Data Smart Using Data Science To Transform Information Into Insight

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Data Smart

Author : John W. Foreman
ISBN : 9781118839867
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Data Science gets thrown around in the press like it'smagic. Major retailers are predicting everything from when theircustomers are pregnant to when they want a new pair of ChuckTaylors. It's a brave new world where seemingly meaningless datacan be transformed into valuable insight to drive smart businessdecisions. But how does one exactly do data science? Do you have to hireone of these priests of the dark arts, the "data scientist," toextract this gold from your data? Nope. Data science is little more than using straight-forward steps toprocess raw data into actionable insight. And in DataSmart, author and data scientist John Foreman will show you howthat's done within the familiar environment of aspreadsheet. Why a spreadsheet? It's comfortable! You get to look at the dataevery step of the way, building confidence as you learn the tricksof the trade. Plus, spreadsheets are a vendor-neutral place tolearn data science without the hype. But don't let the Excel sheets fool you. This is a book forthose serious about learning the analytic techniques, the math andthe magic, behind big data. Each chapter will cover a different technique in aspreadsheet so you can follow along: Mathematical optimization, including non-linear programming andgenetic algorithms Clustering via k-means, spherical k-means, and graphmodularity Data mining in graphs, such as outlier detection Supervised AI through logistic regression, ensemble models, andbag-of-words models Forecasting, seasonal adjustments, and prediction intervalsthrough monte carlo simulation Moving from spreadsheets into the R programming language You get your hands dirty as you work alongside John through eachtechnique. But never fear, the topics are readily applicable andthe author laces humor throughout. You'll even learnwhat a dead squirrel has to do with optimization modeling, whichyou no doubt are dying to know.
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Data Science

Author : Doug Rose
ISBN : 9781484222539
Genre : Computers
File Size : 82.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Learn how to build a data science team within your organization rather than hiring from the outside. Teach your team to ask the right questions to gain actionable insights into your business. Most organizations still focus on objectives and deliverables. Instead, a data science team is exploratory. They use the scientific method to ask interesting questions and run small experiments. Your team needs to see if the data illuminate their questions. Then, they have to use critical thinking techniques to justify their insights and reasoning. They should pivot their efforts to keep their insights aligned with business value. Finally, your team needs to deliver these insights as a compelling story. Insight!: How to Build Data Science Teams that Deliver Real Business Value shows that the most important thing you can do now is help your team think about data. Management coach Doug Rose walks you through the process of creating and managing effective data science teams. You will learn how to find the right people inside your organization and equip them with the right mindset. The book has three overarching concepts: You should mine your own company for talent. You can’t change your organization by hiring a few data science superheroes. You should form small, agile-like data teams that focus on delivering valuable insights early and often. You can make real changes to your organization by telling compelling data stories. These stories are the best way to communicate your insights about your customers, challenges, and industry. What Your Will Learn: Create data science teams from existing talent in your organization to cost-efficiently extract maximum business value from your organization’s data Understand key data science terms and concepts Follow practical guidance to create and integrate an effective data science team with key roles and the responsibilities for each team member Utilize the data science life cycle (DSLC) to model essential processes and practices for delivering value Use sprints and storytelling to help your team stay on track and adapt to new knowledge Who This Book Is For Data science project managers and team leaders. The secondary readership is data scientists, DBAs, analysts, senior management, HR managers, and performance specialists.
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Data Scientists At Work

