Daily Life Of Victorian Women

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Daily Life Of Victorian Women

Author : Lydia Murdoch
ISBN : 9780313384998
Genre : History
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Explores the complexities of the lived experiences of Victorian women in the home, the workplace, and the empire as well as the ideals of womanhood and femininity that developed during the 19th century. • Gives extensive attention to the experiences of working-class women as well as elite women • Examines the connections and seeming contradictions between ideology and experience—for example, why did the Victorian concept of women as the "angel in the house" remain so powerful if the reality of women's experiences was largely unlike this ideal? • Spotlights topics from recent scholarship on women and imperialism • Provides clear, engaging information for undergraduates and general readers that is easily searchable by topic Includes many primary source selections and illustrations, making it a valuable classroom resource
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Daily Life In Victorian England

Author : Sally Mitchell
ISBN : 0313294674
Genre : History
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The most comprehensive social history of Victorian England to date.
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Daily Life In Victorian England The Middle Class And Its Values

Author : Julia Schubert
ISBN : 9783638178105
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Seminar paper from the year 2002 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Culture and Applied Geography, grade: 2+ (B), Martin Luther University (Institute for Anglistics/ American Studies), course: The Condition of England-Question, 13 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The Victorian age in England is generally defined by the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. Since the queen ́s rulership was for such a long time, it is not possible to discuss the whole period as one homogen part. There were so many changes during the different phases of Victorias ́s reign that the 64 years of her rulership may be seperated into 3 different periods: the first period which lastet until 1851 is a period of growth; England ́s manufacturing and trading forces grew more and more. In 1851 the Great Exhibition in London started the second and for this paper most important period. Now England was the leading industrial country in the world; the period of supremacy had begun.The late Victorian period covers the last quarter of the century. During this phase England lost its supremacy and the society had a more critical look on the earlier periods.1 The Victorian values which were developed by the middle class were most influential during the second third of Victoria ́s reign. During this time the middle class grew significantly and became very important (for example through the Reform Bills which enlarged the voting population as well as through their growing wealth). Because of their new role in society middle-class opinions, behavior and values were adopted by the other classes above and below.2 Therefore, it can be said that from its beginning onwards the mid-Victorian era was and is of a special influence on the British society in past and present: “The opening of the Great Exhibition was also the opening of the Golden Age of Victorianism,...”.3 This “Golden Age” even has been recognized at the end of the 20th century when the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher stated: “Victorian Values were the values when our country became great.”4 Therefore, this term paper will discuss the famous “Victorian Values” which were developed in one class and later characterized a whole society. How did the people of the middle class live in the middle of the 19th century? How did they practise their morals and values? What were their morals and ideals? [...] 1 David Thomson, England in the Nineteenth Century: 1815-1914 (Harmondsworth: Penguin Books 1991) 221-224. 2 Gottfried Niedhart, Geschichte Englands im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, 3 Bände (München: Verlag C.H. Beck 1987) 39-49. 3 Thomson, England 19th Century, 100. 4 Asa Briggs, A Social History of England, 2nd edition (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1994) 249.
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Daily Life Of Women In The Progressive Era

Author : Kirstin Olsen
ISBN : 9781440863295
Genre : History
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This book illustrates the social change that took place in the lives of women during the Progressive Era. • Ties social history and the experiences of women to one of the most important periods in American History: the Progressive Era • Includes illustrations that document the everyday life of and attitudes toward women in the Progressive Era • Documents firsthand the daily lives of women in the Progressive Era via reproduced primary sources • Tells the story of key events such as the triumph of the suffrage movement from the lives of everyday American women • Brings to life the "real women" who lived during a period that is well known for its political events but less understood in terms of daily life
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Victorian London S Middle Class Housewife

Author : Yaffa Draznin
ISBN : 0313313997
Genre : History
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Through a detailed description of the life and activities of the middle-class married woman of London between 1875 and 1900, this study reveals how housewives unwittingly became engines for change as the new century neared. In marked contrast to the stereotypical depictions of Victorian women in literature and on television, Draznin reveals a woman seldom seen: the stay-at-home housewife whose activities were not much different than those of her counterparts today. By exploring her daily activities, how she cleaned her home, disciplined her children, managed her servants, stretched a limited budget, and began to indulge herself, one discovers the human dimension of women who lived more than a century ago. While most studies of this period consider values, aspirations, and attitudes, this book concentrates on actions, what these women did all day, to provide readers with a new perspective on Victorian life. Late-Victorian London was a surprisingly modern city with a public face of well-lit streets, an excellent underground railway system, and extended municipal services. In the home, gas stoves were replacing coal ranges and household appliances were becoming more common. Having both money to spend and a strong incentive to buy the new laborsaving devices, ready-to-wear clothing, and other manufactured products, the middle-class matron's resistance to change gave way to a rising consumer culture. Despite her nearly exclusive preoccupation with home and family, these urban women became agents for the modernization of Britain.
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Feminist Periodicals And Daily Life

