Clausewitz And African War

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Clausewitz And African War

Author : Isabelle Duyvesteyn
ISBN : 9781135764838
Genre : History
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Oil, diamonds, timber, food aid - just some of the suggestions put forward as explanations for African wars in the past decade. Another set of suggestions focuses on ethnic and clan considerations. These economic and ethnic or clan explanations contend that wars are specifically not fought by states for political interests with mainly conventi
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Clausewitz S Timeless Trinity

Author : Colin M. Fleming
ISBN : 9781317165217
Genre : History
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This is the first book to apply the Clausewitzian Trinity of 'passion, chance, and reason' to the experience of real war. It explores the depth and validity of the concept against the conflicts of former Yugoslavia - wars thought to epitomise a post-Clausewitzian age. In doing so it demonstrates the timeless message of the Trinity, but also ties the Trinitarian idea back into Clausewitz's political argument. Intended to build on the existing corpus of scholarship, this book differs from the existing literature in two ways. By applying the Trinity to the wars of former Yugoslavia 1991-1995, it explores war at its micro-foundations, assessing the complex cause-and-effect nexus of reciprocity produced by actions between belligerents embroiled in dynamic competition perpetuated by their own interaction. Providing valuable insights into the complexities of real war fuelled by passion, undermined by chance, and shaped by reason, it is the first study to bridge the Clausewitzian world of theory with real experience. Examining each part of the triad separately, the book explores the multiple manifestations of hostility and chance, before then assessing the influence of these elements on the policies of the belligerents as the war evolved.
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Clausewitz And Contemporary War

Author : Antulio J. Echevarria II
ISBN : 9780191647611
Genre : Political Science
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While many scholars agree that Clausewitz's On War is frequently misunderstood, almost none have explored his methodology to see whether it might enhance our understanding of his concepts. This book lays out Clausewitz's methodology in a brisk and straightforward style. It then uses that as a basis for understanding his contributions to the ever growing body of knowledge of war. The specific contributions this study addresses are Clausewitz's theories concerning the nature of war, the relationship between war and politics, and several of the major principles of strategy he examined. These theories and principles lie at the heart of the current debates over the nature of contemporary conflict. They also underpin much of the instruction that prepares military and civilian leaders for their roles in the development and execution of military strategy. Thus, they are important even in circles where Clausewitz is only briefly studied. While understanding On War is no more a prerequisite for winning wars than knowledge is a requirement for exercising power, Clausewitz's opus has become something of an authoritative reference for those desiring to expand their knowledge of war. By linking method and concept, this book contributes significantly to that end.
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War Clausewitz And The Trinity

Author : Thomas Waldman
ISBN : 9781317000464
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Today, the ideas of Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) are employed almost ubiquitously in strategic studies, military history and defence literatures, but often in a manner which distorts their true meaning. In this book, Waldman explores Clausewitz’s central theoretical device for understanding war - the ’remarkable trinity’ of politics, chance and passion. By situating the great Prussian in historical context, he presents a conception truer to Clausewitz’s intention. Seeking to achieve this through an in-depth reinterpretation of On War and Clausewitz’s other writings, conducted through the prism of the trinity, this book draws on existing studies but argues that there is room for clarification. It presents fresh perspectives into aspects of Clausewitz's thought and emphasises elements of his theory that have often been neglected. Furthermore, it provides a solid basis from which debate on the nature of modern war can move forward.
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Clausewitz In English

Author : Christopher Bassford
ISBN : 9780195083835
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 57.88 MB
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This intellectual history examines the reception of Carl von Clausewitz's military theories in Britain and the United States. In the first comprehensive study of the literature, Christopher Bassford argues that the impact of Clausewitzian theory has been underestimated and he follows the trail of Clausewitzian influence from pre-1873 Britain to 1945. Bassford finds that among those who explicitly discussed Clausewitz and his theories were soldiers, journalists, historians, political scientists and propagandists. In bringing this literature to light, Clausewitz in English makes a persuasive case for Clausewitzian theory having a major impact on the broad development of the British and American military thinking. It will be of interest to a wide range of military and intellectual historians.
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Roots Of Violence

Author : Mario Joaquim Azevedo
ISBN : 9056995820
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.57 MB
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Examining conflict and warfare in Chad from both historic and contemporary perspectives, Mario Azevedo explores not only how violence has permeated and become almost an intrinsic part of the fabric of the central-eastern Sudanic societies, but how foreign interference from centuries ago to the present-day have exacerbated rather than suppressed the violence. Although the main objective of the volume is to understand present Chad, it provides comprehensive and analytical discussion of Chad's violent past. This strategy goes beyond putting the blame on the unwise and ethnic policies at Francois Tombalbaye or Felix Malloum; instead, Roots of Violence clarifies the role of violence in both pre- and post-colonial Chad and, thus, demythologizes many of the assumptions held by scholars and non-scholars alike.
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Clausewitz S On War

Author : Hew Strachan
ISBN : 0802143636
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49.30 MB
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"Clausewitz's On War is a timely and fascinating answer to these problems. Hew Strachan, one of the world's foremost military historians, tells how and why On War was written, explains what Clausewitz meant, and offers insight into the impact it made on conflict and its continued significance in our world today."--Jacket.
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Frunze The Soviet Clausewitz 1885 1925

