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Covenant Marriage

Author : Gary D. Chapman
ISBN : 9780805425765
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 37.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this new book, the bestselling author of "The Five Love Languages" shows how communication and intimacy are two of the most important aspects in developing a successful Covenant Marriage.
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Covenant Marriage In Comparative Perspective

Author : John Witte
ISBN : 0802829937
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Covenant marriages requiring premarital counseling and tighter strictures on divorce have recently emerged in some American states. At the same time, the doctrine of covenant has reemerged in religious circles as a common way to map the spiritual dimensions of marriage. Covenant Marriage in Comparative Perspective brings together eminent scholars from Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and Islamic religious traditions as well as experts on American covenant marriage. The introduction carries out an unprecedented comparison of contract and covenant in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim understandings of marriage. The rest of the book elucidates various facets of marriage from the perspectives of both jurisprudence and religion, producing an enlightening integrated picture of the legal and spiritual dimensions of marriage.
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Covenant Marriage

Author : Steven Nock
ISBN : 9780813543260
Genre : Political Science
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Regardless how you interpret the statistics, the divorce rate in the United States is staggering. But, what if the government could change this? Would families be better off if new public policies made it more difficult for couples to separate? This book explores a movement that emerged over the past fifteen years, which aims to do just that. Guided by certain politicians and religious leaders who herald marriage as a solution to a range of longstanding social problems, a handful of state governments enacted "covenant marriage" laws, which require couples to choose between a conventional and a covenant marriage. While the familiar type of union requires little effort to enter and can be terminated by either party unilaterally, covenant marriage requires premarital counseling, an agreement bound by fault-based rules or lengthy waiting periods to exit, and a legal stipulation that divorce can be granted only after the couple has received counseling. Drawing on interviews with over 700 couples-half of whom have chosen covenant unions-this book not only evaluates the viability of public policy in the intimate affairs of marriage, it also explores how growing public discourse is causing men and women to rethink the meaning of marriage.
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Covenant Marriage

Author : Fred Lowery
ISBN : 1439122792
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 29.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A new movement is spreading across America, bringing hope to existing marriages and new guidelines for marriages yet to be; and Dr. Fred Lowery, in this courageous and insightful book, shares with you the principles of the Covenant Marriage Movement. Every marriage faces storms and struggles that can lead to failure. Unexpected changes, personality conflicts, money problems, and misguided expectations can send even the best of marriages into a tailspin. But this insightful, new book provides real answers through chapters such as "The Difference between a Contract and a Covenant," "Learning How to Manage Conflict," and "What to Do When Marriage Is Not What You Expected." Covenant marriages will stand the test of time, change, and personal problems and will shine with brilliance in a world that is besieged by divorce. This book will not only impact your life, but will impact marriages for generations to come. The principles, power, and pattern for a covenant marriages will help you and your spouse stay together in your marriage for life.
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The Unbreakable Covenant Of Marriage

Author : Raymond McMahon
ISBN : 9781616639747
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81.28 MB
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"Rev. Raymond J. McMahon serves as pastor at Praise, Power, and Prayer Temple and principal of Praise, Power, and Prayer Christian School in Windsor, Connecticut"--P. [4] of cover.
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The Covenant Marriage Focus On The Family Marriage Series

Author : Focus on the Family
ISBN : 9781441267849
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When it comes to marriage advice, do you know who to trust? All marriages can benefit from a strong and faithful role model. With so many advice-givers, though, how do you know the best to follow? In The Covenant Marriage, discover how marriage mirrors God's commitment to His people, realize a biblical picture of what a commitment to your spouse should look like, reflect on how tradition draws you to a deeper understanding of marriage, and revisit the covenant you made when you said, "I do." This study contains four sessions, each with four main components: Tilling the Ground Planting the Seed Watering the Hope Harvesting the Fruit By delving into God's covenant with His people, you will discover a trusted advisor, and a clear picture of how your marriage was divinely designed to look. "We often hear that the institution of marriage is suffering. But there is good news, too! By submitting their relationships to God and seeking out the right resources, married couples can know what it means to truly thrive. That's what Focus on the Family's Marriage Series is all about. Whether you're in a small group, a mentoring relationship, or you just want to study as a couple, this series can transform your marriage for the better."--Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family "Marriage is an amazing adventure--filled with excitement, joy, and challenges. Focus on the Family's Marriage Series examines God's gift of marriage in all of its wonderful dimensions. I consider it a privilege to be involved with this important set of relationship-strengthening resources."--Dr. Greg Smalley, Vice President, Family Ministries, Focus on the Family
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Fifty Years Of Covenant Marriage

