Conversations With Cronkite

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Conversations With Cronkite

Author : Walter Cronkite
ISBN : UCSD:31822036592848
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Offers snapshots of the anchorman's life and career through excerpts from interviews conducted by oral historian Don Carleton.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Tv Brings Battle Into The Home With The Vietnam War

Author : Karen Latchana Kenney
ISBN : 9780756558291
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 39.13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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On-point historical photographs combined with strong narration bring the battles and controversies surrounding the Vietnam War to life. People saw the battles in real time, on the nightly news, changing forever how people viewed war. Readers will see it as well, both in the text and in the accompanying video clips via the free Capstone 4D app, creating an augmented reality experience that brings the printed page to life.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Assignment To Hell

Author : Timothy M. Gay
ISBN : 9781101585382
Genre : History
File Size : 60.31 MB
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“A book every modern journalist—and citizen—should read.”—Tom Brokaw, Author of The Greatest Generation In February 1943, a group of journalists—including a young wire service correspondent named Walter Cronkite and cub reporter Andy Rooney—clamored to fly along on a bombing raid over Nazi Germany. Seven of the sixty-four bombers that attacked a U-boat base that day never made it back to England. A fellow survivor, Homer Bigart of the New York Herald Tribune, asked Cronkite if he’d thought through a lede. “I think I’m going to say,” mused Cronkite, “that I’ve just returned from an assignment to hell.” Assignment to Hell tells the powerful and poignant story of the war against Hitler through the eyes of five intrepid reporters. Cronkite crashed into Holland on a glider with U.S. paratroopers. Rooney dodged mortar shells as he raced across the Rhine at Remagen. Behind enemy lines in Sicily, Bigart jumped into an amphibious commando raid that nearly ended in disaster. The New Yorker’s A. J. Liebling ducked sniper fire as Allied troops liberated his beloved Paris. The Associated Press’s Hal Boyle barely escaped SS storm troopers as he uncovered the massacre of U.S. soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge. This book serves as a stirring tribute to five of World War II’s greatest correspondents and to the brave men and women who fought on the front lines against fascism—their generation’s “assignment to hell.”
Category: History

Indomitable Will Enhanced Edition

Author : Mark Updegrove
ISBN : 9780307953667
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 61.48 MB
Format : PDF
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With more than a hundred photos, videos, recorded phone conversations, letters, and speeches, this enhanced eBook edition of Indomitable Will brings to life the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson like never before. Nearly fifty years after being sworn in as president of the United States in the wake of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Lyndon Baines Johnson remains a largely misunderstood figure. His force of personal­ity, mastery of power and the political process, and boundless appetite for social reform made him one of the towering figures of his time. But he was one of the most protean and paradoxical of presidents as well. Because of his flawed nature and inherent contradic­tions, some claimed there were as many LBJs as there were people who knew him. Intent on fulfilling the promise of America, Johnson launched a revolution in civil rights, federal aid to education, and health care for the elderly and indigent, and expanded immigration and environ­mental protection. A flurry of landmark laws—he would sign an unparalleled 207 during his five years in office, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965, Elementary and Second­ary Education Act, Head Start, and Medicare—are testaments to the triumph of his will. His War on Poverty alone brought the U.S. poverty rate down from 20 percent to 12 percent, the biggest one-time drop in American history. As president, he was known for getting things done. At the same time, Johnson’s presidency—and the fulfillment of its own promise—was blighted by his escalation of an ill-fated war in Vietnam that tore at the fabric of America and saw the loss of 36,000 U.S. troops by the end of his term. Presidential historian Mark K. Updegrove offers an intimate portrait of the endlessly fas­cinating LBJ, his extraordinarily eventful presi­dency, and the turbulent times in which he served. We see Johnson in his many guises and dimen­sions: the virtuoso deal-maker using every inch of his six-foot-three-inch frame to intimidate his subjects, the relentless reformer willing to lose southern Democrats from his party for a generation in his pursuit of civil rights for all Americans, and the embattled commander in chief agonizing over the fate of his “boys” in Vietnam—including his two sons-in-law—yet steadfast in his determination to thwart Communist aggression through war, or an honorable peace. Through original interviews and personal accounts from White House aides and Cabinet members, political allies and foes, and friends and family—from Robert McNamara to Barry Goldwa­ter, Lady Bird Johnson to Jacqueline Kennedy—as well as through Johnson’s own candid reflections and historic White House telephone conversa­tions, Indomitable Will reveals LBJ as never before. “ For it is through firsthand narrative more than anything,” writes Updegrove, “that Lyndon John­son—who teemed with vitality in his sixty-four years and remains enigmatic nearly four decades after his passing—comes to life.”
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Heart Of Success

