Clueless About Cars

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Clueless About Cars

Author : Lisa Christensen
ISBN : 1554073332
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 36.95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Provides information on a car's systems, preventative maintenance, making a preliminary diagnosis of a problm, making simple repairs, how to talk to a mechanic, buying and selling a car, and a car's impact on the environment.
Category: Transportation

Unstoppable The Life And Times Of A Used Car Salesman

Author : Richard Ochoa
ISBN : 9781641384902
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 35.89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is one man’s epic, and unlikely, journey into the highly competitive world of the automobile sales industry. A business so deadly and potentially treacherous it often leaves lives and careers shattered upon the rocky shores of life. Having been only trained for a life in the ministry, he sold his car to pay his debts, and the rest, as they say, is history. There could be no turning back—he could not, and he would not fail. This is a story of perseverance, and a dedication that most people would not think existed in a professional car salesman, whom most of the public consider lazy and dishonest. You will understand what it’s like to be one of the most despised and misunderstood characters in American history, and you will meet many of the colorful characters along the way. It is the author’s hope that the reader comes away with a better understanding of the courage and dedication needed to be successful in this highly competitive industry, that the reader be transported into the high-stakes, fast-paced world of auto sales, experiencing the joys of victory and the loneliness of defeat. You are about to enter the world of the dreaded used-car salesman. “Buyer, beware!”
Category: Fiction

Reality Rules Ii A Guide To Teen Nonfiction Reading Interests

Author : Elizabeth Fraser
ISBN : 9781610692922
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 72.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A must-have resource for librarians, teachers, and parents on the popular and growing area of teen nonfiction—a genre now mandated by the Common Core Standards.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

The Dynamics Of Persuasion

Author : Richard M. Perloff
ISBN : 9781317328889
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 77.50 MB
Format : PDF
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The Dynamics of Persuasion has been a staple resource for teaching persuasion for nearly two decades. Author Richard M. Perloff speaks to students in a style that is engaging and informational, explaining key theories and research as well as providing timely and relevant examples. The companion website includes materials for both students and instructors and expanding the pedagogical utilities. The sixth edition includes: updated theoretical and applied research in a variety of areas, including framing, inoculation, and self-affirmation; new studies of health campaigns; expanded coverage of social media marketing; enhanced discussion of the Elaboration Likelihood Model in light of continued research and new applications to everyday persuasion. The fundamentals of the book – emphasis on theory, clear-cut explanation of findings, in-depth discussion of persuasion processes and effects, and easy-to-follow real-world applications – continue in the sixth edition.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Clueless In Academe

Author : Gerald Graff
ISBN : 9780300132014
Genre : Education
File Size : 77.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Gerald Graff argues that our schools and colleges make the intellectual life seem more opaque, narrowly specialized, and beyond normal learning capacities than it is or needs to be. Left clueless in the academic world, many students view the life of the mind as a secret society for which only an elite few qualify. In a refreshing departure from standard diatribes against academia, Graff shows how academic unintelligibility is unwittingly reinforced not only by academic jargon and obscure writing, but by the disconnection of the curriculum and the failure to exploit the many connections between academia and popular culture. Finally, Graff offers a wealth of practical suggestions for making the culture of ideas and arguments more accessible to students, showing how students can enter the public debates that permeate their lives.
Category: Education

Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide

Author : Patrice Banks
ISBN : 9781501144127
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 53.10 MB
Format : PDF
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As featured on Fresh Air with Terry Gross A do-it-herself guide to auto maintenance, roadside emergencies, and the real scoop on how women can get honest car service at the garage, from engineer turned auto mechanic and award-winning entrepreneur Patrice Banks. Do you feel lost when explaining your car problems to a mechanic? Do you panic when something goes wrong with your ride? Have you felt like you were being overcharged or pressured into unnecessary add-ons at the auto shop? Fear no more: The Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide has got your back. So many women feel powerless, nervous, or embarrassed when taking our cars in for a repair, and yet we outnumber men both as drivers and as customers at auto repair shops The time has come for us to grab the wheel and finally take control of our cars. Filled with easy-to-follow illustrations and instructions, great tips, and lifesaving rules of thumb, The Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide will help take away the confusion and mystery surrounding cars, teach women what they need to know about how their cars work, and what they need to do to keep them running smoothly. Patrice Banks was once like most of us: a self-professed “auto airhead” who was clueless about car maintenance, yet convinced that mechanics were taking advantage of her. Now she’s an auto pro devoted to empowering women to learn basic car repairs and knowing what to do in an emergency. So whether you get a flat tire when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, your car overheats, or a mysterious dashboard light suddenly starts blinking, help is just a reach-in-the-glove-box away.
Category: Transportation

