Control Problems In Industry

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Control Problems In Industry

Author : Irene Lasiecka
ISBN : 9781461225805
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 90.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume contains a collection of papers presented at the Symposium on Control Problems in Industry, held on July 22-23, 1994 in San Diego. The Symposium, conducted by the Society for Industrial and Applied Math ematics (SIAM), with the cooperation of the Institut National Recherche Informatique et Automatique (INRIA) , focused on industrial control ap plications that have benefited from recent mathematical and technological developments. A partial list of themes featured by the Symposium is listed below. 1) Applications of Control Techniques in a) the aerospace industry, b) the automotive industry, c) the environmental science, d) manufacturing processes, e) the petroleum industry. 2) Optimal Shape Design in Aerospace Applications 3) Optimal Design of Micro-optics 4) Robust Control and H-infinity Methods The purpose of this meeting was to bring together experts from in dustry and academia to share their experience and present new results and new trends in modern control theory, with a focus on real industrial applications. The presentations were selected primarily for the practical significance of the problem solved, though all had significant mathemati cal components. Control theory is an interdisciplinary field which, in its broadest sense, encompasses contributions ranging from classical engineer ing disciplines (circuit theory, automata theory, electronics, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, material science), to theoretical engineering (sys tem theory, computer science) and various areas of mathematics such as ODE, PDE, complex analysis, function theory, algebraic and differential geometry, numerical analysis, etc.
Category: Mathematics

Information Control Problems In Manufacturing Technology 1992

Author : M.B. Zaremba
ISBN : 9781483298849
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52.99 MB
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These proceedings contain more than 80 of the best papers presented at the INCOM '92 Symposium, and relate to the vast changes which are occurring worldwide in manufacturing technology. Research oriented technical papers cover subjects such as: simulation of manufacturing processes; sensor based robots; information systems; general aspects of CIM and manufacturing networks.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Information Control Problems In Manufacturing 2006

Author : Alexandre Dolgui
ISBN : 0080478484
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 32.42 MB
Format : PDF
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Information Control Problems in Manufacturing 2006 contains the Proceedings of the 12th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing (INCOM'2006). This symposium took place in Saint Etienne, France, on May 17-19 2006. INCOM is a tri-annual event of symposia series organized by IFAC and it is promoted by the IFAC Technical Committee on Manufacturing Plant Control. The purpose of the symposium INCOM'2006 was to offer a forum to present the state-of-the-art in international research and development work, with special emphasis on the applications of optimisation methods, automation and IT technologies in the control of manufacturing plants and the entire supply chain within the enterprise. The symposium stressed the scientific challenges and issues, covering the whole product and processes life cycle, from the design through the manufacturing and maintenance, to the distribution and service. INCOM'2006 Technical Program also included a special event on Innovative Engineering Techniques in Healthcare Delivery. The application of engineering and IT methods in medicine is a rapidly growing field with many opportunities for innovation. The Proceedings are composed of 3 volumes: Volume 1 - Information Systems, Control & Interoperability Volume 2 - Industrial Engineering Volume 3 - Operational Research * 3-volume set, containing 362 carefully reviewed and selected papers * presenting the state-of-the-art in international research and development in Information Control problems in Manufacturing
Category: Technology & Engineering

Information Control Problems In Manufacturing Technology 1982

Author : D. E. Hardt
ISBN : 9781483146959
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 69.6 MB
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Information Control Problems in Manufacturing Technology 1982 documents the proceedings of the 4th IFAC/IFIP Symposium held in Maryland, USA, on 26-28 October 1982. The volume contains 27 papers divided into six sections. The papers in Section 1 cover the various US government programs sponsoring manufacturing-related research. This support ranges from basic process physics research to general questions of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing environment. At the heart of any manufacturing operation are the unit processes. Proper control of these processes is vital to achieving the autonomy that will eventually lead to automated manufacturing systems. Section 2 addresses these issues in terms of the general control problem involved and in the solution of specific processing problems. Section 3 presents examples of both on and off-line techniques that use novel methods of data acquisition and signal processing. Section 4 focuses on the role of industrial robots in advanced manufacturing systems. It addresses fundamental questions of manipulator design and control, and modelling of robot work environment. The ability to integrate processes and robots into an efficient manufacturing system is truly the challenge of the future. Section 5 deals with a wide range of such problems, including planning, scheduling, inventory, and decision systems. Section 6 presents specific examples of fully automated manufacturing and assembly systems.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Information Control Problems In Manufacturing Technology