Author : Sebastian Gutierrez
ISBN : 9781430265993
Genre : Computers
File Size : 72.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Data Scientists at Work is a collection of interviews with sixteen of the world's most influential and innovative data scientists from across the spectrum of this hot new profession. "Data scientist is the sexiest job in the 21st century," according to the Harvard Business Review. By 2018, the United States will experience a shortage of 190,000 skilled data scientists, according to a McKinsey report. Through incisive in-depth interviews, this book mines the what, how, and why of the practice of data science from the stories, ideas, shop talk, and forecasts of its preeminent practitioners across diverse industries: social network (Yann LeCun, Facebook); professional network (Daniel Tunkelang, LinkedIn); venture capital (Roger Ehrenberg, IA Ventures); enterprise cloud computing and neuroscience (Eric Jonas, formerly; newspaper and media (Chris Wiggins, The New York Times); streaming television (Caitlin Smallwood, Netflix); music forecast (Victor Hu, Next Big Sound); strategic intelligence (Amy Heineike, Quid); environmental big data (André Karpištšenko, Planet OS); geospatial marketing intelligence (Jonathan Lenaghan, PlaceIQ); advertising (Claudia Perlich, Dstillery); fashion e-commerce (Anna Smith, Rent the Runway); specialty retail (Erin Shellman, Nordstrom); email marketing (John Foreman, MailChimp); predictive sales intelligence (Kira Radinsky, SalesPredict); and humanitarian nonprofit (Jake Porway, DataKind). The book features a stimulating foreword by Google's Director of Research, Peter Norvig. Each of these data scientists shares how he or she tailors the torrent-taming techniques of big data, data visualization, search, and statistics to specific jobs by dint of ingenuity, imagination, patience, and passion. Data Scientists at Work parts the curtain on the interviewees’ earliest data projects, how they became data scientists, their discoveries and surprises in working with data, their thoughts on the past, present, and future of the profession, their experiences of team collaboration within their organizations, and the insights they have gained as they get their hands dirty refining mountains of raw data into objects of commercial, scientific, and educational value for their organizations and clients.
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Big Data Analytics In Bioinformatics And Healthcare

Author : Wang, Baoying
ISBN : 9781466666122
Genre : Computers
File Size : 23.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As technology evolves and electronic data becomes more complex, digital medical record management and analysis becomes a challenge. In order to discover patterns and make relevant predictions based on large data sets, researchers and medical professionals must find new methods to analyze and extract relevant health information. Big Data Analytics in Bioinformatics and Healthcare merges the fields of biology, technology, and medicine in order to present a comprehensive study on the emerging information processing applications necessary in the field of electronic medical record management. Complete with interdisciplinary research resources, this publication is an essential reference source for researchers, practitioners, and students interested in the fields of biological computation, database management, and health information technology, with a special focus on the methodologies and tools to manage massive and complex electronic information.
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Machine Learning

Author : Jason Bell
ISBN : 9781118889060
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 63.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dig deep into the data with a hands-on guide to machine learning Machine Learning: Hands-On for Developers and Technical Professionals provides hands-on instruction and fully-coded working examples for the most common machine learning techniques used by developers and technical professionals. The book contains a breakdown of each ML variant, explaining how it works and how it is used within certain industries, allowing readers to incorporate the presented techniques into their own work as they follow along. A core tenant of machine learning is a strong focus on data preparation, and a full exploration of the various types of learning algorithms illustrates how the proper tools can help any developer extract information and insights from existing data. The book includes a full complement of Instructor's Materials to facilitate use in the classroom, making this resource useful for students and as a professional reference. At its core, machine learning is a mathematical, algorithm-based technology that forms the basis of historical data mining and modern big data science. Scientific analysis of big data requires a working knowledge of machine learning, which forms predictions based on known properties learned from training data. Machine Learning is an accessible, comprehensive guide for the non-mathematician, providing clear guidance that allows readers to: Learn the languages of machine learning including Hadoop, Mahout, and Weka Understand decision trees, Bayesian networks, and artificial neural networks Implement Association Rule, Real Time, and Batch learning Develop a strategic plan for safe, effective, and efficient machine learning By learning to construct a system that can learn from data, readers can increase their utility across industries. Machine learning sits at the core of deep dive data analysis and visualization, which is increasingly in demand as companies discover the goldmine hiding in their existing data. For the tech professional involved in data science, Machine Learning: Hands-On for Developers and Technical Professionals provides the skills and techniques required to dig deeper.
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Big Data

Author : Bernard Marr
ISBN : 9781118965825
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Convert the promise of big data into real world results There is so much buzz around big data. We all need to know what it is and how it works - that much is obvious. But is a basic understanding of the theory enough to hold your own in strategy meetings? Probably. But what will set you apart from the rest is actually knowing how to USE big data to get solid, real-world business results - and putting that in place to improve performance. Big Data will give you a clear understanding, blueprint, and step-by-step approach to building your own big data strategy. This is a well-needed practical introduction to actually putting the topic into practice. Illustrated with numerous real-world examples from a cross section of companies and organisations, Big Data will take you through the five steps of the SMART model: Start with Strategy, Measure Metrics and Data, Apply Analytics, Report Results, Transform. Discusses how companies need to clearly define what it is they need to know Outlines how companies can collect relevant data and measure the metrics that will help them answer their most important business questions Addresses how the results of big data analytics can be visualised and communicated to ensure key decisions-makers understand them Includes many high-profile case studies from the author's work with some of the world's best known brands
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Big Data Analytics For Cyber Physical Systems

