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The Codebreakers

Author : David Kahn
ISBN : 9781439103555
Genre : History
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The magnificent, unrivaled history of codes and ciphers -- how they're made, how they're broken, and the many and fascinating roles they've played since the dawn of civilization in war, business, diplomacy, and espionage -- updated with a new chapter on computer cryptography and the Ultra secret. Man has created codes to keep secrets and has broken codes to learn those secrets since the time of the Pharaohs. For 4,000 years, fierce battles have been waged between codemakers and codebreakers, and the story of these battles is civilization's secret history, the hidden account of how wars were won and lost, diplomatic intrigues foiled, business secrets stolen, governments ruined, computers hacked. From the XYZ Affair to the Dreyfus Affair, from the Gallic War to the Persian Gulf, from Druidic runes and the kaballah to outer space, from the Zimmermann telegram to Enigma to the Manhattan Project, codebreaking has shaped the course of human events to an extent beyond any easy reckoning. Once a government monopoly, cryptology today touches everybody. It secures the Internet, keeps e-mail private, maintains the integrity of cash machine transactions, and scrambles TV signals on unpaid-for channels. David Kahn's The Codebreakers takes the measure of what codes and codebreaking have meant in human history in a single comprehensive account, astonishing in its scope and enthralling in its execution. Hailed upon first publication as a book likely to become the definitive work of its kind, The Codebreakers has more than lived up to that prediction: it remains unsurpassed. With a brilliant new chapter that makes use of previously classified documents to bring the book thoroughly up to date, and to explore the myriad ways computer codes and their hackers are changing all of our lives, The Codebreakers is the skeleton key to a thousand thrilling true stories of intrigue, mystery, and adventure. It is a masterpiece of the historian's art.
Category: History


Author : Francis Harry Hinsley
ISBN : 0192801325
Genre : History
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''it is an exciting story they have to tell.'' -Tom Greenwell, Yorkshire Post''... because of its intense secrecy, the work of the men and women at Bletchley received no public recognition for many years after the war, and many of those who made important contributions are no longer alive.This volume of personal recollections by some 30 of the survivors is... especially welcome. Conditions of life and work at Bletchley, and its principal achievements, are faithfully sampled in Codebreakers, which is worth reading both for its historical interest and for the sidelights it throws on the problems encountered in the rapid assembly and organisation of one of the greatest collections of talent that has ever occurred in Western civilization.'' -Nature''This unique volume will be of great interest to cryptologists in particular, and intelligence buffs in general.'' -Surveillant''While some of the chapters are so technical that Stella Rimmington would struggle to unscramble them, one still gets a strong sense of the excitement and frustrations of a war fought on the airwaves.'' -Daily Telegraph''the anecdotal material is fascinating in the insight it gives into everyday life at the institution.'' -Sunday Times''Hinsley and Stripp have assembled 30 reminiscers - most geniuses, a few slaves, all highly informative.'' -Robin Blake, Independent on Sunday''it is a remarkable tribute to the men and women who worked to crack the Germans'' Enigma code.'' -David Hall,Oxford Times''The most interesting thing about this collection of essays is the light it throws on the personalities concerned.'' -Times Higher Education Supplement''These essays on the diverse activities at Bletchley Park (which remained secret until the 1970s) are enthralling.'' -The Observer''What makes Codebreakers so absorbing is that it has been written by the men and women who worked at Bletchley Park, all of whom were forbidden to talk about their work at the time. Codebreakers gives a fascinating insight into their daily lives.'' -Madeleine Burton, Hitchin Gazette''... one gets a strong sense of the excitement and frustrations of a war fought on the airwaves.'' -Daily Telegraph''Interesting stuff.'' -The Marine Society''This book has been put together from the personal memories of people none of whom would now be under 65. That they are so readable attests to the skill of the editors, who were themselves part of the Bletchley operation. Above all, it highlights the painstaking effort that intelligence work demands; but, as this volume shows, intelligence is useless there is force and a willingness to take advantage of it.'' -John Farquharson, Canberra Times''This new book is the first full account of Bletchley written by those who worked there. The book is superbly edited by F.H. Hinsley and Alan Stripp, Expositions are lucid and understandable to the layman - a considerable achievement. There are good photographs including those of Enigma cipher machines. Altogether, this is a splendid book for military historians, operational planners and especially intelligence officers.'' -Howard, Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Air Power History''This is a fascinating saga.'' -M. G. Bond, Army Quarterly and Defence Journal''editors and contributors have made Codebreakers an essential work... It must be read by anyone and everyone concerned with intelligence during the Second World war... It will be fundamental to anyone concerned with the techniques used during the Second World War to attack ciphers, super-enciphered codebooks or machine ciphers.'' -John Ferris, University of Calgary, Intelligence and National Secuirty''... a very intimate, anecdotal history. Despite the grim and far-reaching nature of their work, the reader goets a sense of a world bounded by four walls and shared with a few close associates whose common work made for very close relationships. The work of the codebreakers... is fascinating, if sometimes barely comprehensible.... a dramatic insight into just how remarkable the codebreakers'' accomplishments were.'' -British Heritage''It comes with impeccable references in the shape of its editors'' background and reputation, and does not disappoint.'' -The British Army Review''fascinating insiders'' account of wartime code-cracking... and absorbing read.'' -Niall Fergusson''a highly revealing, even exciting book... that lays fascinating former secrets bare... It is a delight to have so crucial a subject so clearly and entertainingly described, by some thirty people who really understand what they are discussing and can set the record quite straight.'' -M. R. D. Foot, The Times''Anyone interested in the Second World War will sit up all night, and chess players and puzzle-solvers will be captivated by the later chapters.'' -Noel Annan, Independent on Sunday
Category: History