Author : Dan G. Tripps
ISBN : 1891696122
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 51.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The book contains a collection of conversations with some 40 prominent people in business, science, education, government, sports, and the arts who discuss the essence of success, enabling the reader to understand the personal side of achievement. Those interviewed include Sparky Anderson, Ken Burns, Bob Dole, Mills Lane, John Naber, Sandra Day O'Connor, Pam Shriver, Bill Wash, and a host of others.
Category: Self-Help

Walter Cronkite Is Dead

Author : Joe Calarco
ISBN : 0822225522
Genre : Drama
File Size : 71.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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THE STORY: A fierce thunderstorm has shut down airports up and down the East Coast. Two women, who appear to have nothing in common, are stuck in a waiting area at Reagan National Airport. Patty is a chatty southerner--a blue-collar woman from a red
Category: Drama

From Cronkite To Colbert

Author : Geoffrey Baym
ISBN : 1594515549
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 31.97 MB
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In a time when increasing numbers of people are tuning out the nightly news and media consumption is falling, the late-night comedians have become some of the most important newscasters in the country. From Cronkite to Colbertexplains why. It examines an historical path that begins at the height of the network age with Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow, when the evening news was considered the authoritative record of the day’s events and forged our assumptions about what “the news†is, or should be. The book then winds its way through the breakdown of that paradigm of “real†news and into its reinvention in the unlikely form of such popularized shows as The Daily Showand The Colbert Report. From Cronkite to Colbertmakes the case that rather than “fake news,†those shows should be understood as a new kind of journalism, one that has the potential to save the news and reinvigorate the conversation of democracy in today’s society.
Category: Political Science

Remembering The Space Race With Walter Cronkite

Author :
ISBN : 1887022937
Genre :
File Size : 28.75 MB
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In the 1960s and early 1970s there was an extraordinary interplay between television journalism and our national space program to reach the Moon. The space program provided a well-organized succession of spectaculars, and television news provided the crucial means to bring this historic epoch to a global audience. In the context of the Cold War and competition with the Soviets, the space launches and the TV coverage took on special urgency. In a remarkable evening at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, a panel of network news executives and NASA officials gathered to discuss how NASA and the networks collaborated to present the space race for their mutual benefit and for American national interests; sharing their personal stories and recollections. The panel was led by Walter Cronkite, the former CBS news anchor and featured Joel Banow and Robert Wussler representing CBS special events, James Kitchell, the NBC executive producer responsible for covering space activities, and Julian Scheer, a newspaper reporter who served as the head of NASA public relations during the Apollo Moon landing era. Dr. Martin Collins, a space historian at the Smithsonian, served as moderator. What follows is a transcript of an intimate conversation among these men, exclusively documented by the publisher of the history journal, "Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly," along with rare images provided by NASA and the CBS News Archives.

Conversations With Carter

Author : Jimmy Carter
ISBN : 1555878016
Genre : History
File Size : 56.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Contains twenty-three interviews covering Carter's public stands and private beliefs, by such individuals as Tom Brokaw, John Chancellor, Bill Moyers, Mike Wallace, and Barbara Walters
Category: History

Give Your Speech Change The World

Author : Nick Morgan
ISBN : 9781625276292
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34.71 MB
Format : PDF
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Do you remember the topic of the last speech you heard? If not, you're not alone. In fact, studies show that audiences remember only 10% to 30% of speech or presentation content. Given those bleak statistics, why do we give speeches at all? We give them, says communications expert Nick Morgan, because they remain the most powerful way of connecting with audiences since ancient Greek times. But as we've evolved to a more conversational mode of public speaking, thanks to television, we have forgotten much of what the Greeks taught us about the nonverbal aspects of speech-giving: the physical connection with audiences that can create an almost palpable emotional bond. Morgan says this "kinesthetic connection" comes from truly listening to your audience—not just with your brain but with your body. In this book, he draws from more than 20 years as a speech coach and consultant, combining the best of ancient Greek oratory with modern communications research to offer a new, audience-centered approach to public speaking. Through entertaining and insightful examples, Morgan illustrates a 3 part process—focusing on content development, rehearsal, and delivery—that will enable readers of all experience levels to give more effective, passion-filled speeches that move audiences to action.
Category: Business & Economics

American Pharaoh

Author : Elizabeth Taylor
ISBN : 9780759524279
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 75.71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is a biography of mayor Richard J. Daley. It is the story of his rise from the working-class Irish neighbourhood of his childhood to his role as one of the most important figures in 20th century American politics.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Anwar Sadat

