Cooking For The Gods

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Greek Cooking For The Gods

Author : Eva Zane
ISBN : 1626541159
Genre : Cooking, Greek
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Eva Zane spent a lifetime studying and absorbing the culinary and cultural traditions of her beloved Greece. As the child of two Greek food lovers and the chef-owner of several Greek and Mediterranean restaurants in San Francisco, Zane has never been far from the tangy aroma of calamari in white wine and lemon juice or the crackle of succulent young goat roasting over an open charcoal pit. In "Greek Cooking for the Gods," Eva Zane has compiled a thorough and profoundly authentic collection of Greek recipes honed by years of loving experimentation and refinement ranging from playful appetizers like stuffed cucumbers, stuffed grape leaves, and spanakopetas, to traditional soups, salads, hearty entrees, and delectable desserts. Other favorite menu items include spaghetti with clam sauce, stuffed lamb shoulder with eggplant, and taramosalata. She even includes advice and menu ideas for special occasions and religious celebrations as well as a chapter on Greek wine and spirit pairings. If you are interested in developing your Mediterranean palate or endeavor to recreate the flavors of your Greek grandmother's beloved home-cooked meals, let "Greek Cooking for the Gods" take you on a delightful culinary adventure to the sea-salt breezes and bright blue waters of the Aegean isles. "Kali oreksi ""
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Cooking For The Gods

Author : Pika Ghosh
ISBN : UOM:39076001636658
Genre : Cooking
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Food Of The Gods

Author : Rosita Arvigo
ISBN : 9768161337
Genre : Cooking, Belizean
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Cooking For The Senses

Author : Jennifer Peace Rhind
ISBN : 9780857012517
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 69.19 MB
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"An invaluable book for anyone following a plant-based diet." Ching He Huang, TV Chef and cookery author The first vegan cookbook to merge the science of flavour with the art of cooking, Cooking for the Senses explains how understanding sight, smell, touch, taste and sound can help you make flavourful, healthy food in your own kitchen. With over 100 simple plant-based recipes, this cookbook shows how the rich variety of flavours available to the vegan chef can be combined to make delicious plates of food from exotic carrot and lime leaf kebabs to comforting butternut squash and spinach curry. An extensive flavour encyclopaedia, drawing on the latest research into flavour and world cuisine, and a helpful guide to the science behind our senses means the home cook will never be stuck for ideas on what to make with vegetables. Whether you are a committed vegan, looking to eat less meat and dairy, or want to enjoy tasty vegetarian meals this first book on neurogastronomy will transform your cooking.
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Cooking For The Common Good

Author : Larry Stettner
ISBN : 9781556439575
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 77.53 MB
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"A history of The Common Good Soup Kitchen, a volunteer-run community cafâe and free soup program on Mount Desert Island, Maine"--Provided by publisher.
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Food For The Gods

Author : Diana Seshadri
ISBN : 9781430312697
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 72.98 MB
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Indian vegetarian cookery can be considered be the most varied, attractive and healthful of all vegetarian diets.. There is no scarcity of books on Indian cooking in English, but few deal exclusively with vegetarian foods, particularly from southern India. Within India, there is no lack of books on regional cookeries in regional languages but there are few reasonable English translations of them, and they deal almost exclusively with variety and taste, not with values such as nutrition. This book attempts to cover these aspects, and by doing so, offer a definitive work on the subject. Apart from the recipes, there is much that is new to open up the rich world of south Indian vegetarian cooking, including the origin, culture and ethos of the cuisine to help its real understanding. There are full descriptions of all the recipes' components - grains, vegetables, herbs and spices. Every fact has been meticulously researched, and the recipes gone through with appropriate chefs as needed.
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Cooking For Absolute Beginners