Author : Bengt Beckman
ISBN : 0821828894
Genre : History
File Size : 40.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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One of the greatest accomplishments in the history of cryptography occurred in 1940 when a Swedish mathematician broke the German code used for strategic military communications. This story has all the elements of a classic thriller: a desperate wartime situation; a moody and secretive mathematical genius with a talent for cryptography; and a stunning mathematical feat, mysterious to this day. Arne Beurling, the man who inherited Einstein's office at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study, was the figure who played this role at a crucial moment in world history. The author, Bengt Beckman, for many years was the head of the cryptanalysis department of the Swedish signal intelligence agency. He has crafted a book that a reader at any level of mathematical sophistication will thoroughly enjoy. It will appeal to a broad audience of readers, from historians and biography buffs to mathematicians to anyone with a passing interest in cryptology and cryptanalysis.
Category: History


Author : James Wyllie
ISBN : 9781473501461
Genre : History
File Size : 43.55 MB
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While battalions hunkered down in the mud of western France, anti-aircraft guns took aim at zeppelins floating over the capital, and Atlantic convoys tried desperately to evade German U-boats, another, more secret battle was underway. Down gloomy Whitehall corridors a team of eccentric and pioneering codebreakers were fighting for information that would give them a decisive advantage over the enemy. The new technologies of wireless and telegraph were vital for governments and the military, but vulnerable to interception. Cracking the codes used to protect them quickly became a crucial part of the war effort, and London Room 40, led by the charismatic and cunning ‘Blinker’ Hall, was at the centre of this push for intelligence. Not content to wait for enemy communications to come to him, Hall was soon running agents in other countries, particularly in neutral USA where German saboteurs were intent on damaging the essential flow of munitions to Britain. The stories of Bletchley Park and the spies of the Second World War are well known, but it was Room 40 and their colleagues across the intelligence services that started it all. From the docks of New York City to shady Cairo hotels, this is the gripping and fast-paced story of spies, codebreakers and saboteurs.
Category: History

Codebreakers Victory

Author : Hervie Haufler
ISBN : 9781497622562
Genre : History
File Size : 62.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With exclusive interviews, a Signal Corps veteran tells the full story of how cryptography helped defeat the Axis powers, at Bletchley Park and beyond. For years, the story of the World War II codebreakers was kept a crucial state secret. Even Winston Churchill, himself a great advocate of Britain’s cryptologic program, purposefully minimized their achievements in his history books. Now, though, after decades have passed, the true scope of the British and American cryptographers’ role in the war has come to light. It was a role key to the Allied victory. From the Battle of Britain to the Pacific front to the panzer divisions in Africa, superior cryptography gave the Allies a decisive advantage over the Axis generals. Military intelligence made a significant difference in battle after battle. In Codebreakers’ Victory, veteran cryptographer Hervie Haufler takes readers behind the scenes in this fascinating underground world of ciphers and decoders. This broad view represents the first comprehensive account of codebreaking during World War II. Haufler pulls together years of research, exclusive access to top secret files, and personal interviews to craft a captivating must-read for anyone interested in the behind-the-front intellect and perseverance that went into beating the Nazis and Japan.
Category: History

