Climate Change And Development

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Policies Of Adaptation To Climate Change In Developing Countries

Author : Philipp Alvares de Souza Soares
ISBN : 9783640379620
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Seminar paper from the year 2009 in the subject Economy - Environment economics, grade: 9, University of Marburg (Institute for Co-operation in Developing Countries), course: Climate Change, Economic Challenges, and the Economics of Stabilization in Developing Countries - The "Stern Review" and beyond, language: English, abstract: Climate change is happening, even if it isnt induced by greenhouse gas emissions. This fact is by now relatively undoubted. One possible answer is to mitigate emissions which is already tried through the Kyoto protocol for example. But even if these measures are successful, they will be effective only with a considerable time lag. Accordingly the world will inevitably face changed climate conditions and is already facing them today. This led to the realization that adaptation to climate change is necessary. This fact is particularly from importance to developing countries. Current observations and projections show that they are the ones most affected by the impacts of climate change even though they are the least prepared. Adaptation policies designed especially for developing countries are necessary to enable them to withstand the adverse effects of a changing climate the best way possible. This paper will focus on how those adaptation policies should look like and what needs to be considered. In the beginning a general introduction to adaptation will be given including its role and perspective in respect of climate change. Then I will continue by discussing the relationship between developing countries and climate change in general. Afterwards I will investigate in the main part what policies of adaptation are needed in developing countries and what should be considered when integrating adaptation into other policies. The paper ends with a summarizing conclusion."

Climate Change And Development

Author : Thomas Tanner
ISBN : 9781136739132
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The evidence for human-induced climate change is now overwhelming, the brunt of its impacts is already being felt by poor people, and the case for urgent action is compelling. This book addresses the two greatest challenges of our time – averting catastrophic climate change and eradicating poverty – and the close interconnections between them. Climate Change and Development provides a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary foundation for understanding the complex and tangled relationship between development and climate change. It argues that transformational approaches are required in order to reconcile poverty reduction and climate protection and secure sustained prosperity in the twenty first century. Section One provides the building blocks for understanding climate science and the nexus between climate and development. Section Two outlines responses to climate change from the perspective of developing countries, with chapters on international agreements, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and climate finance. Each chapter offers analytical tools for evaluating responses, enabling readers to ask smart questions about the climate change and development nexus as policy and action evolve in the coming years. The last three chapters of the book, contained in Section Three, are forward looking and focus on why and how development must be re-framed to deliver more equitable and sustainable outcomes. This section sets out different critiques of ‘development-as-usual’ and explores alternative paradigms of development in a warming and resource-constrained world. This is an invaluable and clearly written text that uses real world examples to bring to life perspectives from across different disciplines. It also contains chapter learning outcomes, and end of chapter summaries, discussion questions, and suggestions for further reading and relevant websites. The text is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as those working in international development contexts who wish to get to grips with this pressing global challenge.
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Policy Note

Author : United Nations. Economic and Social Council. Committee for Development Policy
ISBN : UOM:39015075675176
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The United Nations Secretary-General has described climate change as a "defining issue of our era". The present Policy note of the Commission for Development Policy (CDP) examines the severity of the problem and its implications for the international development agenda. It elaborates further on the background and the main findings that were presented by the Committee in its official report to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.--Publisher's description.
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Evaluating Climate Change Action For Sustainable Development

Author : Juha I. Uitto
ISBN : 9783319437026
Genre : Science
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This book is open access under a Creative Commons license. This authoritative book presents the ever progressing state of the art in evaluating climate change strategies and action. It builds upon a selection of relevant and practical papers and presentations given at the 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development held in Washington DC in 2014 and includes perspectives from independent evaluations of the major international organisations supporting climate action in developing countries, such as the Global Environment Facility. The first section of the book sets the stage and provides an overview of independent evaluations, carried out by multilateral development banks and development organisations. Important topics include how policies and organisations aim to achieve impact and how this is measured, whether climate change is mainstreamed into other development programs, and whether operations are meeting the urgency of climate change challenges. The following sections focus on evaluation of climate change projects and policies as they link to development, from the perspective of international organisations, NGO’s, multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, and academia. The authors share methodologies or approaches used to better understand problems and assess interventions, strategies and policies. They also share challenges encountered, what was done to solve these and lessons learned from evaluations. Collectively, the authors illustrate the importance of evaluation in providing evidence to guide policy change to informed decision-making.
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Climate Change And Sustainable Urban Development In Africa And Asia

