Concord In Discord

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Citizens Of Discord

Author : Brian Breed
ISBN : 9780190452858
Genre : History
File Size : 69.99 MB
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Civil wars, more than other wars, sear themselves into the memory of societies that suffer them. This is particularly true at Rome, where in a period of 150 years the Romans fought four epochal wars against themselves. The present volume brings together exciting new perspectives on the subject by an international group of distinguished contributors. The basis of the investigation is broad, encompassing literary texts, documentary texts, and material culture, spanning the Greek and Roman worlds. Attention is devoted not only to Rome's four major conflicts from the period between the 80s BC and AD 69, but the frame extends to engage conflicts both previous and much later, as well as post-classical constructions of the theme of civil war at Rome. Divided into four sections, the first ("Beginnings, Endings") addresses the basic questions of when civil war began in Rome and when it ended. "Cycles" is concerned with civil war as a recurrent phenomenon without end. "Aftermath" focuses on attempts to put civil war in the past, or, conversely, to claim the legacy of past civil wars, for better or worse. Finally, the section "Afterlife" provides views of Rome's civil wars from more distant perspectives, from those found in Augustan lyric and elegy to those in much later post-classical literary responses. As a whole, the collection sheds new light on the ways in which the Roman civil wars were perceived, experienced, and represented across a variety of media and historical periods.
Category: History

Concord In Massachusetts Discord In The World

Author : Jannika Bock
ISBN : 363158413X
Genre : Literary Criticism
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«Reading Thoreau's Journal, I discover any idea I've ever had worth its salt, » notes the American composer John Cage in 1968. Upon reading the words of nineteenth-century nature philosopher Henry Thoreau, Cage is immediately fascinated with the Transcendentalist's ideas, in particular his views on music and silence. Recognizing his own beliefs in Thoreau's writings, Cage began to rely heavily on the thoughts of the nineteenth-century man and implement them as the basis for his own compositions - both musical and written. Drawing on the complete oeuvres of Cage's and Thoreau's written works, this book surveys the intertextual relation between the writings of the two men. In the juxtaposition of these authors' aesthetics, this book reveals surprising overlaps in the thoughts of Cage and Thoreau.
Category: Literary Criticism

Formulators Of The Formula Of Concord

Author : Ted Jungkuntz
ISBN : 9781579107437
Genre : Religion
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For 400 years the Formula of Concord has served as a major cornerstone of Lutheran doctrine. Many previously published books deal with the theology of this important document. Little has been written, however, about those who participated in the drama of its development. Now Dr. Jungkuntz tells the story of the four chief architects of the Formula of Concord. He reveals the difficulties these men struggled with as they sought to restore unity to the Lutheran Church. Of special interest is the never before translated diary of Nikolaus Selecker, one of the original formulators. Formulators of the Formula of Concord provides fascinating insight into the personal lives of four men who shaped an important part of our Christian heritage. Readers will be led to a new understanding of the Formula of Concord as a confession of faith that is rooted in history and yet has much to say to us today.
Category: Religion

Memoirs Of Lewis Holberg

Author : Ludvig Holberg
ISBN : BSB:BSB10071524
Genre : Authors, Danish
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Format : PDF
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Category: Authors, Danish


Author :
ISBN : PRNC:32101067483766
Genre : Autobiographies
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Category: Autobiographies

Between Concord And Discord Juan Luis Vives 1492 1493 1540 On Language Rhetoric And Politics

Author : Kaarlo Johannes Havu
ISBN : OCLC:1088502396
Genre : Philosophy, Renaissance
File Size : 48.83 MB
Format : PDF
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This thesis presents a new interpretation of the political dimension of Juan Luis Vives's thought by looking at Vives's reception and appropriation of classical rhetoric in the context of northern humanism. This thesis argues that rather than theorizing politics in the language of law, Vives's main contribution to political thought occurred at the intersection of reflections on cognition, rhetoric, and ethical languages of virtuous government. This is to challenge the existing scholarship in two ways. First, it questions a prevalent interpretation of Vives as merely a theoretician of an overarching political concord and peace by showing Vives's deep interest in the possibilities of political action in a postlapsarian world of discord. Secondly, the thesis shows that while Vives, and northern humanism more generally, produced little systematic reflection on some of the basic political and legal concepts, Vives's theorization of cognitive, ethical, linguistic, and educational viewpoints was a way to frame the ultimate conditions and possibilities of political action in a non-utopian world. In the tumultuous 1520s and 1530s, when the religious unity of Christendom and the political concord between different European states were increasingly threatened, Vives argues that language and politics are inseparably entangled on three different levels. First, political, and ethical languages are conceptualized essentially rhetorically; they are meant to be transformative and they have to lead to constructive political action. Secondly and closely connected to the first point, the transformative potential of political discourses must be realized in different practices of counselling linking politics intrinsically to humanist concerns of active life in the service of community. Thirdly, since active life is realized in princely contexts unfavourable to open debate, the use of language and rhetoric has to be appropriated to this new environment. In this process, the place of rhetoric in educational schemes, the internal theory of rhetoric, and the relationship between language and cognition are problematized in the context of wider debates on education, good government, and human freedom central to the northern humanist tradition in the early 16th century. In conceptualizing politics, language, and cognition, largely together Vives's thought points to broader 16th- and 17th-century developments in European political thought where man's nature, passions, and cognition become one of the central concerns of political thought.
Category: Philosophy, Renaissance

