Crisis Leadership In Higher Education

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Crisis Leadership In Higher Education

Author : Ralph A. Gigliotti
ISBN : 1978801823
Genre : Business & Economics
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There was a time when crises on college and university campuses were relatively rare and episodic. Much has changed, and it has changed quite rapidly. Drawing upon original research, Crisis Leadership in Higher Education presents a theory-informed framework for academic and administrative leaders who must navigate the institutional and environmental crises that are most germane to institutions of higher education.
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Handbook Of Research On Crisis Leadership In Organizations

Author : Andrew J. DuBrin
ISBN : 9781781006405
Genre : Business & Economics
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Modern organizational life seems dominated by crisis BP and the Gulf Oil spill, TEPCO and the Japanese tsunami, the global financial meltdown. Therefore it is particularly timely to find a collection of articles in this Handbook that provides research guidance and practical insights on how leaders manage or mismanage in crisis situations. The focus on the crisis leader highlights what they do, and how they do it, while at the same time raising important questions to guide subsequent analysis. Sydney Finkelstein, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth, US and author of Why Smart Executives Fail With contributions from many of the leading researchers in the field, the Handbook of Research on Crisis Leadership in Organizations summarizes much of the theory, research, and opinion about various facets of crisis leadership in order to advance this emerging field. It recognizes that crises have become an almost inevitable part of organizational life, and describes how leaders can facilitate people getting through the crisis. The Handbook is divided into four parts: attributes and behaviors of the crisis leader; leadership of subordinates during a crisis; managing the present crisis and prevent future crises; and an integration of approaches to understanding crisis leadership. Enough knowledge has been accumulated about crisis leadership in organizations to serve as guidelines for practice, as well as a research base to build on for the future. Leaders must help others get through crises as well as prevent them. Researchers in the field of crisis leadership and crisis management will find this important resource invaluable. Academics and students of organizational behavior, industrial and organizational psychology, and management will also find much of interest and might also suggest the book as a valuable addition to their library as an important resource in the field of crisis leadership. Human resource professionals in larger organizations as well as management consultants who endeavor to acquire advanced knowledge about this field will find the practical aspects of keen interest as well.
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Global And Culturally Diverse Leaders And Leadership

Author : Jean Lau Chin
ISBN : 9781787434967
Genre :
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Global and Culturally Diverse Leaders and Leadership explores diverse cultural leadership styles and paradigms that are dynamic, complex, globally authentic and culturally competent for the 21st century. An outstanding group of scholars considers how the different worldviews and lived experiences of leaders influence their leadership styles. They discuss several dimensions, models and initiatives for examining leadership in a global and diverse world, ultimately offering ways in which these leadership processes may be assessed and cultivated in a culturally sensitive and ecologically valid manner. Redefining leadership as global and diverse, this book imparts a new understanding of the criteria for selecting, training and evaluating leaders in the 21st century.

Positive Academic Leadership

Author : Jeffrey L. Buller
ISBN : 9781118552223
Genre : Education
File Size : 74.60 MB
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"A book that every academic leader should read and put intopractice." —Kim Cameron, associate dean of executiveeducation, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Praise for Positive Academic Leadership " Buller has produced a book that every academic leader shouldread and put into practice. Positive Academic Leadershippulls together an amazing array of scientific findings andpractical guidelines that will be invaluable for academic leaderslooking to improve themselves and their institutions." — KimCameron, associate dean, William Russell Professor of Managementand Organizations, Ross School of Business; professor of highereducation, School of Education, University of Michigan " If I had a magic wand and could make one wish for all ofhigher education, it would be that we had better institutionalleadership. Whether one is a chair, dean, provost, president, or onthe Board of Trustees, this book can make a world of difference inyour ability to provide that leadership!" — L. Dee Fink,author, Creating Significant Learning Experiences; formerpresident, Professional and Organizational Development Network inHigher Education " Buller's book brings hope for leadership in higher educationby emphasizing the importance of a positive approach that empowersand inspires others. Positive Academic Leadership has thepotential to transform higher education for the benefit ofstudents, faculty, and ultimately our communities and our world."— Kina S. Mallard, provost and vice president of academicaffairs, Carson-Newman University " Academic leaders who find themselves engulfed in negativethinking and considering only damage control scenarios for pressingissues will want to read this book. Employing what Jeffrey Bullercalls 'positive academic leadership' is, I believe, essential totransforming feelings of despair into constructive leadership."— Mary Lou Higgerson, vice president for academic affairs,emerita, Baldwin Wallace University " I can't recall reading any book on leadership that is moreapplicable to the work of faculty development. Every academicleader—faculty member, chair, dean, or campusadministrator—will benefit from Jeffrey Buller'sevidence-based model and practices of positive academicleadership." — Mary Deane Sorcinelli, associate provost forfaculty development, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Intellectual Leadership In Higher Education