Author : Muriel and Cortland Fitzsimmons
ISBN : 9780486144511
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 35.70 MB
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DIVEverything, absolutely everything, explained for full range of recipes. Favorite with beginners for 30 years. /div
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Author : Maura McGinnis
ISBN : 0823939995
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 27.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Follow the fascinating course of history from classical Greece to the development of the modern nation in this fascinating portrait of Greek culture. From the most well-known temples and ruins of ancient Athens, Crete, and Delphi, to the contemporary disputes on the Island of Cyprus, students will gain an impressive understanding of Greek culture through the use of thought-provoking primary source material. Greece: A Primary Source Cultural Guide illuminates the origins of Greek mythology, examines ancient historical conflicts, and allows students a chance to glimpse such remarkable structures as the Parthenon and Acropolis alongside a comprehensive examination of the country, its people, and its influential artistic achievements.
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Counselling For Toads

Author : Robert de Board
ISBN : 9781134687169
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 49.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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'Toad', the famous character in Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows is in a very depressed state and his good friends Rat, Mole and Badger, are 'worried that he might do something silly'... First they nursed him. Then they encouraged him. Then they told him to pull himself together... Finally, Badger could stand it no longer. That admirable animal, though long on exhortation, was short on patience. 'Now look here Toad, this can go on no longer', he said sternly. 'There is only one thing left. You must have counselling!' Robert de Board's engaging account of Toad's experience of counselling will capture the imagination of the growing readership of people who are interested in counselling and the counselling process. Written as a real continuation of life on the River Bank, Toad and his friends come to life all over again. Heron, the counsellor, uses the language and ideas of transactional analysis as his counselling method. Through the dialogues which make up the ten sessions, or chapters of the book, Toad learns how to analyse his own feelings and develop his emotional intelligence. He meets his 'rebellious child' and his 'adult' along the way, and by the end of the book, as debonair as ever he was, is setting out on a completely new adventure. As readers learn about Toad, so they can learn about themselves and be encouraged to take the path of psychological growth and development. Best-selling author, Robert de Board says: 'Toad's experiences are based on my own experiences of counselling people over a period of twenty years. Counselling for Toads is really an amalgamation of the many counselling sessions I have held and contains a distillation of the truths I have learnt from practice.' Appropriate for anyone approaching counselling for the first time, whether as a student or as a client, or for the professional counsellor looking for something to recommend to the hesitant, Counselling for Toads will appeal to both children and adults of all ages.
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Cooking With Chef Silvio

Author : Silvio Suppa
ISBN : 9781438433653
File Size : 62.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A guided tour of the cuisine, culture, and rich culinary history of the Campania region of Italy. Join Anthony V. Riccio and Chef Silvio Suppa for a guided tour of the rich culinary history of southern Italy. Known to the Romans as Campania Felix, or “fertile countryside,” Chef Silvio’s home region of Campania is blessed with rich volcanic soil and warm sea breezes, which has resulted in an exuberant and varied cuisine that draws not only on the region’s abundant fresh vegetables and herbs but also centuries of Roman, Arab, Spanish, and French influences. From traditional favorites like eggplant parmigiana andpacche e fasul to family recipes like Aunt Irma’s stuffed peppers and Maria Suppa’s zabaglione, Cooking with Chef Silvio offers hearty and heartwarming fare, as well as the stories behind the food, a cultural and social history of a region as told through its cuisine. “…Silvio’s recipes are remarkable because they are so honest and uncontrived. There’s a spare maturity to his dishes. Of the thirty or so Italian cookbooks I have at home, this one just became my favorite.” — Matt Sutherland, ForeWord Reviews “Cooking with Chef Silvio: Stories and Authentic Recipes from Campania is more than an Italian cookbook—it’s a coffee table amalgam of southern Italy’s culinary cultural history, peppered with delightful anecdotes as well as delectable recipes … An excellent choice for cookbook collections.” — Wisconsin Bookwatch “There’s always space for another Italian cookbook in my kitchen. Simple, easy, and straightforward, Silvio’s cooking will regale you, satisfying your belly and your soul.” — Chef Jacques Pépin “I am 100% Italian, yet have not had the chance to fly over to Italy, so instead of pulling out my passport, I head to the Connecticut shoreline where I feel like I am truly getting a slice of authentic Italian cuisine! Chef Silvio has been such a delight to work with—so entertaining on air and just as warm off the air—I feel like he is one of my relatives the way he always greets me with open arms and a freshly piped cannoli! The only downfall? The umpteen pounds I have put on from a few too many visits to his restaurant.” — Dina Stavola, FOX-TV CT “The countryside of Campania comes alive in Cooking with Chef Silvio. These simple, flavorful, and rustic dishes inspire families to come together. Bring the bounty of Italian cuisine and the engaging history of the region to your table.” — Chef Christopher Prosperi, Metro Bis Restaurant, Simsbury, CT After learning the art of cooking from his grandmother, Silvio Suppa brought his knowledge of l’arte della cucina to the United States in 1968, where he became one of the architects of the cuisine now known as “New Haven Italian.” After cooking at New Haven’s famed Del Monaco’s Restaurant for more than twenty years, he and his wife, sVittoria, moved to Madison, Connecticut, where he continues to serve his beloved Mediterranean classics at Café Allegre and three other restaurants: The Woodwinds, in Branford; Chef Silvio’s, in Guilford; and Allegre Gourmet Express, in Madison. I have had the immense pleasure of booking Chef Silvio Suppa on the Fox-TV CT Morning Show several times. People always ask “how can you make Italian food different?” well they have never tasted Silvio’s creations. He puts his heart and soul into every dish and it makes you feel as if he is personally preparing it for you!
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Secrets Of Fat Free Greek Cooking

