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Cornered Heegaard Floer Homology

Author : Christopher L Douglas
ISBN : 9781470437718
Genre : Education
File Size : 90.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Bordered Floer homology assigns invariants to 3-manifolds with boundary, such that the Heegaard Floer homology of a closed 3-manifold, split into two pieces, can be recovered as a tensor product of the bordered invariants of the pieces. The authors construct cornered Floer homology invariants of 3-manifolds with codimension-2 corners and prove that the bordered Floer homology of a 3-manifold with boundary, split into two pieces with corners, can be recovered as a tensor product of the cornered invariants of the pieces.
Category: Education


Author : Brandon Massey
ISBN : 0786022310
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With Nowhere To Run. . . Corey Webb is living the American dream--successful business, beautiful wife, gifted daughter--but the dream he worked so hard to achieve is about to become a nightmare. When a chance encounter brings him face to face with the dark past he'd long since left behind, Corey knows the threat to his life and family could be deadly. . . .It's Do Or Die Unpredictable, intelligent, and terrifyingly ruthless, Corey's stalker will settle for nothing less than complete submission. He'll stop at nothing, and sacrifice anyone, to get what he wants. There's no point in running, no chance of hiding, and no hope for Corey and his family to escape unscathed. . .
Category: Fiction


Author : HelenKay Dimon
ISBN : 9781460383018
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64.85 MB
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It was an assignment he was more than prepared for—until an innocent beauty got caught in the cross fire Undercover agent Cameron Roth's hot on the trail of a drug-running crime cartel. The last thing he needs is to involve an innocent woman in the cross fire. But when he leaps into Julia White's home for safety, she becomes part of the tangled web Cam's trying so deseparately to unravel. Smooth, solid Cam's the consummate professional. But gorgeous, feisty Julia transforms the high-stakes assignment into something far more than business as usual. Now that the villains have her in their sights, Cam's got to not only solve the case—but also protect the only woman who's ever found the way into his heart.
Category: Fiction


Author : Peter Pringle
ISBN : 9781466881587
Genre : Law
File Size : 40.19 MB
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In New Orleans, the widow of an attorney who died of lung cancer vowed to avenge his death by suing the tobacco companies. In Clarksdale, Mississippi, an outraged country lawyer discovered the cost of lung cancer care as his secretary's mother lay dying. In Washington, D.C., a young pediatrician became the first FDA administrator in ninety years to decide nicotine should be regulated as a drug. All three were warned: Don't mess with Big Tobacco. Then a $9-an-hour law clerk in Louisville, Kentucky, stole thousands of incriminating tobacco company documents. Suddenly, an untouchable industry was under siege. In the vanguard of the attack were the nation's toughest liability lawyers. Thirty-nine states would ultimately join the battle, seeking billions of Midicaid dollars spent on tobacco-related diseases. The costliest civil litigation in history had begun. The $50 billion tobacco industry had finally met its match. Motivated as much by anger as by greed, liability lawyers with noms de guerre like "the Aspestos Avenger" and "the Master of Disaster" outflanked and outsmarted the once invincible legal armies of Big Tobacco. In 1994, sixty of these lawyers came together, pooling their talents, their time, and their war chests to launch a ferocious nationwide assault. At the same time, they provided the legal muscle behind the state suits. Three years later, they had forced the industry to the negotiating table. The result is a $368 billion deal that will eventually change the way Big Tobacco does business. Cornered is the first full account of this unprecedented legal battle. It uses confidential memos to explain how the companies avoided government regulation and legal redress for so many years. It moves from the early skirmishes in rural Mississippi to strategy sessions in the back rooms of New Orleans restaurants, from a warehouses in England stuffed with 9 million company documents to the corridors of power in the nation's capital. It follows the whistle-blowers who laid bare the evidence that made the litigtion possible, and it winds through the offices of the state attorneys general whose Medicaid lawsuits lent a halo of respectability to the "yunkyard dogs" of liability law. It is a tale at once dramatic, funny, and enraging. In the end, it is proof that the plaintiff's bar can initiate social change, even as it loots the coffers of corporate rascals.
Category: Law