Author : Guido Dartmann
ISBN : 9780128166376
Genre : Law
File Size : 61.39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Cyber-physical systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are rapidly developing technologies that are transforming our society. The disruptive transformation of the economy and society is expected due to the data collected by these systems, rather than the technological aspects of such as networks, embedded systems, and cloud technology. However, to create value out of the data, it must be transformed into information and therefore, expertise in data analytics and machine learning is the key component of future smart systems in cities and other applications. Big Data Analytics in Cyber-Physical Systems examines sensor signal processing, IoT gateways, optimization and decision making, intelligent mobility, and implementation of machine learning algorithms in embedded systems. This book focuses on the interaction between IoT technology and the mathematical tools to evaluate the extracted data of those systems. Each chapter provides different tools and applications in order to present a broad list of data analytics and machine learning tools in multiple IoT applications. Additionally, this volume addresses the education transfer needed to incorporate these technologies into our society by examining new platforms for IoT in schools, new courses and concepts for universities and adult education on IoT and data science. Fills the gap between IoT, CPS, and mathematical modeling Numerous use cases that discuss how concepts are applied in different domains and applications Provides "best practices," "real developments", and "winning stories" to complement technical information Uniquely covers contents within the context of mathematical foundations of signal processing and machine learning in CPS and IoT
Category: Law

Big Data Revolution

Author : Rob Thomas
ISBN : 9781118943717
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34.49 MB
Format : PDF
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Exploit the power and potential of Big Data to revolutionize business outcomes Big Data Revolution is a guide to improving performance, making better decisions, and transforming business through the effective use of Big Data. In this collaborative work by an IBM Vice President of Big Data Products and an Oxford Research Fellow, this book presents inside stories that demonstrate the power and potential of Big Data within the business realm. Readers are guided through tried-and-true methodologies for getting more out of data, and using it to the utmost advantage. This book describes the major trends emerging in the field, the pitfalls and triumphs being experienced, and the many considerations surrounding Big Data, all while guiding readers toward better decision making from the perspective of a data scientist. Companies are generating data faster than ever before, and managing that data has become a major challenge. With the right strategy, Big Data can be a powerful tool for creating effective business solutions – but deep understanding is key when applying it to individual business needs. Big Data Revolution provides the insight executives need to incorporate Big Data into a better business strategy, improving outcomes with innovation and efficient use of technology. Examine the major emerging patterns in Big Data Consider the debate surrounding the ethical use of data Recognize patterns and improve personal and organizational performance Make more informed decisions with quantifiable results In an information society, it is becoming increasingly important to make sense of data in an economically viable way. It can drive new revenue streams and give companies a competitive advantage, providing a way forward for businesses navigating an increasingly complex marketplace. Big Data Revolution provides expert insight on the tool that can revolutionize industries.
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Advances In Information And Communication

Author : Kohei Arai
ISBN : 9783030394424
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 72.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 639
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This book presents high-quality research on the concepts and developments in the field of information and communication technologies, and their applications. It features 134 rigorously selected papers (including 10 poster papers) from the Future of Information and Communication Conference 2020 (FICC 2020), held in San Francisco, USA, from March 5 to 6, 2020, addressing state-of-the-art intelligent methods and techniques for solving real-world problems along with a vision of future research. Discussing various aspects of communication, data science, ambient intelligence, networking, computing, security and Internet of Things, the book offers researchers, scientists, industrial engineers and students valuable insights into the current research and next generation information science and communication technologies.
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Artificial Intelligence In Practice