Author : Elaine Gavalas
ISBN : 9781101174197
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 24.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Naturally low-fat, traditional Greek cooking uses simple, wholesome ingredients and is the perfect antidote to the American high-fat and high-calorie diet. Now chef and novice alike can learn how to make mouth-watering traditional Greek delights, using the latest fat-free cooking products and techniques. Includes complete nutritional analysis for each recipe and a glossary of commonly used ingredients.
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Fire Hall Cooking With Jeff The Chef

Author : Jeff Derraugh
ISBN : 1894898567
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 48.47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As entertaining as it is practical, Fire Hall Cooking with Jeff the Chef features tried and true comfort food from a veteran firefighter, Jeff Derraugh, showcashing his experience cooking for ravenous fire crews, who demand that each meal be deliciously decadent, amply portioned and reasonably priced. Sprinkled throughout are cooking tips and observations culled from 17 years of working-and cooking-alongside firefighters. With recipes for Rip Roarin' Risotto, Fred Flintstone BBQ'd Beef Ribs, Funky Fire Hall Chili, Southwest Sweet Potato Fries, Jamaican Jerk Pork Chops with Fresh Mango Salsa, Tequila Lime Chicken, Amaretto Cheesecake with Kahlua topping and a whole lot more, Fire Hall Cooking will help you prepare delicious fare for every time of day and every kind of food hankering.
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Sword Of The Gods The Chosen One

Author : Anna Erishkigal
ISBN : 9780985489601
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Two old gods play chess to decide the fate of the galaxy. A hapless pawn is cast down upon the Earth. Mikha'il awakens, mortally wounded, on his crashed ship. He's saved by a young woman with unusual abilities. With no memory of his past and his ship destroyed, he has no choice but to integrate into her village. In stone-aged Mesopotamia, everyone must work or starve, but the only skill he possesses is an uncanny ability to kill.Ninsianna's people have prophecies of a time when a winged champion, a Sword of the Gods, will defend their people against an Evil One. Mikha'il insists he's no demi-god, but the dark premonitions sent to her by She-who-is say otherwise! Unbeknownst to them, Earth is about to become ground zero in a war between two ancient adversaries. The Emperors' armies are a dying race ... and humans hold the key to their survival.As love blossoms, the mysterious kidnappings of young women forces Mikha'il to choose between Ninsianna and his duty to complete a mission he can't quite recall. As fault lines open in the heavens, Mikha'il must teach his adopted people to raise armies from the dust to fight back against an enemy who remains unseen.
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Beloved Of The Gods

