Command Influence

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Command Influence

Author : Robert A. Shaines
ISBN : 9781432750688
Genre : Law
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George C. Schreiber was a twenty-five year old second lieutenant in charge of an Air Police guard unit in Pusan, Korea. A year earlier, in 1951, he had innocently been teaching fifth and sixth grade children in Brookfield, Illinois. A year later, he was convicted by a general court-martial of premeditated murder. The unconscionable injustice made no sense to twenty-three year old Air Force lawyer Robert A. Shaines and Schreiber’s story has haunted his thoughts ever since. Command Influence chronicles Shaines’ first hand observation of the dramatic events leading up to the trial of Schreiber and two of his contemporaries and shows how he, Schreiber and others became pawns in a power game among ambitious and vindictive men eager only to please those who could advance their military careers. This series of events would ultimately involve the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the Governor of Illinois, the President and the Supreme Court of the United States and bring about a change in the law which would reach the highest levels of government. A fascinating tale of military and legal history, Command Influence is also a captivatingly personal vindication of the conscience of the author, who comes to understand that he and Schreiber were a couple of dedicated, but naive and trusting young fellow officers whose lives and characters became permanently shaped by these events. Both were victims in their own ways.
Category: Law

Command Influence

Author : Joseph A. Gibbs
ISBN : OCLC:1090412686
Genre :
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Since the time in which we live is changing, both in attitudes and ideologies, the unit commander has to keep up with these changing times to create and maintain a strong, effective reenlistment program. It is proven almost daily that the number of reenlistments in any command is proportionate to the amount of command support devoted to the program.

They Call It Justice

Author : Luther C. West
ISBN : STANFORD:36105007596328
Genre : Courts-martial and courts of inquiry
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Category: Courts-martial and courts of inquiry

Command Crisis Influence Of Command Culture On The Allied Defeat At Suvla Bay

Author : Major Stuart J. Archer
ISBN : 9781786250209
Genre : History
File Size : 33.21 MB
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The IX Corps of the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (MEF) achieved a complete tactical surprise of the Turkish defenders with its landing on 6 August 1915. Yet, despite a huge superiority in resources and a ten-to-one advantage in men, the IX Corps failed to obtain its planned objectives. This study examines the extent that the outcome of the British failure was influenced by the prevalent British Army command culture. The British Army command culture of 1916 was directly linked to its past as a colonial police force. Although well suited for that role, it was unable to effectively deal with the changes in warfare and the rapidly expanding sizes of armies in 1916. The British command culture of the time consisted a personalized system that exercised a reliance on a system of seniority, a hands-off method of command at the senior and operational levels, and a restrictive method of control at the tactical level.
Category: History

Operation Provide Comfort

Author : Barbara W. Alsip
ISBN : 0788175483
Genre :
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Examines the 1994 incident in which two U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters transporting emergency relief personnel were misidentified as Iraqi Hind helicopters and shot down by U.S. F-15 fighters patrolling the airspace over Turkey, killing all 26 individuals aboard. Provides background information on the Operation Provide Comfort mission and reviews the accident investigation, the military justice process and administrative actions, and the corrective and other actions by the Dept. of Defense and the Air Force.

Command Influence

Author : L. D. Sledge
ISBN : 0971961727
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 26.10 MB
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Lieutenant Riggs McCall, is ordered to plead his client guilty, but he refuses, knowing he was not guilty. Riggs stays in trouble. Then he is ordered to defend a sergeant for a crime he did commit, and Riggs, does what he considers the wrong thing. This is a story of two very different young men who are confronted by a moral dilemma presented by powerful forces beyond their control. It is an exciting tale of justice in the military proving that military justice is to justice as military music is to music.
Category: Fiction

