Companions Of Christ

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Companions Of Christ

Author : Margaret Silf
ISBN : 1853115983
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Is your spiritual journey more like a trudge? Does the Church hinder more than it helps? Here is a warm, welcoming and realistic guide from an immensely popular author for all who may be feeling spiritually jaded. Whatever our circumstances, Companions of Christ shows us how to embark on a journey of the heart, starting wherever we happen to be and however fit or unfit for the journey we may feel. With the help of practical spiritual exercises throughout, Margaret Silf shows us how to keep faith despite the odds. This can be a major breakthrough for beginners and seasoned Christians alike, it includes practical teaching on great Ignatian themes: imaginative scriptural meditation, spiritual discernment, detachment and practical praying.
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Companions In Christ

Author : Gerrit Scott
ISBN : 0835809145
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.62 MB
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Over 28-weeks, the Companions in Christ Participant's Book moves through five areas: -- Embracing the Journey -- an exploration of spiritual formation as a journey toward wholeness and holiness; -- Feeding on the Word -- several ways of meditating on and praying with scripture; -- Deepening our Prayer -- an experience of various classic forms and styles of prayer; -- Responding to Our Call -- a presentation of gifts and call; -- Exploring Spiritual Guidance -- different ways of giving an receiving spiritual guidance. Well-known writers for Upper Room Ministries introduce weekly themes. Gerrit Scott Dawson, Adele Gonzalez, E. Glenn Hinson, Rueben Job, Marjorie Thompson, and Wendy Wright combine personal, firsthand accounts with wisdom from the Christian tradition to provide focus and background for the weekly exercises. Following each reading are five daily exercises that help participants reflect on the theme more deeply and prepare for the group meeting. These exercises involve some combination of scripture reading, spiritual practice, and reflection questions. Responses are recorded in a journal each day and reviewed during the opening portion of the weekly gathering.
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Companions In Christ

Author : John Indermark
ISBN : 0835898784
Genre : Religion
File Size : 83.56 MB
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The Way of Grace will delight small-group participants who find within its pages a fresh approach to the Gospel of John. This fourth release in the Companions in Christ series invites us to travel with 8 Biblical characters (or groups of characters) who discover God's grace through their encounters with Jesus. The eight characters include: Andrew, Simon, Philip, and Nathaniel; Nicodemus; the Samaritan woman; the lame man; the woman caught in adultery; the blind man; Mary and Martha; and Simon Peter. The resource is more than a survey of the Biblical stories. It is a transforming interaction with the events and the characters. And it is an invitation for us to open our hearts to a deeper knowing of God's grace. John Indermark holds true to the popular Companions in Christ weekly pattern. Each of the nine weeks begins with an article that introduces the week's theme. Five questions based on a scripture text follow the article. Throughout the week we reflect on one question each day and note our thoughts in a notebook or journal. On the last day of each week, we attend a 2-hour meeting and share our insights and a deeper exploration of that week's theme. Woven throughout the resource are spiritual practices (classic and contemporary), rich stories from the tradition, and varied worship settings. Each resource in the Companions in Christ series falls under one of these five headings introduced in the foundational 28-week Companions in Christ resource: journey, scripture, prayer, call, spiritual guidance.
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Companions In Christ

Author : Marjorie J. Thompson
ISBN : 0835809811
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.39 MB
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This 8-week exploration of the forgiven and forgiving life is written by Marjorie Thompson. Weekly themes are: Living in God's Blessings Releasing Shame and Guilt Facing Our Anger Transforming Our Anger Receiving God's Forgiveness Forgiving Others Seeking Reconciliation Becoming the Beloved Community This study is recommended for those who have completed the 28-week Companions in Christ study. This study uses the spiritual disciplines developed in the first study. Those with lay caregiving responsibilities will find it very helpful. Weekly 2 hour small group meetings. (separate participant's book #0835809803)
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Companions In Christ

Author : Stephen D. Bryant
ISBN : 0835809943
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.59 MB
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The Way of Blessedness helps small groups unearth the kingdom of God that Christ speaks of in the beatitudes. In this third release in the Companions in Christ series, we are called to let go of pride so that we can become people openly dependent on God and others. Blessedness asks us to be transformed into people who are not too proud to value all people equally, who are not too proud to forgive and accept forgiveness from all, who are not too proud to live simply and receive graciously from others. The Way of Blessedness participant's book follows the same daily and weekly rhythm as the other books in the series. The Way of Blessedness leader's guide offers rich group experiences for each of the 8 weeks as well as helpful tools for leaders.
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Letters To Companions In Christ