Author : Barbara Green
ISBN : 9783319632780
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 87.1 MB
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This volume uncovers the ideas concerning everyday life circulating in the burgeoning feminist periodical culture of Britain in the early twentieth century. Barbara Green explores the ways in which the feminist press used its correspondence columns, women’s pages, fashion columns and short fictions to display the quiet hum of everyday life that provided the backdrop to the more dramatic events of feminist activism such as street marches or protests. Positioning itself at the interface of periodical studies and everyday life studies, Feminist Periodicals and Daily Life illuminates the more elusive aspects of the periodical archive through a study of those periodical forms that are particularly well-suited to conveying the mundane. Feminist journalists such as Rebecca West, Teresa Billington-Greig, E. M. Delafield and Emmeline Pethick Lawrence provided new ways of conceptualizing the significance of domestic life and imagining new possibilities for daily routines. /p>
Category: Literary Criticism

Christian And Lyric Tradition In Victorian Women S Poetry

Author : F. Elizabeth Gray
ISBN : 9781135237950
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 30.10 MB
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Women in the Victorian period were acknowledged to be the "religious sex," but their relationship to the doctrines, practices, and hierarchies of Christianity was both highly circumscribed, which has been well documented, and complexly creative, which has not. Gray visits the importance of the literature of Christian devotion to women's creative lives through an examination of the varied ways in which Victorian women reproduced and recreated traditional Christian texts in their own poetic texts. Investigating how women poets redeployed the discourse of Christianity to uncover the multiple voices of the scriptures, to expand identity and gender constructions, and to question traditional narratives and processes of authorization, Gray contends that women found in religious poetry unexpected, liberating possibilities. Taking into account multiple voices, from the best-known female poets of the day to some of the most obscure, this study provides a comprehensive account of Victorian women's religious poetic creativity, and argues that this body of work helped shape the development of the lyric in the Victorian period.
Category: Literary Criticism

Voices Of Victorian England Contemporary Accounts Of Daily Life

Author : John A. Wagner Ph.D.
ISBN : 9780313386893
Genre : History
File Size : 76.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Victorian age was a period of transition as Britain industrialized and society underwent profound changes. Here, contemporary voices provide students with an up-close look at this pivotal time. • Presents and comments on 68 excerpts from primary documents of the Victorian era, 1837–1901 • Details selected topics—such as Victorian Ireland, Social Darwinism, the marriage market, and homosexuality—in numerous sidebars • Points readers to books and websites that can expand their understanding of a document and relate it to themes and issues in modern life • Suggests methods students can use to successfully incorporate the documents into school research and reading projects • Includes a chronology listing important dates and events from the birth of Princess Victoria in 1819 to the end of the Boer War in 1902
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Married Women And Property Law In Victorian Ontario

Author : Anne Lorene Chambers
ISBN : 0802078397
Genre : Law
File Size : 54.50 MB
Format : PDF
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A meticulously researched and revisionist study of the nineteenth-century Ontario's Married Women's Property Acts. They were important landmarks in the legal emancipation of women.
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The European Women S History Reader

Author : Fiona Montgomery
ISBN : 0415220823
Genre : History
File Size : 55.73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The European Women's History Reader is a fascinating collection of seminal articles and extracts, exploring the social, economic, religious and political history of women across Europe since the late eighteenth century. This ambitious volume is arranged into four chronological sections all with their own introductions, which provide context for the chapters that follow. The collection also includes a useful general introduction, which makes the articles accessible to students and helps to define this increasingly important area of study.
Category: History

The Broadview Anthology Of Victorian Prose 1832 1901

Author : Mary Elizabeth Leighton
ISBN : 9781551118604
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 78.79 MB
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The Victorian era witnessed dramatic transformations in print culture, and this new anthology covers the exciting intellectual and social debates of the period. From first-person accounts of the lives of factory workers to Oscar Wilde's aesthetic theory, and from narratives of British travelers in Africa and Asia to Havelock Ellis's theories of "sexual inversion," the surprising diversity of nineteenth-century nonfiction writing is represented. Illustrations from Victorian periodicals provide a vivid sense of the original reading experience. The book's thematic organization emphasizes the social and historical contexts of prose writings, as well as the way in which these writings address each other. In addition to a general critical introduction, the anthology features new thematic introductions by experts in the field.
Category: Literary Collections