Author : Joseph Finklestone
ISBN : 9781135195588
Genre : History
File Size : 56.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Anwar Sadat's life was shaped by Egypt's national struggle and the conflict between the Arab world and Israel. This biography charts his progress from fanatical nationalist to President of Egypt, and from world statesman to tragic hero, who gave his life in the cause of peace.
Category: History

Crucial Conversations

Author : May Sarton
ISBN : 9781497685499
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 65.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“May Sarton’s provocative novel is about a wife who has outgrown her husband, and after twenty-seven years of marriage decides that she has had enough. . . . [Poppy] is altogether believable.” —The Atlantic To their close friend Philip, Poppy and Reed Whitelaw’s marriage appears stable and happy. Their ritual Sunday tennis matches and dinners are a highlight of his week, and the Whitelaws’ repartee is an object of wonder and admiration. But beneath the surface, the marriage has slowly been unraveling for years. An artist, Poppy feels the weight of time, calculating that she has twenty good years left for her work and little remaining tolerance for her diminishing marriage. And so, as newscasts about Vietnam and Watergate issue nightly warnings about the dangers of deceit and delusion, Poppy has decided to leave. The separation guts Philip, who finds that his investment in the affairs of his friends outweighs his investment in his own. The relationship between the three friends had often been riven by jealousy, and the cataclysm of the Whitelaws’ separation does little to lessen anxieties roiling beneath the surface. As those in the Whitelaws’ orbit struggle to adjust to their new reality, a world of buried feelings rise inevitably to the fore.
Category: Fiction

Conversations With Terrorists

Author : Reese Erlich
ISBN : 9781317261988
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 80.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Drawing on original research and firsthand interviews, Conversations with Terrorists offers critical portraits of six Middle Eastern leaders often labeled as terrorists: Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, Hamas top leader Khaled Meshal, Israeli politician Geula Cohen, Iranian Revolutionary Guard founder Mohsen Sazargara, Hezbollah spiritual advisor Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Fadlallah, and former Afghan Radio and Television Ministry head Malamo Nazamy. Veteran journalist Reese Erlich offers them a chance to explain key issues and to respond to charges leveled by the United States. Critiquing these responses and synthesizing a broad range of material, Erlich shows that yesterday’s terrorist is today’s national leader, and that today’s freedom fighter may become tomorrow’s terrorist. He concludes that the global war on terror has diverted public attention from the war’s real goal—expanding U.S. influence and interests in the Middle East—and offers policy remedies.
Category: Political Science

Red Scare

Author : Don E. Carleton
ISBN : 9780292758575
Genre : History
File Size : 45.45 MB
Format : PDF
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Winner of the Texas State Historical Association Coral Horton Tullis Memorial Prize for Best Book on Texas History, this authoritative study of red-baiting in Texas reveals that what began as a coalition against communism became a fierce power struggle between conservative and liberal politics.
Category: History

Struggle For Justice

Author : Don Carleton
ISBN : 1477321144
Genre : Photography
File Size : 60.3 MB
Format : PDF
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The modern civil rights movement rapidly came to prominence after World War II, coalescing around the demand to repeal Jim Crow laws and promote a vision of a just, multiracial society. The vast majority of civil rights organizations practiced assertive nonviolence to meet these goals. Nevertheless, opponents often met their activism with violence and intimidation. Like those who marched, protested, and organized for civil rights and social justice, photojournalists put themselves in great danger. The Briscoe Center for American History’s exhibit, Struggle for Justice: Four Decades of Civil Rights Photography, which was displayed on the University of Texas at Austin campus, celebrated the legacy of those photographers. The material walked visitors through much of the civil rights era and provided a lesson both inspiring and challenging: that social progress is possible when one values it above personal comfort and safety. Now in book form, Struggle for Justice honors the photographers who were willing to put their privilege on the line to document the discrimination of others and by doing so, help to galvanize public support for the civil rights movement.
Category: Photography

Picking The Bones Of Eleven Presidents And Others

Author : Jerry Moriarity
ISBN : 9781440107122
Genre : History
File Size : 85.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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It was my luck to learn from Jerry Moriarity what integrity in journalism is all about. Lloyd Schermer, former president of Lee Enterprises Should you be travelling to this area in October or November, I would enjoy a visit.Ex-President Richard Nixon Jerry Moriarity lived in the glorious era of newspapering and had a love affair with newspapers and the printed word. After more than forty interviews and photo opportunities with the last eleven presidents, Moriarity began to imagine the ideal U.S. President. These topics created his study of the presidents, his hobby for the last fifty years. All Things Considered on National Public Radio interviewed Moriarity five times on because of a Nixon editorial he wrote. This book is not solely about presidents, but includes other interviews he has had during the years. He has interviewed and photographed many important people such as Senator Barry Goldwater, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, John Glenn, Haile Selassie, Meredith Willson, Edward Ellis, Cornel Wilde, Errol Flynn, Walter Mondale, etc. He has added a few human-interest stories such as when U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy removed a cigar from Moriaritys mouth and dunked it in his coffee.
Category: History

