Cultural Heritage And Aerobiology

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Cultural Heritage And Aerobiology

Author : Paolo Mandrioli
ISBN : 9789401701853
Genre : Social Science
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Aerobiology is the science that studies the biological component of the atmosphere and its effects on living systems and on the environment. This term was used for the first time in 1935, but the attention of scientists to the biological component of the atmosphere goes back to 1769, when the Italian biologist Spallanzani carried out a series of experiments that disproved the concept of spontaneous generation of life and proved the presence of viable microorganisms in the air. Aerobiology has marked characteristics of interdisciplinarity: its application fields range from respiratory diseases to the airborne outbreak of animal and vegetal diseases and to the biodegradation of substances and materials. The latter is the subject of this book. The purpose of aerobiological research applied to the conservation of cultural heritage is to evaluate the risk of alteration by airborne microorganisms of materials forming artefacts of historical, artistic and archaeological interest. Airborne spores and vegetative structures may develop on different substrates and may be a cause of degradation, in relation to the types of materials, the microclimatic situation and the pollution of the conservation environments. The qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the biological component of air, performed by means of targeted analysis campaigns, and of the characteristics of materials and environments, supplies indispensable information for the evaluation of the actual risk and the planning of interventions. This book is divided into four main parts.
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Science And Conservation For Museum Collection

Author : Bruno Fabbri
ISBN : 9788840442181
Genre : Art
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The idea of the book “Science and Conservation for Museum Collections” was born as a result of the experience made by CNR-ISTEC (Faenza) in the implementation of a course for Syrian restorers at the National Museum in Damascus. The book takes into consideration archaeological artefacts made out of the most common materials, like stones (both natural and artificial), mosaics, ceramics, glass, metals, wood and textiles, together with less diffuse artefacts and materials, like clay tablets, goldsmith artefacts, icons, leather and skin objects, bones and ivory, coral and mother of pearl. Each type of material is treated from four different points of view: composition and processing technology; alteration and degradation causes and mechanisms; procedures for conservative intervention; case studies and/or examples of conservation and restoration. Due to the high number of materials and to the great difference between their conservation problems, all the subjects are treated in a schematic, but precise and complete way. The book is mainly addressed to students, young restorers, conservators and conservation scientists all around the world. But the book can be usefully read by expert professionals too, because nobody can know everything and the experts often need to learn something of the materials not included in their specific knowledge. Twenty- two experts in very different fields of activity contributed with their experience for obtaining a good product. All they are Italian experts, or working in Italy, so that the book can be seen as an exemplification on how the conservation problem of Cultural Heritage is received and tackled in Italy. —————————————————— SCIENCE AND CONSERVATION FOR MUSEUM COLLECTIONS INTRODUCTION 1 – PREVENTIVE CONSERVATION 1.1 Introduction 1.2 International standards and guidelines 1.3 Environment-material interaction 1.4 Microclimate and monitoring 1.5 Handling works of art 1.6 Exhibition criteria 1.7 MUSA project: intermuseum network for conservation of artistic heritage Bibliography Acknowledgements 2 – STONE ARTEFACTS 2.1 What conservation means 2.2 Natural Stones 2.3 Artificial stones 2.4 Deterioration of the stone 2.5 Cleaning of stone artefacts 2.6 Consolidation and Protection 2.7 Case studies Bibliography 3 – MOSAICS 3.1 Manufacturing techniques 3.2 History of the mosaic 3.3 Degradation of mosaic 3.4 Restoration of mosaics 3.5 Case study Bibliography 4 – CERAMICS 4.1 Ceramic technology 4.2 Technological classification of ceramics 4.3 Alteration and degradation processes 4.4 Ceramic conservation and restoration 4.5 Case studies 4.6 Examples of restoration Bibliography Acknowledgements 5 – CLAY TABLETS 5.1 Defnition 5.2 Deterioration 5.3 Conservative intervention 5.4 Case study: Syrian tablets Bibliography Acknowledgements 6 – GLASS 6.1 General information 6.2 Processing techniques 6.3 Glass deterioration 6.4 Glass conservation and restoration 6.5 Case studies Bibliography Acknowledgements 7 – METALS 7.1 Origin of metals 7.2 Manufacturing techniques 7.3 Conservation state of metals 7.4 Conservative intervention for metals 7.5 Case studies: Recovery of metallic artefacts from terracotta containers Bibliography Acknowledgements 8 – GOLDSMITH ARTEFACTS 8.1 Goldsmith’s metals 8.2 Enamels 8.3 Precious stones 8.4 Alteration and degradation 8.5 Conservative intervention 8.6 Case studies Bibliography 9 – WOOD ARTEFACTS 9.1 Characteristics of the wood 9.2 Working techniques 9.3 Degradation of wood 9.4 How to start restoring 9.5 Restoration of a small inlaid table 9.6 Restoration of a commemorating wooden tablet 9.7 The restoration of a seventeenth-century wooden crucifix Bibliography 10 – ICONS 10.1 The construction of icons 10.2 Degradation and damages of icons 10.3 Methods of conservation and restoration of icons 10.4 Examples of conservative interventions Bibliography 11 – TEXTILE FINDS 11.1 Morphology, characteristics and properties of textiles 11.2 Decay of textile fibres 11.3 Conservation treatments of archaeological textiles 11.4 Conservation practice: two case histories Bibliography Acknowledgements 12 – LEATHER AND ANIMAL SKIN OBJECTS 12.1 Introduction 12.2 Skin 12.3 The tanning process 12.4 Parchment 12.5 Leather degradation 12.6 Conservative intervention 12.7 Examples of conservative interventions Bibliography 13 – INORGANIC MATERIALS OF ORGANIC ORIGIN 13.1 The materials 13.2 The restoration operations 13.3 Cases of study Bibliography Acknowledgements 14 – ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES 14.1 General information 14.2 Optical microscopy 14.3 Spectroscopic techniques 14.4 Radiochemical techniques 14.5 Chromatography 14.6 Electron microscopy 14.7 Thermal analyses 14.8 Open porosity measurements 14.9 Analysis of microbial colonization Bibliography Acknowledgements
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Biotechnology And Conservation Of Cultural Heritage

