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Crystal Healing

Author : Amber Rainey
ISBN : 1761033190
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 28.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Inside this book you will learn about the different crystals and gemstones, and the benefits and powers that each of them possess and provide. You will also learn how to use crystals for different ailments and benefits, including where to put the crystals, how to purify water with crystals, and how to properly carry crystals with you.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Crystals For Healing

Author : Karen Frazier
ISBN : 1623156750
Genre : Crystals
File Size : 63.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ready to create positive change in your life? Discover the power of crystals to heal mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're working through grief or holding onto grudges, seeking love or increasing gratitude, Crystals for Healing offers the basics for beginners to explore the deep connection between mind, body, and spirit. Learn the fundamentals to clear emotional blockages, stimulate creativity, and elevate your mood through the vibrational power of healing crystals. Discover a more fulfilling life through the power of crystal healing as explained by ordained metaphysical minister, intuitive energy healer, and Usui Reiki practitioner Karen Frazier.
Category: Crystals

Crystal Healing For Beginners

Author : L. Jordan
ISBN : 1514123339
Genre :
File Size : 79.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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CRYSTAL HEALING FOR BEGINNERS 3rd EDITION: Discover The Healing Power Of Crystals And Healing Stones To Heal The Human Energy Field, Relieve Stress and Experience Instant Relaxation ! Do you want a comprehensible guide on crystals? Are you curious what crystals all can do? No need to look any further ! Healing Crystals is a well-rounded introduction to the importance and use of different crystals. It takes you through the selection; the cleaning; and the entire crystal handling process. After reading this guide, you are able to tell what ailments to clear with what crystals, and what crystals to carry with you for general protection against destabilizing energies. Even as the book shows you how to live a life with minimal medication, courtesy of natural crystals, it also warns you against specific crystals that are poisonous and dangerous to your health and that of other people. You will be glad to learn too that although the facts surrounding crystals were not well known in the past, people still used them to improve their way of life, deriving mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing as a result. In this book you will learn: What distinguishes crystals from gemstones How chakras and crystals work together to improve your health The religious point of view regarding crystals How compatible crystal healing is with psychic healing How to select your crystals and handle them How to clean and recharge your crystals Crystals that are suited for kids How to solve love and money issues using the potency and vibration frequencies of crystals The toxic crystals to avoid And much, much more.. Want to find out more ? Buy your copy today!


Author : Crystal Lee
ISBN : 1794054138
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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**Buy the Paperback version of this book and get the Kindle version FREE** Learn the holistic way to heal with Crystals Are you ready to make some serious changes in your life? If you are, then this book is for you. When life throws us lemons, we can fight back with crystals. Learn how to reclaim your life with the power of these beautiful gems... Whether you're just trying to get your feet firmly planted on the ground, or you're dealing with deeper psychological challenges, you'll get the basics for beginners who wish to explore the world of crystals. In this book you'll learn... What exactly are crystals How to tap into crystal energy Chakra Healing & Chakra Balancing How to make a crystal grid The fundamentals of healing with crystals Tips on finding the right crystals for you And so much more! You will learn the basic properties of crystals, how to take advantage of them, and how to be all the better for it. If you're looking for another way to fulfill your life, then this is the book you've been searching for. If you listen closely, you might even hear it calling to you. So, why not answer it and get this book today! This book will change your life and you will discover natural cures that will heal your mind and body from negative energies. NOW is the time to make a change and live a happier life! --- Get your copy of Crystals today! ---
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Crystal Wisdom Kit

Author : Stephanie Harrison
ISBN : 1859060242
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 79.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"The Crystal Wisdom Kit is a fun, easy-to-use system that works a variety of levels of consciousness. It combines the unique and remarkable powers of crystals with universal symbols, and astrological insight, to provide healing and understanding. The organization of this system allows you to use the crystals the same way as Tarot cards, but instead of drawing cards you cast crystals on to one of 3 different wheels. The wheel includes symbols from a variety of sources and traditions including astrology, runes, the five elements, chakras, planets and others. The wheels are the Life Wheel used to reveal current and future trends, the Insight Wheel to clarify issues, and the Healing Wheel to bring harmony and balance into your life. This remarkable kit is ideal for beginning New Age seekers and will also appeal crystal enthusiasts.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Truth About Crystal Healing

Author : Phyllis Galde
ISBN : 0875423604
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 41.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Crystal Healing And Sacred Pleasure

