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Days Of Air And Darkness

Author : Katharine Kerr
ISBN : 9780307573339
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Acclaimed author of the dazzling cycle of fantasy novels set in Deverry and the Westlands, Katharine Kerr continues her epic saga of humanity as a shift of power on the astral plane brings change to the world of men... The city of Cengarn is under siege. Armies both astral and physical are massing for and against the goddess Alshandra, who seeks to prevent the birth of one fate-bound child. It falls to the dweomermaster Jill and her allies to protect the child's human mother, Princess Carra--and Deverry's already foretold future--by magic and by might. But as the warrior Rhodry wings toward the battle on dragonback, he cannot know that soon he will face his ancient enemy, Alshandra's high priestess Raena, who will use any means to destroy him. Their confrontation could turn the tide of the siege--and change the fate of Deverry forever. From the Paperback edition.
Category: Fiction

Moon Eclipse Days Of Darkness

Author : Jean Marie Rusin
ISBN : 9781468542066
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This story takes place on Oct 30 when the lights when out and things started to happen, and no one could explains what was going on! But that night the virus started to effect the Peoples of Manhattan, to coast to coast, and this was began to be the darkness day, and no one were be safe to walks out, or they were be velour by the zombies. No One was safe to walks the street, you were be trapped and no escspe from the Zombies. They was the day of darkness arrives! Moon Eclispe, and more things started to happend! Zombies are coming!!!!! " What are we going to do? If they gets inside we willl end of being "DEAD MEAT"! We are hungry for brains!
Category: Fiction

Burning The Days

Author : James Salter
ISBN : 9781447231349
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 36.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the brilliant memoir of a man who starts out in Manhattan and comes of age in the skies over Korea, before emerging as one of America's finest authors in the New York of the 1960s. Burning the Days showcases James Salter's uniquely beautiful style with some of the most evocative pages about flying ever written, together with portraits of the actors, directors and authors who later influenced him. It is an unforgettable book about passion, ambition and what it means to live and to write.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Eight Days In Darkness

Author : Angela Roegner
ISBN : 9780984076031
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 54.70 MB
Format : PDF
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On June 25, 1998, Anita Wooldridge was taken from her parents' home in broad daylight by a convicted rapist. For eight terrifying days, Anita was savagely beaten and raped by her captor, who locked her in a metal storage cabinet for hours at a time. With only a steadfast faith in God to comfort her, Anita refused to give up hope that she would be found.Eight Days in Darkness chronicles the shocking events of Anita's kidnapping, including her transport across state lines, and the impressive efforts of local authorities and FBI agents which led to her rescue and the dramatic capture and conviction of her abductor. Anita's story is still used today as a case study for prospective FBI agents, and Eight Days in Darkness paints a portrait of the real-life battle between good and evil.
Category: True Crime

Three Days Of Darkness

Author : Janice Magner
ISBN : 1462827500
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Three Days of Darkness is based on a true prophecy circulating worldwide. The prophecy is real, but what happens in the story-line is fiction, implying that it could happen.when the prophecy manifests itself. Hold onto your seats with both hands, as you are in for a thriller of a story, beginning with Father McGraths sermon explaining the prophecy up until the very last cliff hanger page! Ms. Magner teases her audience changing gears moving from one family to the next and taking her readers through what all of them had to endure during three long horrific days of darkness. Three Days of darkness will make you prepare for these darkest days ahead! It will bring you through all the steps you must take, teaching in a subtle way what is most necessary for survival, as well as teach its readers how to pray! All of hell will be emptied out! Ms. Magner gives credence to the images of demons she so carefully describes, having researched actual exorcisms and the behaviors of devils. One reader remarked, You scared the crap out of me! Much of the prophecy described is to be taken very seriouslythere is a stern warning that those who scoff at it will die instantly when the dark days are at hand! There is a fine line between what is real and what is fiction.excellently executed. The characters in Three Days of Darkness are ordinary people living ordinary lives until the great chastisement suddenly changes their lives forever. The leisurely summer days, in a carefree neighborhood, suddenly turn into the darkest of nights filled with terror! Readers have remarked this is a quick read! You cannot put the book down! Once you beginyou have to read it to the very last pagea cliff hanger ending!!! Everyone who has read this book wants a sequel! This is one of the summers greatest thrillers! It would make an excellent door buster movie! Three Days of Darkness is available in print through,,, and various websites.
Category: Fiction