Author : Wallace Jungers
ISBN : 9781418481094
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 86.15 MB
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This book is the second collection of Mr. Jungers' e-mails sent to a group of ex-Jesuits, who have banded together on the internet to exchange ideas on a variety of subjects. The title, "Letters to Companions in Christ" was inspired by the name the west-coast group calls itself, "Westcoast Companions." The name, "Companions," ultimately derives from the original name of the Jesuits, which was, "The Company of Jesus," founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1534. As this book was being written, a firefight in Fallujah was being fought by the Marines from Camp Pendelton, just one-half hour north of where Mr. Jungers lives in California. The latter chapters deal with the theory of a just war as initially fashioned by St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. This collections of "Letters" attempts to build an ethic for pre-emption against the asymmetric threats of international terrorists in the present age. The dialogue among this group of ex-Jesuits is brisk and sometimes brutal; no one gets a free ride on any idea put forward. So, Mr. Jungers has taken pains to document the citations from other writers upon whom he relies. Besides the four Evangelists, his frequent recourse is to Paul, Augustine, and Aquinas, the three main men of Western Christianity.
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Companions In Christ Deepening Our Prayer

Author : Adele J. Gonzalez
ISBN : 0835898326
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.68 MB
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The sensational small groups series Companions in Christ is now being offered in a new 5-piece participant book set as well as the traditional 1-piece participant book set. With the same great daily devotional material and group conversation, the two different participant book styles allow each group to create a study that best fits their members. The 5-piece participant book set will allow groups to take initial breaks between modules and each are to be used with the foundational leaders guide item 9780835898409. Deepening Our Prayer: The Heart of Christ is a guided experience of various classic forms and styles of prayer. Discover new dimensions of prayer, try fresh ways of opening to God, and learn what it means to practice the presence of God. Deepening Our Prayer is the third segment of a five-volume study of the original 28-week Companions in Christ resource. The five-piece participant series is designed for groups who will take breaks between the other four volumes. These other 4 volumes include: Embracing the Journey (9780835898300), Feeding on the Word (9780835898317), Responding to Our Call (9780835898331) and Exploring Spiritual Guidance (9780835898348).
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The Companions Of Jesus

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:266915007
Genre : Disciples of Christ
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Christ Our Companion

Author : Roberto S. Goizueta
ISBN : 9781608331949
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89.69 MB
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How the lives of the companions of Jesus become the canvas upon which God paints a picture of liberation. Goizueta unites this book around the disjuncture between the Christian claim that Christ's life, death, and resurrection are the key to universal human meaning and our increased consciousness of the diverse, pluralistic world in which we live. How can a Christian proclaim his message when the rationales for so much of the violence we see around us are gounded in religious principles. The credibility of Christ's claims rests on the evidence presented by those persons who have lived out those claims.
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Author : Don Mccormick
ISBN : 9781594675683
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Drawing from his varied professional experiences with the human-animal bond, Dr. Don, as he was fondly know by his clientele, provides a systematic way for us to study prayer from a Christ-centered perspective. From delivering a calf on a bitter cold snowy night to treating a pet snake with a rash, his incorporation of unique experiences with animals and their people into the intricacies of prayer provides a lasting impression of the relationship that Christ longs for with us, His companions. Through tears of sorrow and peals of laughter in these true stories of love and compassion in animal health care, Dr. Don draws fresh insight into each chapter, emphasizing key elements in a memorable way. This book is written in a clear, easy-to-understand, uplifting style, and it is based on sound Christian theology.
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Companion To The Poor

Author : Grigg, Viv
ISBN : 0958201978
Genre : Church and social problems
File Size : 60.77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Companion to the Poor This paradigm-shifting book has become a best-selling classic, translated into six languages, republished yearly for 30 years. It keeps upending the lifestyles of each decade of idealist seekers for genuine spirituality. Over a thousand workers have ended up in the slums of the world's mega-cities after reading it. It is the story of a young man's struggle in the slum of Tatalon, Manila. A struggle to find a way to live among the poor, preach good news to the poor, and transform the poverty. Entering into poverty, struggling with sickness, rejection and the many experiences of engagement in a dark place, out of it came the formation of a faith community and the birthing of a new pattern of evangelical theology of preaching grace, forming communities of faith and love, effecting economic change and doing justice. The fruit of those struggles has been a plethora of movements of incarnational workers living among the 1.3 billion urban poor of the global slums. This book encapsulates the core of new paradigms of evangelical theology - justice-oriented, while proclaiming good news, caring for those on the margins while growing communities of faith, oral theology based versus book-based, apostolic versus inward, with a spirituality of both quietness and the emotional celebratory spirituality of those who must release the pains of oppression weekly, seeking transformion on this earth as a progression to the coming reign of Christ.
Category: Church and social problems