Author : Y. Oshima
ISBN : 9781483188232
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20.98 MB
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Information-Control Problems in Manufacturing Technology contains the proceedings of an international symposium on "Information-Control Problems in Manufacturing Technology" held in Tokyo, Japan, on October 17-20, 1977 under the auspices of the International Federation of Automatic Control. The symposium provided a forum for discussing various engineering and technical problems in the automation of every step of the manufacturing process including design, machining, material handling, assembling, and inspection. Comprised of 46 chapters, this book begins by describing the modeling and simulation of a production system for small batch size metalworking production with high automation and high flexibility. The discussion then turns to the conceptual design of a multi-purpose automated Integrated Production Center for batch or piecewise production; research issues for automatic assembly; and practical application of diagnostic signature analysis to testing of rotating machines. Subsequent chapters focus on a profile pattern recognition system for machine parts; automatic inspection of defects on contact parts; the use of material-handling robots for programmable automation; and extra-cyclic passages of gray codes and their applications in numerical control design. This monograph will be of interest to engineers and technicians employed in the manufacturing industry.
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Optimization In Industry

Author : T. a. J. Nicholson
ISBN : 9780202367613
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75.60 MB
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The origin of any industrial optimization study lies in the theory that some improvement can be made in a controllable system. The possibility for improvements may arise in any context, for example, in the control of a chemical plant, the organization of production to meet delivery dates, the design of rubber compounds, in traffic signal settings, and so on. In this volume, T. A. J. Nicholson deals with applications of the industrial optimization techniques demonstrated in the first volume of this two-part project, Optimization in Industry: Optimization Techniques. Applications are classified by their main functional areas in industrial planning, design, and control. The fields covered are machine sequencing, stock control and scheduling, plant renewal, distribution, financial problems, and chemical process control and design. These last two, in particular, are subjects often overlooked in operations research curricula. In each field the place and status of optimization techniques is first described and then a wide range of realistic case studies and examples are reviewed, many of them international. The problems given in this volume are primarily concerned with formulation not with solution; the task is to formulate the problems to be solved by one or more of the methods described in volume one. By connecting the optimization techniques with their applications, the gap between the people devising the methods and the people who actually need to use them is bridged. As with the first volume, this text is also supported by new exercises and model answers making this book important as an introduction to the application of optimization techniques for students as well as a reference work for the practitioner. T. A. J. Nicholson is senior lecturer at the London School of Business Studies with research and consulting interests in industrial control systems.
Category: Business & Economics

Essays On Control

Author : H. L. Trentelman
ISBN : 0817636706
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 29.44 MB
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The acquisition of knowledge about systems and the processing of information about them are key features of modern control engineering technology. This is the theme for a volume of articles setting out the scope and content to be covered at the European Control Conference (ECC '93) in Groningen, the Netherlands. The book provides a broad overview of the field of control and a discussion of its development both from a theoretical and an engineering perspective. It contains the fully developed articles on which the plenary addresses and mini-courses of the Conference are based.
Category: Mathematics

Variational And Optimal Control Problems On Unbounded Domains

Author : Gershon Wolansky
ISBN : 9781470410773
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 53.32 MB
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This volume contains the proceedings of the workshop on Variational and Optimal Control Problems on Unbounded Domains, held in memory of Arie Leizarowitz, from January 9-12, 2012, in Haifa, Israel. The workshop brought together a select group of worldwide experts in optimal control theory and the calculus of variations, working on problems on unbounded domains. The papers in this volume cover many different areas of optimal control and its applications. Topics include needle variations in infinite-horizon optimal control, Lyapunov stability with some extensions, small noise large time asymptotics for the normalized Feynman-Kac semigroup, linear-quadratic optimal control problems with state delays, time-optimal control of wafer stage positioning, second order optimality conditions in optimal control, state and time transformations of infinite horizon problems, turnpike properties of dynamic zero-sum games, and an infinite-horizon variational problem on an infinite strip. This book is co-published with Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel).
Category: Mathematics

