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Crime Signals

Author : David Givens
ISBN : 9781466857780
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 89.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Crime is never unpredictable. Before a lie is spoken, a pocket is picked, or an assault is inflicted, each and every criminal gives off silent cues. They can be as subtle as a shrug of the shoulder, a pointed finger, or an averted gaze. But together, they make up a nonverbal language that speaks loud and clear—if you're trained to see it. CRIME SIGNALS is the first book to offer a comprehensive guide to the body language of criminals. Filled with amazing real-life stories of crime and survival, it's designed to help you stay alert to the warning signs of a wide array of offenses. From the tell-tale signals of a swindler to the warning signs that experts use to help thwart terrorism and violent crime, this book breaks down a criminal's body language into clear recognizable symbols. What is the look of a lie? How do child predators unknowingly give themselves away? What were the clues that exposed white-collar offenders like Martha Stewart and Andrew Fastow? Answering these questions and more, Dr. David Givens, a renowned anthropologist and one of the nation's foremost experts in nonverbal communication, offers a fascinating, instructive, and essential tool for warding off crime and protecting the safety or yourself and your family.
Category: Health & Fitness

The Convenience Of White Collar Crime In Business

Author : Petter Gottschalk
ISBN : 9783030379902
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73.48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book outlines the theory of convenience for white-collar crime to explain what motivates and enables offenders, providing a unique focus on white-collar crime in the business context. The theory of convenience suggests that the extent to which elite members commit and conceal economic crime is dependent on their extent of orientation towards convenience in problematic and attractive situations. Chapters are organized along the main theoretical dimensions of economical motive, organizational opportunity, and personal willingness. In addition, this book: Addresses a business audience by focusing on themes familiar to corporations Documents attitudes towards white-collar crime among business students and future business leaders Analyzes how convenience orientation varies among individuals Analyzes autobiographies of convicted white-collar offenders Demonstrates the various ways in which white-collar crime occurs The Convenience of White-Collar Crime in Business contributes to an increased understanding of white-collar crime, offering valuable insight in business education that supplements the traditional roles of topics like auditing and compliance in education and practice. It is a useful resource for researchers and law enforcement, and those involved in the detection, prosecution, and conviction of white-collar offenders.
Category: Social Science

Corporate White Collar Crime Scandals

Author : Petter Gottschalk
ISBN : 9781839105999
Genre : Law
File Size : 63.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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By examining white-collar crime scandals using the theory of convenience, Petter Gottschalk offers ways to improve the detection of crime signals and investigative skills in fraud examinations, as well as improve change management measures.
Category: Law

Fraud And Corruption

Author : Petter Gottschalk
ISBN : 9781627342537
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 45.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Fraud and Corruption is at the core of financial crime by white-collar offenders. This book provides an introduction to the shadow economy and presents the theory of convenience for white-collar crime. It explains why so few are willing to blow the whistle on people in the elite for misconduct and crime. The book is aimed at readers who are training for and working in control functions. The book illustrates challenges in controlling public administration by political bodies. Readers will learn the definitions of fraud and corruption, the convenience perspective, the role of whistleblowers, and the importance of fraud and corruption investigations. In addition, it presents updated research on white-collar crime as explained by convenience theory and illustrated by problematic issues such as whistleblower retaliation.
Category: True Crime

Dark Tourism And Crime

Author : Derek Dalton
ISBN : 9781136165535
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 50.94 MB
Format : PDF
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Dark tourism has become widespread and diverse. It has passed into popular culture vernacular, deployed in guide books as a short hand descriptor for sites that are associated with death, suffering and trauma. However, whilst books have been devoted to dark tourism as a general topic no single text has sought to explore dark tourism in spaces where crime - mass murder, genocide, State sanctioned torture and violence - has occurred as an organising theme. Dark Tourism and Crime explores the socio-cultural contours of this unique type of tourism and explains why spaces/places where crime has occurred fascinate and attract tourists. The book is marked by an ethics of respect for the suffering a place has experienced and an imperative to learn something tangible about the history and legacy of that suffering. Based on empirical ethnographic research it takes the reader from the remnants of Auschwitz concentration camp to the tranquil Australian island of Tasmania to explore precisely what things a dark tourist might encounter - architecture, art installations, gardens, memorials, physical traces of crime - and how these things invoke and evoke past crimes. This volume furthers understanding of dark tourism and will be of interest to students, researchers and academics of criminology, tourism and cultural studies.
Category: Social Science

