Coal Fired Generation

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Clean And Efficient Coal Fired Power Plants

Author : Heinz Termuehlen
ISBN : UOM:39015056192902
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book presents the evolution toward advanced coal-fired power plants. Advanced power plants with an efficiency level of 45% are today commercially available and even more efficient plants are in their development phase. Considering that presently many pulverized coal-fired power plants operate with an efficiency of about 32%, an improvement of more than 40% specific coal consumption and CO2 discharge can be achieved. Before trying to apply as a secondary measure the use of carbon sequestration, it seems that this 40% specific CO2 discharge reduction as a primary measure can much easier be achieved. The effect of power generation on the environment can be drastically improved by the use of flue gas cleanup systems in advanced pulverized coal-fired power plants (SO2 emission reduction from 40 to 1.4 lb/MWh and NOx emission reduction from 7.5 to 0.64 lb/MWh). With an increased number of coal-fired plants, CO2 discharge and emissions can be reduced, even with an increase of electric power generation in the US by 38% over the next 20 years. Even though the book concentrates on pulverized coal-fired power plants, it also discusses and compares other options like fluidized-bed combustion and coal gasification.
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Coal Fired Power Generation Handbook

Author : James G. Speight
ISBN : 9781119510123
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Coal accounts for approximately one quarter of world energy consumption and of the coal produced worldwide approximately 65% is shipped to electricity producers and 33% to industrial consumers, with most of the remainder going to consumers in the residential and commercial sectors. The total share of total world energy consumption by coal is expected to increase to almost 30% in 2035. This book describes the challenges and steps by which electricity is produced form coal and deals with the challenges for removing the environmental objections to the use of coal in future power plants. New technologies are described that could virtually eliminate the sulfur, nitrogen, and mercury pollutants that are released when coal is burned for electricity generation. In addition, technologies for the capture greenhouse gases emitted from coal-fired power plants are described and the means of preventing such emissions from contributing to global warming concerns. Written by one of the world’s leading energy experts, this volume is a must-have for any engineer, scientist, or student working in this field, providing a valuable reference and guide in a quickly changing field.
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Coal Fired Generation

Author : Paul Breeze
ISBN : 9780128040560
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Coal-Fired Generation is a concise, up-to-date and readable guide providing an introduction to this traditional power generation technology. It includes detailed descriptions of coal fired generation systems, demystifies the coal fired technology functions in practice as well as exploring the economic and environmental risk factors. Engineers, managers, policymakers and those involved in planning and delivering energy resources will find this reference a valuable guide, to help establish a reliable power supply address social and economic objectives. Focuses on the evolution of the traditional coal-fired generation Evaluates the economic and environmental viability of the system with concise diagrams and accessible explanations
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Power Generation From Coal

Author : IEA Coal Industry Advisory Board
ISBN : OCLC:880675410
Genre : Coal-fired power plants
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Coal is the biggest single source of energy for electricity production and its share is growing. The efficiency of converting coal into electricity matters: more efficient power plants use less fuel and emit less climate-damaging carbon dioxide. This book explores how efficiency is measured and reported at coal-fired power plants. With many different methods used to express efficiency performance, it is often difficult to compare plants, even before accounting for any fixed constraints such as coal quality and cooling-water temperature. Practical guidelines are presented that allow the efficiency and emissions of any plant to be reported on a common basis and compared against best practice. A global database of plant performance is proposed that would allow under-performing plants to be identified for improvement.--back cover
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Tracking New Coal Fired Power Plants

Author : Erik Shuster
ISBN : 9781437914214
Genre :
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Provides an overview of proposed new coal-fired power plants that are under development. This report may not represent all possible plants under consideration, but is intended to illustrate the potential that exists for installations of new coal-fired power plants. Recent experience has shown that public announcements of new coal-fired power plant development do not provide an accurate representation of actual new operating power plants. Actual plant capacity commissioned has historically been significantly less than the new capacity announced. The report focuses on those power plant projects that have achieved significant progress toward completion. Charts and tables.