Emotions In Command

Author :
ISBN : 9781412822473
Genre : Social Science
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This book is part of a quest for a general theory of organizations valid in all cultures. Central to Frank Salter's investigation is the question of social power: why people obey their superiors. His approach is to locate the nature of organizational power in the behavioral details of hierarchical interactions in the institutional settings in which they occur. Salter begins by noting the extensive research that points to hierarchy as being a necessary component of organization and proceeds to an analysis rendered in universals of primary emotions and behaviors of dominance and affiliation. The first five chapters are theoretical, the last seven empirical. He reviews the social science literature showing the place of ethological methods and concepts, then aspects of the evolution and physiology of dominance and affiliation. Salter then introduces the emotional underpinnings of dominance and affiliation, and applies these concepts in a summary of the literature on interpersonal signaling. He describes the methods used, drawing parallels with classical ethology, anthropology, and sociology. The empirical section begins with a short chapter examining the simple commands given in a military parade. Chapter 7 analyses nightclub doormen's use of dominance in dealing with troublesome patrons. Chapter 8 describes the giving and receiving of commands in artistic rehearsals, and finds generally soft, appeased commands. Chapters 9 and 10 analyze courts and meetings respectively, finding both blunt and softened commands. Chapter 11 reports preliminary observations of command in general government bureaucracy, a setting which combines many organizational techniques in a highly articulated infrastructure. The concluding chapter summarizes the data and adopts a comparative method in searching for relationships between structural variables of institutional dominance and behavioral variables of command aggression, subordinate submission and resistance, and task characteristics. Provocative and well written, Emotions in Command will appeal to students and researchers in sociology, anthropology, and social and organizational-industrial psychology. Frank Kemp Salter is an Australian political scientist who has been a researcher with the Max Planck Society, Andechs, Germany since 1991 and is author of On Genetic Interests which is published by Transaction.
Category: Social Science

The Jag Journal

Author :
ISBN : HARVARD:32044106657414
Genre : Courts-martial and courts of inquiry
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Category: Courts-martial and courts of inquiry

The Army Lawyer

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35559004237933
Genre : Courts-martial and courts of inquiry
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Category: Courts-martial and courts of inquiry

Military Justice

Author : Eugene R. Fidell
ISBN : 9780199303496
Genre : Courts-martial and courts of inquiry
File Size : 57.37 MB
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"You can't handle the truth." These iconic words, bellowed by Jack Nicholson as Colonel Jessup in the 1992 movie A Few Good Men, became an emblem of the conflict between honor and truth that the collective imagination often considers the quintessence of military justice. The military is the rare part of contemporary society that enjoys the privilege of policing its own members' behavior, with special courts and a separate body of rules. Whether one is for or against this system, military trials are fascinating and little understood. This book opens a window on the military judicial system, offering an accessible and balanced assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of military legal regimes around the world. It illuminates US military justice through a comparison with civilian and foreign models for the administration of justice, with a particular emphasis on the UK and Canadian military justice systems. Drawing on his experience as a serving officer, private practitioner, and law professor, Eugene R. Fidell presents a hard-hitting tour of the field, exploring military justice trends across different countries and compliance (or lack thereof) with contemporary human rights standards. He digs into critical issues such as the response to sexual assault in the armed forces, the challenges of protecting judicial independence, and the effect of social media and modern technology on age-old traditions of military discipline. A rich series of case studies, ranging from examples of misconduct, such as the devastating Abu Ghraib photos, to political tangles, such as the Guantanamo military commissions, throw light on the high profile and occasionally obscure circumstances that emerge from today's military operations around the world. As Fidell's account shows, by understanding the mechanism of military justice we can better comprehend the political values of a country. "
Category: Courts-martial and courts of inquiry


Author : Don Brown
ISBN : 9780310858324
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.82 MB
Format : PDF
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From a murder in Paris to a courtroom in California to a terrorist camp in the Gobi Desert, Don Brown’s follow-up to Treason and Hostage plunges into a suspense-filled journey of danger, duty, and hope. The Commander’s Bodyguard is Shannon McGilverry, a crack NCIS agent assigned to protect Navy JAG Officer Zack Brewer. Zack is being hunted by terrorists, stalked by a psychopath, and is working his way through a perilous, politically-charged trial. When another Navy JAG officer is murdered, it’s clear that Zack is in harm’s way. As his bodyguard, Shannon must do more than protect Zack. She also must set aside her growing feelings for the brilliant attorney and investigate rumors that the love of his life, Diane Colcerninan, may still be alive. Zack finds himself in need of his faith more than ever as Navy SEALS launch a daring rescue attempt that has the potential to trigger World War III.
Category: Fiction

