Conifer Cold Hardiness

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Conifer Cold Hardiness

Author : F.J. Bigras
ISBN : 9789401596503
Genre : Science
File Size : 81.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Conifer Cold Hardiness provides an up-to-date synthesis by leading scientists in the study of the major physiological and environmental factors regulating cold hardiness of conifer tree species. This state-of-the-art reference comprehensively explains current understanding of conifer cold hardiness ranging from the gene to the globe and from the highly applied to the very basic. Topics addressed encompass cold hardiness from the perspectives of ecology, ecophysiology, acclimation and deacclimation, seedling production and reforestation, the impacts of biotic and abiotic factors, and methods for studying and analyzing cold hardiness. The content is relevant to geneticists, ecologists, stress physiologists, environmental and global change scientists, pathologists, advanced nursery and silvicultural practitioners, and graduate students involved in plant biology, plant physiology, horticulture and forestry with an interest in cold hardiness.
Category: Science

Plant Cold Hardiness

Author : Lawrence V. Gusta
ISBN : 9781845935146
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.27 MB
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Presenting the latest research on the effects of cold and sub-zero temperatures on plant distribution, growth and yield, this comprehensive volume contains 28 chapters by international experts covering basic molecular science to broad ecological studies on the impact of global warming, and an industry perspective on transgenic approaches to abiotic stress tolerance. With a focus on integrating molecular studies in the laboratory with field research and physiological studies of whole plants in their natural environments, this book covers plant physiology, production, development, agronomy, ecology, breeding and genetics, and their applications in agriculture and horticulture.
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Conifer Seedling Mineral Nutrition

Author : R. van den Driessche
ISBN : 0849359716
Genre : Science
File Size : 36.81 MB
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Conifer Seedling Mineral Nutrition provides a comprehensive review of conifer seedling mineral nutrition and its significance to forestry. The book covers relationships between mineral supply and uptake; the effects of nutrition on seedling growth; an integration of the ideas of T. Ingestad with classical growth analysis concepts; practical aspects of assessing nutrient status and details of fertilizing bare root and container nursery stock; and fertilizing vegetative propagules. The book also describes and illustrates Mycorrhizas, assessing their importance to plantation establishment in an analysis of recent papers reporting field trials. The effects of nutrients on stress resistance and establishment when applied in the nursery and while planting are discussed in the final chapter. It will prove useful to reforestation research workers, nurserymen, and silviculturalists and should be considered essential reading for forestry students.
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Manual Of Cultivated Conifers

Author : Pieter den Ouden
ISBN : 9024721482
Genre : Conifers
File Size : 62.75 MB
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Resource added for the Landscape Horticulture Technician program 100014.
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Genetics Genomics And Breeding Of Conifers

Author : Christophe Plomion
ISBN : 9781578087198
Genre : Science
File Size : 28.76 MB
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With contributions by internationally reputed researchers in the field, this book presents the implications of the genomic revolution for conifers—promoting a better understanding of the evolution of these organisms as well as new knowledge about the molecular basis of quantitative trait variation. Both of these discoveries play important roles in their domestication. Topics include cytogenetics, patterns of nucleotide diversity, genetic mapping, integration of molecular markers in breeding, transcriptomics, advances in proteomics and metabolomics in gymnosperms, and economic importance.
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Plant Cold Hardiness And Freezing Stress

Author : P.H. Li
ISBN : 9780323143073
Genre : Science
File Size : 77.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Plant Cold Hardiness and Freezing Stress: Mechanisms and Crop Implications, Volume 2 contains the proceedings of an International Seminar on Plant Cold Hardiness, held at the Sapporo Educational and Cultural Hall, Sapporo, Japan on August 11-14, 1981. Organized into five parts, this book aims to update the fundamental phenomena of plant cold acclimation and freezing behavior, to examine the hypotheses and ideas important to plant cold hardiness research, and to review the application of research findings for improving the quality of life. This volume particularly addresses the cold acclimation, freezing, and other temperature-related stresses in plants. Strategies for improving freezing survival are also presented. This volume will make an additional, significant contribution to researchers involved in understanding and planning research strategies for plant cold hardiness and for attenuating crop losses by frosts and severe winters.
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Plant Cold Hardiness

Author : Paul H. Li
ISBN : UOM:39015012595669
Genre : Plants
File Size : 73.22 MB
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Sustainable Process Engineering

Author : Andrzej Benedykt Koltuniewicz
ISBN : 9783110308761
Genre : Science
File Size : 72.16 MB
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The vital need for alternative resources and reaction routes, environmentally friendly and economically feasible industrial chemical processes has become a ubiquitous reality. This very timely introductory text covers new materials, processes and industry sectors: nanotechnology, microreactors, membrane separations, hybrid processes, clean technologies, energy savings and safe production of energy, renewables and biotechnology. Some completely new processes for the solid-liquid systems are also discussed in detail, thus creating new opportunities of sustainable development not only in industrial practice.
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The Informed Gardener