Author : Bruce Macfarlane
ISBN : 9781136729553
Genre : Education
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"There is growing research and literature about Intellectual Leadership and management in higher education. However, there has been little consideration of the formal and informal leadership role of full professors. This group of individuals are key to the leadership of universities and they represent a group of individuals at the apex of their discipline or profession with considerable expertise across many elements of academic practice including research, teaching and service activities incorporating leadership and management roles. In this context, the role of professors as 'intellectual leaders' is under-theorised and higher education institutions make insufficient use of professors as an internal resource. This book tackles the question of what intellectual leadership actually is and analyses other question marks associated with the role of senior academics Intellectual Leadership in Higher Education provides a theoretical exploration of the meaning of intellectual leadership with particular reference to university professors and other senior academics. It draws on new international research data involving several hundred university professors in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa and also provides a series of practical ideas and recommendations for defining the role of a university professor more clearly. This careful analysis of academic roles will prove invaluable for all those working in Higher Education"-- Provided by publisher.
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Smart Leadership For Higher Education In Difficult Times

Author : David W. Breneman
ISBN : 9781849809610
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69.40 MB
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In an era of sound bites, Smart Leadership for Higher Education in Difficult Times provides an outstanding analysis of the context in which today s colleges and universities operate. The essays are thought provoking, insightful and valuable for preparing our institutions for an uncertain future. Through case studies and personal experience, contributors challenge readers to reflect on our own institutions and re-imagine higher education. Graham B. Spanier, The Pennsylvania State University, US Smart Leadership for Higher Education in Difficult Times makes the case that bridging the time from recession to recovery with typical belt-tightening tactics, without a strategy for fundamental change in the higher education business model, is a formula for failure. Globalization, changing demographics, evolving technology and jobs of the future are only beginning to impact the business of higher education. These trends, combined with the lingering effects of constrained revenue, are the building blocks of a new business environment. Reading this book will jump-start your thinking about how innovation, reorganization, prioritization and strategic investing are necessary for institutional success. John Walda, National Association of College and University Business Officers, US In response to falling state support, limited returns from endowments and increasing costs, colleges and universities have turned to examinations of the mission of higher education and new ways in which its missions can be achieved. Two of the many provocative insights described in this series of papers concern the permanent nature of change in the economic, demographic and competitive environment, and the need for more creativity and innovation. Risa Palm, Georgia State University, US Smart Leadership for Higher Education in Difficult Times offers positive ideas and encouragement from some of the leading thinkers and doers in higher education about how to lead proactively in response to the sobering challenges now facing colleges and universities economic stagnation; the completion imperative; rapid demographic changes; global competition; the stunning pace of technological change; and the tensions among affordability and the stubborn growth in college unit costs. William Zumeta, University of Washington and Association for the Study of Higher Education, US As the US economy emerges from the severest recession in a generation, large questions regarding its long-term ramifications for higher education remain unanswered. In fact, the harshest effects of the economic downturn are likely ahead as campus leadership focuses on enrollment, affordability and fundraising. This volume of essays examines the challenges and opportunities for advancing higher education s core missions of education, research and service in a resource-constrained environment. Many parties will wish to return to the old normal, but fulfilling the mission of higher education will require implementing change in the face of opposition, gaining support from key stakeholders, and maintaining morale in the process. The new normal entails innovating to meet the needs for higher education among a growing population of potential students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, many of whom are ill-prepared for a college education and unaware of how to access it, and a population of mid-career students seeking to retool or reinvent themselves for the labor market. The economic success of both individuals and the US economy are directly dependent upon increasing the share of the population receiving a higher education. Chapter authors include college and university presidents and chancellors, and other senior administrators and thought leaders from the higher education community. They provide new and actionable information to enhance decision-making and inform strategic planning as well as a contemporary examination of the business of higher education and areas of potential new research.
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Mass Intellectuality And Democratic Leadership In Higher Education

