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Cultural Technologies

Author : Göran Bolin
ISBN : 9780415893114
Genre : History
File Size : 71.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The essays in this volume discuss both the culture of technology that we live in today, and culture as technology. Within the chapters of the book cultures of technology and cultural technologies are discussed, focussing on a variety of examples, from varied national contexts. The book brings together internationally recognised scholars from the social sciences and humanities, covering diverse themes such as intellectual property, server farms and search engines, cultural technologies and epistemology, virtual embassies, surveillance, peer-to-peer file-sharing, sound media and nostalgia and much more. It contains both historical and contemporary analyses of technological phenomena as well as epistemological discussions on the uses of technology.
Category: History

Cultural Technologies Within A Technological Culture

Author : Christian Papilloud
ISBN : 9783825811471
Genre : Social Science
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This volume goes beyond classical sociological approaches and suggests that traditional boundaries will lead to new results when it comes to understanding the effects of technologies. This idea is based on the assumption that the implementation of technology in daily life is no longer directly associated with binaries such as "technology/nature", "object/subject", or "alienated and creative activities." In fact, technology gains social relevance as it is uniquely embedded into cultural practices. This argument holds especially true for analyses within the sociology of culture, ethnomethodology and related fields.
Category: Social Science

North Of Empire

Author : Jody Berland
ISBN : 9780822388661
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.31 MB
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For nearly two decades, Jody Berland has been a leading voice in cultural studies and the field of communications. In North of Empire, she brings together and reflects on ten of her pioneering essays. Demonstrating the importance of space to understanding culture, Berland investigates how media technologies have shaped locality, territory, landscape, boundary, nature, music, and time. Her analysis begins with the media landscape of Canada, a country that offers a unique perspective for apprehending the power of media technologies to shape subjectivities and everyday lives, and to render territorial borders both more and less meaningful. Canada is a settler nation and world power often dwarfed by the U.S. cultural juggernaut. It possesses a voluminous archive of inquiry on culture, politics, and the technologies of space. Berland revisits this tradition in the context of a rich interdisciplinary study of contemporary media culture. Berland explores how understandings of space and time, empire and margin, embodiment and technology, and nature and culture are shaped by broadly conceived communications technologies including pianos, radio, television, the Web, and satellite imaging. Along the way, she provides a useful overview of the assumptions driving communications research on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border, and she highlights the distinctive contributions of the Canadian communication theorists Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan. Berland argues that electronic mediation is central to the construction of social space and therefore to anti-imperialist critique. She illuminates crucial links between how space is traversed, how it is narrated, and how it is used. Making an important contribution to scholarship on globalization, Berland calls for more sophisticated accounts of media and cultural technologies and their complex “geographies of influence.”
Category: Social Science

Media Theory And Cultural Technologies

Author : Maria Teresa Cruz
ISBN : 9781443893299
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 32.72 MB
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In recent decades, media theory has become one of the most influential trends in contemporary thinking, namely within cultural studies, the arts and humanities. Spreading mostly from the German scholarly scene, under the influence of post-structuralism, media theory has developed as a fundamental theoretical framework, for many fields of theoretical and applied research, through authors such as the late Friedrich Kittler, 1943–2011. Commenting on several aspects of Kittler’s work, and on its impact in different fields of art and culture, this essay collection examines recent developments in media theory brought about by concepts such as “cultural techniques” and “operative ontologies” and by key authors, contributing to this volume, such as Bernhard Siegert, Sybille Krämer and Peter Weibel.
Category: Social Science

Studying Mobile Media

Author : Larissa Hjorth
ISBN : 9781136464324
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47.70 MB
Format : PDF
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The iPhone represents an important moment in both the short history of mobile media and the long history of cultural technologies. Like the Walkman of the 1980s, it marks a juncture in which notions about identity, individualism, lifestyle and sociality require rearticulation. this book explores not only the iPhone’s particular characteristics, uses and "affects," but also how the "iPhone moment" functions as a barometer for broader patterns of change. In the iPhone moment, this study considers the convergent trajectories in the evolution of digital and mobile culture, and their implications for future scholarship. Through the lens of the iPhone—as a symbol, culture and a set of material practices around contemporary convergent mobile media—the essays collected here explore the most productive theoretical and methodological approaches for grasping media practice, consumer culture and networked communication in the twenty-first century.
Category: Social Science

