Copywriting Made Simple

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Copywriting Made Simple

Author : Tom Albrighton
ISBN : 9781789011203
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 79.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Copywriting is writing with purpose. It’s about using words to reach people and change what they think, feel and do.
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Copywriting Made Simple How To Write Powerful And Persuasive Copy That Sells

Author : Tom Albrighton
ISBN : 1838054510
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Copywriting is writing with purpose. It's about using words to reach people and change what they think, feel and do. This easy-to-read guide will teach you all the essentials of copywriting, from understanding products, readers and benefits to closing the sale. It's packed with real-life examples that will show you exactly how the ideas and techniques will work in the real world. And with dozens of useful illustrations and diagrams, Copywriting Made Simple shows you the ideas that other books just talk about. Plus there's a whole chapter of handy tips on writing ads, websites, broadcast media, direct mail, social media and print. Copywriting Made Simple is the perfect introduction to copywriting today. No wonder it hit the #1 spot in Marketing & Sales at Amazon UK, Canada and Australia, and is featured on the BA Advertising course at the University for the Creative Arts. What you'll learn...Understand the product and its benefits Pinpoint how the product helps people. Turn features into benefits and seek out USPs. Identify tangible and intangible benefits. Get to know your reader Uncover your reader's inner fears and desires. Use empathy to get inside the reader's feelings. Decide how your copy will change how they think, feel or act. Capture your aims in the brief. Engage the reader in your message Talk to the reader and make your copy more like a conversation. Use the same words that the reader uses. Bring the product to life with rich, sensory language. Make your copy active, positive and specific. Craft compelling copy Learn eight proven formulas for enticing headlines. Choose a rock-solid structure. Create powerful calls to action. Use 20 proven strategies for creative copy Show the product in a new light. Use humour, wordplay, metaphors and contrasts. Turn weakness into strength. Make persuasion and psychology work for you Learn the six proven principles of persuasion. Overcome the reader's objections. Exploit cognitive biases to nudge the reader into action. What industry experts say... 'Where was this book when I started copywriting? A must for every newbie copywriter (and a few old copy dogs too).' Kate Toon, Co-host of the Hot Copy Podcast 'Impressively thorough without ever losing its rhythm. Deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the copywriting classics.' Ryan Wallman, author of Delusions of Brandeur 'Tom's put a lifetime of learning into this book.' Dave Trott, Creative legend, agency founder and author of Creative Mischief, One and One Make Three and Predatory Thinking 'From insights gleaned from NLP and psychology to real-world examples of great, effective copy - this is educational, entertaining and energetic. Prepare to dig deep, enjoy and see your results skyrocket!' Katherine Wildman, Host, The Writing Desk 'Tom has written the best all-round introduction to copywriting available today.' Leif Kendall, Director of ProCopywriters, copywriter and author of Brilliant Freelancer 'I didn't think you could teach copywriting. Turns out, @tomcopy can. What a terrific book.' Doug Kessler, Creative Director & Co-founder of Velocity
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Sales Language Made Simple

Author : Steve Plummer
ISBN : 064878410X
Genre :
File Size : 25.45 MB
Format : PDF
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Tools that help turn your passion into profit. You don't have to be a copywriting or marketing expert to succeed in business.... Just read Sales Language Made Simple every day and IMPLEMENT the fundamentals you discover. Marketing Strategist and Copywriter Steve Plummer shares the secrets to success discovered over more than a decade writing for clients of all sizes in various media. This is an easy read, conversational and to the point. Each day reveals a new lesson in copywriting, marketing, business or mindset, designed to get you THINKING about your business and your life. Keep it on your desk or table and refer to it daily.

Seo Made Simple For 2011

Author : Jason McCormick
ISBN : 9780615426723
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 74.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In a nutshell, it's sink or swim in the Internet world. If you are on page one of a Google, Bing, or Yahoo! search, your swimming in dough and have so much business you don't know what to do. On the other hand, if you are on page 3 or beyond you have no business. It's so true that no one hardly ever uses a telephone book anymore, they use the Internet. When you are competing against 800 million business websites on the Internet, you have to have an edge. There is an exact science in how to get your website to page one of an Internet search and it is different for each search engine. Not only that it changes every single year. For 2011, this book will teach you the science. Don't worry it covers the latest techniques for optimizing for Google Instant, Google Instant Preview, and Google Caffeine.
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The Art Of The Click

