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Cold Black Earth

Author : Sam Reaves
ISBN : 1503944344
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When Rachel Lindstrom fled from her rural hometown in western Illinois to join the State Department and see the world, she never expected to return with her life in tatters. But after the horrors of war and a painful divorce, the only place where she can rebuild is the town she once escaped. At home, however, there is little comfort. Her brother, still reeling from his wife's suicide, struggles to run the family farm and handle a hell-raising son. Rachel's arrival also draws a pair of rival suitors: her brother's handsome friend and a rough-hewn sheriff's deputy who pined for her in high school. Romance is the last thing on Rachel's mind, but a little comfort would be nice—except for the complications. When a deranged killer escapes from a local prison, the far-flung farmsteads go on high alert—especially when the bodies start turning up. And in a county where the miles outnumber the people, it soon becomes clear that the madman is close behind Rachel.
Category: Fiction

Black Earth

Author : M.S. Verish
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Black Earth: The Complete Trilogy All Three Novels in One Volume! Dawning, Meridian, and Nightfall Thief. Vagrant. Scoundrel. Words to describe a nameless Demon born of Shadow, lost in a world of Humans. The elements are his to command, but for all his magic, he cannot cure himself of the fatal malady that is his bane. In his desperate search for a remedy, he liberates a powerful immortal prince held captive inside a mountain. Eraekryst’s ability to read and guide the thoughts of others leaves the Demon a wary companion as they venture to Mystland, the land of magic. Two witches will alter their fate and cast them far from the lives they had known. They decide to head north, to become part of a land where the earth is cold and black, and the motives of its inhabitants are just as obscure. Their greatest threat watches and waits for their inevitable downfall. Seranonde the Huntress, a sinister immortal feared even by her own kind, has her sight locked upon both Eraekryst and the Demon. Only time will tell if they will fall victim to Seranonde’s dark intentions, or if their own destructive tendencies will be their ultimate undoing.
Category: Fiction

Black Earth Red Star

Author : R. Craig Nation
ISBN : 9781501729102
Genre : History
File Size : 67.74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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R. Craig Nation provides the first post-Cold War history of the Soviets' seventy-five-year struggle to maintain an effective national security policy in a hostile world without altogether abandoning the commitment to their original internationalist ideals.
Category: History

Black Earth End Of The Innocence

Author : David N. Alderman
ISBN : 9780615322766
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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On the evening of his high school graduation, Nathan Pierce collapses on stage. Plagued with visions of a strange girl intent on killing herself, he wonders if his mental instability is a consequence of the deadly car accident he was in days earlier. Heather Rhodes, wracked with guilt because of the fatal wreck, finds she is unable to forgive herself and begins to question her own beliefs. While the death of a newborn weighs on her heart, on her mind is the strange gift she was able to use to protect her and Nathan in the accident...a gift that Heather wonders may have just been a figment of her imagination. Cynthia Ruin, aka The Pink Rabbit, decides that her high school graduation night should be used for partying, not walking down the football field. At a nightclub in Scottsdale, Cynthia finds more than she bargained for when a stranger from her past decides to exact his revenge on her for a prior rejection. All three come to realize that their current problems are nothing compared to the stars that are falling from the sky. During the global crisis, the President of the United States makes it her personal mission to keep the country on the right track to becoming a world superpower, while a hostile entity known only as Absolute threatens her administration. Meanwhile, word starts to spread that the falling stars may not be stars at all....
Category: Fiction

Last Stories And Other Stories

Author : William T Vollmann
ISBN : 9780698135482
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51.88 MB
Format : PDF
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Supernaturally tinged stories from William T. Vollmann, author of the National Book Award winner Europe Central In this magnificent new work of fiction, his first in nine years, celebrated author William T. Vollmann offers a collection of ghost stories linked by themes of love, death, and the erotic. A Bohemian farmer’s dead wife returns to him, and their love endures, but at a gruesome price. A geisha prolongs her life by turning into a cherry tree. A journalist, haunted by the half-forgotten killing of a Bosnian couple, watches their story, and his own wartime tragedy, slip away from him. A dying American romances the ghost of his high school sweetheart while a homeless salaryman in Tokyo animates paper cutouts of ancient heroes. Are ghosts memories, fantasies, or monsters? Is there life in death? Vollmann has always operated in the shadowy borderland between categories, and these eerie tales, however far-flung their settings, all focus on the attempts of the living to avoid, control, or even seduce death. Vollmann’s stories will transport readers to a fantastical world where love and lust make anything possible.
Category: Fiction

To Have And To Hold Cortero Pantheon Edition

Author : Mary Johnston
ISBN : 9781934757130
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53.27 MB
Format : PDF
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To Have and to Hold introduced 20th century readers to what would become the fast-paced historical thriller of today. Released in February, 1900, it sold over 220,000 copies in just twelve weeks, and launched the career of one of the South's most talented writers, Mary Johnston. The plot is tailor-made for action. A beautiful maid-of-honor, a ward of King James I, escapes marriage to a libertine nobleman, who is the king's favorite. She flees to colonial Virginia with a cargo of brides sent out by the Virginia Company of London, and marries a rough, hard-working, settler. He turns out to be a former English soldier and a famous swordsman, who must now defend his wife against her former fiancee who has tracked her to Jamestown. From that starting point, we are treated to duels, shipwrecks, sieges, poisonings, adventures with pirates, and capture by indians-each following the other with breathtaking rapidity. To Have and to Hold was the first romance novel to go #1 on an official bestseller list. It was the inspiration for two movies and a musical drama, and was the first movie to be remade into a second version. "Daringly and dazzlingly written, full of vigorous movement; the characters are boldly outlined and the scenery is polychromatic. - Ernest A. Baker - Author - A Guide to Historical Fiction and The History of the English Novel"
Category: Fiction

Duty And Honor

Author : Daniel Reed
ISBN : 9780595840892
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.15 MB
Format : PDF
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Kurt broke into a cold sweat, the blood draining from his face, his legs all but failing him as he stood beneath enormous pressure. He gazed confoundedly upon the condemned, their faces miserable masks of terror. A good soldier follows orders without hesitation. Kurt Muller, a young German corporal fighting for his life on the barbaric Eastern Front during World War II, is just such a soldier. But when he is ordered by the sinister SS Captain Rykert to execute Jewish hideaways not far from the front, he finds himself in a life-and-death struggle with the often-conflicting concepts of duty and honor. He chooses honor-a decision that will change him forever. Muller is now on the run from the Russian army, partisans, and even his own people, who are bent on seeing him destroyed for saving Jewish lives. Along the way, he finds not only true love with Elena, one of the Jewish hideaways, but also a purpose for living that had previously eluded him. Though the war ends in 1945, Kurt and his newfound love face further adversity when Captain Rykert reenters their lives. Will Kurt and Elena escape the evil captain's net of revenge, or will they pay the ultimate price for honor?
Category: Fiction

Exploring Wisconsin Trout Streams

Author : Stephen M. Born
ISBN : 0299155544
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 45.62 MB
Format : PDF
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Aimed at both novice and veteran anglers, this text gives information about the fishing opportunities in Wisconsin - 100 miles of spring creeks, the nocturnal Hex hatch, and big salmonids in the Great Lakes tributaries. Emphasis is given to the importance of environmental preservation.
Category: Sports & Recreation