Author : Franco Palla
ISBN : 9783319461687
Genre : Science
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This book provides detailed insights into the role of microorganisms and microbial products in biodeterioration, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. Topics to be discussed are microbial colonization and their growth control on both artworks and aerosol of indoor environments such as libraries or museums, as well as human health hazard from exposure to microbial agents. In addition innovative biotechnological protocols and strategies for the removal of undesired layers on artwork surfaces are described in detail. Also the advances and perspectives in this emerging biotechnological field are discussed, supported by the latest original findings.
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Pollen And Spores

Author : S N Agashe
ISBN : 9781439843376
Genre : Science
File Size : 82.66 MB
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Palynology finds applications in various fields. Some of them are taxonomy, plant evolution, plant breeding programmes, biotechnology, microbiology of water, soil and air, the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, energy food industry, forensic science, aerobiology, allergy, epidemiology, meteorology, fossil fuel exploration and biodiversity.
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Cultural Heritage Microbiology

Author : Ralph Mitchell
ISBN : STANFORD:36105215524021
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Historic and culturally important objects, like all materials, are vulnerable to microbial attack. Over time, microorganisms can affect paint, wood, paper, glass, textiles, metal, wax, stone, polymers, and coatings, Microbial deterioration of heritage materials can be caused by the formation and growth of biofilms or by direct attack by a variety of microorganisms, all of which may be difficult to correct without also damaging the materials themselves. On the other hand, microbial processes can also be adapted to conserve and even restore heritage materials, pointing to the complex nature of microbial interactions with these irreplaceable materials. Cultural Heritage Microbiology assembles over twenty scientific papers published during the past two decades, each presenting a major advance in some facet of this complex field. These seminal articles, by a wide range of international experts, are grouped by the historic material affected. Each section is introduced by a thorough review, written for this volume, which serves to introduce and synthesize these past studies and to combine them with the latest cutting-edge findings to present the most current state of the field. Extensive references in every chapter and article offer valuable resources for further investigation. Cultural Heritage Microbiology is ideal for anyone concerned with recognizing and dealing with microbial deterioration of heritage materials. Professionals and students in microbiology, conservation science, archaeology, fine arts, architecture, museum conservation, and other fields will find here the most current knowledge and approaches to preserving cultural heritage objects for generations to come.
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Plant Biology For Cultural Heritage

Author : Giulia Caneva
ISBN : 0892369396
Genre : Science
File Size : 81.66 MB
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Brings together wide-ranging scientific contributions from those who have studied the biological degradation of cultural heritages. It tackles both general topics (mechanisms of biodeterioration; correlation between biodeterioration and environment; and destructive organisms) and specific ones (the problems presented by different materials, environments, climatic conditions, and geographic settings). The contributors also discuss ways to diagnose, prevent, and control deterioration.
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Science And Technology For The Conservation Of Cultural Heritage

