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Barbarians To Bureaucrats

Author : Lawrence M. Miller
ISBN : UOM:39015014393998
Genre : Business & Economics
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Identifies the many roles within companies that are taken up by workers--including "barbarians," "Builder," "Prophet," and "Synergist"--and shows the qualities needed to perform in these roles that can strengthen corporate growth
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Corporate Finance A Focused Approach

Author : Michael Ehrhardt
ISBN : 9780324655681
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book focuses on critical financial concepts, skills, and technological applications required by every M.B.A. in the twenty-first-century workplace. It's a lean textbook that provides an in-depth treatment of all essential topics in corporate finance, yet it can be completed in a single semester. This concise text includes Excel Tool Kits corresponding to each chapter and showing how calculations used in the chapter are done in Excel. These useful models include explanations and screen shots that show you how to use many of the features and functions of Excel, enabling the Tool Kits to serve as self-taught tutorials on Excel. This text also features Mini Case Spreadsheets, which are Excel spreadsheets that perform the calculations required in the Mini Cases. This new edition includes features that allow you to do what-if analysis on a real-time basis in class. Another unique feature is Web Safaris, which are links that facilitate Internet searches for useful financial data. Each has a specific goal, such as finding the current spreads between Treasury bonds and rated bonds. The Web Safaris walk you through navigating to the desired information. Each chapter of the text has a Build a Model problem where you start with a spreadsheet that contains financial data, plus instructions for solving a particular problem. The model is partially completed with headings but no formulas, so you practice building a financial model. The text also includes Cyberproblems, which require you to go to specific websites and answer a series of questions. The answers are then available on your instructor's website. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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The Life Cycle Of Corporate Governance

Author : Igor Filatotchev
ISBN : UCSD:31822034208785
Genre : Business & Economics
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This unique collection of new, previously unpublished papers demonstrates the importance of corporate governance throughout the different stages of the life-cycle of firms and organisations, and in particular in the crucial transitions between stages. In so doing it redresses an imbalance created by the wealth of literature and research devoted to the study of corporate governance in mature firms only. The book gives equal consideration to the monitoring and control functions of corporate governance mechanisms, and to the resource and strategic roles of governance in the decision-making process. In so doing it attempts to provide a framework through which to understand the factors that affect the balance between the possible functions of corporate governance.It is suggested in these papers that an analysis of the firm's governance life-cycles cannot be separated from the economic and institutional dynamics in a particular country, and as such the book reviews the role of the corporate governance life-cycle in different industrial and institutional contexts.
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Hazardous Material Hazmat Life Cycle Management

Author : Robert Jaffin
ISBN : 9781439873878
Genre : Business & Economics
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It is well known that fluorescent light bulbs and consumer appliances such as televisions, computers, and monitors contain mercury, dangerous chemicals, and other harmful components. The existing literature on hazardous materials addresses the risks attached to specific materials and emphasizes compliance and personal protective equipment (PPE)—but not the life cycle management of the materials that represent the hazards. A logistics treatment of the subject is needed to understand the underlying supply chain management principles and apply solutions to reduce overall use of hazardous materials. Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Life Cycle Management: Corporate, Community and Organizational Planning and Preparedness is organized into two thematic sections. Section I defines and classifies hazardous materials and covers the U.S. regulatory framework and standards governing the transport and use of such materials. Section II examines institutional and organizational program elements and provides guidelines for developing these programs to reduce liability and risk while lowering point-source pollution and total hazardous waste production. The logistics approach to hazardous materials yields exponential benefits in costs and the reduction or elimination of such materials. It limits organizational liability and, at the same time, reduces the costs associated with hazardous waste management and disposal. This book serves as an integrative reference offering a better understanding of hazardous materials use, life cycle management, consumption, and waste reduction at a holistic, strategic level.
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Corporate Payout Policy

Author : Harry Deangelo
ISBN : 9781601982049
Genre : Business & Economics
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Corporate Payout Policy synthesizes the academic research on payout policy and explains "how much, when, and how." That is (i) the overall value of payouts over the life of the enterprise, (ii) the time profile of a firm's payouts across periods, and (iii) the form of those payouts. The authors conclude that today's theory does a good job of explaining the general features of corporate payout policies, but some important gaps remain. So while the emphasis is to clarify "what we know" about payout policy, the authors also identify a number of interesting unresolved questions for future research. Corporate Payout Policy discusses potential influences on corporate payout policy including managerial use of payouts to signal future earnings to outside investors, individuals' behavioral biases that lead to sentiment-based demands for distributions, the desire of large block stockholders to maintain corporate control, and personal tax incentives to defer payouts. Corporate Payout Policy is required reading for both researchers and practitioners interested in understanding this central topic in corporate finance and governance.
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Financial Accounting

Author : Paul D. Kimmel
ISBN : 9780470534779
Genre : Business & Economics
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This successful book continues to provide accountants with an understanding of the fundamental concepts necessary to use accounting effectively. The sixth edition offers new discussions on IFRS, including new codification numbers, examples of IFRS financial statements, and additional exercises. A look at more recent frauds such as the Bernie Madoff scandal have been added. Enhanced discussions of ethics and international accounting are presented. The coverage of non-cash items and their impact on decision making has been expanded. In addition, comprehensive case studies and problems help accountants tie the material together.
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Author : Paul D. Kimmel
ISBN : 9780470377857
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40.42 MB
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Offering a unique approach in the field, this book presents the principles of accounting from a corporate perspective. This provides readers with a real-world understanding of the concepts.
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Life Cycle Assessment In Industry And Business

Author : Paolo Frankl
ISBN : 9783662041277
Genre : Science
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1.1 Life Cycle Assessment (LeA): a fascinating and sophisticated tool The greening of the economy is not a new task, but it is a challenge for which a lot of tasks still have to be done. It is known that the main source of environ mental deterioration by industry is not any more the chimneys and other process related emissions, but the products and services produced. Products are regarded as carriers of polIution: they are not only a potential source of polIution and waste during their use; they are also a cause of resource depletion, energy consumption, and emissions du ring their life starting with the extraction of the raw materials and ending with their disposal (i.e. connecting production and consumption stages). The challenge of these decades is now the greening of products and services. The new focus on products (cp. OosterhuislRubik/ScholI 1996) was introduced as a policy approach of shared responsibility in which different actors are in volved along the life-cycle of a product, each having specific responsibilities.
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On Good Management

Author : Burkhard Schwenker
ISBN : 9783658028787
Genre : Business & Economics
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Change or die! With this stark claim begins the journey through the corporate lifecycle. Why do so many companies fail? Why do managers struggle to recognize change early or hesitate to take vigorous action? Why – and how – must the traditional lifecycle concept be modernized if it is still to provide valid orientation? In this essay, Roland Berger CEO Burkhard Schwenker analyzes the challenges facing managers today and explores their implications for good management. Corporate management, he argues, must once again become more direct, more personal, more entrepreneurial. His experienced and thoughtful analysis is complemented by insightful, candid interviews with renowned entrepreneurs and business leaders, conducted by journalist Mario Müller-Dofel. Finally, Schwenker outlines an agenda calling for action in six specific areas.
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