Climate Change And Health

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Climate Change And Public Health

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ISBN : 9780190202453
Genre : Climatic changes
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Climate change is causing, and will increasingly cause, a wide range of adverse health effects, including heat-related disorders, infectious diseases, respiratory and allergic disorders, malnutrition, mental health problems, and violence. The scientific bases for the associations between climate change and health problems are evolving as are the strategies for adapting to climate change and mitigating the greenhouse gases, which are its primary cause. Orchestrating and coordinating contributions from more than 75 selected public health specialists and environmental scientists, the editors have developed a concise and comprehensive book that represents a core curriculum on climate change and public health, including key strategies for adaptation and mitigation. Written primarily for students and mid-career professionals in public health and environmental sciences, the book clearly describes concepts and their application to the health impacts of climate change. Chapters are supplemented with case studies, graphs, tables and photographs. The book's organization in 15 chapters makes it an ideal textbook for graduate and undergraduate courses in public health, environmental sciences, public policy, and other fields.
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Climate Change Health Equity Program

Author : California. Office of Health Equity
ISBN : OCLC:1145988320
Genre : Climate change mitigation
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Adaptation To Health Effects Of Climate Change In Europe

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Scientific evidence shows that the climate is changing largely as a result of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emission. Even if all countries adhere to their current commitments a rise of 3 °C is predicted. Climate change already has negative effects on health. The main impacts on health in Europe are from heat and heat-waves, changing patterns of infectious and vector-borne diseases, and from extreme disasters like floods and fires. The need for making the health sector more resilient to risk at large has been illustrated not the least by the recent COVID-19 crisis. This opinion presents the challenges for the health sector caused by the need for adapting to the increased risks from climate change. The opinion recommends: the integration of health aspects in all policies, across all sectors and governance levels, affected by the climate change adaptation strategies and plans; supporting the capacity and preparedness of the health sector in the EU to deal with climate impacts, as part of broader disaster and emergency risk strategies, including surveillance, monitoring and assessment; designing policies to support the most vulnerable social groups and geographical areas.

Climate Change And Human Health

Author : A. J. McMichael
ISBN : 924156248X
Genre : Health & Fitness
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This publication, prepared jointly by the WHO, the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme, considers the public health challenges arising from global climate change and options for policy responses, with particular focus on the health sector. Aspects discussed include: an overview of historical developments and recent scientific assessments; weather and climate change; population vulnerability and the adaptive capacity of public health systems; the IPCC Third Assessment report; tasks for public health scientists; the health impacts of climate extremes; climate change, infectious diseases and the level of disease burdens; ozone depletion, ultraviolet radiation and health; and methodological issues in monitoring health effects of climate change.
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Climate Change And Health In The Western Pacific Region

Author : Joshua Nealon
ISBN : 9789290617372
Genre : Medical
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There is serious concern about the impact of the changing climate. The WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific has taken the initiative in addressing health issues related to climate change, but further action is needed to support efforts to confront climate change in Member States and in various sectors. Health must be mainstreamed into efforts to address climate change, and action must be coordinated and integrated across national boundaries and in all sectors. This report synthesizes information and approaches on climate change and health pertinent to Member States in the Western Pacific Region. It also examines efforts and initiatives by various experts and stakeholders, with an in-depth look at experiences in seven Member States that reflect the diversity of the Region. Finally, it offers recommendations for policy-makers.
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Global Climate Change And Public Health

