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Crossing The Congo

Author : Mike Martin
ISBN : 9781849046855
Genre : Congo River
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*** Shortlisted for the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Award 2016 in the category of Adventure Travel *** In 2013, three friends set off on a journey that they had been told was impossible: the north-south crossing of the Congo River Basin, from Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Juba, in South Sudan. Traversing 2,500 miles of the toughest terrain on the planet in a twenty-five year-old Land Rover, they faced repeated challenges, from kleptocracy and fire ants to non-existent roads and intense suspicion from local people. Through imagination and teamwork -- including building rafts and bridges, conducting makeshift surgery in the jungle and playing tribal politics -- they got through. But the Congo is raw, and the journey took an unexpected psychological toll on them all. Crossing the Congo is an offbeat travelogue, a story of friendship and what it takes to complete a great journey against tremendous odds, and an intimate look into one of the world's least-developed and most fragile states, told with humor and sensitivity.
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Author : Sean Rorison
ISBN : 1841622338
Genre : Travel
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The first full guidebook on both Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the People's Republic of Congo (PRC) in well over a decade, the Bradt guide provides full coverage of the major cities and national parks of the two countries.The Congos encompass Africa's largest area of intact rainforest. Two eastern national parks, both World Heritage Sites, protect not only the mountain gorilla but the critically endangered eastern lowland gorilla as well. One of the last bastions in Africa for the seriously adventurous traveller, the Congos are open to serious travellers. The Bradt guide tells you how to travel both adventurously and safely.
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The Congo Wars

Author : Thomas Turner
ISBN : 1842776894
Genre : Political Science
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Since 1996 war has raged in the Congo while the world has looked away. Waves of armed conflict and atrocities against civilians have resulted in over three million casualties, making this one of the bloodiest yet least understood conflicts of recent times. In The Congo Wars Thomas Turner provides the first in-depth analysis of what happened. The book describes a resource-rich region, suffering from years of deprivation and still profoundly affected by the shockwaves of the Rwandan genocide. Turner looks at successive misguided and self-interested interventions by other African powers, including Uganda, Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia, as well as the impotence of United Nations troops. Cutting through the historical myths so often used to understand the devastation, Turner indicates the changes required of Congolese leaders, neighbouring African states and the international community to bring about lasting peace and security.
Category: Political Science

Cold War In The Congo

Author : Frank R. Villafana
ISBN : 9781412847667
Genre : History
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It is widely acknowledged that Congo became an East- West battlefield during the first half of the decade of the 1960s, yet the participation of Cuban exiles in the struggles is rarely noted. In this absorbing volume Villafaña details the contribution made by Cuban exiles to the preservation of democracy in Congo. When Congo was given its independence by Belgium in 1960, most of its people believed their new government had been installed by the West and opposed it. Anti-colonial, anti-government Congolese patriots started fighting. Some were pro-communist, some anti-communist, and most didn't know the difference. Many countries were involved on both sides of this conflict: Cuba, the Soviet Union, The People's Republic of China, the United States (represented by military advisors, the CIA and Cuban exiles), Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, and several African nations. The Cold War made the involvement of some of these countries predictable, but not the Cuban involvement. Villafaña explores reasons for Castro's involvement in Congo. He considers whether Castro was operating with a master plan, of which Africa was a key. He discusses why Castro chose Che Guevara to head the ill-fated military expedition. He contemplates why the United States allowed Castro to freely export his revolution, and why it used Cuban exiles to prevent the mineral riches of Congo from falling into the hands of international communism. Villafaña shows that CIA-sponsored Miami Cuban exiles were instrumental in thwarting Castro's plans for Congo, which were believed to have included a confederacy with Tanzania and Congo (Brazzaville), to gain control of Central Africa and its vast resources.
Category: History

Crossing The Water

Author : Claire Garoutte
ISBN : UOM:39015073866553
Genre : Photography
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Describes the rituals and spiritual practices of Santeria, Espiritismo, and Palo Monte in Cuba.
Category: Photography

Crossing Rivers

Author : John Kelly Thornton
ISBN : 2357440910
Genre :
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Ozain Mystery Of The Congo And Yoruba