Author : Jo Ford
ISBN : 9781462039654
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 48.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As King Ashoka leads his army and elephant cavalry to war, he leaves behind a gilded Palace on India’s Ganges River, a beleaguered Prime Minister to cope with monsoons and a devious princess in the harem plotting to become queen. Instead of being awakened each morning by the High Priest and twenty beautiful women with trumpets, he will be greeted by savage tribesmen in surprise attacks. The young scribe assigned to record glorious victories observes in dismay the King’s excessive wrath in battle. Unexpectedly, however, the King’s love for the tall, blonde leader of the Royal Women Guards and regrets over a village chieftain cause him to question his war of conquest. Back at the Palace, intrigue at court and illicit trysts in the harem threaten the King’s power. The Dwarf, a Palace spy, watches all—from a concubine’s erotic seduction of the Prince to violence on the King’s sacred white elephant. Alarmed citizens of Pataliputra from highest to lowest castes wonder when their warrior King will return. Has Ashoka fallen under the influence of a Buddhist holy man in the forest? Will the gods that favored him with two rare, white elephants bless his empire with peace and prosperity?
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The Gods In Their Cities

Author : Richard Leviton
ISBN : 9780595827121
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 49.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A fresh look at the perennial reality of the gods and how they help humanity-through the planet's sacred sites The "gods" live! Though seemingly relegated to the archives of myth, the "gods" of antiquity are still with us in the form of the Great White Brotherhood. In fact, what the ancients described as their pantheon are members of this is an august assembly of spiritually advanced beings, based on the constellation of the Great Bear. The Gods in Their Cities, based on original clairvoyant research, reveals that the Great White Brotherhood has numerous meeting places for humans throughout the planet's array of holy sites. Seven different Great White Brotherhood types of geomantic locales are documented, and all of them exist in multiple copies on Earth. The Gods in Their Cities shows how myths of many cultures, from the Irish to Sumerians, are actually psychic maps to the planet's secret visionary terrain, to the geomantic locales of the Brotherhood, and how to successfully interact with them. And it probes behind the mythic guises of the Ray Masters, 14 select great Adepts involved with many aspects of Earth life and geomancy since the beginning-including the true identity of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, and Merlin. Merely our knowing that this esoteric Brotherhood and their interactive locales across the Earth exist can inspire confidence, even certainty, that reality, and thus our planet, culture, and individual human lives, have meaning and are purposeful.
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Tear Of The Gods

Author : Alex Archer
ISBN : 9781459208377
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The legacy of a pagan king could unleash terror on the world It started as a dream—a redheaded warrior king fought and died for his men centuries ago. The dream would lead archaeologist Annja Creed to the king's undisturbed corpse...and one of England's greatest mythical artifacts. Deep in an archaeological dig in England's Midlands, Annja locates a braided necklace around a mummified king's neck. Made of an unusual material—not quite obsidian, but gleaming with multihued color—the torc is an astonishing find. But someone knows exactly what the torc means. And he will do anything to get his hands on the Tear of the Gods. When the dig is compromised and innocent archaeologists are slain, even Annja herself is left for dead. Now she is fleeing for her life, not knowing the terrifying truth about the relic she risks everything to protect—or the devastating consequences should it fall into the wrong hands....
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The War Of The Gods

Author : The Wanderer
ISBN : 1477210202
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 21.84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In the amazing world of The War of the Gods, a little boy, named Calven, has found himself alone and he was wandering the world with a dark past occupying his mind. As Calven wandered he shows purity and gentleness. With that he has made a few friends who would help him out. Mostly, life was pretty normal for him or as normal as it would be, other than having strange dreams every night. His life was nothing special until this boy finds a ninja who was being chased by demons of the underworld and a griffin that was caged beneath an abandoned house. The ninja asks Calven for help escape the demons. Calven also links minds with the griffin, and it tells this wandering boy that he was, “The One.” After that the boy’s life would never be the same. He has realized a life of legend with many exciting adventures involving demons and gods...
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Sword Of The Gods Prince Of Tyre

