Climate Matters

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Climate Matters Ethics In A Warming World Norton Global Ethics Series

Author : John Broome
ISBN : 9780393084092
Genre : Nature
File Size : 43.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A vital new moral perspective on the climate change debate. Esteemed philosopher John Broome avoids the familiar ideological stances on climate change policy and examines the issue through an invigorating new lens. As he considers the moral dimensions of climate change, he reasons clearly through what universal standards of goodness and justice require of us, both as citizens and as governments. His conclusions—some as demanding as they are logical—will challenge and enlighten. Eco-conscious readers may be surprised to hear they have a duty to offset all their carbon emissions, while policy makers will grapple with Broome’s analysis of what if anything is owed to future generations. From the science of greenhouse gases to the intricate logic of cap and trade, Broome reveals how the principles that underlie everyday decision making also provide simple and effective ideas for confronting climate change. Climate Matters is an essential contribution to one of the paramount issues of our time.
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School Climate Matters

Author : Bo Ning (Associate professor)
ISBN : 1003049826
Genre : Education
File Size : 26.46 MB
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"This book describes the effect of school climate on student academic achievement. The unexpected leading position of Shanghai in its first and second appearance of the PISA survey - topping every league table in this assessment by a clear margin - attracted attention from all over the world. This book focuses on the relationship between student academic achievement and the characteristics of students and schools in Shanghai, while showing the effects of these factors within this specific educational ecology. Bo Ning considers the relationship between school climate and student academic achievement using data from PISA 2009 and 2012, with a focus on reading and mathematics. School climate is confined to the quality and characteristics of school life in relationships, and teaching and learning issues from a student perspective. In each chapter, one or several of the following five school climate variables are explored: school appreciation, teacher-student relations, disciplinary climate, reading atmosphere, and supportive climate. In addition to the focus on school climate, three basic concerns run through the whole book: the Shanghai educational context, the comparative approach, and causal inference. This book will be of great interest to academics, researchers, and postgraduate students in the fields of international and comparative education"--
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University Initiatives In Climate Change Mitigation And Adaptation

Author : Walter Leal Filho
ISBN : 9783319895901
Genre : Science
File Size : 36.59 MB
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This book focuses on the role of higher education institutions in addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges, contributing to the development of this fast-growing field. Further, it includes the results of empirical research and offers ideas regarding on-going and future research initiatives. The contributions also • showcase the research and projects on issues pertaining to climate change at universities from across the globe; • document and promote ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of research projects, especially successful initiatives and best practices; and • introduce methodological approaches and projects that offer a better understanding of climate change across society and economic sectors. The book is structured around two parts: lessons learned from climate change research, education, studies and projects. Each part focuses on mitigation and adaptation respectively, with many responses of the two modalities overlapping. This book is a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners in the fields of environment, human geography, business and economics, as well as academics and students, as it presents education, communication and awareness-raising projects on matters related to climate change at universities in both industrialised and developing countries, often in cooperation with government bodies, NGOs and other stakeholders.
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Society And Climate Transformations And Challenges

Author : Stehr Nico
ISBN : 9789813272446
Genre : Science
File Size : 56.30 MB
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Climate has for a long time been a taken-for-granted background against which social, political and economic interactions have taken place. But this taken-for-granted background is cleaving. It is becoming hard to ignore the potential repercussions of a changing climate, and the uneven impact of certain forms of human society and energy cultures that risk undermining their own environmental conditions.In a comprehensive and accessible way, this book:Drawing on the insights of various disciplines and citing numerous examples, Society and Climate probes the interplay between society, science and climate, and warns against making any easy assumptions.
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Climate Change

Author : William Burroughs
ISBN : 0521567718
Genre : Nature
File Size : 62.40 MB
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The Ethical Underpinnings Of Climate Economics