The Six Cornered Snowflake

Author : Johannes Kepler
ISBN : 9781589882850
Genre : Science
File Size : 51.71 MB
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"In 1611, Kepler wrote an essay wondering why snowflakes always had perfect, sixfold symmetry. It's a simple enough question, but one that no one had ever asked before and one that couldn't actually be answered for another three centuries. Still, in trying to work out an answer, Kepler raised some fascinating questions about physics, math, and biology, and now you can watch in wonder as a great scientific genius unleashes the full force of his intellect on a seemingly trivial question, complete with new illustrations and essays to put it all in perspective."—io9, from their list "10 Amazing Science Books That Reveal The Wonders Of The Universe" When snow began to fall while he was walking across the Charles Bridge in Prague late in 1610, the eminent astronomer Johannes Kepler asked himself the following question: Why do snowflakes, when they first fall, and before they are entangled into larger clumps, always come down with six corners and with six radii tufted like feathers? In his effort to answer this charming and never-before-asked question about snowflakes, Kepler delves into the nature of beehives, peapods, pomegranates, five-petaled flowers, the spiral shape of the snail's shell, and the formative power of nature itself. While he did not answer his original question—it remained a mystery for another three hundred years—he did find an occasion for deep and playful thought. "A most suitable book for any and all during the winter and holiday seasons is a reissue of a holiday present by the great mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler…Even the endnotes in this wonderful little book are interesting and educationally fun to read."—Jay Pasachoff, The Key Reporter —New English translation by Jacques Bromberg —Latin text on facing pages —An essay, "The Delights of a Roving Mind" by Owen Gingerich —An essay, "On The Six-Cornered Snowflake" by Guillermo Bleichmar —Snowflake illustrations by Capi Corrales Rodriganez —John Frederick Nims' poem "The Six-Cornered Snowflake" —Notes by Jacques Bromberg and Guillermo Bleichmar
Category: Science

Kitty Cornered

Author : Bob Tarte
ISBN : 9781616201494
Genre : Pets
File Size : 26.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Bob Tarte had his first encounter with a cat when he was two and a half years old. He should have learned his lesson then, from Fluffy. But as he says, “I listened to my heart instead, and that always leads to trouble.” In this tell-all of how the Tarte household grew from one recalcitrant cat to six—including a hard-to-manage stray named Frannie—Tarte confesses to allowing these interlopers to shape his and his wife’s life, from their dining habits to their sleeping arrangements to the placement and furriness of their furniture. But more than that, Bob begins seeing Frannie and the other cats as unlikely instructors in the art of achieving contentment, even in the face of illness and injury. Bewitched by the unknowable nature of domesticated cats, he realizes that sometimes wildness and mystery are exactly what he needs. With the winning humor and uncanny ability to capture the soul of the animal world that made Enslaved by Ducks a success, Tarte shows us that life with animals gives us a way out of our narrow human perspective to glimpse something larger, more enduring, and more grounded in the simplicities of love—and catnip.
Category: Pets

Katz Cornered

Author : Douglas Kendall
ISBN : 9780595178063
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.1 MB
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The electrifying Katz trilogy comes to its breathtaking end beyond INFINITY CITY's second event horizon, down in an outrageous nether world populated by so called 'wizards' wielding the reality altering Identity/Similarity Phenomenon, dangerous hordes of tiny Fibroleen, complex and conflicting female-only underground civilizations riddled with fantastic dangers ... and then finally Katz' fortified lair and the shattering revelation of a looming, galactic-scale threat to the people of INFINITY CITY. Book-5 of the exciting INFINITY CITY science fiction series. Email: [email protected] Official Website:
Category: Fiction

Four Cornered Leadership

Author : John Roland Schultz
ISBN : 9781466592902
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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W. Edwards Deming once stated that the job of management is not supervision but leadership. He also concluded that capable leaders were those who understood and applied the system of profound knowledge. Four-Cornered Leadership: A Framework for Making Decisions examines the system of profound knowledge and identifies the competencies that set the stage for its successful application. Illustrating the relationship between leaders and followers, it analyzes each of the four pillars that support Deming's system, in relation to prevailing management and organizational theory. It describes a set of competencies based on these core principles that convey very different assumptions about people and organizations. The book supplies you with a new way to view leadership that is based on learning and continual modification in response to prevailing conditions. Highlighting the connection between the four elements and an individual’s ability to lead, it presents methods that are applicable in any organizational setting—including government, industry, and education. Presenting information in bite-sized chunks supported by charts and graphs, the book provides you with a clear understanding of: The importance of system interdependencies Why people behave as they do How people learn, develop, and improve The variability of work How to manage interaction dynamics The book examines the complexity of human nature and relates it to group and organizational dynamics. Filled with examples, case studies, and tables, this is the ideal guide for leaders trying to adopt the principles of quality management and continuous improvement. It is also a suitable reference for newly appointed leaders, managers, and supervisors who have excellent technical skills but have not been exposed to the emotional aspects that typify a capable leader.
Category: Business & Economics