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Conservation Drones

Author : Serge A. Wich
ISBN : 9780198787617
Genre : Biodiversity
File Size : 66.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book aims to further build capacity in the conservation community to use drones for conservation and inspire others to adapt emerging technologies for conservation.
Category: Biodiversity

Drones For Biodiversity Conservation And Ecological Monitoring

Author : Ricardo Díaz-Delgado
ISBN : 9783039219803
Genre : Science
File Size : 39.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have already become an affordable and cost-efficient tool to quickly map a targeted area for many emerging applications in the arena of ecological monitoring and biodiversity conservation. Managers, owners, companies, and scientists are using professional drones equipped with high-resolution visible, multispectral, or thermal cameras to assess the state of ecosystems, the effect of disturbances, or the dynamics and changes within biological communities inter alia. We are now at a tipping point on the use of drones for these type of applications over natural areas. UAV missions are increasing but most of them are testing applicability. It is time now to move to frequent revisiting missions, aiding in the retrieval of important biophysical parameters in ecosystems or mapping species distributions. This Special Issue shows UAV applications contributing to a better understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem status, threats, changes, and trends. It documents the enhancement of knowledge in ecological integrity parameters mapping, long-term ecological monitoring based on drones, mapping of alien species spread and distribution, upscaling ecological variables from drone to satellite images: methods and approaches, rapid risk and disturbance assessment using drones, mapping albedo with UAVs, wildlife tracking, bird colony and chimpanzee nest mapping, habitat mapping and monitoring, and a review on drones for conservation in protected areas.
Category: Science

Conservation Criminology

Author : Meredith L. Gore
ISBN : 9781118935507
Genre : Nature
File Size : 23.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This important new text introduces conservation criminology as the interdisciplinary study of environmental exploitation and risks at the intersection of human and natural systems. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the book enhances understanding of the various human and organizational behaviors that pose risks to the environment, humans, and drive conservation crime. As human population growth, global market economies, climate change, deforestation, and illegal exploitation of natural resources continue to increase, academic research from numerous disciplines is needed to address these challenges. Conservation Criminology promotes thinking about how unsustainable natural resources exploitation is a cause and a consequence of social conflict. Case studies profiled in the book demonstrate this cause and effect type situation, as well as innovative approaches for reducing risks to people and the environment. This text encourages readers to consider how humans behave in response to environmental risks and the various mechanisms that constitute effective and ineffective approaches to enforcement of wildlife crimes, including environmental and conservation policy. Case studies from the USA, Latin America, Africa, and Asia highlight corruption in conservation, global trade in electronic waste, illegal fishing, illegal logging, human-wildlife conflict, technology and space, water insecurity, wildlife disease, and wildlife poaching. Taken together, chapters expand the reader’s perspective and employ tools to understand and address environmental crimes and risks, and to provide novel empirical evidence for positive change. With established contributors providing interdisciplinary and global perspectives, this book establishes a foundation for the emerging field of conservation criminology.
Category: Nature

The Good Drone

Author : Kristin Bergtora Sandvik
ISBN : 9781317017530
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 53.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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While the military use of drones has been the subject of much scrutiny, the use of drones for humanitarian purposes has so far received little attention. As the starting point for this study, it is argued that the prospect of using drones for humanitarian and other life-saving activities has produced an alternative discourse on drones, dedicated to developing and publicizing the endless possibilities that drones have for "doing good". Furthermore, it is suggested that the Good Drone narrative has been appropriated back into the drone warfare discourse, as a strategy to make war "more human". This book explores the role of the Good Drone as an organizing narrative for political projects, technology development and humanitarian action. Its contribution to the debate is to take stock of the multiple logics and rationales according to which drones are "good", with a primary objective to initiate a critical conversation about the political currency of "good". This study recognizes the many possibilities for the use of drones and takes these possibilities seriously by critically examining the difference the drones' functionalities can make, but also what difference the presence of drones themselves – as unmanned and flying objects – make. Discussed and analysed are the implications for the drone industry, user communities, and the areas of crisis where drones are deployed.
Category: Political Science

Drones For Conservation Field Guide For Photographers Researchers Conservationists And Archaeologists

Author : Kike Calvo
ISBN : 1366675800
Genre : Photography
File Size : 40.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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What is inside this book? Intro to Using Drones for Conservation New Technologies and Remote Communities Logbook Keeping and Mission Planning . Best Ways to Back Up Your Aerial Footage and Stills Understanding the Basics of Infrared Cameras Case Studies from Yale, Harvard, National Geographic and more. Foreword by Thomas E. Lovejoy, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Science and Policy at George Mason University, and National Geographic Conservation Fellow "Drones for conservation is essentially just in its infancy, but while we can lament the possible consequent avoidance of a good slog of a field study, we can already see multiple benefits falling from the skies as it were.../... So Drones for Conservation is very much a first. With actual examples from around the world, it also has very practical sections on how to use drones effectively - as usual there is never a substitute for carefully thinking out a project in advance." Thomas E. Lovejoy, Ph.D., National Geographic Conservation Fellow."
Category: Photography

Drone Photography Basics

Author : Justin Moore
ISBN : 9781682034095
Genre : Photography
File Size : 31.17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Today's camera drones provide a unique ability for photographers to capture low altitude aerial perspectives that may never have been seen before. That's because, until now, the view of our earth from under 400 feet was just not possible given traditional aerial photography with manned aircraft. This book will help new drone pilots understand how to take full advantage of today's modern drone camera systems. It will also help existing drone pilots, without a photography background, learn the skills they need to compete in a rapidly growing industry.
Category: Photography


Author : Brian Halliday
ISBN : 1978441517
Genre :
File Size : 65.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Drones: Mastering Flight Techniques is a complete guide to flying your drone. Created as a standalone book, it is also the natural follow on to the first book in the series Drones: The Professional Drone Pilot's Manual and was designed to support and guide you as you build on your piloting experience. Within Drones: Mastering Flight Techniques You will learn how to grow your confidence with proven and practised flight techniques that also add to and enhance your current skill-set. Within the book you will learn many flight and filming techniques, some industry specific but many that can be applied to multiple situations.There are step by step methods for the following: Numerous "reveal" shot techniques. General drone filming and photography methods. How to film moving targets with examples. Tried and tested methods for creating professional surveys, map making and 3D models- along with examples. Racing drone flight techniques. As well as a multitude of flight techniques there are also sections dedicated to good airman-ship, airworthiness, what to do in the event of a crash and weather conditions. The book also contains actual worked examples and finishes with some further tips and FAQs. As UAV/Drone Pilots it is important that we fly safely at all times, this book was written with the hopes of not only increasing your skill as a drone pilot, but also to ensure that you get the most out of your drone. Have fun and fly responsibly. Brian Halliday is a lifelong aircraft enthusiast and has been operating drones as a Commercial UAV Pilot for 5 years, maintaining, modifying and flying a wide range of UAVs. His main works include mapping natural areas and nature reserves in the name of conservation and maintenance and contributing to wildlife informational productions and projects.

Drones And The Creative Industry

Author : Virginia Santamarina-Campos
ISBN : 9783319952611
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27.72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This open access, interdisciplinary book presents innovative strategies in the use of civil drones in the cultural and creative industry. Specially aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the book offers valuable insights from the fields of marketing, engineering, arts and management. With contributions from experts representing varied interests throughout the creative industry, including academic researchers, software developers and engineers, it analyzes the needs of the creative industry when using civil drones both outdoors and indoors. The book also provides timely recommendations to the industry, as well as guidance for academics and policymakers.
Category: Business & Economics