Author : Glenn Fisher
ISBN : 9780857196958
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 84.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Every business making sales online is engaged in a battle to get customers to click. More clicks equals more sales equals a more successful business. How do you write copy that will encourage more people to buy from you? How do you persuade customers over the line to make that final buying decision? What is The Art of the Click? The answer lies in the power of direct-response copywriting. In this entertaining and highly readable guide, copywriting expert Glenn Fisher boils down over a decade of experience to present a huge array of techniques, tactics and industry secrets to improve your copywriting, get more clicks... and ultimately, get more sales. You will discover: - The single thing every great writer must do if they want to improve. - How anyone can learn to write a headline that will stop all potential customers in their tracks. - Where to find inspiration and how to feed ideas. - How you can get a customer physically nodding along with every word you write. - How to avoid waffle and make your copy more succinct. - How you can write irresistible offers than no one can refuse. - And much more! Pick up The Art of the Click now to improve your copywriting. You’ll soon be wondering how you ever made a sale without it...
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Advertising For A Small Business Made Simple

Author : Bernard Ryan
ISBN : 038547556X
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 81.83 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tells how to analyze a product, identify the target audience, calculate an advertising budget, and evaluate advertising effectiveness
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Instant Inspiration For Copywriters

Author : R. Frothingham
ISBN : 9798635318164
Genre :
File Size : 27.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book will make you a better copywriter. "Instant Inspiration for Copywriters may be the only 'instant results' book I've ever read that delivers what is promised in the title: practical, real-world tips and advice - more than 500 pearls of wisdom in all -- that both inspires and teaches you to write the strongest copy you can." - Bob Bly, author, The Copywriter's Handbook "I would urge everyone who writes copy to get this book. Some of the quotes are stunning -- stuff you've never heard, and they'll expand your mind. But the reason I think you need to get it is all the reminders, from top names in the business, of what sometimes you forget to do that costs you money." - David Garfinkel, author, Breakthrough Copywriting "Scott has created an absorbing collection of tips, ideas and opinions about every aspect of copywriting. You'll find time-honored wisdom from David Ogilvy and Rosser Reeves, alongside insights from today's master practitioners like Joanna Wiebe and Ann Handley. Dip into it whenever you need a helping hand or a new direction - it won't let you down." - Tom Albrighton, author, Copywriting Made Simple "Einstein said, 'Example isn't another way to teach; it is the only way to teach.' Yet depressingly few copywriters study what the best writers said about writing. Here is pithy, wise advice not just from people I knew - Gene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, Joe Sugarman, for instance - but from good writers of all kinds. Nathaniel Hawthorne, Elmore Leonard, Jeanette Winterson, Maya Angelou, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck ...This is your short-cut to better writing. Not just copywriting: ANY writing." - Drayton Bird, author, Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing "There are only a few copywriting books I would consider to be 'keepers'. This is one of them. What makes this book great is it gives you an instant dose of inspiration whenever needed. And we copywriters tend to need that often!" - Steve Slaunwhite, author, The Everything Guide To Writing Copy What are you waiting for? Click the orange Buy Now button.

The Indie Author Mindset

Author : Adam L Croft
Genre : Reference
File Size : 48.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Do you want to sell more books and earn a good living from your fiction? Discover how to change your way of thinking and revolutionise your writing career. Are you struggling to take your author career on to the next stage? Do you wish you could sell huge numbers of books and make a good income for you and your family? Before he learned to change his mindset, Adam Croft's fiction books earned him around $30 a day. But, after developing the indie author mindset, he was earning $3,500 a day within a matter of weeks. The Indie Author Mindset shows you how simply changing your way of thinking about your writing business can revolutionise your career. Using Adam's personal experiences and examples, you'll be able to think differently about the business side of your writing career and lay down the foundations for long-term success. In The Indie Author Mindset, you'll discover: How to decide who to listen to — and who not to listen toHow to unlock the power of residualsHow to create more than half a dozen income streams from one bookLessons and advice from Bryan Cohen, David Gaughran, Brian Meeks and Mark DawsonWhy almost every writer misunderstands profit and is doing advertising wrongAnd much, much more! This life-changing book is the motivational kick-up-the-backside all authors need. If you like a non-fiction book with a personal touch, practical tips you can apply every day and all the motivation you need to kick your career on to the next stage, The Indie Author Mindset is for you.
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Marketing Made Simple

Author : Donald Miller
ISBN : 9781400203802
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Based on Building a StoryBrand by New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller, this checklist is a strategic and actionable guide to applying the StoryBrand framework to any brand and an essential part of any marketing professional’s tool kit. Every day, brands lose millions of dollars simply because they do not have a clear message that tells consumers who they are and what value they will add to their customers’ lives. To solve this dilemma, Donald Miller wrote Building a StoryBrand, which has become the quintessential guide for anyone looking to craft or strengthen their brand’s message. Now, Don is taking it a step further with this five-part checklist that helps marketing professionals and business owners apply the StoryBrand messaging framework across key customer touchpoints to effectively develop, strengthen, and communicate their brand’s story to the marketplace. Praise for Marketing Made Simple "I created collateral for a client and they recently told me not to release the next round we created because they can’t handle the influx of customers from the first round. They had more listings this year than in 30 years of business." - Amy Burgess, Marketing Consultant "My last email campaign I delivered raised $20k. Thank you Donald Miller for giving me a system that I know works." - Ian Stewart, Owner/Creative Director of Root Source Digital "A client went from $15MM last year to $27MM so far this year. All from updating their messaging and implementing new lead generators and email campaigns.- Wes Gay, CEO Wayfinder "Just heard from one of my clients that she’s getting 18 ideal client leads a day from her website. Before we redid her wireframe, she averaged around 1-3 leads a week. And that’s just with updating her website." - Amy Schutte, Owner of Hudson and Co LLC
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Copywriting For Beginners The Basics Most People Get Wrong Writing Copy