Author : Kent E. Pinkerton
ISBN : 9781461484172
Genre : Medical
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Pulmonary physicians and scientists currently have minimal capacity to respond to climate change and its impacts on health. The extent to which climate change influences the prevalence and incidence of respiratory morbidity remains largely undefined. However, evidence is increasing that climate change does drive respiratory disease onset and exacerbation as a result of increased ambient and indoor air pollution, desertification, heat stress, wildfires, and the geographic and temporal spread of pollens, molds and infectious agents. Preliminary research has revealed climate change to have potentially direct and indirect adverse impacts on respiratory health. Published studies have linked climate change to increases in respiratory disease, including the following: changing pollen releases impacting asthma and allergic rhinitis, heat waves causing critical care-related diseases, climate driven air pollution increases, exacerbating asthma and COPD, desertification increasing particulate matter (PM) exposures, and climate related changes in food and water security impacting infectious respiratory disease through malnutrition (pneumonia, upper respiratory infections). High level ozone and ozone exposure has been linked to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer, and acute lower respiratory infection. Global Climate Change and Public Health is an important new volume based on the research, findings, and discussions of US and international experts on respiratory health and climate change. This volume addresses issues of major importance to respiratory health and fills a major gap in the current literature. The ATS Climate Change and Respiratory Health Workshop was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, on May 15, 2010. The purpose of the meeting was to address the threat to global respiratory health posed by climate change. The workshop was attended by domestic and international experts as well as representatives of international respiratory societies and key US federal agencies. Dr. Pinkerton and Dr. Rom, the editors of this title, were co-chairs of the Climate Change Workshop and Symposium.
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National Security And Human Health Implications Of Climate Change

Author : Harindra Joseph Fernando
ISBN : 9789400724303
Genre : Science
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Climate change has been identified as one of the greatest threats to humanity of all times. In addition to producing adverse environmental conditions such as rising sea level, drought, crop failure, vector-borne diseases, extreme events, degradation of water/air quality and heat waves, climate change is also considered a threat multiplier that leads to local and international conflicts and armed interventions. Urban areas may bear the brunt of climate change, as they are the centers of human habitation, anthropogenic stressors and environmental degradation, and the ensuing health impacts are of grave societal concern. The papers in this volume span a suite of climate change repercussions, paying particular attention to national security and human health aspects. It is an outcome of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop held during April 28-30, 2011 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, sponsored by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Program. The contributions cut across the elements of modeling, natural, political and social sciences, engineering, politics, military intervention, urban planning, industrial activities, epidemiology and healthcare.
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Climate Change And The People S Health

Author : Sharon Friel
ISBN : 9780190492731
Genre : Medical
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Climate change and social inequity are both sprawling, insidious forces that threaten populations around the world. It's time we start talking about them together. Climate Change and the People's Health offers a brave and ambitious new framework for understanding how our planet's two greatest existential threats comingle, complement, and amplify one another -- and what can be done to mitigate future harm. In doing so it posits three new modes of thinking: - That climate change interacts with the social determinants of health and exacerbates existing health inequities - The idea of a "consumptagenic system" -- a network of policies, processes, governance and modes of understanding that fuel unhealthy, and environmentally destructive production and consumption - The steps necessary to move from denial and inertia toward effective mobilization, including economic, social, and policy interventions With insights from physical science, social science, and humanities, this short book examines how climate change and social inequity are indelibly linked, and considering them together can bring about effective change in social equity, health, and the environment.
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Protecting Health In Europe From Climate Change

Author : Bettina Menne
ISBN : 9789289071871
Genre : Business & Economics
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The scientific consensus is that climate change affects health through changing weather patterns (such as more intense and frequent extreme events) and indirectly through changes in water, air, food quality and quantity, ecosystems, agriculture, livelihoods and infrastructure. The effects will be unevenly distributed, and those at greatest risk include people who are poor, very young, elderly, and/or ill. Climate change can also pose a threat to health security. Failure to respond could be very costly in terms of disease health care expenditure and lost productivity. As long as climate change is not too rapid or strong, strengthening health systems can control many of the health effects. This may include strengthening preparedness, public health services and health security, advocating action in other sectors to benefit health, better informing citizens and leading by example. Health systems need to strengthen their capacity to assess potential climate-related health effects, to review their capacities to cope, and develop and implement adaptation and mitigation strategies, and to strengthen a range of key areas of work - from disease surveillance and control to disaster risk reduction - that are essential for rapid detection of and action against climate-related risks. This publication intends to stimulate debate and support an active response by providing up-to-date information on the health effects of climate change as well as practical guidance on specific actions that decision-makers at different levels in health and other sectors can take now.
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Health And Climate Change

Author : Pim Martens
ISBN : 9781134066667
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Few issues have aroused so much public attention and controversy as recent developments in biotechnology. How can we make sound judgements of the cloning of Dolly the sheep, genetically altered foodstuffs, or the prospect of transplanting pigs' hearts into humans? Are we 'playing God' with nature? What is driving these developments, and how can they be made more accountable to the public? Engineering Genesis provides a uniquely informed, balanced and varied insight into these and many other key issues from a working group of distinguished experts - in genetics, agriculture, animal welfare, ethics, theology, sociology and risk - brought together by the Society, Religion and Technology Project of the Church of Scotland. A number of case studies present all the main innovations: animal cloning, pharmaceutical production from animals, cross-species transplants, and, genetically modified foods. From these the authors develop a careful analysis of the ethical and social implications - offering contrasting perspectives and insightful arguments which, above all, will enable readers to form their own judgements on these vital questions."

