds us that underlying the vast body of statutory and case law, there is a rationale founded in basic notions of fairness and reason. . . . It will help lawyers to better serve their clients and the society that permits attorneys to hang out their shingles."—Edward N. Costikyan, New York Times Book Review
Category: Philosophy

Hong Kong Policeman

Author : Chris Emmett
ISBN : 9881609038
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 42.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In 1970 Hong Kong was the fastest expanding city in the world, a city that lived on three levels: the expatriates, nearly always British who lived in almost complete isolation; the vast mass of Chinese residents struggling to get by and improve their lot; and, finally, the criminal and corrupt underside which not only fought among itself, but also affected the lives of everyone else in the Crown Colony through fear and corruption. Fighting to hold this in check—and by and large succeeding—were the Hong Kong police force. At the officer level, many were British. Into this heady and dangerous mix steps a young Merseyside policeman, Chris Emmett. His account of those times brings vividly to life the crime, prostitution, drugs, triad street gangs, and corruption that was an important part of the fabric of Hong Kong of that time.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Death In Brooklyn

Author : Natalio Feliciano
ISBN : 9780557184408
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Crime is alive and well in Brooklyn. Puerto Rican private detective Ramon Lull Lopez does his bit to reduce the crime rate, and find a modicum of justice for the people living in the warrens of crime in the underbelly of Brooklyn. To do this he goes against the Maffia, Black Muslims, rogue cops, the Mossad, a serial killer, voodoo followers, bank thieves, and a slightly crazy little old lady. He does all of this by maintaining a philosophical, cool, laid back attitude.
Category: Fiction