Author : Belinda Yuen
ISBN : 9789048198672
Genre : Political Science
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This book is about African and Asian cities. Illustrated through selected case cities, the book brings together a rich collection of papers by leading scholars and practitioners in Africa and Asia to offer empirical analysis and up-to-date discussions and assessments of the urban challenges and solutions for their cities. A number of key topics concerning housing, sustainable urban development and climate change in Africa and Asia are explored along with how policy interventions and partnerships deliver specific forms of urban development. It is intended for all who are interested in the state of the cities and urban development in Africa and Asia. Africa and Asia present, in many ways, useful lessons in dealing with the burgeoning urban population, and the problems surrounding this influx of people and climate change in the developing word.
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India In A Warming World

Author : Navroz K. Dubash
ISBN : 0199498733
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How is India facing up to the climate challenge? This volume brings together leading researchers and practitioners to lay out the emergent debate on climate change in India. The book covers climate impacts, negotiations, politics, policy, and the integration of climate concerns into sectoral debates. A central theme is that India has shifted from understanding the climate change problem as a diplomatic challenge to one that requires integrating climate change anddevelopment.

Climate Change And Sustainable Development

Author : Anil Markandya
ISBN : 1853839108
Genre : Business & Economics
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'Makes a substantial contribution to the practical, effective analysis of climate change mitigation options in developing countries.' Development And Cooperation 'The book is an excellent exercise and a good source of detailed information, and a basis for further discussions. Any person interested in this major environmental problem should read it.' International Journal of Environment and Pollution 'Markandya and Halsnaes' collection is thoughtfully put together and can be recommended to all the practitioners in the fields of climate change and sustainable development.' The Journal of Energy Literature This text argues that the policies pursued by developing countries will be crucial in determining the progress of climate change. Many are industrializing rapidly and the largest, particularly China and India, could have an impact at least as significant as that of the already industrialized economies - the reason given by President Bush for taking the US out of the Kyoto Protocol. The future of sustainable development in large measure depends on developing countries. This book develops a pragmatic framework for evaluating the climate change options faced by each developing country, depending on their individual circumstances. It assesses present methods, suggests how these might be improved, and proposes ways in which social and developmental aspects can be taken into account. Its discussion of the issues and the methods presented contribute to the practical analysis of climate change mitigation options in developing countries. The book should be useful to professionals, governments, international organizations and environmental groups working on climate change issues; as well as researchers, academics and students in economics, environmental and development studies and international affairs.
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Climate Change Adaptation And Development

Author : Tor Håkon Inderberg
ISBN : 9781317685067
Genre : Business & Economics
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Climate change poses multiple challenges to development. It affects lives and livelihoods, infrastructure and institutions, as well as beliefs, cultures and identities. There is a growing recognition that the social dimensions of vulnerability and adaptation now need to move to the forefront of development policies and practices. This book presents case studies showing that climate change is as much a problem of development as for development, with many of the risks closely linked to past, present and future development pathways. Development policies and practices can play a key role in addressing climate change, but it is critical to question to what extent such actions and interventions reproduce, rather than address, the social and political structures and development pathways driving vulnerability. The chapters emphasise that adaptation is about much more than a set of projects or interventions to reduce specific impacts of climate change; it is about living with change while also transforming the processes that contribute to vulnerability in the first place. This book will help students in the field of climate change and development to make sense of adaptation as a social process, and it will provide practitioners, policymakers and researchers working at the interface between climate change and development with useful insights for approaching adaptation as part of a larger transformation to sustainability.
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Climate Change And Sustainable Development