Author :
ISBN : 9781483679808
Genre : Self-Help
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Origin history The origin of Osahin also comes from the mythology of the Egyptians. The word Osahi(n) come from the word Egyptian Sahu, this is the name of a God of the stars identified as or with Orion. In other papers before there was mention of him being referred to the God Orion, and it has been shown he lived under the name of oro in the land of the Yoruba. Therere other words Egyptian, Sahu that signified a spiritual body, which that so they say germinated form a mummified body. The ideas that explain the conception of this Yoruba God Osahin has been based with the association that he has with God Sahu and the spiritual body known with the same name. This Orisha is the owner of the mountains and there in Cuba they associate him with the Regla of the Congos. Also very particular with palo Monte or mayombe. Supposedly one of the stories evidently cabana. Osain was working his regla with Palo Monte, drinking bad liquors, using gun powder and he didnt have peace. He was dressed dirty and with torn clothing, he never saw the results of his work, nothing. Even though he worked very hard with a lot of integrity. He saw that the Lucumi were always doing well, they dressed very elegant and they had money and tranquility. So Osain decided and went to see Shango asking Shango for advice. Shango told him that he was a palero and he knew it perfectly, but after knowing the regla lucumi he found himself in better conditions. He dressed in red clothing, he was clean and powerful. With this argument he convinced Osain and took him to the feet of Orumila, and that was his remedy. Osain has no mother or father; he was born by himself from direction of God. It is the Orisha that is very important in the religion Yoruba. He could be more important than all. The use of Osain in the religion lucumi is very important and needed. The Ozainistas could be male or female. But the women cannot receive him until the have passed their menopause. What happens is that they the women cannot give or make Osain for anybody.
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Violent Capitalism And Hybrid Identity In The Eastern Congo

Author : Timothy Raeymaekers
ISBN : 9781107082076
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book analyses the radical political transformation of eastern Congo through the lens of cross-border risk management.
Category: Business & Economics

Zebra Crossing

Author : Meg Vandermerwe
ISBN : 9781780744315
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 26.18 MB
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Ghost. Ape. Living dead. Young Chipo has been called many names, but to her mother — Zimbabwe ’s most loyal Manchester United supporter — she had always just been Chipo, meaning gift. On the eve of the World Cup, Chipo and her brother flee to Cape Town hoping for a better life and to share in the excitement of the greatest sporting event ever to take place in Africa. But the Mother City's infamous Long Street is a dangerous place for an illegal immigrant and albino. Soon Chipo is caught up in a get-rich-quick scheme organized by her brother and the terrifying Dr Ongani. Exploiting gamblers’ superstitions about albinism, they plan to make money and get out before rumors of looming xenophobic attacks become reality. But their scheming has devastating consequences.
Category: Fiction

D R Congo The Darkness Of The Heart

Author : Loso Kiteti Boya
ISBN : 9781450082501
Genre : Political Science
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Book Synopsis: This book recounts from the perspective of a Congolese native the five-hundred-year journey of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It analyzes dispassionately the facts of the turbulent history of the country and its continuing impact on the life of the modern-day Congolese. In the book, we set out to begin the search for the Congolese answers to the DR Congos historical paradox of a very rich country living a very poor life in a neighborhood in which it is the biggest and yet the weakest country. We travel back five hundred years to rediscover the ancient kingdom of Congo and look closely at its people, institutions, value and belief systems, customs and practices and try to establish the linkages between the present cultural values, belief system, and practices of the modern-day Congolese with those of their past. Through the revisiting of the past, we try to identify the ways and means of a more effective strategy for social, political, and economic renaissance in the DR Congo. Although a diary, the book is not a chronological presentation of the Congos history. The reader can expect to travel back and forth on the meandering road of the Congolese journey. The DR Congo is a land of ecological gigantism and an environmental Garden of Eden. It has the second largest freshwater river in the world, the Congo River, a powerful source of clean energy, and the second largest tropical rain forest in the world; the largest number of big lakes in Africa, including Lake Tanganyika; one of the largest assortment of minerals and precious metals and gems in the world, including uranium; and a large landmass of 906,000 square miles stretching over two time zones with a population of less than seventy million, translating into one the lowest population densities in the world. Such an array of diverse and rich natural resources and the extraordinary economic power potential of DR Congo have always attracted envy and invasions from foreign countries, multinational companies, and individuals over the centuries, the latest being the attack of the combined armies of Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi in August 1998. The history of the DR Congo is also the history of the darkness of the human heart, extreme cruelty and violence, greed and selfishness by the early European explorers, the slave traders, the Zanzibari Arab slave merchants of the last centuries, and the neocolonialists and cold warriors of the twentieth century. It is the history of treason of the Congo by the Congolese, the betrayal of the public trust of the people, and of the pursuit of power at all costs and bad management of the economy by the Congolese leaders and the politicians, from the medieval kings of the kingdom of the Congo to the present-day ruling class. The book follows the less publicized but crucial journeys of the numerous Congolese slaves to the Americas, documenting their early settlements in the United States, the Caribbean Islands, and Brazil and reconnecting their present-day descendants in the Americas to their Congolese roots and ancestry.
Category: Political Science