My People Are Rising

Author : Aaron Dixon
ISBN : 9781608461790
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 43.73 MB
Format : PDF
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"This book is a moving memoir experience: a must read. The dramatic life cycle rise of a youthful sixties political revolutionary, my friend Aaron Dixon."—Bobby Seale, founding chairman and national organizer of the Black Panther Party, 1966 to 1974 "My People Are Rising: A Memoir of a Black Panther Party Captain is the most authentic book ever written by a member of the Black Panther Party. Aaron Dixon does a superb job of presenting life in the party from the perspective of a foot soldier—a warrior for the cause of revolutionary change and black power in America. He pulls no punches and holds nothing back in writing honestly about those times (late 1960s and during the 1970s) as he successfully presents a visual picture of the courage, commitment, and sometimes shocking brutality of life as a Panther activist. This is an unforgettable must read book!"—Larry Gossett, chair, Metropolitan King County Council In an era of stark racial injustice and decisive action, Aaron Dixon dedicated his life to the struggle for change, founding the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1968 at age nineteen. Through his eyes, we see the courage of a generation that stood up to injustice, their political triumphs and tragedies, and the unforgettable legacy of Black Power. Aaron Dixon was co-founder and captain of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party. He has since founded various non-profits for Seattle youth and run as a Green Party candidate in the 2006 Senate race. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Why Are We Bad At Picking Good Leaders A Better Way To Evaluate Leadership Potential

Author : Jeffrey Cohn
ISBN : 9781118062203
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Silver Medal Winner, Business and Leadership, 2012 Nautilus Book Awards Almost 70% of Americans believe that we are suffering from a crisis of leadership, but rather than asking, why are leaders failing, we need to ask, "Why aren't we choosing better leaders?" Ever wonder what goes on behind closed board room doors when organizations pick their top leaders? It can be a contentious, secretive, even brutal process. Most of our leaders look good on paper—they have charisma, credentials, and confidence—yet they lack the real qualities that are necessary to succeed. In Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders?, Cohn and Moran share the same insights and ideas they use to help organizations make better choices. Revealing seven essential attributes of all great leaders, they offer a fresh and powerful evaluation technique anyone can use to assess leader potential. Through dynamic, first-hand accounts from the business world, entertainment, sports, politics, education, and philanthropy, the authors offer the ultimate insider access and reveal how top organizations find and choose the best talent. Offers multiple ways to evaluate leaders, and how these 7 leadership attributes combine to create the best (and worst) in leaders Features interviews with with Mike Krzyzewski, Coach, 2008 US Men's Olympic Basketball team, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon; George Steinbrenner, Scott Davis, CEO of UPS; Peter Loscher, CEO of Siemens; Toby Cosgrove, CEO, Cleveland Clinic; Hollywood movie directors, and many others Includes academic study and field training at institutions such as Harvard, Yale, INSEAD, and IMD for developing future leaders. Fresh and compelling, Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders? shows how great leaders can be spotted and why they succeed – and is soon to the definitive resource guide for about choosing better leaders.
Category: Business & Economics

The Nixon Defense

Author : John W. Dean
ISBN : 9780698163461
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 75.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Based on Nixon’s overlooked recordings, New York Times bestselling author John W. Dean connects the dots between what we’ve come to believe about Watergate and what actually happened Watergate forever changed American politics, and in light of the revelations about the NSA’s widespread surveillance program, the scandal has taken on new significance. Yet remarkably, four decades after Nixon was forced to resign, no one has told the full story of his involvement in Watergate. In The Nixon Defense, former White House Counsel John W. Dean, one of the last major surviving figures of Watergate, draws on his own transcripts of almost a thousand conversations, a wealth of Nixon’s secretly recorded information, and more than 150,000 pages of documents in the National Archives and the Nixon Library to provide the definitive answer to the question: What did President Nixon know and when did he know it? Through narrative and contemporaneous dialogue, Dean connects dots that have never been connected, including revealing how and why the Watergate break-in occurred, what was on the mysterious 18 1/2 minute gap in Nixon’s recorded conversations, and more. In what will stand as the most authoritative account of one of America’s worst political scandals, The Nixon Defense shows how the disastrous mistakes of Watergate could have been avoided and offers a cautionary tale for our own time. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Biography & Autobiography