Author : Adrian Walsh
ISBN : 9781317303152
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 23.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Despite their obvious importance, the ethical implications of climate change are often neglected in economic evaluations of mitigation and adaptation policies. Economic climate models provide estimates of the value of mitigation benefits, provide understanding of the costs of reducing emissions, and develop tools for making policy choices under uncertainty. They have thus offered theoretical and empirical instruments for the design and implementation of a range of climate policies, but the ethical assumptions included in the calculations are usually left unarticulated. This book, which brings together scholars from both economics and ethical theory, explores the interrelation between climate ethics and economics. Examining a wide range of topics including sustainability, conceptions of value, risk management and the monetization of harm, the book will explore the ethical limitations of economic analysis but will not assume that economic theory cannot accommodate the concerns raised. The aim in part is to identify ethical shortcomings of economic analysis and to propose solutions. Given the on-going role of economics in government thinking on mitigation, a constructive approach is vital if we are to deal adequately with climate change. This volume will be of great interest to students and scholars of environmental ethics, economics, political science, political philosophy and the philosophy of economics.
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Does The Investment Climate Matter

Author : Pablo Fajnzylber
ISBN : 0821374125
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.32 MB
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Although the Latin American region's growth rates are at a three decade high, they have been historically disappointing in relative terms, which cannot be dissociated from the microeconomic environment in which firms operate. Policy makers may need to complement their focus on macroeconomic stability with an increased emphasis on microeconomic reforms. By providing empirical evidence linking actual firm performance to shortcomings in Latin America's investment climate, the book discusses policies that could have a significant impact on firm productivity by improving the environment in which firms invest and operate.
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Climate Justice In A Non Ideal World

Author : Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow Clare Heyward
ISBN : 9780198744047
Genre :
File Size : 82.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Climate change is a pressing international political issue, for which a practical but principled solution is urgently required. Climate Justice in a Non-Ideal World aims to make normative theorising on climate justice more relevant and applicable to political realities and public policy. The motivation behind this edited collection is that normative theorising has something to offer even in an imperfect world mired by partial compliance and unfavourable circumstances. In the last years, a lively debate has sprung up in political philosophy about non-ideal theory and there has also been an upsurge of interest in the various normative issues raised by climate change such as intergenerational justice, transnational harm, collective action, or risk assessment. However, there has been little systematic discussion of the links between climate justice and non-ideal theory even though the former would seem like a paradigm example of the relevance of the latter. The aim of this edited volume is to address this. In doing so, the volume presents original work from leading experts on climate ethics, including several who have participated in climate policy. The first part of the book discusses those facets of the debate on climate justice that become relevant due to the shortcomings of current global action on climate change. The second part makes specific suggestions for adjusting current policies and negotiating procedures in ways that are feasible in the relatively short term while still decreasing the distance between current climate policy and the ideal. The chapters in the third and final part reflect upon how philosophical work can be brought to bear on the debates in climate science, communication, and politics.

Climate Change In The South Pacific Impacts And Responses In Australia New Zealand And Small Island States

Author : Alexander Gillespie
ISBN : 9780792360773
Genre : Science
File Size : 32.32 MB
Format : PDF
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ALEXANDER GILLESPIE & WILLIAM C.G. BURNS The idea for this book grew out of the Ecopolitics conference in Canberra, Australia in 1996. The conference captured the ferment of the climate change debate in the South Pacific, as well as some its potential implications for the region’s inhabitants and e- systems. At that conference, one of the editors (Gillespie) delivered a paper on climate change issues in the region, as did Ros Taplin and Mark Diesendorf, who are also c- tributors to this volume. This book focuses on climate change issues in Australia, New Zealand, and the small island nations in the Pacific as the world struggles to cope with possible the impacts of environmental change and to formulate effective responses. While Australia and New Zealand’s per capita emissions of greenhouse gases are among the highest in the world, their aggregate contributions are small. However, both nations may exert a disprop- tionate influence in the global greenhouse debate because their obstinate positions at recent conferences of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on C- mate Change (FCCC) may provide justification for other developed nations, as well as developing countries, to refuse to make meaningful reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions.
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Climate Challenged Society