If You Re Clueless About Insurance And Want To Know More

Author : Seth Godin
ISBN : PSU:000050635139
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 62.83 MB
Format : PDF
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No one wants to learn the hard way about the need to have the right kind and the right amount of insurance. Godin clears a nontechnical and entertaining path through the insurance jungle. In his friendly, chatty tone, he outlines how insurance needs change over a lifetime as well as how to take an intelligent, comprehensive approach to insurance.
Category: Business & Economics

Dear Prince Charming

Author : Donna Kauffman
ISBN : 9780553900606
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.60 MB
Format : PDF
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Too short to be a model, too unartistically inclined to be a designer, Valerie Wagner has finally found her niche in the fashion world she loves as the publicist for Glass Slipper, Inc., and the mastermind behind the launch of their brand-new glossy magazine. She's signed up the perfect cover model - Prince Charming, an advice columnist who's won the hearts of millions of women with his acerbic wit and his on-target romantic insight. Best of all, he's never revealed his real name or shown his face. Until now. And it's Valerie who's about to bring him into the limelight. There's just one problem. America's sweetheart, the sexy and sensitive man who's helped millions of women get their man, is coming out of the closet with a vengeance. Valerie's new-found career is teetering on the brink of ruin. She can't crush the hopes of all the buyers of the magazine. She can't get Eric out of his seven-figure contract. And Prince Charming himself is tired of living a lie, and wants to find his own Mr. Right. Looks like there's no way out. Until Eric offers up his childhood best friend Jack, a sportswriter with a devilish smile and a chain of ruined relationships behind him. With Eric as the brains of the operation and Jack as the heartthrob that the media can sink its teeth into, they're an unbeatable team, and no one ever has to know... until Jack notices that behind Valerie's overachiever businesswoman personality is a woman with her very own kind of charm, and he decides to take matters into his own hands... Fresh, sexy, and funny enough to have come from the pen of Prince Charming himself, Donna Kauffman transcends the boundaries of romance and chick lit to take her own particular twist on a fairy tale.
Category: Fiction

If You Re Clueless About Saving Money And Want To Know More

Author : Seth Godin
ISBN : PSU:000032029253
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75.85 MB
Format : PDF
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Discusses the concept of saving and explains how to control spending, plug cash leaks, get out of debt, cease the use of credit cards, and more.
Category: Business & Economics

Clueless In L A

Author : D.J. Martin
ISBN : 9781493125937
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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My name is Matt Diamond, not that that really matters. I spent a little over ten years in the LA Police Department before I woke up one morning and asked myself, What the hell am I doing? This is a dirty business and when I worked in drugs and alcohol before moving over to homicide, it became clear that no one really cared a shit about what I was doing. Now, if they didnt care, why should I give a damn either? The pay was minimum wage, there was little time to myself, and sleep came less and less every day. The day I turned in my badge was much more exciting than when I put it on that first day. When we threw our hats in the air at the Academy, I felt like I could make a difference. Wrong again! When you join the police department you have the feeling you can make a difference, but the day you resign you know you didnt make a dent in this sorry, no thanks, society. You often wondered whom you were trying to protect and found out it was you. Thats old news. This was a new beginning for me: I received my license as a freelance private detective completely on my own. Nobody to tell me where to go every morning at briefing. No shooting in east LA for me to investigate for the 100th time. If you are ever in that area, it is a real war zone but you dont know who you are supposed to be fighting. Killing each other, the blacks against the Mexicans, the police trying to bring order where no one really wanted it. Believe me, it is no place for some guy like me who, I felt, was dedicated to preventing such things. You couldnt get a witness to point out a shooter for fear they might be the next victim. Tell me one person who really cared what went on in that hell hole, and I will show you a liar. The name on my fleabag so-called office now read Matt Diamond, Private Investigator. Not only was this my office, it was also where I lived. There was a pull-down bed that I never really put back in the wall, a small refrigerator in one corner, a really nice hot plate and a small bath with shower and toilet. But it was mine, and the rent was paid for a year due to the vacation money I received when leaving the LAPD.
Category: Fiction

New Cars Prices And Reviews 2001

Author : Edmund's Staff
ISBN : 0877596646
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 85.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 903
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Lists manufacturers' suggested retail and dealer invoice prices for all models, foreign and domestic, along with information on standard and optional equipment, specifications and reviews, and buying and leasing advice. Original.
Category: Transportation

Senior High Core Collection

Author : Raymond W. Barber
ISBN : UOM:39015066256606
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 20.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 167
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- More than 6,500 books in the initial clothbound volume, plus more than 2,400 new titles in four annual supplements. - New coverage of biographies, art, sports, Islam and the Middle East, and cultural diversity. - Special focus on graphic novels, primary source materials, nonbook materials, and periodicals. - Analytic entries for items in collections and anthologies.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Seeing Red Cars