Author : Walter Darnell Jacobs
ISBN : 9789401191128
Genre : History
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Alongside the names of such giants of Soviet history as Brezhnev, Khrush chev, Kirov, Kosygin, Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky, the name of Mikhail Vasil'evich Fronze may seem to be out of place. In spite of a most impres sive flowering of Western scholarship on various aspects of the Soviet Union, the figure of Fronze remains relatively undeveloped. It is, in fact, quite possible to produce a history of the Soviet Union in which he is not 1 mentioned. It has been done several times. The Western neglect of Fronze is not duplicated in works produced in the Soviet Union. There, Frunze is almost invariably treated as a major figure and is popularly regarded as one of the great strategists of the early days of the Soviet republic. He holds, as well, a high place in the ranks of the "Old Bolsheviks. " How are these constrasts between the Western and the Soviet scholarly positions to be explained? Several factors account for the high position occupied by Frunze in Soviet historiography. He was a military hero. He had a long record of revolution ary activity. He died at an early age and did not become involved in the purges and other excesses of Stalin's later career. In short, Frunze's short, active life and his contributions to the revolution suited him almost ideally to the role of historical hero. Western scholars have neglected him, probably, for a number of reasons.
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Rethinking The Nature Of War

Author : Isabelle Duyvesteyn
ISBN : 9780415354622
Genre : History
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Have globalization, virulent ethnic differences, and globally operating insurgents fundamentally changed the nature of war in the last decade? Interpretations of war as driven by politics and state rationale, formulated most importantly by the 19th century practitioner Carl von Clausewitz, have received strong criticism. Political explanations have been said to fall short in explaining conflicts in the Balkans, Africa, Asia and the attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States. This book re-evaluates these criticisms not only by scrutinising Clausewitz's arguments and their applicability, but also by a careful reading of the criticism itself. In doing so, it presents empirical evidence on the basis of several case studies, addressing various aspects of modern war, such as the actors, conduct and purposes of war.
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Carl Von Clausewitz S On War

Author : Hew Strachan
ISBN : 1843543923
Genre : Military art and science
File Size : 70.12 MB
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Hew Strachan reveals the story behind one of the most important treatise on war ever written, and a book that has been blamed for the unprecedented death tolls in the First and Second World Wars.
Category: Military art and science

Angola Clausewitz And The American Way Of War

Author : John S. McCain (IV.)
ISBN : 1539161056
Genre : Angola
File Size : 67.49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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For over twenty years, the South African Border War was fought to counter the influence of Marxism-Leninism and to maintain control of Namibia. The South African people relied on cultural tools and adaptive strategies to protect their own interests. John S. McCain IV isn't interested in taking sides on this issue; instead, he analyzes the military's tactics, operational effectiveness, and strategy. Angola, Clausewitz, and the American Way of War explores the concept of strategy making in war within the context of the South African Border War. It describes the danger of leaning on middle-range theories over general theories and of starting the decision-making process in the middle rather than at the top. Wars should not be forced into a type as one thing or another-and then assumed to be all the same, based on that type. Each individual war should be seen for what it is, unique, and those in charge should be prepared to make changes and reevaluate every step of the way to account for all the moving pieces and the realities on the ground. In the same vein as The Direction of War by Hew Strachan, McCain recognizes that US wars since 9/11 have been poorly strategized. This heavily researched volume challenges traditional approaches to conflict and suggests ways they could be improved.
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Carl Von Clausewitz S On War

Author : Andrew Holmes
ISBN : 9781906821357
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.67 MB
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Writing mostly after the Napoleonic wars, between 1816 and 1830, von Clausewitz had a theory that it was the integration of political, societal and economic issues that was the most important factor in deciding the outcome of a war. This title presents an interpretation of "On War" that illustrates the timeless nature of von Clausewitz's insights.
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Clausewitz Reconsidered

Author : H. P. Willmott
ISBN : 9780313362774
Genre : History
File Size : 82.66 MB
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This fascinating book assesses Prussian military thinker Carl von Clausewitz's famous theory on warfare in relation to historical and modern-day conflict—and future trends.
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Clausewitz Goes Global

Author : Reiner Pommerin
ISBN : 9783937885414
Genre : Military art and science
File Size : 72.87 MB
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The Early State In African Perspective

Author : Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt
ISBN : 9004083553
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 58.39 MB
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The essays in this volume are the product of an interdisciplinary research seminar on The Early State in Africa, conducted during the 1979-1980 academic year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This seminar was one of a series of seminars on comparative civilizations. The participants included historians, sociologists, political scientists, and specialists in comparative religion, who shared an interest in the emergence and dynamics of the state in Africa and were concerned with trying to understand its origins and its various manifestations on the continent.
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Educating America S Military

Author : Joan Johnson-Freese
ISBN : 9781136158605
Genre : Education
File Size : 37.76 MB
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This book offers a detailed examination of the professional military education system in the United States, from a critical, insider's perspective. The mission of America’s war colleges is to educate senior military officers in both the ways of war and the defence of peace. But are these colleges doing the best job possible in carrying out that important mission? Military education faces many demands, including a lack of preparation by the students, uneven quality of the faculty, and confusion over the curriculum. Many officers attend resident programs at the war colleges programs against the career advice of their leadership, despite the fact that they are virtually guaranteed graduation after less than a year of study, while others do their best to avoid it entirely. As the professional military education system has come under increasing scrutiny and criticism, some have even called for closing the war colleges. That answer, however, does not serve the United States well, especially in a complex, globalized environment, where military leaders need the best specialized education to prepare them for their future challenges. This volume examines the system that created and supports the perpetuation of this system, and why it is imperative that it be fixed. Written by a faculty member at a military college with twenty years' experience of the PME system, this book will of much interest to students of the US Military, US politics and military education in general.
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Harper S Magazine

Author : Lee Foster Hartman
ISBN : UOM:39015056098836
Genre : American literature
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Important American periodical dating back to 1850.
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