Author : John S. Dryzek
ISBN : 9780191510830
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 89.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is an original, accessible, and thought-provoking introduction to the severe and broad-ranging challenges that climate change presents and how societies can respond. It synthesizes and deploys cutting-edge scholarship on the range of social, economic, political, and philosophical issues surrounding climate change. The treatment is introductory, but the book is written "with attitude", for nobody has yet charted in coherent, integrative, and effective fashion a way to move societies beyond their current paralysis as they face the challenges of climate change. The coverage begins with an examination of science, public opinion, and policy making, with special attention to organized climate change denial. The book then moves to economic analysis and its limits; different kinds of policies; climate justice; governance at all levels from the local to the global; and the challenge of an emerging "Anthropocene" in which the mostly unintended consequences of human action drive the earth system into a more chaotic and unstable era. The conclusion considers the prospects for fundamental transition in ideas, movements, economics, and governance.
Category: Political Science

India S Investment Climate

Author : Aurora Ferrari
ISBN : 9780821378083
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 64.89 MB
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The Indian economy has emerged as one of the world?s fastest growing economies in the past few years. Greater investment, increased productivity, and deeper integration in the world economy have been the key growth drivers. Nonetheless, three main challenges remain: insufficient job creation in the formal sector; large and growing disparities between states; and increasing, but still low, productivity. India's Investment Climate identifies what the government can do to tackle these challenges by improving the investment climate for three key sectors, manufacturing, retail and software-ITES. Th.
Category: Business & Economics

Climate Action

Author : Natalia Marshall
ISBN : 0955440858
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38.37 MB
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Project supported by many international agencies.
Category: Business & Economics

Assessing The Impact Of The Investment Climate On Productivity Using Firm Level Data

Author : Alvaro Escribano
Genre : Industrial productivity
File Size : 68.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Developing countries are increasingly concerned about improving country competitiveness and productivity as they face the increasing pressures of globalization and attempt to improve economic growth and reduce poverty. Among such countries, investment climate assessments (ICA) have become a standard instrument for identifying key obstacles to country competitiveness and imputing their impact on productivity, in order to prioritize policy reforms for enhancing competitiveness. Given the survey objectives and the nature and limitations of the data collected, the authors discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using different productivity measures based on data at the firm level. Their main objective is to develop a methodology to appropriately estimate, in a robust manner, the productivity impact of the investment climate variables. To illustrate the use of this methodology, the authors apply it to the data collected for ICAs in three countries-Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Observations in logarithms (logs) of the variables, and not in rates of growth, are pooled from all three countries. The econometric analysis is done with variables in logs to reduce the impact of measurement errors and allow inclusion of as many observations as possible since the "panel" data set is very unbalanced. The authors address the endogeneity of the production function inputs and of the investment climate variables by using a variant of the control function approach based on individual firm information, and by aggregating investment climate variables by industry and region. The authors show that it is possible to get robust results for 10 different productivity measures, if one follows a consistent econometric methodology of specification and estimation. For policy analysis, they recommend using those results of investment climate variables on productivity that are robust for most of the productivity measures. The also analyze efficiency aspects of firms in each country. Finally, they decompose the results to obtain country-specific impacts and establish corresponding priorities for policy reform. The actual estimates for the three countries show the level of significance of the impact of investment climate variables on productivity. Variables in several categories, red tape and infrastructure in particular, appear to account for over 30 percent of productivity. The policy implications are clear: investment climate matters enormously and the relative impact of the various investment climate variables indicates where reform efforts should be directed. Given the robustness of the results, the authors argue that the econometric methodology of productivity analysis developed here ought to be used as a benchmark to assess productivity effects for other ICAs or surveys with firm-level data of similar characteristics.
Category: Industrial productivity