Author : Anna Erishkigal
ISBN : 9780985489625
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Does for Lucifer what 'Wicked' did for the Wicked Witch of the West..." --Reader review "Better than Game of Thrones..." --Reader review "You only think you know Lucifer!" --Reader review * At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries battled for control of Earth. One man rose to stand at humanity's side. A man whose name we still remember today… At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries battled for control of Earth. One man rose to stand at humanity's side. A soldier whose name we still remember today… The legend about the greatest superhero to ever walk the Earth continues in Prince of Tyre. Mikhail has a new mission: train the warriors to fight back against the mysterious kidnappings so his adopted village will be safe for Ninsianna and their expected child. But the journey from soldier to general is never easy, especially when the Chief's son undermines his authority. Challenges compound when they learn 'lizard demons' have put a bounty on Mikhail's head. Ninsianna thought her prayers had been answered when a man fell from the heavens and vowed to protect her village. But She-Who-Is is a demanding mistress—not only does she send nightmares of impending evil—but she causes her to view her husband with a pragmatic, and often self-serving eye. Can their marriage survive possession by a goddess? Or will She-Who-Is' power corrupt Ninsianna? Meanwhile in the heavens, rumors of a cure to the Angelic's impending extinction winds its way through the Emperor's desperate armies. Raphael is charged with finding this 'Holy Grail,' unaware that Lucifer barters the solution in a quiet coup d'etat. The Eternal Emperor and Shay'tan are so busy outwitting each other that neither notices Lucifer is a little 'off,' or that an ancient Evil is outmaneuvering them all. A tragic death forces the Alliance to choose which leader they will follow in an epic, heavens-fracturing showdown. The Eternal Emperor … or Lucifer? Note: this book is NOT Christian fiction. The Sword of the Gods saga is an epic fantasy retelling of the wars in heaven at the dawn of time, the clash of ancient adversaries and empires, the myth of Lucifer, the fallen angels, and the soldier we now call the Archangel Michael, and the 3,500 b.c. humans caught in middle, similar in tone and style to books such as Game of Thrones, Dune and Outlander, with a romantic undertone, all told with a science fiction / space opera twist. At the request of the publisher, this book is sold without DRM. Keywords: Archangel Michael, Archangel Mikhail, Archangel, angel, angels, archangels, guardian angels, angel fantasy, angel romance, Special Forces, galactic empire, Lucifer, Luciferi, morning star, Shaytan, Satan, dragon, dragons, devil, evil, nature of evil, Beelzebub, Beel-zebub, Ba'al Zebub, Moloch, angel, angels, fallen angels, fallen angels, books about angels, angels and demons, angel romance books, angel romance novels, demons, angel fantasy, Inanna, Abaddon, Jehoshaphat, Raphael, Archangel Raphael, Jophiel, Ubaid culture, Mesopotamian culture, ancient Mesopotamia, Assur, Ashur, Hiddekel River, what to read after Game of Thrones, Halifian culture, Halafian culture, Uruk culture, Annunaki, angel romance, genetically engineered super-soldiers, lion people, centaurs, merfolk, mermaids, military romance, wars in heaven, god vs. the devil, dark lord
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The Circle Of The Gods

Author : Victor Canning
ISBN : 9781447234661
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Crimson Chalice trilogy, first published between 1976 and 1978, is Victor Canning’s classic retelling of the story of King Arthur. Beginning with the story of his parents, Tia and Baradoc, Canning weaves elements of the Grail myth into a Fifth century setting; a Britain abandoned by the Romans, and gradually descending into tribal conflict. In the second book of the trilogy, The Circle of the Gods, young Arturo, with an unshakeable sense of destiny, establishes a comitatus, a gathering of companions, which will one day grow into an army under the banner of the white horse. In the closing book, The Immortal Wound, Arturo’s story concludes as he ascends to become high king of Britain. Throughout the story, the ever present Merlin appears to guide Arturo, as he fulfils his destiny, alongside the familiar characters of Arthurian legend. “An unusual blend of fairy tale and historical novel . . . vivid, original and gripping.’ Washington Post
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