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Dance To The Music Of Time

Author : Anthony Powell
ISBN : 9781473505025
Genre : Fiction
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Volume 3 contains novels seven to nine of the Dance To The Music Of Time sequence. Anthony Powell's brilliant twelve-novel sequence chronicles the lives of over three hundred characters, and is a unique evocation of life in twentieth-century England. It is unrivalled for its scope, its humour and the enormous pleasure it has given to generations. In this volume, containing books seven to nine of the sequence, Powell follows Nicholas Jenkins and a host of familar and newer characters through the strains, absurdities and preoccupations of England at war.
Category: Fiction

A Dance To The Music Of Time

Author : Anthony Powell
ISBN : 0226677168
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.65 MB
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Follows the intertwining lives of Nick Jenkins and his acquaintances through young adulthood, marriage, work, and old age in England from 1914 to 1971.
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The Acceptance World

Author : Anthony Powell
ISBN : 9781409039570
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 24.93 MB
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A Dance to the Music of Time chronicles the lives of over three hundred characters, and is a unique evocation of life in twentieth-century England. It is unrivalled for its scope, its humour and the enormous pleasure it has given to generations. The Acceptance World follows Nicholas Jenkins, Kenneth Widmerpool and others, as they negotiate the intellectual, cultural and social hurdles which stand between them and the 'Acceptance World'. Discover the extraordinary life of Anthony Powell – captured by acclaimed biographer Hilary Spurling in Anthony Powell: Dancing to the Music of Time – available now in hardback and ebook from Hamish Hamilton.
Category: Fiction

Understanding Anthony Powell

Author : Nicholas Birns
ISBN : 1570035490
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 35.75 MB
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"Birns offers readings of Powell's entire oeuvre, including the novels Afternoon Men, Venusberg, and The Fisher King, and his journals, which appeared in print between 1995 and 1997. Looking especially closely at A Dance to the Music of Time, the twelve-volume sequence of novels that is Powell's masterpiece, Birns sets the series in its social and historical context, emphasizing the role that both world wars and the cold war played in Powell's life and writing. He makes a particular study of the novel's dominating force - the arrogant, opportunistic Widmerpool, a social climber who delights in his own good fortune and gloats over the sufferings of others. While noting Widmerpool's central position, Birns illumines Powell's subtle aesthetic resistance, epitomized by minor characters and the voice of the narrator, against Widmerpool and his ilk.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Image Of The English Gentleman In Twentieth Century Literature

Author : Dr Christine Berberich
ISBN : 9781409489979
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Studies of the English gentleman have tended to focus mainly on the nineteenth century, encouraging the implicit assumption that this influential literary trope has less resonance for twentieth-century literature and culture. Christine Berberich challenges this notion by showing that the English gentleman has proven to be a remarkably adaptable and relevant ideal that continues to influence not only literature but other forms of representation, including the media and advertising industries. Focusing on Siegfried Sassoon, Anthony Powell, Evelyn Waugh and Kazuo Ishiguro, whose presentations of the gentlemanly ideal are analysed in their specific cultural, historical, and sociological contexts, Berberich pays particular attention to the role of nostalgia and its relationship to 'Englishness'. Though 'Englishness' and by extension the English gentleman continue to be linked to depictions of England as the green and pleasant land of imagined bygone days, Berberich counterbalances this perception by showing that the figure of the English gentleman is the medium through which these authors and many of their contemporaries critique the shifting mores of contemporary society. Twentieth-century depictions of the gentleman thus have much to tell us about rapidly changing conceptions of national, class, and gender identity.
Category: Literary Criticism

Themes In Drama Volume 3 Drama Dance And Music

Author : Redmond, James, M.A
ISBN : 0521221803
Genre : Drama
File Size : 47.51 MB
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This collection surveys madness in drama. It includes articles on "The Duchess of Malfi"; virginity and hysteria in "The Changeling"; the confined spectacle of madness in Beys's "The Illustrious Madmen"; The male gaze in "Woyzeck" - representing Marie and madness; and other drama examples.
Category: Drama

Supplement To The Handbook Of Middle American Indians Volume 3

Author : Victoria Reifler Bricker
ISBN : 9780292791749
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 86.93 MB
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The sixteen-volume Handbook of Middle American Indians, completed in 1976, has been acclaimed the world over as the single most valuable resource ever produced for those involved in the study of Mesoamerica. When it was determined in 1978 that the Handbook should be updated periodically, Victoria Reifler Bricker, well-known cultural anthropologist, was elected to be general editor. This third volume of the Supplement is devoted to the aboriginal literatures of Mesoamerica, a topic receiving little attention in the original Handbook. According to the general editor, "This volume does more than supplement and update the coverage of Middle American Indian literatures in the Handbook. It breaks new ground by defining the parameters of a new interdisciplinary field in Middle American Indian studies." The aim of the present volume is to consider literature from five Middle American Indian languages: Nahuatl, Yucatecan Maya, Quiche, Tzotzil, and Chorti. The first three literatures are well documented for both the Classical and Modern variants of their languages and are obvious candidates for inclusion in this volume. The literatures of Tzotzil and Chorti, on the other hand, are oral, and heretofore little has been written of their genres and styles. Taken together, these essays represent a substantial contribution to the Handbook series, with the volume editor's introduction placing in geographic perspective the five literatures chosen as representative of the Middle American literary tradition.
Category: Social Science