Author : Bernard Marr
ISBN : 9781119548218
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 59.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Cyber-solutions to real-world business problems Artificial Intelligence in Practice is a fascinating look into how companies use AI and machine learning to solve problems. Presenting 50 case studies of actual situations, this book demonstrates practical applications to issues faced by businesses around the globe. The rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence has expanded beyond research labs and computer science departments and made its way into the mainstream business environment. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are cited as the most important modern business trends to drive success. It is used in areas ranging from banking and finance to social media and marketing. This technology continues to provide innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes, sectors and industries. This engaging and topical book explores a wide range of cases illustrating how businesses use AI to boost performance, drive efficiency, analyse market preferences and many others. Best-selling author and renowned AI expert Bernard Marr reveals how machine learning technology is transforming the way companies conduct business. This detailed examination provides an overview of each company, describes the specific problem and explains how AI facilitates resolution. Each case study provides a comprehensive overview, including some technical details as well as key learning summaries: Understand how specific business problems are addressed by innovative machine learning methods Explore how current artificial intelligence applications improve performance and increase efficiency in various situations Expand your knowledge of recent AI advancements in technology Gain insight on the future of AI and its increasing role in business and industry Artificial Intelligence in Practice: How 50 Successful Companies Used Artificial Intelligence to Solve Problems is an insightful and informative exploration of the transformative power of technology in 21st century commerce.
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Data Driven Healthcare

Author : Laura B. Madsen
ISBN : 9781118973899
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Healthcare is changing, and data is the catalyst Data is taking over in a powerful way, and it's revolutionizingthe healthcare industry. You have more data available than everbefore, and applying the right analytics can spur growth. Benefitsextend to patients, providers, and board members, and thetechnology can make centralized patient management a reality.Despite the potential for growth, many in the industry andgovernment are questioning the value of data in health care,wondering if it's worth the investment. Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transformingthe Industry tackles the issue and proves why BI is not onlyworth it, but necessary for industry advancement. Healthcare BIguru Laura Madsen challenges the notion that data have little valuein healthcare, and shows how BI can ease regulatory reportingpressures and streamline the entire system as it evolves. Madsenillustrates how a data-driven organization is created, and how itcan transform the industry. Learn why BI is a boon to providers Create powerful infographics to communicate data moreeffectively Find out how Big Data has transformed other industries, and howit applies to healthcare Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transformingthe Industry provides tables, checklists, and forms that allowyou to take immediate action in implementing BI in yourorganization. You can't afford to be behind the curve. The industryis moving on, with or without you. Data-Driven Healthcare: HowAnalytics and BI are Transforming the Industry is your guide toutilizing data to advance your operation in an industry wheredata-fueled growth will be the new norm.
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Big Data For Small Business For Dummies

Author : Bernard Marr
ISBN : 9781119027041
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Capitalise on big data to add value to your small business Written by bestselling author and big data expert Bernard Marr, Big Data For Small Business For Dummies helps you understand what big data actually is—and how you can analyse and use it to improve your business. Free of confusing jargon and complemented with lots of step-by-step guidance and helpful advice, it quickly and painlessly helps you get the most from using big data in a small business. Business data has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, it was trapped away in overcrowded filing cabinets and on archaic floppy disks. Now, thanks to technology and new tools that display complex databases in a much simpler manner, small businesses can benefit from the big data that's been hiding right under their noses. With the help of this friendly guide, you'll discover how to get your hands on big data to develop new offerings, products and services; understand technological change; create an infrastructure; develop strategies; and make smarter business decisions. Shows you how to use big data to make sense of user activity on social networks and customer transactions Demonstrates how to capture, store, search, share, analyse and visualise analytics Helps you turn your data into actionable insights Explains how to use big data to your advantage in order to transform your small business If you're a small business owner or employee, Big Data For Small Business For Dummies helps you harness the hottest commodity on the market today in order to take your company to new heights.
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Advances In Data And Information Sciences

Author : Mohan L. Kolhe
ISBN : 9789811083600
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 46.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The book gathers a collection of high-quality peer-reviewed research papers presented at the International Conference on Data and Information Systems (ICDIS 2017), held at Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, India from November 3 to 4, 2017. The book covers all aspects of computational sciences and information security. In chapters written by leading researchers, developers and practitioner from academia and industry, it highlights the latest developments and technical solutions, helping readers from the computer industry capitalize on key advances in next-generation computer and communication technology.
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Building Continents Of Knowledge In Oceans Of Data The Future Of Co Created Ehealth