Author : Vanessa Cuccia
ISBN : 9781631596469
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 77.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Engage the chakras as a road map for self-discovery, harness the power of crystals, and practice self-love through erotic spirituality with Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure. Whether you’re new to crystals or experienced with crystal healing, Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure offers the essential information and techniques you need to get your energy flowing freely again. The flow of energy through our chakras (the energy centers of our bodies) is essential to our fundamental well-being and our ability to experience our lives fully. When chakras get blocked, the natural flow of energy is hindered, and we experience disconnection from our physical bodies. Crystal healing can release blockages and bring necessary attention to our whole being, while helping to heal physical or emotional trauma. Crystals have been used for centuries as a way to release and harmonize energy. Each crystal has its own unique qualities that are suited to specific kinds of blockages. When used properly, crystals can have a powerful and positive effect on our lives. This book features: A clear introduction to the body’s chakra system Guidance for determining if a chakra is blocked Essential information on crystals and how they work Specific techniques and practices for using crystals to embrace self-love and achieve greater intimacy and pleasure A comprehensive chart linking crystals to their chakras; zodiac elements; color energies; and physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits An annotated reading list of books, blogs, and websites to support you as you continue on the path of crystal healing Embrace the healing power of crystals and open yourself to greater well-being, intimacy, and sensual pleasure.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Crystals And Stones

Author : Group of 5
ISBN : 9781556439186
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 53.50 MB
Format : PDF
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"New Age readers will love this definitive guide to more than 190 stones and crystals and their impact on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being of individuals"--Provided by publisher.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Crystal And Stone Massage

Author : Michael Gienger
ISBN : 9781620554128
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 58.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A full-color guide to crystal massage for healing, energy balance, and stress release in the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies • Illustrates full-body massage techniques with crystal wands, crystal spheres, polished stones, and amber • Details the healing properties of more than 50 crystals and gemstones and how to select the proper one for a specific condition • Explains how to cleanse and recharge crystal, gemstone, and amber after each massage so energies are not transferred from one person to another In this full-color illustrated guide, Michael Gienger, along with contributors Hildegard Weiss and Ursula Dombrowksy, details the energetics and healing properties of more than 50 crystals and gemstones for use in massage. The book explains how to select the proper crystal or stone to aid healing of a specific condition as well as for relaxation and stress release. It illustrates specific massage techniques with crystal wands, crystal spheres, and polished stones that best utilize the crystal or stone’s properties and shows how to perform a full-body massage that works on several levels--physical, ethereal, mental, and spiritual--depending on how the crystals are applied. Explaining how crystals absorb energy and information during a massage, the guide shows how to cleanse and recharge their energetic fields so energies are not transferred from one person to another. It also details how to rebalance and replenish your own energy after giving a massage. The book also includes a detailed chapter on the harmonizing effects of amber massage, complete with a step-by-step illustrated massage sequence. Amber’s unique electromagnetic vibrations make it especially conducive to creating homeostasis in the body and thus a beneficial addition to any crystal or stone massage practice. With this complete illustrated guide, anyone can enhance their massage practice or self-healing through the powerful effects of crystals, gemstones, and amber.
Category: Health & Fitness

Crystal Healing For Beginners

Author : Jenifer Eye
ISBN : 9798602165388
Genre :
File Size : 46.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Have you ever wanted to heal your body and get rid of any diseases that might be interfering with your life? Have you suffered from mental illnesses or are unable to sleep at night? Or perhaps are you constantly tired and lack energy within your body? Your days of having an unhealthy body and mind are over! With the power of crystals, you will be able to set yourself on the right path to success, whether it is within your body or your environment. Crystals can help you achieve anything including attracting love, abundance, healing, and money. If you are interested in crystals, the universe, healing not only yourself but others around you, and bringing everlasting peace to society then Crystal healing for beginners: Discover how to use the power of crystals and healing stones. How they work to increase your energy is for you! Crystals have been around for as long as time itself. The Greeks had a strong belief that these stones were a gift from the Gods and Goddesses and that each crystal had different magical properties such as healing the body, manifesting one's dreams, protection, guidance, and so many other things. These gemstones can be used to heal the body, mind, and spirit as well as pushing one on their destined spiritual path. In this book, you will be provided with all sorts of information relating to crystals, their power, and how you could use them to your advantage. It will also explore countless crystals and their effect on the body both physically and mentally. You will learn: What are crystals and what are they used for Different types of crystals for love, healing, protection, manifestation, increasing energy, and spiritual growth How to properly cleanse crystals What are crystal grids How to heal one's energy using crystals What are chakras and how to heal them with crystals And many other topics! Crystal healing for beginners also contains all about the energy flow within your body, how to open and cleanse different chakras and what effect they play on the health and well-being of the body. Would You Like To Know More? Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy now button.