Author : Linda K. Chalker-Scott
ISBN : 9780295800325
Genre : Science
File Size : 60.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Winner of the Best Book Award in the 2009 Garden Writers Association Media Awards Named an "Outstanding Title" in University Press Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries, 2009 In this introduction to sustainable landscaping practices, Linda Chalker-Scott addresses the most common myths and misconceptions that plague home gardeners and horticultural professionals. Chalker-Scott offers invaluable advice to gardeners gardeners who have wondered: Are native plants the best choice for sustainable landscaping? Should you avoid disturbing the root ball when planting? Are organic products better or safer than synthetic ones? What is the best way to control weeds-fabric or mulch? Does giving vitamins to plants stimulate growth? Are compost teas effective in controlling diseases? When is the best time to water in hot weather? If you pay more, do you get a higher-quality plant? How can you differentiate good advice from bad advice? The answers may surprise you. In her more than twenty years as a university researcher and educator in the field of plant physiology, Linda Chalker-Scott has discovered a number of so-called truths that originated in traditional agriculture and that have been applied to urban horticulture, in many cases damaging both plant and environmental health. The Informed Gardener is based on basic and applied research from university faculty and landscape professionals, originally published in peer-reviewed journals. After reading this book, you will: Understand your landscape or garden plants as components of a living system Save time (by not overdoing soil preparation, weeding, pruning, staking, or replacing plants that have died before their time) Save money (by avoiding worthless or harmful garden products, and producing healthier, longer-lived plants) Reduce use of fertilizers and pesticides Assess marketing claims objectively This book will be of interest to landscape architects, nursery and landscape professionals, urban foresters, arborists, certified professional horticulturists, and home gardeners. For more information go to:
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Growing Conifers

Author : Brooklyn Botanic Garden
ISBN : 1889538027
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 88.23 MB
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"Conifers, the most underrated plants in the landscape world, provide the garden with strong form, color and texture in each season. These versatile low-maintenance plants come in an array of shapes other than the ubiquitous pyramid and in umpteen colors - yellows, blues, grays and maroons. This essential guide will help you select the conifers that will set your garden's stage - every day of the year."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Sustainable Forestry In Southern Sweden

Author : Kristina Blennow
ISBN : UOM:39015064908059
Genre : Nature
File Size : 88.84 MB
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The latest findings about the environmental, social, and economic impact of sustainable forestry Forestry is one of the most important foundations of the Scandinavian economies. Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden: The SUFOR Research Project closely reviews the findings from the eight-year research program first launched in 1997 that searched for ways to maintain sustainable forestry in the region. Respected scholars and experts discuss ways to bridge the chasm separating the world of research with the world of trade and industry. Biodiversity, the impact of humans, environmental conditions, and other facets of sustainability are all presented and discussed in detail. Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden begins with an overview of Swedish forestry and the sustainability debate in Sweden. The full range of human impact is examined in detail with an eye on biodiversity issues. Other research includes the effect of deer browsing on forest development, the importance of root distribution, nutrient sustainability, fresh strategies for long-term forest sustainability, active risk management, and important policy issues. The book is extensively referenced and includes several tables to ensure clarity of data. Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden discusses in detail: the background of the SUFOR program the impact of lower fire-frequency on forest biodiversity transforming research results into useful knowledge for forest practitioners balancing costs and benefits related to deer and moose population density effects of adverse environmental conditions on sensitive trees nutrient availability in plant productivity applicability of mixed stands in sustainable forestry weathering rates of forest soils analysis of sustainability conditions from environmental, social, and economic standpoints multi-objective forest landscape projection models risk management in sustainable forestry moving from policy to implementation of sustainability and biodiversity policy implications resulting from the SUFOR program Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden is enlightening, informative reading for scholars, students, and practitioners in land management issues.
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Ecophysiology Of Coniferous Forests

Author : William K. Smith
ISBN : MINN:31951D01061576P
Genre : Nature
File Size : 36.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Conifers-pine, fir, and spruce trees-are dominant species in forests around the world. This book focuses on the physiology of conifers and how physiological systems operate. Special consideration is devoted to the means by which ecophysiological processes influence organismal function and distribution. Chapters focus on the genetics of conifers, their growth and geographic distribution and the factors that influence this distribution, the impact of insect herbivory and winter dormancy on ecophysiological parameters, the effects of air pollution, and the potential impact that global climatic changes will have upon conifers. With the growing realization that forests have a crucial role to play in global environmental health, this book will appeal to a developing union of ecologists, physiologists and theoretical foresters.
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Conifer Quarterly

Author : American Conifer Society
ISBN : CORNELL:31924094651340
Genre : Conifers
File Size : 41.80 MB
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