Author : A. Ugon
ISBN : 9781614998525
Genre : Medical
File Size : 73.25 MB
Format : PDF
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The domain of eHealth faces ongoing challenges to deliver 21st century healthcare. Digitalization, capacity building and user engagement with truly interdisciplinary and cross-domain collaboration are just a few of the areas which must be addressed. This book presents 190 full papers from the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE 2018) conference, held in Gothenburg, Sweden, in April 2018. The MIE conferences aim to enable close interaction and networking between an international audience of academics, health professionals, patients and industry partners. The title of this year’s conference is: Building Continents of Knowledge in Oceans of Data – The Future of Co-Created eHealth, and contributions cover a broad range of topics related to the digitalization of healthcare, citizen participation, data science, and changing health systems, addressed from the perspectives of citizens, patients and their families, healthcare professionals, service providers, developers and policy makers. The second part of the title in particular has attracted a large number of papers describing strategies to create, evaluate, adjust or deliver tools and services for improvements in healthcare organizations or to enable citizens to respond to the challenges of dealing with health systems. Papers are grouped under the headings: standards and interoperability, implementation and evaluation, knowledge management, decision support, modeling and analytics, health informatics education and learning systems, and patient-centered services. Attention is also given to development for sustainable use, educational strategies and workforce development, and the book will be of interest to both developers and practitioners of healthcare services.
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Data Warehousing

Author :
ISBN : 352805753X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 72.72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 389
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Rapid access to information is a prime requirement in any organization that wants to have a competitive edge in today's fast changing markets. How to retrieve information? How to capture data? How to format it? The answer lies in Data Warehousing. This HOTT Guide will give you access to all the essential information about the newest data storehouse: through articles by expert trendwachters on strategic considerations, how-to reports defining the various ways to extract the data needed for critical business decisions, technical papers clarifying technologies and tools, business cases and key concepts that will provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of a business solution that is already indispensable.
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The New Science Of Retailing

Author : Marshall Fisher
ISBN : 9781422160640
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Retailers today are drowning in data but lacking in insight: They have huge volumes of information at their disposal. But they're unsure of how to sort through it and use it to make smart decisions. The result? They're struggling with profit-sapping supply chain problems including stock-outs, overstock, and discounting. It doesn't have to be that way. In The New Science of Retailing, supply chain experts Marshall Fisher and Ananth Raman explain how to use analytics to better manage your inventory for faster turns, fewer discounted offerings, and fatter profit margins. Featuring case studies of retailing exemplars from around the world, this practical new book shows you how to: · Mine your sales data to identify "homerun" products you're missing · Reinvent your forecasting and pricing strategies · Build end-to-end agility into your supply chain · Establish incentives that align your supply chain partners behind shared objectives · Extract maximum value from technologies such as point-of-sale scanners and customer loyalty cards Highly readable and compelling, The New Science of Retailing is your playbook for turning all that data into a wellspring for new profits and unprecedented efficiency.
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Artificial Intelligence For All