Out Of Darkness Light

Author : Harold A. Skaarup
ISBN : 0595803822
Genre : History
File Size : 86.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Canada has a rich and interesting military intelligence history, one that continues to grow at a rapidly expanding rate. Intelligence is a key element of operations, enabling commanders to successfully plan and conduct operations. It enables them to win decisive battles and it helps them to identify and attack high value targets. In order to ensure Commanders have the required support they need to plan and conduct operations, members of Canada's Military Intelligence Branch are serving in an increasingly dangerous number of hotspots around the world. In recent years they have served in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Haiti, Somalia, Rwanda, East Timor, and Afghanistan just to name a few. While Intelligence personnel have played a major role in ensuring the successful completion of these interdiction missions, many of their stories remain classified. This history cannot truly be complete until the Official Secrets Act permits a clearer picture to be told. Out of Darkness-Light, Volume 2 should, however, give the interested reader at least a partial view of some of the service that has been carried out on Canada's behalf by the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch for the years 1983 to 1997.
Category: History

The Darkness Of Day

Author : Rochelle Hamel
ISBN : 9781450239691
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In 1863, when Dr. Grant McKenzie announces his enlistment as a doctor in the Union Army, his family life is turned upside down. His military career begins as a field surgeon at Gettysburg, eventually leading to his capture at Spotsylvania and imprisonment in Andersonville Prison, changing his life forever. While in prison, he becomes part of a new family, made up of James, a tough thirteen -year- old Irish drummer boy from the streets of New York, and Gerard, a French farmer from Vermont. When Grant saves the young daughter of a Confederate captain, he repays the doctor by giving him the chance to escape, along with young James. The trip home through the Appalachians is arduous. Along the way, Grant delivers a baby, fights renegades, and faces death at the hands of two old mountain women. Meanwhile, Mattie, Grants wife, and their five children face enormous challenges and responsibilities at home while awaiting his return. When Grant doesnt return at the end of his one-year enlistment, the familys finances dwindle, and the workload overwhelms them. In answer to their prayers for help, Adan Torson, a large Nigerian free black man, shows up one day and offers to help them. However, Adan arrives with a dangerous secret that may put all their lives at risk.
Category: Fiction

Dark Days

Author : Joseph J. Capriccioso
ISBN : 9781477102572
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 23.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Loss of Ways and Dark Days go hand in hand. Always were the two books connected since Sorrow of Separation. Your Dark Days are born as you return home to find your life snatched away. Your sons were only two years and two months old. Marriage was just around the corner for you.Life was good as you looked forward to a future of happily ever after.The future died as you ran up your steps. You open your door to the loudest silence you could hear. Shock choked your vocal cords. Pure fear of not knowing where they could be. The truth was soon revealed that you didnt want to accept. She had an affair and ran away with no intent to return.Your true love tossed you out without giving you a choice. She took your future with her in the form of your sons. Can you survive being erased from existence? Her tales are told where you dont exist or matter. You are blocked from your kids day-to-day life, and a new world is constructed without you. No one knows who you are, and you must fight to be seen. You must prove yourself and battle for your kids. A father does have a say and should never be turned into a stranger. These are the Dark Days ________________________________ Imagine a world where you have no say. Robbed of your family youre made to pay. Forever falling with no end in sight. Health declines leaving you frail and light. Cries of children will end your dread. You are dying but are not dead. This future cannot be. You must fight for family. Survive past your Loss of Ways for these are the Dark Days. Evil may storm your weather, but you must never give up, never. Dark Days is the 8th book in the Sorrow of Separation Saga.
Category: Poetry