Author : Mohamed Abdel Rahim M. Salih
ISBN : 9781848449381
Genre : Business & Economics
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. . . this book gives a good overview of major challenges facing policy makers, researchers and ultimately humankind in dealing with climate change. . . The reader also gets a good understanding of how fragmented and transversal the issues of climate change and sustainable development are. Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture . . . a unified, useful and stimulating book which should act as a springboard for further work into what is a very topical and extremely important issue for everyone in the world, not just academics and policymakers. This book serves its intended audience but also deserves to be more widely read. World Entrepreneurship Society Too often, writings on climate change are placed into two categories: climate-change deniers, and climate-change supporters. What this timely and insightful collection of Mohamed Salih s does, is to problematise the issue; taking the debate to a level where it desperately needs to be; asking the thorny questions of how do the politics and international relations of climate impact upon the most vulnerable; the least-affluent; the dwellers of the majority world. In short, Salih challenges us: How did the climate change about climate-change . The responses of his contributors are salient, to-the-point sometimes disturbing but always thought-provoking. Timothy Doyle, Keele University, UK Editing the proceedings of a symposium into a cogent and coherent book is no easy task. This book, a tribute to Professor Opschoor is no exception; with disperse contributions of some highly acclaimed authors covering a wide spectrum of themes. It is a credit to Professor Salih s insight to string them together in the introductory chapter and entice the reader to read on. This book has food for thought on many fronts, reaching far beyond climate change, as did the oeuvre of Hans Opschoor. . . an instructive read. Paul Vlek, Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn, Germany It is difficult, if not impossible, to formulate and implement sustainable policy without first understanding the dynamic relationships between nature, society, economics and technology, and research plays a pivotal role in this regard. Climate Change and Sustainable Development is an important book which deals with these issues in the context of climate change and the changing global context of development. It alerts us to the relationship climate change has with two urgent tasks: poverty reduction and sustainable development, which require efforts that span countries, regions and communities. In this interdependent world, argue the authors, a shared vision and common effort are vital to sustaining our life support system. It is a must read. Jacqueline Cramer, The Netherlands Minister for Spatial Planning and the Environment This unique book provides cutting-edge knowledge and analyses of the consequences that climate change will have for sustainable development and poverty reduction within the context of global development. Exploring alternative resource management approaches including federal resource management governance, ecosystem services, digital dematerialization, ecological cities, biofuels versus food, and children and climate change, this innovative volume provides fresh insights on the human condition with regards to the current debates on climate change. The distinguished contributors examine climate change induced processes that present profound challenges to sustainable development and poverty reduction at the local, national and global levels. This groundbreaking study will be a welcome addition for graduate and post-graduate students in development and environmental studies. It will also have great appeal to scientists, policy-makers and researchers in these fields.
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Gender Development And Climate Change

Author : Rachel Masika
ISBN : 0855984791
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47.12 MB
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This book considers the gendered dimensions of climate change. It shows how gender analysis has been widely overlooked in debates about climate change and its interactions with poverty and demonstrates its importance for those seeking to understand the impacts of global environmental change on human communities.
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Economic Evaluation Of Climate Change Impacts

Author : Karl W. Steininger
ISBN : 9783319124575
Genre : Business & Economics
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This volume deals with the multifaceted and interdependent impacts of climate change on society from the perspective of a broad set of disciplines. The main objective of the book is to assess public and private cost of climate change as far as quantifiable, while taking into account the high degree of uncertainty. It offers new insights for the economic assessment of a broad range of climate change impact chains at a national scale. The framework presented in the book allows consistent evaluation including mutual interdependencies and macroeconomic feedback. This book develops a toolbox that can be used across the many areas of climate impact and applies it to one particular country: Austria.
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Climate Change And Developing Countries

Author : Nijavalli H. Ravindranath
ISBN : 9780306479809
Genre : Science
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Among global environmental issues, climate change has received the largest attention of national and global policy makers, researchers, industry, multilateral banks and NGOs. Climate change is one of the most important global environmental problems with unique characteristics. It is global, long-term (up to several centuries) and involves complex interactions between climatic, environmental, economic, political, institutional and technological pressures. It is of great significance to developing countries as all the available knowledge suggests that they, and particularly their poorer inhabitants, are highly vulnerable to climate impacts. The projected warming of 1. 4 to 5. 8° C by 2100 and the related changes in rainfall pattern, rise in sea-level and increased frequency of extreme events (such as drought, hurricanes and storms) are likely to threaten food security, increase fresh water scarcity, lead to decline in biodiversity, increase occurrence of vector-borne diseases, cause flooding of coastal settlements, etc. Recognizing the potential threat of severe disruptions, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development was organized in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to begin to address ways to reduce these impacts, which led to the formulation of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. This Convention and the subsequent Kyoto Protocol recognize “the common but differentiated responsibility” of developing and industrialized countries in addressing climate change. Developing countries thus have a unique role to play in formulating a sound, reasoned, and well informed response to the threat of climate change.
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Climate Change Adaptation And International Development