Author : Utpal Chakraborty
ISBN : 9789389328509
Genre : Computers
File Size : 24.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Artificial Intelligence, the Revolutionary Transformation that no one can escape DESCRIPTION The book ‘Artificial Intelligence for All’ is a snapshot of AI applications in different industries, society, and everyday life. The book is written considering possibilities AI can bring in the Indian context and considering Indian industries and economy at the center stage. The book starts with describing the race for the supremacy of different countries in the field of Artificial Intelligence that has already taken a great momentum and how AI has managed to influence even mainstream politics and the world leaders. In the subsequent chapters, the book brings in AI applications primarily in the Banking and Finance sectors like Financial Crime detection using AI, Credit Risk Assessment, AI-powered conversational banking, Predictive Analytics, and recommendations in Banking and Finance. In few of the chapters, it goes deep into Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Network and analogy with the human brain for readers who wants to go deeper into the subject, at the same time the content and explanations remain very simple for non-technical readers. How AI is powering the self-driving autonomous vehicles and its implication in the society, job, and the world economy, and it’s transforming the world of home automation, will be another area of interest in the book. A full chapter is dedicated for CIOs and CTOs to consider AI top in their priority list. Applications of AI in Sports are going to be interesting for sports lovers as well as professionals working in the Sports and Computer Games domain. The book also gives special emphasis on Conversational AI like Virtual Assistances and ChatBots and their utility in different sectors. A chapter dedicated for healthcare and medicine provides a complete overview of AI applications in the field and how it’s transforming clinical imaging, personalized medicines, drug discovery, and predictions and forecasting health-related events and many more. Cognitive Cyber Security using AI and Machine Learning would be an area of interest for the readers in the field of Cyber Security. The chapter talks about various modern cognitive cybersecurity tools and techniques to fight with the ever-evolving cybercrime space. ‘Journey of a Digital Traveler’ describes how AI is transforming the travel and tourism industry. The book also includes top 100 business use cases which illustrate possible applications in various fields. KEY FEATURES Provides perfect ‘playground’ for enterprises and institutions globally to develop Artificial Intelligence solutions The world has achieved an enormous amount of technological advancement and skyrocketing progress in mass Digitization, Data Science, and FinTech The gist of the golden era of AI and FinTech AI-powered autonomous vehicles are undoubtedly the future. Autonomous vehicles are the dawn of a whole new lifestyle Using Artificial Intelligence to redefine their products, processes and strategies Providing banking and financial services to the customers through a variety of digital channels A preliminary guide for enterprises and businesses to revisit their AI strategy WHAT WILL YOU LEARN This book is for both technical and non-technical readers, a cutting edge technology like Artificial Intelligence is simplified for all and a genuine effort has been made to democratize it as much as possible. The book will provide insights into the real applications of AI in different industries like health care and medicine, banking and finance, manufacturing, retail, sports, and many more, including how it’s transforming our life which probably many of us are not even aware of. And most importantly how a country like India can be benefited by embracing this groundbreaking technology and the huge opportunities and economic impact that AI can bring. Also, you will get to know how different countries like USA, CHINA, UK, EUROPE, RUSSIA, including INDIA is already in the race of being AI Superpower; because AI is the future and whoever becomes the leader in AI will become the ruler of the world. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book is useful for AI Professionals, Data Scientists...... The content of the book is for both Technical and Non Technical readers who wants to know the applications of AI in different industries. No prior technical or programming experience is required to understand this book. This book can be used as a hand book for Data Scientist and Business SMEs who are in the process of identifying different use cases of Artificial Intelligence in their respective domains. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Super Powers of AI – The Leaders and the Contenders 2. AI – The Core Fabric for NextGen Banking 3. How an AI Framework can be a Game-Changer in Your AI Journey 4. Artificial Neural Networks 5. The Next Wave of Automation will Transform our Living Experience 6. Self-Driving Cars – Socio Economic Impact of Autonomous Vehicles 7. How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the BFSI Sector 43 8. AI Now is a Race Among Startups and Tech Giants 9. AI in the top of priorities for CIOs and CTOs 10. AI in Sports 11. How a Country can be Transformed Using Artificial Intelligence 12. Don’t Underestimate the Power of an AI Chatbot 13. Industry Adoption of Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence 14. Artificial Intelligence – The Biggest Disruptor in the BFSI Industry 15. AI in Healthcare 16. AI in Cyber Security – Cognitive Cyber Defense 17. Be Aware of Cyber Threat 18. AI Revolution in India – National Strategy for AI 19. AI in Tour and Travels – Journey of a Digital Traveler 20. Top 100 Business Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence 21. T Impact of Modern Automation on Employment
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Advancement Of Machine Intelligence In Interactive Medical Image Analysis

Author : Om Prakash Verma
ISBN : 9789811511004
Genre : Computers
File Size : 47.92 MB
Format : PDF
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The book discusses major technical advances and research findings in the field of machine intelligence in medical image analysis. It examines the latest technologies and that have been implemented in clinical practice, such as computational intelligence in computer-aided diagnosis, biological image analysis, and computer-aided surgery and therapy. This book provides insights into the basic science involved in processing, analysing, and utilising all aspects of advanced computational intelligence in medical decision-making based on medical imaging.
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Pig Design Patterns

Author : Pradeep Pasupuleti
ISBN : 9781783285563
Genre : Computers
File Size : 70.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A comprehensive practical guide that walks you through the multiple stages of data management in enterprise and gives you numerous design patterns with appropriate code examples to solve frequent problems in each of these stages. The chapters are organized to mimick the sequential data flow evidenced in Analytics platforms, but they can also be read independently to solve a particular group of problems in the Big Data life cycle. If you are an experienced developer who is already familiar with Pig and is looking for a use case standpoint where they can relate to the problems of data ingestion, profiling, cleansing, transforming, and egressing data encountered in the enterprises. Knowledge of Hadoop and Pig is necessary for readers to grasp the intricacies of Pig design patterns better.
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