Decision Making In Criminal Justice

Author : Michael R. Gottfredson
ISBN : 0306425254
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 77.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The study of decisions in the criminal justice process provides a useful focus for the examination of many fundamental aspects of criminal jus tice. These decisions are not always highly visible. They are made, or dinarily, within wide areas of discretion. The aims of the decisions are not always clear, and, indeed, the principal objectives of these decisions are often the subject of much debate. Usually they are not guided by explicit decision policies. Often the participants are unable to verbalize the basis for the selection of decision alternatives. Adequate information for the decisions is usually unavailable. Rarely can the decisions be demonstrated to be rational. By a rationaldecision we mean "that decision among those possible for the decisionmaker which, in the light of the information available, maximizes the probability of the achievement of the purpose of the decisionmaker in that specific and particular case" (Wilkins, 1974a: 70; also 1969). This definition, which stems from statistical decision theory, points to three fundamental characteristics of decisions. First, it is as sumed that a choice of possible decisions (or, more precisely, of possible alternatives) is available. If only one choice is possible, there is no de cision problem, and the question of rationality does not arise. Usually, of course, there will be a choice, even if the alternative is to decide not to decide-a choice that, of course, often has profound consequences.
Category: Social Science

Evil A History In Modern French Literature And Thought

Author : Damian Catani
ISBN : 9781441184900
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 44.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this original interdisciplinary approach to evil in modern Frenchliterature, Damian Catani shows how literary representations of evil arecrucial to understanding our contemporary moral and political climate. Catani creates a balancedconceptual and ethical framework to read the work of major French writers andthinkers. His close readings of texts are informed not only by philosophicaldefinitions of evil, but discussions ofthe historical context. Beginning with Balzacand Baudelaire in the Restoration, Catani covers 19th-centuryinterpretations of evil in the work of Lautréamont and Zola, analysing how theCatholic misogynistic stereotype of the 'evil feminine' and new scientifictheories impacted their work. Moving into the twentieth century, evil isexplored in terms of the Self, ennui, power, knowledge and politics throughreadings of Proust, Céline, Satre and Foucault.By bringing together aesthetic,philosophical, historical and ideological concerns to read some of the mostimportant texts in modern literature, this study argues why a broadertreatment of literary evils is vital to enlightening historical evils.
Category: Literary Criticism

Child Soldier Victims Of Genocidal Forcible Transfer

Author : Sonja C. Grover
ISBN : 9783642236136
Genre : Law
File Size : 77.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides an original legal analysis of child soldiers recruited into armed groups or forces committing mass atrocities and/or genocide as the victims of the genocidal forcible transfer of children. Legal argument is made regarding the lack of criminal culpability of such child soldier 'recruits' for conflict-related international crimes and the inapplicability of currently recommended judicial and non-judicial accountability mechanisms in such cases. The book challenges various anthropological accounts of child soldiers' alleged 'tactical agency' to resist committing atrocity as members of armed groups or forces committing mass atrocity and/or genocide. Also provided are original interpretations of relevant international law including an interpretation of the Rome Statute age-based exclusion from prosecution of persons who were under 18 at the time of perpetrating the crime as substantive law setting an international standard for the humane treatment of child soldiers.
Category: Law

The Policy Making Process In The Criminal Justice System

Author : Adrian Barton
ISBN : 9780415670142
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 78.68 MB
Format : PDF
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How the state 'deals with' crime and criminality is a major issue for all students of criminology and criminal justice. This book offers a fresh perspective on the policy making process in the criminal justice system of England and Wales by presenting a detailed overview of both the theory behind it and how it plays out in practise with contemporary policy examples. The key features of this text include a detailed analysis of the basic political concepts surrounding the relationship between the citizen and the state as well as an overview of the state departments, organizations and individuals who are instrumental in creating and influencing policy. This book also analyses how criminal justice policy is interpreted and implemented on the street and comprises a range of discussion points and suggested further readings. By taking a unique criminal justice focussed approach to policy making, this text is perfect for the undergraduate taking modules in criminology, criminal justice, policing, the voluntary sector and social and public policy. It will also be of interest to those who are taking more vocational routes and practitioners.
Category: Social Science

Signal Crimes

Author : Martin Innes
ISBN : 0199684464
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 50.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Sets out a radical and innovative new way for understanding how people interpret and make sense of crime, arguing that certain incidents change how people think, feel and behave about their safety due to their actions operating as signals to the presence of wider risks and threats.
Category: Political Science