Author : Joss Winn
ISBN : 9781474267601
Genre : Education
File Size : 89.69 MB
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Higher education in the UK is in crisis. The idea of the public university is under assault, and both the future of the sector and its relationship to society are being gambled. Higher education is increasingly unaffordable, its historic institutions are becoming untenable, and their purpose is resolutely instrumental. What and who have led us to this crisis? What are the alternatives? To whom do we look for leadership in revealing those alternatives? This book critically analyses intellectual leadership in the university, exploring ongoing efforts from around the world to create alternative models for organizing higher education and the production of knowledge. Its authors offer their experience and views from inside and beyond the structures of mainstream higher education, in order to reflect on efforts to create alternatives. In the process the volume asks: is it possible to reimagine the university democratically and cooperatively? If so, what are the implications for leadership not just within the university but also in terms of higher education's relationship to society? The authors argue that mass higher education is at the point where it no longer reflects the needs, capacities and longterm interests of global society. An alternative role and purpose is required, based upon 'mass intellectuality' or the real possibility of democracy in learning and the production of knowledge.
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Servant Leadership For Higher Education

Author : Daniel W. Wheeler
ISBN : 9781118181379
Genre : Education
File Size : 71.20 MB
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SERVANT LEADERSHIP FOR HIGHER EDUCATION "Given the myriad of complex problems facing higher education, it is difficult to imagine that an administrator at any level of the institution could be effective without engaging in servant leadership. Higher education is a service industry and, consequently, this text is a must read for practicing administrators who are committed to effective leadership." –MARY LOU HIGGERSON, Ph.D., vice president for Academic Affairs and dean of the college, Baldwin-Wallace College "Finally a thoughtful book on servant leadership with direct application to higher education. Includes many strategies for developing servant leadership in self, others, and organizations." –DR. GARY L. FILAN, executive director, Chair Academy "With Servant Leadership for Higher Education Dan Wheeler brings the gauzy platitudes sometimes associated with servant leadership down to earth in a set of field-tested principles. I finished the book fantasizing about how much better off our colleges and universities would be if our leaders behaved like this!" –JON WERGIN, professor of educational studies, Ph.D. in Leadership & Change Program, Antioch University "This is a must read for anyone thinking about becoming an academic leader. In the academy, it is not about command and control–it's about serving your colleagues. Dan Wheeler's book 'nails it' as nothing is more critical to leaders than success in serving their colleagues." –WALTER GMELCH, dean and professor, School of Education, University of San Francisco
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Crisis Leadership Now A Real World Guide To Preparing For Threats Disaster Sabotage And Scandal

Author : Laurence Barton
ISBN : 0071596216
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 58.58 MB
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Why do some managers shine during a high-level crisis while others stumble? Those who have an action plan in place are the ones who can react quickly, manage rumors, and respond to victims and stakeholders sincerely and adequately while keeping their organization afloat. Leading crisis management expert Laurence Barton has spent more than two decades consulting with top companies on how to anticipate and respond to workplace threats and tragedies. In Crisis Leadership Now he offers concrete solutions for managing disruptive events-from industrial accidents and acts of violence to embezzlement, product recalls, and terrorism. Barton takes you through his journey of advising senior executives on crisis events and examines: The characteristics that define a true crisis Proven strategies to help you understand and respond to early warning signals Ways to mitigate threatening situations How to effectively communicate your decisions in a timely manner to employees, shareholders, customers, and other constituencies In this forward-looking guide, Barton applies his corporate insider's insight to numerous case studies, demonstrating how such catastrophes happen to real companies and real people every day. These studies form a framework for building crisis management thinking into your company's strategic toolbox. Anticipating all forms of trouble, advising senior management and boards of directors about potential events, and devising a business recovery plan will allow your organization to rebound should tragedy strike. Barton has also created an indispensable sample crisis management plan, and includes detailed templates for addressing a wide spectrum of incidents and threats. Arming you with an arsenal of strategies, tools, and know-how, Crisis Leadership Now ensures that your company's leaders will demonstrate confidence and implement solutions in the midst of chaos.
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Leadership In Higher Education

Author : Francis L. Lawrence
ISBN : 9781412809368
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 54.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this collection of interviews, presidents and chancellors of some of America's most respected universities candidly reflect on their experiences during the decade leading up to the twenty-first century and immediately following it. This was a time of change and uncertainty, when opportunities for achievement and potential for failure made their role uncommonly challenging, and success called for considerable determination, integrity, foresight, skill, and courage.The American higher education system, often characterized as the best in the world, is distinguished for its scholarship as well as its accessibility. Its indispensable role as an engine for individual and societal economic advancement has made universities the targets of media interest, critical examination, and political manipulation. Higher education has become the passport to the American dream, and the percentage of those going to college has increased, challenging individual institutions and systems to accommodate growing numbers of aspiring students while searching for solutions to problems of inadequate college preparation and inadequate financial assistance for low-income students. Despite their increasing importance to the nation, the region, and their communities, public and private universities have seen states reduce their support to their state systems of higher education, shifting the responsibility to individuals and institutions.Leadership in Higher Education traces the careers of thirteen women and men who have presided over a total of twenty universities or university systems and three national organizations of higher education: Robert Berdahl, Myles Brand, Molly Corbett Broad, John T. Casteen III, Mary Sue Coleman, Norman C. Francis, Nils Hasselmo, Shirley Ann Jackson, Shirley Strum Kenny, William English Kirwan, Francis L. Lawrence, Charles M. Vest, and David Ward.
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Leading Through Crisis Conflict And Change In Higher Education