The Early Victorian Woman

Author : Janet Dunbar
ISBN : PSU:000021952685
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 63.28 MB
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Category: Social Science

Relative Creatures

Author : Françoise Basch
ISBN : STANFORD:36105036160609
Genre : English fiction
File Size : 50.58 MB
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Category: English fiction

Bread Winner

Author : Emma Griffin
ISBN : 9780300252095
Genre : History
File Size : 67.70 MB
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The overlooked story of how ordinary women and their husbands managed financially in the Victorian era – and why so many struggled despite increasing national prosperity Nineteenth century Britain saw remarkable economic growth and a rise in real wages. But not everyone shared in the nation’s wealth. Unable to earn a sufficient income themselves, working-class women were reliant on the ‘breadwinner wage’ of their husbands. When income failed, or was denied or squandered by errant men, families could be plunged into desperate poverty from which there was no escape. Emma Griffin unlocks the homes of Victorian England to examine the lives – and finances – of the people who lived there. Drawing on over 600 working-class autobiographies, including more than 200 written by women, Bread Winner changes our understanding of daily life in Victorian Britain.
Category: History

Philanthropy And The Construction Of Victorian Women S Citizenship

Author : Andrea Geddes Poole
ISBN : 9781442693548
Genre : History
File Size : 48.42 MB
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British social reformers Emma Cons (1838–1911) and Lucy Cavendish (1841–1924) broke new ground in their efforts to better the lot of the working poor in London: they hoped to transform these people’s lives through great art, music, high culture, and elite knowledge. Although they did not recognize it as such, their work was in many ways an affirmation and display of citizenship. This book uses Cons’s and Cavendish’s partnership and work as an illuminating point of departure for exploring the larger topic of women’s philanthropic campaigns in late Victorian and Edwardian society. Andrea Geddes Poole demonstrates that, beginning in the late 1860s, a shift was occurring from an emphasis on charity as a private, personal act of women’s virtuous duty to public philanthropy as evidence of citizenly, civic participation. She shows that, through philanthropic works, women were able to construct a separate public sphere through which they could speak directly to each other about how to affect matters of significant public policy – decades before women were finally granted the right to vote.
Category: History

Women In God S Army

Author : Andrew Mark Eason
ISBN : 9781554586769
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The early Salvation Army professed its commitment to sexual equality in ministry and leadership. In fact, its founding constitution proclaimed women had the right to preach and hold any office in the organization. But did they? Women in God’s Army is the first study of its kind devoted to the critical analysis of this central claim. It traces the extent to which this egalitarian ideal was realized in the private and public lives of first- and second-generation female Salvationists in Britain and argues that the Salvation Army was found wanting in its overall commitment to women’s equality with men. Bold pronouncements were not matched by actual practice in the home or in public ministry. Andrew Mark Eason traces the nature of these discrepancies, as well as the Victorian and evangelical factors that lay behind them. He demonstrates how Salvationists often assigned roles and responsibilities on the basis of gender rather than equality, and the ways in which these discriminatory practices were supported by a male-defined theology and authority. He views this story from a number of angles, including historical, gender and feminist theology, ensuring it will be of interest to a wide spectrum of readers. Salvationists themselves will appreciate the light it sheds on recent debates. Ultimately, however, anyone who wants to learn more about the human struggle for equality will find this book enlightening.
Category: Religion

Annals Of Iowa

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000122802725
Genre : Iowa
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At Home With Pornography

Author : Jane Juffer
ISBN : 9780814742365
Genre : Psychology
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Juffer demonstrates how women's consumption of erotica and porn for their own pleasure can be empowering while simultaneously reinforcing conservative ideals. She shows, for instance, how the Victoria's Secret catalog functions as a kind of pornography whose popularity is enhanced by both its reliance on Victorian themes of secrecy and privacy and by its appeals to the pleasures of modern career women. In her pursuit to understand what women like and how they get it, Juffer delves into adult cable channels, erotic literary anthologies, sex therapy guides, cyberporn, masturbation, and sex toys, showing the degrees to which these materials have been domesticated for home consumption.
Category: Psychology