The Evolution Of Soviet Operational Art 1927 1991

Author : David M. Glantz
ISBN : 9781135237585
Genre : History
File Size : 46.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Soviet military concept of operational art and the associated theories such as "war of annihilations", "deep battle", and "deep operations" have been observed by the West since World War II. The Soviet government hid their military-theoretical work behind a veil of secrecy. Here, the Soviet theories are revealed in the words of those who created them in peacetime and applied them in war.
Category: History

The People Vs Barack Obama

Author : Ben Shapiro
ISBN : 9781476765143
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 75.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Now in paperback, New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro presents a comprehensive case against Barack Obama’s abuses of power during his time in office. From the DOJ to the NSA, from the EPA to the Department of Health and Human Services, Barack Obama’s administration has become a labyrinth of corruption and overreach touching every aspect of Americans’ lives. The People vs. Barack Obama strips away the soft media picture of the Obama administration to reveal a regime motivated by pure, unbridled power and details how each scandal has led to dozens of instances of as-yet-unprosecuted counts of espionage, involuntary manslaughter, violation of internal revenue laws, bribery, and obstruction of justice. The story of the Obama administration is a story of abuse, corruption, and venality on the broadest scale ever to spring from the office of the presidency. President Obama may be the culmination of a century of government growth—but more important, he is the apotheosis of the imperial presidency. Obama chooses when to enforce immigration laws, delays his own Obamacare proposals when it is politically convenient to do so, micromanages the economy, attacks the Supreme Court, Congress, and the sovereign states. And he proclaims that he alone is the voice of the people while encroaching on their rights. In The People vs. Barack Obama, Ben Shapiro brings Obama into the people’s court and addresses each of his abuses of power.
Category: Political Science

Authority Without Power

Author : John Owen Haley
ISBN : 0195357795
Genre : Law
File Size : 74.64 MB
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This book offers a comprehensive interpretive study of the role of law in contemporary Japan. Haley argues that the weakness of legal controls throughout Japanese history has assured the development and strength of informal community controls based on custom and consensus to maintain order--an order characterized by remarkable stability, with an equally significant degree of autonomy for individuals, communities, and businesses. Haley concludes by showing how Japan's weak legal system has reinforced preexisting patterns of extralegal social control, thus explaining many of the fundamental paradoxes of political and social life in contemporary Japan.
Category: Law


Author : Stephen K. Hayes
ISBN : 0897500733
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 67.17 MB
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The first installment in Hayes’ epic Ninja series introduces the reader to the building blocks of ninjutsu: basic postures, the natural elements that correspond with fighting techniques, weapons, and the “scheme of totality.” The author also teaches meditation exercises to strengthen one’s consciousness and decrease reaction time. The seminal book in Hayes’ best-selling collection, it provides the reader with the tools to start his path in the Togakure Ryu tradition.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Urban Battle Command In The 21st Century

Author : Russell W. Glenn
ISBN : 9780833040541
Genre : History
File Size : 89.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In every operation, the functions of command, control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and communications are all fundamental to success. But in cities, the dense population, many manmade structures, and other challenges act to severely impede these functions in several ways. This monograph contemplates the nature of those challenges and proposes several recommendations to surmount them in both the short and longer terms.
Category: History

Personal Benchmark

Author : Charles Widger
ISBN : 9781118963333
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In Personal Benchmark: Integrating Behavioral Finance and Investment Management, Chuck Widger and Dr. Daniel Crosby outline the ways in which a program of embedded behavioral finance, fueled by what matters most to you, can be your protection against irrational financial behavior. Along the way, you'll learn how to improve your investment experience, increase returns formerly sacrificed to misbehavior, and worry less about "The Economy" as you become increasingly focused on "My Economy." Welcome to a new way of investing, a new paradigm for conceptualizing wealth, and a system of turning emotion from your portfolio's worst enemy into its best friend! In this new model, risk is simply the likelihood that we will underperform our dreams. Irrationality is acting in ways that thwart our ability to reach those dreams. And the optimal portfolio is not the one that generates the highest return in abstraction, it is the one that helps us meet our goals without killing our nerves before we get there. This book gives advisors the tools needed to effectively communicate the design and execution of the Personal Benchmark solution.
Category: Business & Economics