Author : Miguel Angel Rogerio-Candelera
ISBN : 9780203508015
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.10 MB
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From 2nd to 5th October 2012 an International Congress on Science and Technology for the conservation of Cultural Heritage was held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, organized by the Universidade of Santiago de Compostela on behalf of TechnoHeritage Network. The congress was attended by some 160 participants from 10 countries, which presented a tot
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The Conservation Of Subterranean Cultural Heritage

Author : C. Saiz-Jimenez
ISBN : 9781315739977
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48.64 MB
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In recent years, a debate has arisen concerning the convenience of conserving subterranean cultural heritage and the necessary management models. There is often pressure from local authorities more interested in using the cultural heritage sites in order to develop the economy and the tourism industry rather than in the conservation of the cultural
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Art And Archaeology Of Afghanistan

Author : Juliette van Krieken-Pieters
ISBN : UOM:39015064910931
Genre : Art
File Size : 34.96 MB
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During the last couple of decades Afghanistan s cultural heritage has faced exceptional challenges. Looting of the National Museum, Kabul Museum , the neglect of monuments and extensive illegal excavations have taken place. However, what really shook the world was the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan in March 2001. This volume focuses on Afghanistan s cultural heritage protection. Its purpose is threefold. To provide an overview of the diversity of activities undertaken in the cultural heritage field. To change public opinion into a more positive one. And to serve as an example for future generations. This multidisciplinary book (including contributions from archaeologists, linguists, and lawyers) will interest both scholars in the cultural, legal and humanistic field as well as the public at large. Many exceptional photographs are included.
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Conservation Science 2007

Author : Joyce Townsend
ISBN : UCSD:31822037298387
Genre : Art
File Size : 23.58 MB
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"Conservation Science 2007 was organised jointly by the Institute of Conservation (Icon) Heritage Science Group (formerly the Institute of Conservation Science, ICS, at the time the conference was first planned), the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and the University of Milan, Italy, and held at the Politecnico di Milano 10-11 May 2007. This was the second ICS conference." "Almost all of the papers from the plenary session From science laboratory to conservation practice, both papers and poster abstracts from the three working sessions, and posters on the theme of Architecture are published here. The 30 papers have all been peer reviewed. This volume provides a valuable overview of current research being carried out worldwide in conservation science."--BOOK JACKET.
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Book Review Index

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015066027981
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Every 3d issue is a quarterly cumulation.
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Author :
ISBN : IND:30000028828642
Genre : Antiquities
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Conservation Science 2002

Author : Joyce H. Townsend
ISBN : UCSD:31822032956484
Genre : Nature
File Size : 66.52 MB
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Preventive conservation and non destructive techniues of analysis applied to a range of materials - from Rembrandt to Roman coins; from aero engines to alkyd resins; from hats to hallmarks; manuscripts to mercury.
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12th International Palynological Congress Ipc Xii

Author : Germany); International Organisation of Palaeobotany. Conference (8th : 2008 : Bonn International Palynological Congress (12th : 2008 : Bonn (Germany))
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132290045
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Geographic Volume

Author : Union of International Associations
ISBN : 3598246420
Genre : Business & Economics
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Yearbook of International Organizations is the most comprehensive reference resource and provides current details of international non-governmental (NGO) and intergovernmental organizations (IGO). Collected, documented and disseminated by the Union of International Associations (UIA), detailed and profound information on international organizations worldwide can be found here, from the United Nations, the ASEAN and the Red Cross to sporting bodies and religious orders. Besides historical and organizational information (e.g. on aims, subject orientation and locations), details on activities, events or publications as well as the most current contact details are included. Integrated are also biographies of the leading individuals of the organizations as well as the presentation of networks of organizations. The Union of International Associations (UIA) is a non-profit, apolitical, independent and non-governmental institution in the service for international associations, based in Brussels, Belgium. For 100 years, the UIA has focused on the nature and evolution of the international civil society - a topic of increasing relevance. New: UIA Bi-monthly Study Find out about current topics and the wealth of information contained in the Yearbook of International Organizations. No. 1 of UIA's new Bi-monthly Study is now available for download. This time's subject: Olympic Games and Sports.
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