Author : Ryo Fujikura
ISBN : 9781136540332
Genre : Political Science
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Climate change impacts upon the world's poorest most heavily. It is therefore essential that international development initiatives focus on improving the ability of developing countries to adapt to the effects of climate change. This book, a product of research by the JICA-RI (Research Institute of the Japan International Cooperation Agency), examines climate change adaptation from the perspective of development cooperation in order to provide useful lessons for those engaged in research, policy and practice in this vital area. In this book the editors have brought together a wide range of case studies from across Africa and Asia, covering urban and rural areas and different sectors including water, agriculture and disaster management, in order to examine the following: o high-resolution climate change projection in Asia and how this can be used in planning appropriate adaptation responses o in-depth case studies of climate change projections, social, economic and environmental impact and vulnerability assessment and adaptation in rural Thailand and urban Philippines o cases across Africa for which climate data is less readily available and alternative approaches need to be adopted o the current situation amongst international donors o emerging issues caused by climate change In the introductory section, the editors draw together the full implications from the case studies to discuss how international communities can support adaptation in developing countries and to give an assessment of bilateral projects. They reflect on the lessons learned and offer recommendations for future research and international development cooperation.
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Climate Change Adaptive Capacity And Development

Author : Joel B. Smith
ISBN : 1860945813
Genre : Science
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The Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on ClimateChange (IPCC) has presented strong evidence that human-induced climatechange is occurring and that all countries of the world will beaffected and need to adapt to impacts. The IPCC points out that manydeveloping countries are particularly vulnerable because of theirrelatively low adaptive capacity.
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Cities And Climate Change

Author : Daniel Hoornweg
ISBN : 9780821384930
Genre : Political Science
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Cities concentrate wealth, people and productivity while consuming much of the world's energy and producing much of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. This concentration makes cities and their populations more at risk to natural disasters and to long-term changes in climate, yet cities also offer vast opportunities to respond to these challenges. Changes in migration, land use, and spatial development will increase vulnerability, especially in developing countries, and rising sea levels will affect millions of people living in coastal cities. Adaptation, mitigation, and increased resilience to climate change are therefore imperative for cities. The links between cities and climate change were the subject of the 5th Urban Research Symposium held in Marseille, France, in June 2009. The eight papers selected and updated for Cities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Agenda reflect the core of the analytical discussion and policy implications discussed at the symposium, combining comprehensive analysis and theoretical insights with examples of best practices from around the world. These include a framework to include aspects of poverty in the discussion of cities and climate change; new perspectives on the knowledge and measurement of climate change, urban infrastructure, institutions and governance, and economic and social issues; and specific case studies comparing experiences of cities in both industrialized and developing countries. This book also includes a summary discussion of the main research themes and abstracts of additional selected papers from the symposium.
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Climate Change Impacts In The United States Highlights

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951D036537460
Genre : Climatic changes
File Size : 47.95 MB
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This book presents the major findings and selected highlights from Climate Change Impacts in the United States, the third National Climate Assessment. The National Climate Assessment assesses the science of climate change and its impacts across the United States, now and throughout this century. It documents climate change related impacts and responses for various sectors and regions, with the goal of better informing public and private decision-making at all levels. A team of more than 300 experts, guided by a 60-member National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee, produced the full report. The assessment draws from a large body of scientific peer-reviewed research, technical input reports, and other publicly available sources; all sources meet the standards of the Information Quality Act. The report was extensively reviewed by the public and experts, including a panel of the National Academy of Sciences, the 13 Federal agencies of the U.S. Global Change Research Program, and the Federal Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Sustainability.
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