The Bletchley Park Codebreakers

Author : Michael Smith
ISBN : 9781849546232
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 52.2 MB
Format : PDF
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The British codebreakers at Bletchley Park are now believed to have shortened the duration of the Second World War by up to two years. During the dark days of 1941, as Britain stood almost alone against the the Nazis, this remarkable achievement seemed impossible. This extraordinary book, originally published as Action This Day, includes descriptions by some of Britain s foremost historians of the work of Bletchley Park, from the breaking ofEnigma and other wartime codes to the invention of modern computing, and its influence on Cold War codebreaking. Crucially, it features personal reminiscences and very human stories of wartime codebreaking from former Bletchley Park codebreakers themselves. This edition includes new material from one of those who was there, making The Bletchley Park Codebreakers compulsive reading.
Category: Political Science

The Secret Lives Of Codebreakers

Author : Sinclair McKay
ISBN : 9781101603512
Genre : History
File Size : 86.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Go behind the scenes of the top-secret setting of The Imitation Game A remarkable look at day-to-day life of the codebreakers whose clandestine efforts helped win World War II Bletchley Park looked like any other sprawling country estate. In reality, however, it was the top-secret headquarters of Britain’s Government Code and Cypher School—and the site where Germany’s legendary Enigma code was finally cracked. There, the nation’s most brilliant mathematical minds—including Alan Turing, whose discoveries at Bletchley would fuel the birth of modern computing—toiled alongside debutantes, factory workers, and students on projects of international importance. Until now, little has been revealed about ordinary life at this extraordinary facility. Drawing on remarkable first-hand interviews, The Secret Lives of Codebreakers reveals the entertainments, pastimes, and furtive romances that helped ease the incredible pressures faced by these covert operatives as they worked to turn the tide of World War II. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: History


Author : Stephen Twigge
ISBN : 1526730804
Genre : History
File Size : 44.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The book reveals the story of British Codebreakers from the reign of Elizabeth I to the Cold War. It explores the use of ciphers during the Napoleonic wars, the role of the Royal Mail's Secret Office and the activities the Admiralty's 'Room 40' leading to the creation of the Government's Code and Cypher School. The main theme of the book are the events of the Second World War and the battle to break the German enigma codes. The centre of Britain's codebreaking operation was located at Bletchley Park in rural Buckinghamshire and it was from here that a hastily assembled army of codebreakers battled to decipher Nazi German's secret wartime communications. The deciphered high-level signals intelligence was known as Ultra and had a major influence on the outcome of the war, most notably contributing to crucial successes in the battle for the Atlantic and the D-Day landings in June 1944. The book also reveals the work undertaken in the Far-East and the allied efforts to break the Japanese military cipher code named Purple. The book ends with a re-assessment of the work undertaken by the British code breaker and mathematician Alan Turing and a brief overview of the codebreaking operations undertaken by GCHQ during the formative period of the Cold War.
Category: History


Author : Deborah Chancellor
ISBN : 1842996118
Genre : Children's stories
File Size : 53.68 MB
Format : PDF
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Part of a series which is particularly suitable for reluctant readers who prefer non-fiction/fact books. FYI also entices them into reading fiction. Jack and Harry love codes, and can't believe their luck when they find a mobile phone with a cryptic message on it. They set out to decode it, and it leads them into a kidnapping plot! Will they be able to stop the plan from going ahead? Fab adventure. Ages 9+.
Category: Children's stories

Saving Bletchley Park

Author : Sue Black
ISBN : 9781783521678
Genre : Computers
File Size : 67.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Imagine a Britain where the most important sites of historical significance are replaced with housing estates and supermarkets... Imagine a Britain without Bletchley Park, where Alan Turing and a team of code breakers changed the course of World War II and where thousands of women inspired future generations with their work in the fields of computing and technology... Now imagine a group of extraordinary people, who – seventy years after the birth of the modern computer at Bletchley Park – used technology to spark a social media campaign that helped secure its future and transform it into the world-class heritage and education centre it deserves to be. This is a story about saving Bletchley Park. But it is also the story of the hundreds of people who dedicated twenty years of hard work and determination to the campaign that saved it. It is a testament to the remarkable and mysterious work during World War II that made it a place worth saving. It is a book about campaigners, veterans, enthusiasts, computer geeks, technology, Twitter, trees and Stephen Fry stuck in a lift. And finally, it is a story about preserving the past for the generations of tomorrow.
Category: Computers