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Dante In Love

Author : Harriet Rubin
ISBN : 0743282566
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Format : PDF
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Dante in Love is the story of the most famous journey in literature. Dante Alighieri, exiled from his home in Florence, a fugitive from justice, followed a road in 1302 that took him first to the labyrinths of hell then up the healing mountain of purgatory, and finally to paradise. He found a vision and a language that made him immortal. Author Harriet Rubin follows Dante's path along the old Jubilee routes that linked monasteries and all roads to Rome. It is a path followed by generations of seekers -- from T. S. Eliot, Sigmund Freud, Primo Levi, to Bruce Springsteen. After the poet fled Rome for Siena he walked along the upper Arno, past La Verna, to Bibiena, to Cesena, and to the Po plain. During his nineteen-year journey Dante wrote his "unfathomable heart song," as Thomas Carlyle called The Divine Comedy, a poem that explores the three states of the psyche. Eliot, a lifelong student of the Comedy, said, "Dante and Shakespeare divide the modern world between them, there is no third." Dante in Love tells the story of the High Middle Ages, a time during which the artist Giotto was the first to paint the sky blue, Francis of Assisi discovered knowledge in humility and the great doctors of the church mapped the soul and stood back to admire their cathedrals. Dante's medieval world gave birth to the foundation of modern art, faith and commerce. Dante and his fellow artists were trying to decode God's art and in so doing unravel the double helix of creativity. We meet the painters, church builders and pilgrims from Florence to Rome to Venice and Verona who made the roads the center of the medieval world. Following Dante's route, we are inspired to undertake journeys of discovering ourselves. In the vein of Brunelleschi's Dome, Galileo's Daughter and Wittgenstein's Poker, Dante in Love is a worldly and spiritual travelogue of the poet's travels and the journey of creativity that produced the greatest poem ever written.
Category: Literary Criticism

Dante In Love

Author : A. N. Wilson
ISBN : 9780857895813
Genre : History
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In Dante in Love, A. N. Wilson presents a glittering study of an artist and his world, arguing that without an understanding of medieval Florence, it is impossible to comprehend the meaning of Dante's great poem. He explains how the Italian States were at that time locked into violent feuds, mirrored in the ferocious competition between the Holy Roman Empire and the papacy. He explores Dante's preoccupations with classical mythology, numerology and the great Christian philosophers which inform every line of the Comedy. Dante in Love also lays bare the enigma of the man who never wrote about the mother of his children, yet immortalized the mysterious Beatrice, whom he barely knew. With a biographer's eye for detail and a novelist's comprehension of the creative process, A N Wilson paints a masterful portrait of Dante Alighieri and unlocks one of the seminal works of literature for a new generation of readers.
Category: History

Dante Claiming His Secret Love Child

Author : Sandra Marton
ISBN : 1426844468
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27.33 MB
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Gabriella Ramos-Viera fell for Dante's raw masculinity and ended up pregnant and alone—with no choice but to return home in shame. Tough corporate raider Dante Orsini has set his sights on a huge Brazilian ranch. However, he discovers it's to be inherited by Gabriella, the one woman he's never been able to forget…. But where's the New York career woman he once knew? And who's the dark-haired little boy who calls her Mommy?
Category: Fiction

The Poetic Theology Of Love

Author : Thomas Hyde
ISBN : 0874132738
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 39.93 MB
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This book argues that current criticism tends to take the mythology of love either too innocently or too skeptically and therefore distorts the complex roles played by the god of love in longer narrative poems and discursive works of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Category: Literary Criticism


Author : Amilcare A. Iannucci
ISBN : 0802077366
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 43.72 MB
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The essays in this volume probe current critical assumptions about the celebrated Italian poet, literary theorist, moral philosopher, political theorist.
Category: Literary Criticism

Dante S Aesthetics Of Being

Author : Warren Ginsberg
ISBN : 0472109715
Genre : History
File Size : 53.65 MB
Format : PDF
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Explores the domain of the aesthetic in Dante
Category: History