The Climate Casino

Author : William Nordhaus
ISBN : 9780300203813
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Climate change is profoundly altering our world in ways that pose major risks to human societies and natural systems. We have entered the Climate Casino and are rolling the global-warming dice, warns economist William Nordhaus. But there is still time to turn around and walk back out of the casino, and in this essential book the author explains how.div /DIVdivBringing together all the important issues surrounding the climate debate, Nordhaus describes the science, economics, and politics involved—and the steps necessary to reduce the perils of global warming. Using language accessible to any concerned citizen and taking care to present different points of view fairly, he discusses the problem from start to finish: from the beginning, where warming originates in our personal energy use, to the end, where societies employ regulations or taxes or subsidies to slow the emissions of gases responsible for climate change./DIVdiv /DIVdivNordhaus offers a new analysis of why earlier policies, such as the Kyoto Protocol, failed to slow carbon dioxide emissions, how new approaches can succeed, and which policy tools will most effectively reduce emissions. In short, he clarifies a defining problem of our times and lays out the next critical steps for slowing the trajectory of global warming./DIV
Category: Business & Economics

Climate Justice

Author : T. Thorp
ISBN : 9781137394644
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 25.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this ground-breaking work, Teresa Thorp tackles the causes and effects of climate injustice by methodically mapping out an approach by which to reach a negotiatedconsensus with legal force to protect present and future generations. Using the law and policy of climate change as a vehicle for illustrating how to shape our future,she comprehensively overturns the widely held contemporary view of climate justice as inconstant charitable acts, relative systemic notions and static concepts isolatedfrom the common good and a congruent rule of law. Responding to the adverse impacts of climate change (heat waves, extended drought, severe flooding anddesertification), which represent an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet, requires a new and cohesive way of thinking aboutglobal policy and the law. The mission of guaranteeing and realising human dignity, human security and human rights is multi-fold. Looking through the lens of kaleidoscopic normativity, anextensible language anchored in common juridical elements should facilitate how norms enter the socio-legal frame and interact within it. Users need to be able todisplay and interpret the congruent legal norm in order to obey and apply it. Galvanising this process by constitutionalising first principles and consequential normsis vital for attaining fraternity between nations and among all people. divClimate Justice – A Voice for the Future is an essential read for scholars, practitioners and all those genuinely interested in reaching consensus on a post-2015 global climate accord, a unified development agenda and a cohesive pact for disaster-risk reduction.
Category: Social Science

Travel Matters

Author :
ISBN : 9780309087735
Genre : Buses
File Size : 29.81 MB
Format : PDF
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The report and the TravelMatters website (developed as part of this project) are designed to present information on climate change and to examine how greenhouse gas emissions from transportation may be reduced. Both the print and web-based research products review the capacity of public transportation to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and present this information in a format accessible to transportation professionals and the general public. Key strategies for reducing transportation emissions--increasing the use of transit, changing land-use patterns, and adopting energy-efficient technologies and fuels in transit fleets--are discussed.
Category: Buses

Solidarity And Prosocial Behavior

Author : Detlev Fetchenhauer
ISBN : 9780387280325
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 81.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is the product of an intensive cooperation between psych- ogists and sociologists who study solidarity and prosocial behavior, and its fruits are briefly summarized in Chapter 1. The topics of so- darity and prosocial behavior are at the core of both disciplines and thus one might expect that an intensive cooperation like the one that produced this book is not uncommon. Surprisingly however, it is extremely rare that sociologists and psychologists get together to c- bine their knowledge in these fields. Instead, researchers from both disciplines tend to ignore each other’s work quite generally, and the work on prosocial and antisocial behavior is no exception. The conviction that sociology and psychology can benefit from each other’s work led us—a group of sociologists and psychologists at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands)—in 1999 to launch a joint research project on solidarity and prosociality. The aim was to find a common ground on which insights from each discipline could contribute to a broader understanding of solidarity and prosocial behavior. This interdisciplinary research project was called Prosocial Dispositions and Solidary Behavior and it was financed by the University of Groningen as a so-called breedtestrategie program (i.e., a program for broadening disciplinary approaches).
Category: Social Science