Author : David James
ISBN : 1798451441
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Do You Want to Double Your Sales with Easy Techniques? If you've been trying to sell online the scenario I'm about to describe may be familiar to you... You've finally completed a great product which you would love to sell. You're pretty certain it will make you a ton of money. So, you launch a well-designed product with an outstanding looking cover... Then once your product is listed for sale, you wake up excited to check to your dashboard - to see how many sales you've made... And...nothing. You even refresh the page just in case the numbers haven't updated yet. But still - zero sales, maybe one or two if you're lucky This continues for a couple of days, and after a few weeks you realize you won't even make your money back on this product. A sinking feeling of failure washes over you - your product is buried, even though you technically did everything "the right way." In fact, if you've been trying to sell online for a while, and haven't achieved the results you desire, this has probably happened more than once. Which leads us to the million-dollar question... Why in the World Are Your Products Not Selling? Well the answer to this is surprisingly simple... And many sellers online have the exact same problem as you. Customers either don't click on your products at all. Or they click on them, spend about 5 seconds reading your description - then close the tab. Because even if you're in a wildly profitable niche, you still have to convince your customers that your product is worth buying. Which leads us to the core problem... You Have No Idea How To Launch Products That Sell Using Words! And that's where the book Copywriting for Beginners: The Basics Most People Get Wrong Writing Copy comes in. In it we find major benefits that, if implemented, can easily double your sales! This book will teach you: How to sell through writing How a few words can make you money How to write enticing headlines which attract customers How to track your copy and easily improve it Powerful Tricks for Boosting Coversion Rates A simple but powerful method to write your copy step-by-step And much more... The truth is: If you're someone who procrastinates, then this bad habit is limiting your success in different ways. If you don't address this issue, then you'll reduce the likelihood that you'll achieve your dreams. So, without further ado, scroll to the top of this page and click the "Buy now button" to grab your copy of Copywriting for Beginners today! PS This can easily make you more money PPS Procrastination will cost you money-- a lot of money. Take action now!
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Breakthrough Copywriter A Field Guide To Eugene M Schwartz Advertising Genius

Author : Dr. Robert C. Worstell
ISBN : 9781387028085
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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There was one copywriter who made millionaires from people who read his book, although they never wrote an ad. Eugene Schwartz wrote a classic on copywriting that is probably one of the most powerful, and profitable, books on copywriting and marketing ever written. That book has been kept available only as a rare hardback gift edition. Generations of copywriters haven't had access to this material. And the world would be a poorer place, except... Fortunately Schwartz was also prolific as a speaker. So we are able to bring notes of his lectures and a review of his classic text to life again. You can learn: - How to create ads which sell your products at the expense of your competition - Find which roles your customer really wants to play and align these to your product - Discover how to get a product to sell no matter how people have already heard about it or how many products like it are already out there. - Learn how to control your audience by being their friend. Get Your Copy Now.
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The Unwritten Rules Of Copywriting

Author : Dominic Gettins
ISBN : 0749431415
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 359
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A handbook on copywriting. It articulates the uncodified knowledge copywriters and art directors use when writing ads. Although the examples come mostly from the advertising industry, the techniques and principles can be applied to any form of promotional writing.
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Brilliant Copywriting

Author : Roger Horberry
ISBN : 0273727346
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 20.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If youâ€TMve ever tried to create a really persuasive piece of copy that grabs your readerâ€TMs attention then youâ€TMll know itâ€TMs harder than it looks. Wouldnâ€TMt it be helpful to have an expert on hand to reveal all their tips and tricks? To coach you through the entire process? Someone who told you how the professionals really do it? Well, thatâ€TMs exactly what this book does for aspiring copywriters.
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The Age Of Persuasion

Author : Terry O'Reilly
ISBN : 9781582435800
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The creators of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio series The Age of Persuasion offer a witty and irreverent insider's perspective on modern advertising's history and cultural influence.
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The Healthy Child