Through Human Love To God

Author : Pamela Williams
ISBN : 9781905886401
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 87.93 MB
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Dante and Petrarch are two of the world's greatest love poets who convey the story of their emotional, intellectual, and religious life in part through a story of human love. The focus here is not so much on the myriad symbolic values and associations of Beatrice and Laura but rather both on the attitudes of these two poets to sexual desire in order to throw some light on the character of their human love and on the status and value they give to human love in the context of their Christian lives.For all the stark contrasts between them, Dante and Petrarch have been often compared, for they write in a common literary, classical, and Christian tradition. The comparison generally leads to the conclusion that Dante describes his human love experience as positive and constructive whilst Petrarch's experience of love is negative and destructive. My intention here is not to polarize their views in this way, but rather to identify the different yet positive and highly original value both poets attribute to human love. More than fifty years ago, Etienne Gilson claimed that Peter Abelard turned to loving God in the way that Heloise had loved him, with the disinterestedness which she claimed in loving him and which she accused him of never understanding in loving her. It is the general argument of this study that Dante and Petrarch, as well as leaving their original mark on the treatment of love in literature, have insights into religion, personal to them, which can be likewise characterized by examining their attitude to human love and the story of their personal loves. There are many more aspects to their Catholicism than are examined in these essays. The discussion here is of that part of their faith which grows out of, is coloured by, or at least can be explored, through their human loving.
Category: Literary Criticism

Love That Moves The Sun And Other Stars

Author : Dante Alighieri
ISBN : 9780241250433
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 87.11 MB
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'Happiness beyond all words! A life of peace and love, entire and whole!' A collection of cantos from Paradiso, the most original and experimental part of the Divina Commedia. One of 46 new books in the bestselling Little Black Classics series, to celebrate the first ever Penguin Classic in 1946. Each book gives readers a taste of the Classics' huge range and diversity, with works from around the world and across the centuries - including fables, decadence, heartbreak, tall tales, satire, ghosts, battles and elephants.
Category: Poetry

The Meaning Of Courtly Love

Author : State University of New York at Binghamton, F X Newman, Center for medieval and early Renaissance studies, Annual conference
ISBN : 0873951387
Genre : Courtly love
File Size : 39.28 MB
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Category: Courtly love

The Poetics Of Dante S Paradiso

Author : Massimo Verdicchio
ISBN : 9781442641198
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 49.42 MB
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`In the world of Dante scholarship, there is a real need for studies such as The Poetics of Dante's Paradiso, which challenge our notions of the principal souls of the Paradiso. Rooted in a close analysis of the poem, Massimo Verdicchio's intelligent interpretation is supported by relevant textual evidence and provides an important counterpoint to the canonical readings of the cantica. Traditional readings of Dante's Paradiso have largely considered this third cantica of the Commedia as a poem apart. It deals with those blessed souls in Paradise who are free of sin and beyond punishment, in contrast to the sinners in the previous two cantica, and is thus no longer based on the principle of contrapasso. At the literal level this is true in that all the characters one encounters are either those who have been saved, religious leaders, or saints. However, at the allegorical level, as Massimo Verdicchio argues in The Poetics of Dante's Paradiso, the blessed souls still have something to hide, something shameful in their past earthly life, which is revealed nonetheless. In this book, Verdicchio provides a canto-by-canto analysis of Paradiso. He maintains that the cantica can allegorically be seen as a commentary on the political and religious establishment, framed as the punitive action of the DXV announced at the end of Purgatorio, denouncing the illicit and destructive alliance between the House of Anjou and the Church. Verdicchio focuses on the relationship that Dante establishes among the ten heavens, into which the poet divides the cantica and their equivalent in the Arts and Sciences of the Trivium and Quadrivium, as outlined in the Convivio. This approach provides the key to interpreting the cantos and the discourse of the inhabitants of Paradise who appear, on the surface, blameless. However, it is the earthly and human side of the blessed souls that captures Dante's attention, and this dichotomy is revealed in his characterization of the heavens. Poetic allegory and irony are the two principal modes of this cantica, and the source of much of its comedic complexity. As one of the characters puts it, in Heaven `we do not repent but we smile.' A highly original and comprehensive reading, The Poetics of Dante's Paradiso demonstrates that the intricacies of Dante's text reveal subversive undercurrents and a subtle irony, employed to deliver a critique of the Church and Empire of his own time.
Category: Literary Criticism