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Clinical Anatomy For Dummies

Author : David Terfera
ISBN : 9781118230121
Genre : Medical
File Size : 37.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Your ticket to acing Clinical Anatomy Clinical anatomy is the study of human anatomy as it relates toclinical practice. Unlike a basic anatomy and physiology coursedesigned to teach general anatomical knowledge, clinical anatomyfocuses on specific structures and issues that people may encounterin a clinical setting. Clinical Anatomy For Dummies presents a friendly,unintimidating overview of the material covered in a typicalcollege-level Clinical Anatomy course. Clear definitions, conciseexplanations, and plenty of full-color illustrations makeClinical Anatomy For Dummies the most accessible bookavailable to supplement your classroom texts. Plain-English explanations make difficult concepts easy tograsp Tracks to a typical college-level Clinical Anatomy course Features a 16-page color insert Whether you're a student or a practicing healthcare worker,Clinical Anatomy for Dummies makes this subject accessibleand easy to grasp.
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Exam Prep For Clinical Anatomy For Dummies

Author : David Mason
ISBN : PKEY:QA3068688
Genre : Education
File Size : 79.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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5,600 Exam Prep questions and answers. Ebooks, Textbooks, Courses, Books Simplified as questions and answers by Rico Publications. Very effective study tools especially when you only have a limited amount of time. They work with your textbook or without a textbook and can help you to review and learn essential terms, people, places, events, and key concepts.
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Medical Career Basics Course For Dummies 2 Ebook Bundle

Author : Jane Runzheimer
ISBN : 9781118596890
Genre : Medical
File Size : 23.51 MB
Format : PDF
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Two complete ebooks for one low price! Created and compiled bythe publisher, this medical school basics bundle bringstogether two of the bestselling For Dummies medical schooltitles in one, e-only bundle. With this special bundle,you’ll get the complete text of the followingtitles: Medical Ethics For Dummies Succeeding in the healthcare field means more than just making adiagnosis and writing a prescription. Healthcare professionals areresponsible for convincing patients and their family members of thebest course of action and treatments to follow, while knowing howto make the right moral and ethical choices. Unlike daunting andexpensive texts, Medical Ethics For Dummies offers anaccessible and affordable course supplement for anyone studyingmedical or biomedical ethics and includes moral issues surroundingstem cell research, genetic engineering, euthanasia, and muchmore. Clinical Anatomy For Dummies Clinical anatomy is the study of human anatomy as it relates toclinical practice. Unlike a basic anatomy and physiology coursedesigned to teach general anatomical knowledge, clinical anatomyfocuses on specific structures and issues that people may encounterin a clinical setting. Loaded with clear definitions, conciseexplanations, and plenty of full-color illustrations, ClinicalAnatomy For Dummies presents a friendly, unintimidatingoverview of the material covered in a typical college-levelClinical Anatomy course. About the Authors of Medical Ethics For Dummies Jane Runzheimer, MD, is a family physician who has served on theEthics Committee of Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park,Minnesota. Linda Johnson Larsen has written 24 books, many of whichhave an emphasis on health, and has been a patient advocate for herhusband and several family members. About the Authors of Clinical Anatomy For Dummies David Terfera, PhD, teaches biomedical sciences at theUniversity of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. ShereenJegtvig, DC, MS, is a health and nutrition writer.
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Medical Terminology For Dummies

Author : Beverley Henderson
ISBN : 9781118944059
Genre : Medical
File Size : 49.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Grasp and retain the fundamentals of medical terminology quicklyand easily Don't know a carcinoma from a hematoma? This friendly guideexplains how the easiest way to remember unfamiliar,often-tongue-twisting words is to learn their parts: the prefix,root, and suffix. Medical Terminology For Dummies breaksdown the words you'll encounter in your medical terminology courseand gives you plain-English explanations and examples to help youmaster definitions, pronunciations, and applications across allmedical fields. For many, the language of medicine and healthcare can beconfusing, and frequently presents the greatest challenge tostudents – this guide was designed to help you overcome thisproblem with ease! Packed with ideas, study materials, quizzes,mind maps, and games to help you retain the information, MedicalTerminology For Dummies quickly gets you up to speed on medicalprefixes, suffixes, and root words so you'll approach evenunfamiliar medical terms with confidence and ease. Bone up on words that describe and are related to the body'ssystems Correctly pronounce and understand the meanings of medicalterms Find tricks and study tips for memorizing words Build your knowledge with helpful word-building activities If you're working toward a certification or degree in a medicalor healthcare field, or if you're already on the job, MedicalTerminology For Dummies is the fast and easy way to learn thelingo.
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Anatomy Of Writing For Publication For Nurses Second Edition