Author : Robert G. Vollay
ISBN : 1984521861
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 35.22 MB
Format : PDF
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The book is intended to serve as a parenting manual for moms, in all categories of motherhood, who want to understand how to raise a child to lead a healthy life. The book is very good for first-time mothers or parents, mothers with multiple childbirth experience, would-be mothers, and single mothers or single parents. Parents like their children to be healthy and remain that way into adulthood. Therefore, this book teaches parents about strategies and principles necessary to do just that. Great parenting concepts and various kinds of parenting styles are discussed in details. The information is relevant for people who had poor or no parental upbringing, as well as those who experienced outstanding parental love and care. The future health of the child depends on what the parents do right from age week 1 of the childs life. This book, The Healthy Child: Growth and Development, will also educate parents on great parenting skills and styles. This piece of literary work will introduce parents to the dos and donts of parenting on such issues as health; nutrition; discipline; emotional and cognitive developments; spiritual, physical, and moral well-being; and sensitivity. The book will cause you to evaluate your own upbringing by your parents and, thereby, make you commend and credit them for the healthy adult that you are today, or it will help you avoid mistakes that they made when you are raising your own child or children. This is an awesome gift for all women and for parents at all levels of parenting!
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How To Write Letters That Sell

Author : Christian H. Godefroy
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A step by step guide to copywriting that sells, in letters, mails and web pages. How do you make someone open a letter or email, read its content and send you an order? How to write copy that sells ? This book provides the step-by-step guide for making more money with more orders. It is salesmanship in print : grab attention and make an instant sale. How to Write Letters that Sell is for everyone in direct mail and email marketing. It shows you how to write letters that are so compelling and so convincing that people hundreds of miles away will immediately want your product and be persuaded to give you their money in exchange for your product. In this book, you'll discover : - How to avoid common mistakes - The secret weapon to opening letters or emails - The most powerful words to use in copy - The best headlines - time proven ! - How to make your copy more readable - How to earn copywriting dollars - What drives people and how to use it to sell - All the techniques that will make your reader act now. Christian Godefroy is one of the very few specialists of the direct mail and email marketing approach. He has worked with Gene Schwartz, Rodale Press and Gary Bencivenga. He made over 1 million dollars in royalties with one sales letter. And wrote many other. In How to Write Letters that Sell, he reveals the secrets of his success and shows you how to incorporate his winning techniques into your own copy. Packed with information and advice, and dozens of eye-catching headlines and selling phrases, How to Write Letters that Sell is essential reading for everyone who wants to turn a simple email or web page into an effective sales tool that produces results every time.
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Robert Collier Copywriting Course Masters Of Marketing Secrets Learn To Write Sales Letters That Pay

Author : Robert Collier
ISBN : 9781312099531
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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WHAT is there about some letters that makes them so much more effective than others? A letter may have perfect diction, a finished style; it may bristle with attention-getters and interest-arousers; it may follow every known rule; yet when it reaches where the reader sits and decides its fate, it may find itself in a wastebasket, while something lacking any polish, picks up the bacon and walks home with it. Why? People will give, when you have stirred their emotions. People will invest, when you have aroused their cupidity. And people want to know the future, so if you can persuade them that you are any sort of Prophet, they will buy your forecasting. It all comes back to the point we made in the beginning-""What do they want?"" What is the bait that will attract your fish and make them bite? Find that-and you will be as successful in bringing back orders as any angler can be with a properly baited hook in bringing in the fish. Get your copy today and learn the Masters of Marketing Secrets!
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The Simple Act Of Planting A Tree

Author : Andy Lipkis
ISBN : 0874775973
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 75.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A guide to ecological health presents the reader with directions on how to organize a community tree-planting project
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On The Art Of Writing Copy

Author : Herschell Gordon Lewis
ISBN : IND:30000100202567
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 657
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What Are You Planning to Write? YOU HAVE IT ALL RIGHT HERE Everything You Need to Write More Powerful, More Profitable Copy It's the MasterWork by the World's Master Copywriter. If you have any interest in the power of the written word or any control over what those words are supposed to accomplish…you're about to choose the right book. Herschell Gordon Lewis, internationally recognized as the number-one copywriter in the world, has made this book his magnum opus. In these pages, you'll find: How to write ""killer"" e-mail copy. How to avoid spam filters and still sell with power. Simple, effective rules for letter writing. When to use envelope copy and what to say. How broadcast copy differs. Why some of the old rules don't work any more. How to write an effective guarantee. It's all here for you in simple, straightforward language. TWO HUGE BONUSES! Bonus 1: Here are hundreds of examples, some excellent and some so stupid you'll wonder how they ever made it into print, on the air, or through the computer. Bonus 2: Here are more than 100 specific rules copy professionals use to grab and sell readers, viewers, and listeners. Far and away the most complete, most comprehensive, and, yes, the most useful handbook and guide to copywriting ever published, this will be the most thumbed-through book on your shelf because by any criterion it's The Bible of Copywriting. Enjoy it. Use it. Profit from it.
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