Children Technology And Culture

Author : Ian Hutchby
ISBN : 9781136365447
Genre : Education
File Size : 79.82 MB
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Childhood is increasingly saturated by technology: from television to the Internet, video games to 'video nasties', camcorders to personal computers. Children, Technology and Culture looks at the interplay of children and technology which poses critical questions for how we understand the nature of childhood in late modern society. This collection brings together researchers from a range of disciplines to address the following four aspects of this relationship between children and technology: *children's access to technologies and the implications for social relationships *the structural contexts of children's engagement with technologies with a focus on gender and the family *the situatedness of children's interactions with technological objects *the constitution of children and childhood through the mediations of technology _ This book represents a substantial contribution to contemporary social scientific thinking both about the nature of children and childhood, the social impacts of technologies and the various relationships between the two.
Category: Education

The Culture Of Technology

Author : Arnold Pacey
ISBN : 0262660563
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 31.69 MB
Format : PDF
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The Culture of Technology examines our often conflicting attitudes toward nuclear weapons, biological technologies, pollution, Third World development, automation, social medicine, and industrial decline. It disputes the common idea that technology is "value-free" and shows that its development and use are conditioned by many factors-political and cultural as well as economic and scientific. Many examples from a variety of cultures are presented. These range from the impact of snowmobiles in North America to the use of water pumps in rural India, and from homemade toys in Africa to electricity generation in Britain-all showing how the complex interaction of many influences in every community affects technological practice. Arnold Pacey, who lives near Oxford, England, has a degree in physics and has lectured on both the history of technology and technology policy, with a particular focus on the development of technologies appropriate to Third World needs. He is the author of The Maze of Ingenuity (MIT Press paperback).
Category: Social Science

Criteria For Selecting Appropriate Technologies Under Different Cultural Technical And Social Conditions

Author : A. De Giorgio
ISBN : 9781483104522
Genre : Science
File Size : 48.43 MB
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Criteria for Selecting Appropriate Technologies under Different Cultural, Technical and Social Conditions covers the Proceedings of the IFAC symposium held in Bari-Italy on May 21-23, 1979. The book starts by presenting general introductory survey papers, including topics on the problem of appropriate technology, the redirection of technology, industrialization in developing countries, and proper technology transfer, and technical papers on general criteria. The text also tackles papers about the application of the social cost-benefit analysis to the problem of choosing among alternative production processes; economic evaluation of alternative techniques; and some social consequences of technology development in Europe. Case studies on microelectronics and survey and technical papers on infrastructure planning are also described. The book further deals with papers on human, social and educational factors that impact technological transfer and innovation, as well as the dynamics of technology transfer under different cultural, technical, and social conditions. The text is invaluable to engineers.
Category: Science

Geoinformation Technologies For Geo Cultural Landscapes European Perspectives

Author : Andreas Vassilopoulos
ISBN : 0203881613
Genre : Nature
File Size : 36.6 MB
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The focal main objective of the book is to constitute a meaningful linkage among research problems, geoinformation methods and corresponding applications. The research goals, related both to theoretical and practical issues, derive from multidisciplinary fields such as archaeology, history, geography, landscape planning, environment, geoinformation science, geology and geomorphology. All the aforementioned scientific areas have the spatial dimension in common, i.e. the vast amount of spatially referenced data. Their research issues can be addressed and analysed with geoinformation technology; though, the researchers should get familiar to the range of available geoinformation methods. The book provides description of a variety of research problems issues and technological ‘solutions’approaches that can be used to support processes of data capturing, mapping and analysis. These techniques and concepts are illustrated on numerous practical examples. along with specific examples, where these have been applied. The current structure of the book includes the following four chapters: introduction, data capturing and mapping, analysis and modelling, and study cases. In the following we provide a more detailed content of each chapter listing the main topics included within the selected articles.
Category: Nature