Emissions Reduction Through Upgrade Of Coal Fired Power Plants Learning From Chinese Experience

Author : Association internationale pour l'évaluation du rendement scolaire
ISBN : 9264247491
Genre : China
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Abstract: Coal is the principal fuel for the generation of electrical power globally. It is the leading source of power generation in OECD countries and the dominant fuel source behind economic growth in non-OECD countries. However, while providing over 40% of the world's electricity, it is responsible for more than 70% of the CO2 arising from electricity generation. The IEA carried out a project to examine the potential to improve the performance of existing coal-fired plants. Two power units in China were selected to showcase measures that would improve their net efficiency. The results built on the efficiency gains made under China's national energy efficiency improvement programme and demonstrated the enormous potential to improve performance, with each percentage point increase capable of reducing CO2 emissions by many millions of tonnes over a unit's operational lifetime. Experiences learned in China can be applied to improving coal-fired power plant efficiency worldwide
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Upgrading Of Coal Fired Generating Units

Author : Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Bureau of Conservation, Economics & Energy Planning
ISBN : PSU:000022378798
Genre : Direct energy conversion
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Coal Energy Systems

Author : Bruce G. Miller
ISBN : 9780124974517
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 22.92 MB
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A Volume in the Sustainable World Series, Richard C. Dorf, Series Editor Coal is currently a major energy source in the United States as well as throughout the world, especially among many developing countries, and will continue to be so for many years. Fossil fuels will continue to be the dominant energy source for fueling the United States economy, with coal playing a major role for decades. Coal provides stability in price and availability, will continue to be a major source of electricity generation, will be the major source of hydrogen for the coming hydrogen economy, and has the potential to become an important source of liquid fuels. Conservation and renewable/sustainable energy are important in the overall energy picture, but will play a lesser role in helping us satisfy our energy demands. This book is a single source covering many coal-related subjects of interest ranging from explaining what coal is, where it is distributed and quantities it can be found in throughout the world, technical and policy issues regarding the use of coal, technologies used and under development for utilizing coal to produce heat, electricity, and chemicals with low environmental impact, vision for utilizing coal well into the 21st century, and the security coal presents. Key Features: ·A single-source reference for the energy professional, policy maker, and those interested in learning about the value of coal as an energy source that covers many aspects of coal and its use. ·Provides a comprehensive discussion of technical and policy issues regarding the use of coal. ·Presents coal's increasing role in providing energy security to the United States and other countries. ·Gives an up-to-date review of current energy usage, environmental issues, clean coal technologies under development, and policy factors affecting the use of coal. ·Addresses misconceptions of coal usage by illustrating that it can be used in an environmentally-friendly manner. Related Titles: Technology, Humans, and Society: Toward a Sustainable World. Richard C. Dorf, 2001. 0-12-221090-5 Wind Power in View: Energy Landscapes in a Crowded World. Martin J. Pasqualetti, Paul Gipe, Robert W. Righter, 2002. 0-12-546334-0
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Coal Power Plant Materials And Life Assessment

Author : A. Shibli
ISBN : 9780857097323
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Due to their continuing role in electricity generation, it is important that coal power plants operate as efficiently and cleanly as possible. Coal Power Plant Materials and Life Assessment reviews the materials used in coal plants, and how they can be assessed and managed to optimize plant operation. Part I considers the structural alloys used in coal plants. Part II then reviews performance modelling and life assessment techniques, explains the inspection and life-management approaches that can be adopted to optimize long term plant operation, and considers the technical and economic issues involved in meeting variable energy demands. Summarizes key research on coal-fired power plant materials, their behavior under operational loads, and approaches to life assessment and defect management Details the range of structural alloys used in coal power plants, and the life assessment techniques applicable to defect-free components under operational loads Reviews the life assessment techniques applicable to components containing defects and the approaches that can be adopted to optimize plant operation and new plant and component design
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