Author : Cynthia Saver
ISBN : 9781938835421
Genre : Medical
File Size : 49.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses, Second Edition, is designed to help nurses bridge the gap between incomplete sentences and a published manuscript. The book’s contributors include the best and the brightest from publishing today. Most of the contributors have experience as editors of nursing journals, where their role is to decide which articles to accept for publication. These decision-makers share their important insights as to how they make their decisions, which will enhance the likelihood your manuscript is accepted for publication. The new edition covers, how to turn your dissertation or capstone project into a published article, how to write a letter to the editor and a book review, how to work with and manage contributors when writing a book, and how to understand open access, SQUIRE, APA, and more.
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Healthcare Online For Dummies

Author : Howard Wolinsky
ISBN : 0764506846
Genre : Computers
File Size : 50.66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Healthcare Online For Dummies empowers you to search the vast, sometimes confusing, resources of the Internet and find the medical information you need. The Internet and this book won't replace doctors, but Healthcare Online For Dummies will enable you to become an informed partner with your healthcare provider. This book includes sections on online search techniques, wellness, and major illnesses. An extensive directory of health and medical sites lists many of the best sites the Web has to offer.
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Medical Ethics For Dummies

Author : Jane Runzheimer, MD
ISBN : 9780470878569
Genre : Medical
File Size : 66.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A practical, insightful guide to the moral and ethical standards of healthcare Succeeding in the healthcare field means more than just making a diagnosis and writing a prescription. Healthcare professionals are responsible for convincing patients and their family members of the best course of action and treatments to follow, while knowing how to make the right moral and ethical choices, and so much more. Unlike daunting and expensive texts, Medical Ethics For Dummies offers an accessible and affordable course supplement for anyone studying medical or biomedical ethics. • Follows typical medical and biomedical ethics courses • Covers real ethical dilemmas doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers may face • Includes moral issues surrounding stem cell research, genetic engineering, euthanasia, and more Packed with helpful information, Medical Ethics For Dummies arms aspiring medical professionals with the philosophical and practical foundation for advancing in a field where critical ethical and moral decisions need to be rapidly and convincingly made.
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Reiki For Dummies

Author : Nina L. Paul
ISBN : 9781118054741
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 20.80 MB
Format : PDF
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Millions of people seek ways to relax, promote healing, or connect with their soul. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple but profound healing system that was originally developed in Japan. Reiki means "spiritual energy" or "universal life-force energy." The Reiki system is universal because it can be used by people of any background or religion. Reiki For Dummies explains how you can harness this energy for yourself. Reiki For Dummies is a plain-English Reiki guidebook. Discover what Reiki is, where it came from, and how to: Find and get the most from a Reiki treatment Use Reiki to boost your physical and emotional health Locate a Reiki class and become a Reiki practitioner Reiki For Dummies is amply illustrated and full of useful information on: Reiki symbols (plus nontraditional symbols) Reiki hand positions (for giving Reiki to yourself or others) Reiki for pets and animals Reiki for children and adults Reiki and surgery or medicines Reiki at birth or end-of-life Reiki in the house, in the car, or at work When you're ready to go further, Reiki For Dummies covers: Western and Japanese Reiki techniques; crystals, long distance Reiki, and setting up a successful Reiki practice. Reiki For Dummies is for you whether you are just finding out about Reiki or you are a seasoned professional who is looking for a clearly written, up-to-date, inclusive, and comprehensive source of Reiki information. Nina Paul, PhD (New York, NY), is a Reiki Master who uses Reiki to help herself and others. She has a doctorate in immunology and epidemiology and she believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness . Nina is also the author of the compassionate guide: Living with Hepatitis C For Dummies (0-7645-7620-8).
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Biology For Dummies

Author : Donna Rae Siegfried
ISBN : 0764553267
Genre : Science
File Size : 35.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Ever wondered how the food you eat becomes the energy your body needs to keep going? If DNA is a set of instructions in your cells, how does it tell your cells what to do? How does your brain know what your feet are doing? The theory of evolution says that humans and chimps descended from a common ancestor, but does it tell us how and why? We humans are insatiably curious creatures who can’t help wondering how things work – starting with our own bodies. Wouldn’t it be great to have a single source of quick answers to all our questions about how living things work? Now there is. From molecules to animals, cells to ecosystems, Biology For Dummies answers all your questions about how living things work. Written in plain English and packed with dozens of illustrations, quick-reference “Cheat Sheets” and helpful tables and diagrams, it can get you quickly up to speed on what you need to know to: Understand how cells work Ge t a handle on the chemi stry of life Find out how food becomes energy Get to know your body’s systems Decode the secrets of DNA Find out what evolution is and isn’t and how it works Take a peek into the lives of bacteria Explore how viruses do their thing Most basic biology books take a very round about approach, dividing things up according to different types of organisms. Biology For Dummies cuts right to the chase with fast-paced, easy-to-absorb explanations of the life processes common to all organisms. Topics covered include: How plants and animals get nutrients How organisms transport nutrients and expel waste How nutrients are transformed into energy How energy is used to sustain life How organisms breathe How organisms reproduce How organisms evolve into new life-forms How organisms create ecosystems With this engaging guide in your corner, you’ll get a grip on complex biology concepts and unlock the mysteries of how life works in no time – no advanced degrees required.
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