Computational Intelligence In Control Engineering

Author : Robert E. King
ISBN : 082471993X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 27.35 MB
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Presenting the theoretical and practical developments of an autonomous decision-making methodology, this work describes the strides made by intelligent systems and soft computing for the control of industrial systems. It uses practical examples of qualitative control techniques tested in industry and provides suitable intelligent computational algorithms and interfaces for industrial applications.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Prison Industry Authority

Author : California. Bureau of State Audits
ISBN : UCSD:31822021735527
Genre : Prison industries
File Size : 84.18 MB
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Category: Prison industries

Skill Based Automated Manufacturing

Author : P. Brödner
ISBN : 9781483298313
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 67.69 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume investigates the relationship between man and the computer, and how far they are integrated in the modern industrial world. The effects and changes computers have brought about are discussed, including a look at job structures, the function of CAD training and the design and implementation of control systems in engineering industries to give a comprehensive overview of the computer revolution and its future in society.
Category: Technology & Engineering

40th Conference On Glass Problems

Author : William J. Smothers
ISBN : 9780470291405
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume is part of the Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceeding (CESP) series. This series contains a collection of papers dealing with issues in both traditional ceramics (i.e., glass, whitewares, refractories, and porcelain enamel) and advanced ceramics. Topics covered in the area of advanced ceramic include bioceramics, nanomaterials, composites, solid oxide fuel cells, mechanical properties and structural design, advanced ceramic coatings, ceramic armor, porous ceramics, and more.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Edn Designers Guide To Electromagnetic Compatibility

Author : Daryl D Gerke
ISBN : 075067654X
Genre : Science
File Size : 67.36 MB
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In 1996, enforcement of the mandatory European Union EMI/EMC (electromagnetic interference and compatibility) began. Before that time, many designers were just beginning to worry about "EMI problems". Now, 8 years later, the same old EMI problems are still with us, and some new ones have emerged as well. Anyone selling components or equipment of any sort in Europe and therefore the world for most globally based companies requires compliance with the EMC directive. There is no alternative. The information in this book enables faster, cheaper compliance.
Category: Science

Quality Control In The Food Industry

Author : S Herschdoerfer
ISBN : 9780323152068
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 54.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Quality Control in the Food Industry, Volume 1 focuses on the general aspects of quality control in the food industry, emphasizing the controllable factors that affect the quality of the finished product, including the selection of raw materials, processing methods, packaging, storage, and distribution. The book describes the principles of quality control and some important concepts such as sensory assessment and statistical approaches, along with food standards and health problems in quality control. This volume is organized into six chapters and begins with an overview of the application, organization, related problems, techniques, and prospects of quality control. The next chapters focus on the chemical and microbiological aspects of health problems in quality control; fundamental concepts in statistics as applied to quality control from sampling to the estimation of ingredients; and taste testing as an approach to quality control of processed foods. The book concludes by considering the importance, limitations, and problems associated with food standards, with special reference to their international aspects. This book will be of interest to food scientists and technologists, managers in the food industry, and students.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Trends In Control And Measurement Education

Author : D.P. Atherton
ISBN : 9781483298962
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 26.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume is the published Proceedings of selected papers from the IFAC Symposium, Swansea, 11-13 July 1988, where a forum was provided for discussion of the latest advances and techniques in the education of control and instrument engineers. Seven major topics were covered to aid lecturers in understanding, developing and presenting systems engineering - control and measurement - as a subject to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The teaching of real-time computer control as a topic and laboratory experiments for both continuous and discrete systems were discussed, as was process control, with the emphasis on providing the student with engineering experience by using scaled-down equipment which would teach practical skills. Included in the Proceedings are papers on measurement and instrumentation, an area felt to be neglected within academic instruction. The development of software tools for systems design within systems engineering was included, as was the exchange of teaching packages and methods between academics, and the education curriculum of systems engineering within developing countries. These Proceedings will prove to be a useful up-to-date guide and reference source for all lecturers and professors involved in curriculum development and the teaching of control and measurement in systems engineering.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Industrial Control And Instrumentation

Author : W. Bolton
ISBN : 8173713642
Genre :
File Size : 55.90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The basic aim of this text is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles of industrial control and instrumentation. The author not only outline the basic concepts and terninology of measurement and control systems, he also discusses, in detail, the elements used to build up such systems. As well as a final consideration of measurement and control systems, each chepter concludes with relevant problems in order that stutdents can test their newly-acquired knowledge as they progress.