Author : Laura Goodrich
ISBN : 9781605097299
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 979
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Surely you’ve experienced something like this: you buy a red car, and suddenly red cars appear everywhere. Why? Because you’re focusing on red cars—and you get more of whatever you focus on. But much of the time, consciously and unconsciously, we dwell on what we don’t want, and that’s what we get. Drawing on the latest scientific research, Laura Goodrich shows you how to stop fixating on negatives and rewire your brain to focus on positive outcomes. Unique and practical exercises—including a free online toolkit—and dozens of enlightening real-life stories help you identify what you truly want so that it drives everything you do. And Goodrich shows how Seeing Red Cars can build organizational cultures in which employees are playing to their passions and strengths, focusing on what they want, and achieving breakthrough results.
Category: Business & Economics

What S Up With Boys

Author : Crystal Kirgiss
ISBN : 9780310874164
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 39.39 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 134
Read : 1101

Written in a straightforward, honest manner, What’s Up with Boys? gives you insight into the lives of the male species. Going beyond the stereotypes—even if some are funny—Crystal Kirgiss offers concrete information about guys that will help you understand, appreciate, respect, and accept guys as God created them. Inside, you’ll find answers to questions such as: • What is the gender gap? • What does the Bible say about males and females—and what is God’s purpose for creating each? • How do biological factors affect boys’ behavior, thoughts, and actions? • Why do girls tend to speak thousands of more words a day than guys? • Why do boys sometimes seem immature? From biblical facts to common sense, humor, and thousands of surveys and interviews, What’s Up With Boys? is your practical handbook on how to deal with the guys in your life.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


Author :
ISBN : IND:30000111535575
Genre : History, Modern
File Size : 53.41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: History, Modern

Public Library Core Collection

Author : John Greenfieldt
ISBN : 0824210948
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 88.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 208
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Wilson's Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction (13th Edition, 2008) recommends reference and nonfiction books for the general adult audience. It is a guide to over 9,000 books (over 6,500 titles are new to this edition), plus review sources and other professional aids for librarians and media specialists. Acquisitions librarians, reference librarians and cataloguers can all use this reliable guide to building and maintaining a well-rounded collection of the most highly recommended reference and nonfiction books for adults. All titles are selected by librarians, editors, advisors, and nominators-all of them experts in public library services. The collection is a valuable tool for collection development and maintenance, reader's advisory, weeding your collection, and curriculum support. Richly enhanced records provide a wealth of useful information. All entries include complete bibliographic data as well as price, subject headings, annotations, grade level, Dewey classification, cover art, and quotations from reviews. Many entries also list awards, best-book lists, and starred reviews. Save Time: Efficiently organised and includes ""Starred"" titles Save Money: Allocate your resources to the best materials available Stay Relevant: Discover the best in important, contemporary categories Complete Coverage: Includes recommendations on periodicals and electronic resources, too Four-Year Subscription This Core Collection was originally sold as a four-year subscription. The core edition, published in 2008, delivers a library-bound volume with an extensive, selective list of recommended books. From 2009 to 2011 Wilson published extensive paperback supplements to the 2008 edition. A new cycle of materials will begin in 2012. However, the 2008 to 2011 materials are currently available. Buyers of them will receive all these materials immediately. All four years are only $420. Uniquely Valuable There is nothing quite like Wilson Core Collections. The accumulated expertise of our selectors, and the unquestioned reputation of these collections, is invaluable. Wilson Core Collections are universally recognised as impartial and expert aids to collection development that assist and reinforce the judgement of librarians everywhere. Selection to a Wilson Core Collection is strong support to any challenged purchase. Contemporary Relevance This Core Collection includes broad updates in the areas of crafts; terrorism, and international security; environment and global warming; diseases and medicine; and religion, plus other contemporary topics that keep the library's collection as current as today's headlines. Other Key Features Classified Catalogue - A list arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification, with complete cataloguing information for each book. Author, Title, Subject and Analytical Index - An in-depth key to the information in Classified Catalogue-including author and title analytics for works contained in anthologies and collections. Richly enhanced records provide complete bibliographic data, price, subject headings, descriptive annotations, grade level, Dewey classification, evaluative quotations from a review, when available. Listing works published in the United States, or published in Canada or the United Kingdom and distributed in the United States, Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction features extensive revisions in the areas of health, science and technology, personal finance, sports, cooking and gardening, and handicrafts. Biography, poetry and literary criticism continue to receive comprehensive treatment. Reference works in all subject fields are included.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Retirement Clues For The Clueless

Author : Christopher D. Hudson
ISBN : 1577485653
Genre : Religion
File Size : 38.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 341
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This gift book shows readers how to manage and plan their finances wisely and make creative use of time after retirement.
Category: Religion

Every Woman S Guide To Auto Racing

Author : Arlene L. Martin
ISBN : 0895299917
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 50.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 277
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For those females who feel out of the loop, rescue is near at hand. This guide teaches the basic of the sport -- how it began, the distinctive types of racing, the different tracks around the world. It explains terms like "splash 'n go" and "booger up, " and introduces some of the more famous modern-day drivers.
Category: Sports & Recreation