At His Gates Volume 3 Of 3

Author : Margaret Oliphant
Genre :
File Size : 80.61 MB
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Example in this ebook CHAPTER I. The drawing-room within was very different from the wild conflict of light and darkness outside. There was music going on at one end, some people were reading, some talking. There were flirtations in hand, and grave discussions. In short, the evening was being spent as people are apt to spend the evening when there is nothing particular going on. There had been a good deal of private yawning and inspection of watches throughout the evening, and some of the party had already gone to bed, or rather to their rooms, where they could indulge in the happiness of fancying themselves somewhere else—an amusement which is very popular and general in a country house. But seated in an easy-chair by the fire was a tall man, carefully dressed, with diamond studs in his shirt, and a toilette which, though subdued in tone as a gentleman's evening dress must be, was yet too elaborate for the occasion. The fact that this new guest was a stranger to him, and that his father was seated by him in close conversation, made it at once apparent to Ned that it must be Golden. Clara was close to them listening with a look of eager interest to all they said. These three made a little detached group by one side of the fire. At the other corner sat Mrs Burton, with her little feet on a footstool, as near as possible to the fender. She had just said good-night to the dignified members of the party, the people who had to be considered; the others who remained were mere young people, about whose proceedings she did not concern herself. She was taking no part in the talk at the other side of the fire. She sat and warmed her little toes and pondered; her vivid little mind all astir and working, but uninfluenced by, and somewhat contemptuous of, what was going on around; and her chilly little person basking in the ruddy warmth of the fire. Ned came up and stood by her when he came in. No one took any notice of him, the few persons who remained in the room having other affairs in hand. Ned was fond of his mother, though she had never shown any fondness for him. She had done all for him which mere intellect could do. She had been very just to the boy all his life; when he got into scrapes, as boys will, she had not backed him up emotionally, it is true, but she had taken all the circumstances into account, and had not judged him harshly. She had been tolerant when his father was harsh. She had never lost her temper. He had always felt that he could appeal to her sense of justice—to her calm and impartial reason. This is not much like the confidence with which a boy generally throws himself upon his mother's sympathy, yet it was a great deal in Ned's case. And accordingly he loved his mother. Mrs Burton, too, loved him perhaps more than she loved any one. She was doing her best to break his heart; but that is not at all uncommon even when parents and children adore each other. And then Ned was not aware that his mother had any share intentionally or otherwise in the cruel treatment he had received. 'Who is that?' he asked under his breath. 'A Mr Golden, a friend of your father's,' said Mrs Burton, lifting her eyes and turning them calmly upon the person she named. There was no feeling in them of one kind or another, and yet Ned felt that she at least did not admire Mr Golden, and it was a comfort to him. He went forward to the fire, and placed himself, as an Englishman loves to do, in front of it. He stood there for ten minutes or so, paying no particular attention to the conversation on his right hand. His father, however, looked more animated than he had done for a long time, and Clara was bending forward with a faint rose-tint from the fire tinging the whiteness of her forehead and throat, and deeper roses glowing on her cheeks. Her blue eyes were following Mr Golden's movements as he spoke, her hair was shining like crisp gold in the light. To be continue in this ebook

Brazilian Music For Piano Volume 3 Valsa And Marchinha

ISBN : 9781619110304
Genre : Music
File Size : 24.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book presents 12 piano solos based on two more Brazilian rhythms originated in Rio de Janeiro: the valsa and the marchinha (parts I and II of this piano series are on choro, samba and bossa nova).
Category: Music

Song Of The Sea Music Of Gordon Mizzi Volume One

ISBN : 9781619112018
Genre : Music
File Size : 75.59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This collection of the work of the Maltese composer, Gordon Mizzi, for solo guitar is being made available to the public for the first time. Song of the Sea, the Music of Gordon Mizzi, Volume One is the first of two albums, which are available from Mel Bay Publications. the title is taken from the CD, Song of the Sea, Carlos Bonell Plays Gordon Mizzi recorded by Carlos Bonell, one of today's most celebrated guitarists, and which is available from Spearhead Music. the individual track recordings are also available as downloads from itunes, and other sites. This album has been received with critical acclaim and broadcasted by leading radio stations including the Cowan Collection, BBC Radio 3. the critic, Robert Matthew Walker, writing in Musical Opinion, Britain's oldest classical music magazine in May -June 2007, said in a review of a concert in London: Gordon Mizzi's music is 'fascinating and inventive.' His music is performed by leading guitarists all over the world. In this music we find a truly inspired creativity and diversity. This album draws on a wide range of influences from Gordon Mizzi's musical canvas, from the Maltese Variations of a Maltese Theme, to the Hispanic Tango and Habanera to other European influences such as the Two Anthem Studies, Song of the Sea, Madliena Sonata, which has four movements Morning Hymn, Sun Dance, Evening Song and Serenade and the haunting beauty of the Sonata for Six Mute Swans with three movements, Flying South, In the Bay and Lament of the Swans.
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