The Cambridge Companion To Jesus

Author : ed BOCKMUEHL
ISBN : 0521796784
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This Companion offers an integrated introduction to the study of Jesus.
Category: Religion

The Cambridge Companion To Liberation Theology

Author : Christopher Rowland
ISBN : 9781139828055
Genre : Religion
File Size : 76.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Liberation theology is widely referred to in discussions of politics and religion but not always adequately understood. The second edition of this Companion brings the story of the movement's continuing importance and impact up to date. Additional essays, which complement those in the original edition, expand upon the issues by dealing with gender and sexuality and the important matter of epistemology. In the light of a more conservative ethos in Roman Catholicism, and in theology generally, liberation theology is often said to have been an intellectual movement tied to a particular period of ecumenical and political theology. These essays indicate its continuing importance in different contexts and enable readers to locate its distinctive intellectual ethos within the evolving contextual and cultural concerns of theology and religious studies. This book will be of interest to students of theology as well as to sociologists, political theorists and historians.
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The Oxford Companion To The Bible

Author : Bruce M. Metzger
ISBN : 0199743916
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Bible has had an immeasurable influence on Western culture, touching on virtually every aspect of our lives. It is one of the great wellsprings of Western religious, ethical, and philosophical traditions. It has been an endless source of inspiration to artists, from classic works such as Michaelangelo's Last Judgment, Handel's Messiah, or Milton's Paradise Lost, to modern works such as Thomas Mann's Joseph and His Brothers or Martin Scorsese's controversial Last Temptation of Christ. For countless generations, it has been a comfort in suffering, a place to reflect on the mysteries of birth, death, and immortality. Its stories and characters are an integral part of the repertoire of every educated adult, forming an enduring bond that spans thousands of years and embraces a vast community of believers and nonbelievers. The Oxford Companion to the Bible provides an authoritative one-volume reference to the people, places, events, books, institutions, religious belief, and secular influence of the Bible. Written by more than 250 scholars from some 20 nations and embracing a wide variety of perspectives, the Companion offers over seven hundred entries, ranging from brief identifications--who is Dives? where is Pisgah?--to extensive interpretive essays on topics such as the influence of the Bible on music or law. Ranging far beyond the scope of a traditional Bible dictionary, the Companion features, in addition to its many informative, factual entries, an abundance of interpretive essays. Here are extended entries on religious concepts from immortality, sin, and grace, to baptism, ethics, and the Holy Spirit. The contributors also explore biblical views of modern issues such as homosexuality, marriage, and anti-Semitism, and the impact of the Bible on the secular world (including a four-part article on the Bible's influence on literature). Of course, the Companion can also serve as a handy reference, the first place to turn to find factual information on the Bible. Readers will find fascinating, informative articles on all the books of the Bible--including the Apocrypha and many other ancient texts, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Pseudepigrapha, and the Mishrah. Virtually every figure who walked across the biblical stage is identified here, ranging from Rebekah, Rachel, and Mary, to Joseph, Barabbas, and Jesus. The Companion also offers entries that shed light on daily life in ancient Israel and the earliest Christian communities, with fascinating articles on feasts and festivals, clothing, medicine, units of time, houses, and furniture. Finally, there are twenty-eight pages of full-color maps, providing an accurate, detailed portrait of the biblical world. A vast compendium of information related to scriptures, here is an ideal complement to the Bible, an essential volume for every home and library, the first place to turn for information on the central book of Western culture.
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The Blackwell Companion To Jesus

Author : Delbert Burkett
ISBN : 9781444351750
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Blackwell Companion to Jesus features a comprehensive collection of essays that explore the diverse ways in which Jesus has been imagined or portrayed from the beginnings of Christianity to the present day. Considers portrayals of Jesus in the New Testament and beyond, Jesus in non-Christian religions, philosophical and historic perspectives, modern manifestations, and representations in Christian art, novels, and film Comprehensive scope of coverage distinguishes this work from similar offerings Examines both Christian and non-Christian perspectives on Jesus, including those from ethnic and sexual groups, as well as from other faiths Offers rich and rewarding insights which will shape our understanding of this influential figure and his enduring legacy
Category: Religion