Conceptualizing Music

Author : Lawrence M. Zbikowski
ISBN : 019803217X
Genre : Music
File Size : 47.63 MB
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This book shows how recent work in cognitive science, especially that developed by cognitive linguists and cognitive psychologists, can be used to explain how we understand music. The book focuses on three cognitive processes--categorization, cross-domain mapping, and the use of conceptual models--and explores the part these play in theories of musical organization. The first part of the book provides a detailed overview of the relevant work in cognitive science, framed around specific musical examples. The second part brings this perspective to bear on a number of issues with which music scholarship has often been occupied, including the emergence of musical syntax and its relationship to musical semiosis, the problem of musical ontology, the relationship between words and music in songs, and conceptions of musical form and musical hierarchy. The book will be of interest to music theorists, musicologists, and ethnomusicologists, as well as those with a professional or avocational interest in the application of work in cognitive science to humanistic principles.
Category: Music

Five Dissertations On Fever

Author : George Fordyce
ISBN : STANFORD:36105040218997
Genre : Electronic books
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Category: Electronic books

Facts And Values

Author : M.C. Doeser
ISBN : 9789400944541
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 56.69 MB
Format : PDF
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The answer to philosophical questions will often depend on the position one takes regarding the fact-value problem. It is, therefore, not surprising that, in the tradition of western philosophy, the past 200 years or so record an animated discussion of it. In the present collection the debate is continued by representatives of various "schools" in contemporary western thought. A number of philosophers from non-western cultures, too, enter into it. The contributions do not all reflect on the same theme, nor do they use the same approach. Essays written by philosophers sympathetic to the analytical tradition are followed by reflections on the part of those inspired by phe nomenology. A third group of contributions is by non-western thinkers, who are more likely to approach the problem in terms of culture. Their engage ment with the issue clearly shows, among other things, that it is almost exclusively in the western tradition that the fact-value distinction is often understood as an outright dichotomy. The occasion for the publication of this collection is Dr. Cornelis Anthonie van Peursen's retirement as Professor of Philosophy. This year he leaves the Free University, Amsterdam; until 1982 he was professor at the University of Leyden as well. In the Netherlands and beyond he has become known for his concern with constructive comparison of diverging philosophical trends and the cross-cultural fertilization of thought. Characteristic of his career are his efforts to render the results of academic philosophizing understand able to a broader audience.
Category: Philosophy

Virgil S Augustan Epic

Author : Francis Cairns
ISBN : 0521353580
Genre : History
File Size : 63.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An examination of the main characters in the Aeneid - Aeneas himself, Dido and Turnus - in the light of Virgil's contemporary Augustan political and literary ideology. The characters and the plot and incident of the epic are seen as embodying and exemplifying first the ancient ideals of kingship and concord, and second the Roman self-identification as at once 'Italian' and 'Trojan', and finally as reflecting the literary self-evaluation of the Augustan age. In the literary area, Virgil's relations with contemporary Roman elegy, with early Greek lyric and, most important, with Homer, are studied and reevaluated. Virgilian scholars and students of Augustan literature in general will find this book of interest to them.
Category: History

Emerson In His Journals

Author : Ralph Waldo Emerson
ISBN : 0674248627
Genre : History
File Size : 71.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides a complex, multifaceted look at Emerson--his observations, experiences, thoughts, emotions, personal turmoil and doubts, and self-criticisms--through his journals, diaries, and notebooks
Category: History

Encyclop Dia Metropolitana

Author : Edward Smedley
ISBN : UOM:39015025930796
Genre : Encyclopedias and dictionaries
File Size : 57.12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Shakespeare A Midsummer Night S Dream

Author : Nicolas Tredell
ISBN : 9781137075833
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 54.45 MB
Format : PDF
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A Midsummer Night's Dream is an enchanting and extraordinary comedy. With its rich poetry and vigorous prose, and its combination of magic, myth, romance and humour, it ranks among Shakespeare's most popular and memorable plays. However, it has also increasingly been recognized as a profound and penetrating exploration of love, desire, gender, social hierarchy, dramatic art, imagination and vision. In this Reader's Guide, Nicolas Tredell: • explores the key critical responses to the play, from the late seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries • provides succinct and searching accounts of the most vibrant commentaries and interpretations • sets these accounts in their critical, theoretical and historical contexts. Informed and incisive, this survey is an invaluable resource for students, teachers and all those who wish to enhance their grasp of Dream criticism and engage in the ongoing critical debates about the play.
Category: Literary Criticism

Trials And Triumphs

Author : Wale Adebanwi
ISBN : 9789781532320
Genre : History
File Size : 61.3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Trials and Triumphs: The Story of TheNews is an engaging narrative of an era of journalistic daring and partisanship on the side of democracy, justice and equity. It chronicles and examines how the founding team of TheNews magazine, their editors and reporters and their support staff endured torture and imprisonment, harassment and abduction, seizures and closures, proscription and arson, threats of death and even death, because of their fundamental commitment to share public intelligence in a society and polity which had been hijacked by the most perverse military regimes that Nigeria ever experienced. From General Ibrahim Babangida's obstinate subversion of the national ethos to General Sani Abacha's evil reign, TheNews and its sister publications stood firmly at the barricades, hand-in-hand with other pro-democratic forces, proclaiming to the martial adventurers that the wisdom and liberty of a collective people would never be surrendered to the ambitions of puny fascists. This is not only a story of "guerrilla journalism" in Nigeria which helped to defeat martial fascsim, it is also the story of a specific conjecture in a people's history where questions of democracy and justice, equity and fair play, federalism and egalitarianism, regional divides and ethno-political domination were confronted headlong by a press that formed the pivot of the emergent civil society.
Category: History