Author : Incorporated Magna Publications
ISBN : 0912150769
Genre : Education
File Size : 51.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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It's more than fair to say that everyone is going through a time of unprecedented obstacles and uncertain outcomes.Higher education is certainly of no exception.Now, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and related challenges to educating students on campus, the need for leadership, crisis response, and change management from academic leadership, in this currently volatile landscape, is increasingly urgent.Compiled from Academic Leader articles, Leading through Crisis, Conflict, and Change in Higher Education brings you direct advice, from qualified subject matter experts from a variety of campuses, on wide-ranging nuanced aspects of managing difficult issues and topics.Leading through Crisis, Conflict, and Change in Higher Education emphasizes three key areas of higher education leadership and provides in-depth and extensive insights into each topic: Leading through Crisis Leading through Conflict Leading through Change Begin with valuable strategies and relevant guidance on navigating crucial topics, such as COVID-19, the #MeToo movement, and social injustice, among others, while steadily supporting your faculty, staff, and students.Next, receive a wealth of knowledge about managing conflicts on your campus. From the positive effects of conflict, to creating emotionally intelligent conversations, to managing intradepartmental conflict, to dealing with toxic leadership, and just understanding how to deal with those who just won't work cohesively with others, leading educators and leaders nationwide share how they directly deal with these issues and more.Finally, you'll discover numerous approaches about how to continuously improve and keep up with the constant changes of higher education, including innovation and technology, online education, inclusion and accessibility, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Open Educational Resources, and more.Leading through Crisis, Conflict, and Change in Higher Education is your compilation of strong and compelling guidance from leaders and educators who have gone through and are currently going through the same difficult moments you are. Make this your tool for discovering the multiple facets of crisis communication, conflict management, and change leadership in higher education.Get your thorough guide to the foremost facets of leading through unprecedented times.
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American Higher Education In Crisis

Author : Goldie Blumenstyk
ISBN : 9780199374083
Genre : Education
File Size : 51.26 MB
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American higher education is at a crossroads. Technological innovations and disruptive market forces are buffeting colleges and universities at the very time their financial structure grows increasingly fragile. Disinvestment by states has driven up tuition prices at public colleges, and student debt has reached a startling record-high of one trillion dollars. Cost-minded students and their families--and the public at large--are questioning the worth of a college education, even as study after study shows how important it is to economic and social mobility. And as elite institutions trim financial aid and change other business practices in search of more sustainable business models, racial and economic stratification in American higher education is only growing. In American Higher Education in Crisis?: What Everyone Needs to Know, Goldie Blumenstyk, who has been reporting on higher education trends for 25 years, guides readers through the forces and trends that have brought the education system to this point, and highlights some of the ways they will reshape America's colleges in the years to come. Blumenstyk hones in on debates over the value of post-secondary education, problems of affordability, and concerns about the growing economic divide. Fewer and fewer people can afford the constantly increasing tuition price of college, Blumenstyk shows, and yet college graduates in the United States now earn on average twice as much as those with only a high-school education. She also discusses faculty tenure and growing administrative bureaucracies on campuses; considers new demands for accountability such as those reflected in the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard; and questions how the money chase in big-time college athletics, revelations about colleges falsifying rankings data, and corporate-style presidential salaries have soured public perception. Higher education is facing a serious set of challenges, but solutions have also begun to emerge. Blumenstyk highlights how institutions are responding to the rise of alternative-educational opportunities and the new academic and business models that are appearing, and considers how the Obama administration and public organizations are working to address questions of affordability, diversity, and academic integrity. She addresses some of the advances in technology colleges are employing to attract and retain students; outlines emerging competency-based programs that are reshaping conceptions of a college degree, and offers readers a look at promising innovations that could alter the higher education landscape in the near future. An extremely timely and focused look at this embattled and evolving arena, this primer emphasizes how open-ended the conversation about higher education's future remains, and illuminates how big the stakes are for students, colleges, and the nation.
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Academic Leadership In Higher Education