The Health Practitioner S Guide To Climate Change

Author : Jenny Griffiths
ISBN : 9781844077281
Genre : Health & Fitness
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There are enormous health benefits from tackling climate change. This book provides an introduction to the links between climate change and health and provides practical guidance for health practitioners from all sectors. It aims to inspire them to take action. The first part of the book provides an introduction for health practitioners and students to climate change and its current and future health impacts. It describes the relationship between health and the environment, gives facts and figures on greenhouse gas emissions and sets out the huge benefits to health of acting on climate change. A wealth of examples make the issues real such as exploring the link between how car dependence and lack of exercise contribute both to obesity and related health problems and to excess carbon emissions. It brings together carefully-selected, authoritative material in an accessible format for readers from a health background or with an interest in health issues. The second part describes what health practitioners can do at home and at work and in their organizations, how to make health services sustainable, how to design healthy, sustainable communities and how to support action in communities, nationally and globally. These can range from dieticians supporting healthy, low-carbon diets to sustainable procurement practices in hospitals to supporting the benefits of enhancing green space and access to nature. Readers are supported to undertake personal auditing and action planning, and to make use of the health-promoting processes of involving people and their communities. The book also provides information on how to help others change their behaviour to reduce their carbon emissions and improve their health. Sustainable living should become as important a public health issue as not smoking. Short sections with summary boxes and diagrams enable students and busy practitioners to dip in to areas of interest, such as transport, or buildings, or food and health. Key themes, such as the reduction of social and health inequalities, and the economic case for action, permeate the whole book. There is also a resource section highlighting key sources of further information on specific topics and sources of evidence on health and climate change linkages.
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Environmental Change Climate And Health

Author : P. Martens
ISBN : 1139435469
Genre : Science
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The advent of global environmental change, with all its uncertainties and requirement for long-term prediction, brings new challenges and tasks for scientists, the public and policy makers. A major environmental upheaval such as climate change is likely to have significant health effects. Current mainstream epidemiological research methods do not always adequately address the health impacts that arise within a context in which the ecological and other biophysical processes display non-linear and feedback-dependent relationships. The agenda of research and policy advice must be extended to include the larger-framed environmental change issues. This book identifies the nature and scope of the problem, and explores the conceptual and methodological approaches to studying these relationships, modelling their future realisation, providing estimates of health impacts, and communicating the attendant uncertainties. This timely volume will be of great interest to health scientists and graduate students with an interest in the effects of global environmental change.
Category: Science

Climate Change And Human Health Scenario In South And Southeast Asia

Author : Rais Akhtar
ISBN : 331979521X
Genre : Science
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This book is the first to present a regional analysis of climate change and human health, focusing on geographically and socio-economically distinct countries of South and Southeast Asia. It has a major focus on India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal and Taiwan. Climate change is a significant and emerging threat to human health. lt represents a range of environmental hazards and will affect populations in both the developed and developing countries. In particular, it affects the regions where the current burden of climate-sensitive diseases are high, which is the case in South and Southeast Asian countries.
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Climate Change And Global Health

Author : Colin D Butler
ISBN : 9781780642659
Genre : Medical
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There is increasing understanding, globally, that climate change will have profound and mostly harmful effects on human health. This authoritative book brings together international experts to describe both direct (such as heat waves) and indirect (such as vector-borne disease incidence) impacts of climate change, set in a broad, international, economic, political and environmental context. This unique book also expands on these issues to address a third category of potential longer-term impacts on global health: famine, population dislocation, and conflict. This lively yet scholarly resource explores these issues fully, linking them to health in urban and rural settings in developed and developing countries. The book finishes with a practical discussion of action that health professionals can yet take.
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