Author : Adeniyi Afonja
ISBN : 0998584371
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 25.42 MB
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Marriage is good but you need God's favor and blessing to build a great marriage resilient enough to last a lifetime. Nothing good ever comes easy: blessings and burdens are soulmates. The road to well of happy and successful marriage passes through well of conflict, well of argument, well of persecution, well of opposition, well of temptation, well of obstacles. Expect joy and happiness, difficulties, trials and tribulations as you navigate the tortuous journey through all the changing scenes of life. Be determined to surmount all obstacles at all costs, and you will reap lots of fulfillment, rewards and blessings at the end of the tunnel. In order to build and grow a great marriage that will last a life time, couples need God's grace and mutual, unflinching commitment to their marital vows to navigate the long, exciting, tortuous, tumultuous, and mined road to a resilient, happy, lasting marriage: "to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God's holy ordinance". Work together with intimacy, passion and commitment, build a Spirit-filled/Spirit-led marriage and the ultimate rewards are heavenly. Your partner is ridden with faults, so are you !! Look a little closer and you will see a large reservoir of assets that can be nurtured, (with your help, understanding and support) to bring out the best in your partner. When God created Eve, He did not set out to create another Adam, (otherwise He would have molded her in clay), rather, He created a partner to compensate for Adam's deficiencies and make up for what he lacked. He wanted to create something different, yet equally a masterpiece. Clearly, Eve was deliberately designed for different tasks which require patience, resilience, multi-tasking capabilities, and many other assets that she would need to cope with the onerous assignment of child-bearing and raising, and managing the home front while still contributing to the household economy. God gave Adam dominion over all His creations including his helper, but if He had thought that Adam could cope effectively, creation of Eve would not have been necessary. A good team is never made up of members with similar competence and instincts, and the last thing you want in marriage is another you. Unfortunately couples spend a lot of useful time and energy trying to re-mold their partners in their own image. Two magnets of the same polarity repel each other and compatibility means compatible opposites. Couples who are duplicates are boring, self-centered, bringing nothing new, exciting or innovative to the relationship. Marriage becomes great when couples can develop a partnership with shared family responsibilities, help to nurture each other's virtues and assets, adjust to and accommodate each other's deficiencies. Selfishness (I, me and myself) has no place in a great marriage. God appointed the husband as the head of the wife. However, headship does not imply authoritarianism (military governance). Leadership by competence and example commands respect and compliance. Headship is not so much authority expressed as a chain of commands as it is an acceptance of a vital chain of responsibilities. Key values in growing a resilient marriage include strong partnership, communication and conflict resolution skills, mutual respect, tolerance, empathy, perseverance, and willingness to meet each other's deepest needs. Marriage is a lifetime project, for better for worse but, often, the worse comes before the better and only perseverance gets you to the better.
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Marriage Covenant Management A Metamorphic Experience

Author : James W. Dansby Sr.
ISBN : 9781457568190
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Relationships require people to connect on many compatibility levels. The erroneous belief that “opposites attract” holds true for forming enduring relationships is, in reality, little more than wishful thinking. Attracting opposites, incompatible in a number of areas, often fail to endure the reality of everyday life and commitment. Relationships based solely on the “opposites attract” phenomenon will, predictably, experience painful consequences. Since maintaining a successful relationship is dependent upon compatibility in areas of personality, belief system, friends and family, communication, finance, education, health and nutrition, and need system, attraction toward someone can be more of a burden than a bonus.
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Cc550 Covenant Marriage Marriage Without Walls

Author : Robert Keefauver
ISBN : 1977985505
Genre :
File Size : 55.94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Instructs and equips people to understand the biblical understanding of covenant marriage. It identifies the spiritual walls that block intimacy, prayer and communication in marriage. It teaches the discipline of effective prayer in covenant marriage. It builds communication and relational skills that strengthen covenant marriage.

A Covenant Marriage Family Love Letter

Author : Naphtali M. W. Makora
ISBN : 1498403832
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is an open discussion on marriage and family issues. It is a journey of personal struggles. It is a book that inspires hope. It incorporates extensive Scriptures and visual aids insights to help readers internalize reality and hence leave lasting imprints of the lessons being taught even after the book is closed. Part two of the book uses integrated counseling approach of both scientific and spiritual truths cited from various sources. End-of-chapter review questions encourage reflection and interactivity. This is a work that functions equally well as a devotional, a teaching guide, counseling resource for small or large groups and an engaging testimony as "a contemporary illustrative case of God's Grace." The material is a very attractive resource for couples and adults who want to use it as an inspiring mirror to re-author their story. This is a must have marriage and family manual for every family. Patriciah K. Makora, PhD, ABD; MA; BA; and Naphtali M W Makora, PhD, ABD; MA ESL; MA ED; BA, are spousal partners and are both practitioner scholars. Both are passionate practical down to earth "born again" Bible believers with a hope in the soon return of Jesus Christ; they respect diverse views of others within the global diverse multicultural community. Naphtali's scholarly pursuits are education and English (Elementary through higher Education); Patriciah's is Counseling Psychology in which she has performed excellently as a student, university lecturer and as a professional practitioner. Besides this joint publication, Patriciah has published a book: The Need to Integrate Spirituality with Psychology and Professional Ethics: A Lay Counselor Case Study, and a journal article: "Counseling Sexual Addiction Under Grace," Testamentum Imperium: International Theology Journal Vol. 3 (no 20). Naphtali has a quest for authorship and has published two other books: Accentedness is not Abnormal Speech; it is a Badge of Identity, and The God You Cannot Not Ignore. Both authors are originally from Kenya but currently (2014) live in NJ.
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