Author : Robert J. Sternberg
ISBN : 9781475808056
Genre : Education
File Size : 43.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As ironic as it may seem, very few academic leaders have had any formal training in academic administration, or in any kind of administration at all. For the most part, academic administrators learn on the job. They also seek advice wherever they can get it. The purpose of this book is to offer such advice.
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Great Transformation In Higher Education 1960 1980 The

Author : Clark Kerr
ISBN : 9781438408804
Genre : Education
File Size : 58.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Clark Kerr, former President of the University of California and a leader in higher education policymaking, offers his views of the turbulent decades when colleges and universities scrambled to provide faculty and facilities for the burgeoning student population, only to be faced later with economic depression and subsequent conservatism. From his unique vantage point, Kerr offers insights into the role of higher education—its performance under pressure, its changing climate, its efforts to serve the multiplicity of demands made upon it, and its success or failure in meeting those demands.
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A History Of American Higher Education

Author : John R. Thelin
ISBN : 9781421402666
Genre : Education
File Size : 34.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Colleges and universities are among the most cherished—and controversial—institutions in the United States. In this updated edition of A History of American Higher Education, John R. Thelin offers welcome perspective on the triumphs and crises of this highly influential sector in American life. Thelin’s work has distinguished itself as the most wide-ranging and engaging account of the origins and evolution of America's institutions of higher learning. This edition brings the discussion of perennial hot-button issues such as big-time sports programs up to date and addresses such current areas of contention as the changing role of governing boards and the financial challenges posed by the economic downturn.
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Leadership And Sustainability In The Built Environment

Author : Alex Opoku
ISBN : 9781317564232
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 83.48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Leadership and sustainability have separately been the subject of numerous studies in a built environment context over the years, but they have yet to be addressed together. The real impact of legislation and guidelines designed to promote sustainability within the construction industry is closely linked to the leadership behind it, as this book explores in a variety of ways. Featuring research from 5 different continents, the international scope of this book allows a comparison of experiences in different types of economies and cultures. The interdisciplinarity of this subject is also reflected in the backgrounds of the contributors, with a significant number of perspectives derived from business and management research. The issues examined in this book are essential reading for all researchers, decision-makers and graduate students in the built environment.
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Leadership Communication And Social Influence

Author : Brent D. Ruben
ISBN : 9781838671181
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 46.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Designed for leadership and communication students, scholars, and practitioners, this book offers a timely exploration into the evolution of leadership, communication, and social influence, and sheds light on how we can all become more responsible leaders, followers, and citizens.
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Leadership In Continuing Education In Higher Education

Author : Cynthia C. J. Shoemaker
ISBN : 9781469124377
Genre : Education
File Size : 70.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The author has organized 33 years of expertise in Continuing Education into a comprehensive and practical guide to the leadership skills, behaviors and knowledge needed to guide any Continuing Education enterprise past the pitfalls and toward the opportunities available. To meet the needs of adults ages 22 to 85 who are flocking back to school, nearly every college and university has been establishing, and growing their Continuing Education entity. Yet until now there has been very little education for leadership in this rapidly growing field. From management and marketing knowledge to an understanding of the academic culture and creating a work environment that encourages creativity, current theory is intertwined with its implications for the specific task of leading a successful Continuing Education effort. The book begins with the process of developing a vision for the Continuing Education enterprise and conveying that vision to the staff, faculty and the rest of the institution, then moves on to setting the direction and goals of the organization, staff development, understanding and influencing the political environment, and developing the skills of participative management that lead to program strength and creativity. Readers will find insightful discussions of the challenges Continuing Education enterprises face in the years ahead and difference between administration and leadership. Also included is an in-depth presentation of management theory and techniques and marketing concepts as they apply to higher education. The books extraordinary contribution is a wealth of detailed information on the specifics of creating a thriving Continuing Education program. Topics includes ways to motivate staff members, develop crucial liaisons and build resources and budgets; guidelines for strategic planning, managing change, and creating dynamic work groups; specific techniques for creative and analytical problem solving; and an extensive collection of useful tools, including questionnaires, models, diagrams, charts, summaries and direct interactive marketing tips. Features include: Specifically targets leadership skills needed in Continuing Education. Discusses internal and external challenges and processes. Applies important research in leadership behaviors to the specific environment of Continuing Education enterprises within higher education institutions. Offers dozens of tools: models, questionnaires, diagrams, charts, summaries and samples. Includes how-to information on strategic planning, budgeting, proposal writing, and direct marketing.
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