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Reverse Design

Author : Patrick Holleman
ISBN : 9780429834257
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Reverse Design series looks at all of the design decisions that went into classic video games. This is the second installment in the Reverse Design series, looking at Chrono Trigger. Written in a readable format, it is broken down into four sections examining some of the most important topics to the game: Analyzes how the designers use gameplay to preserve and embellish the surprises in the plot Explains how Chrono Trigger is really two different games: the Tragedy of the Entity and the Comedy of the Sages. Highlights how the two games differ in terms of tone, linearity, player choice and in the pacing of their content.
Category: Social Science

Chrono Chrono Trigger Techs

Author : Source: Wikia
ISBN : 1234743264
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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 52. Chapters: Chrono Trigger Enemy Techs, Chrono Trigger Tech Images, Double Techs, Triple Techs, Cleave, Fire, Fire II, Flamethrower, Frenzy, Ice, Ice II, Lightning, Lightning II, Ozzie, Plasma, Stomp, Wind Slash, Allure, Antipode Bomb, Antipode Bomb II, Antipode Bomb III, Arise, Aura, Blaze Kick, Charm, Cleave, Cure, Cure II, Cyclone, Dino Tail, Double Bomb, Eternal Darkness, Falcon Strike, Fire, Fire, Fire II, Flamethrower, Flame Kick, Flare, Frenzy, Frog Launcher, Haste, Heal, Hypnowave, Ice, Ice, Ice II, Ice Toss, Inferno, Laser Spin, Lifeline, Light, Lightning, Lightning II, Lightning Rod, Luminaire, Megaton Bomb, Napalm, Poyozo Dance, Protect, Proximity Bomb, Rocket Punch, Shadow, Slurp, Slurp Slash, Tail Spin, Tech, Triple Kick, Twin Charm, Water, Water, Water II, Wind Slash, X-Strike, Antipode Bomb, Antipode Bomb II, Antipode Bomb III, Blaze Kick, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Double Bomb, Falcon Strike, Flame Kick, Frog Launcher, Ice Toss, Inferno, Lightning Rod, Twin Charm, X-Strike, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Eternal Darkness, Lifeline, Poyozo Dance, Tech#Triple Tech. Excerpt: Cleave (also known as Spincut in the SNES/PS version) is Crono's 4th-level Tech in Chrono Trigger. Crono leaps high into the air, leaving a shadowy after-image. He then brings his sword hard down upon the enemy. The verb "To cleave" essentially means to split/cut something with a sharp instrument, which is what Crono does here with his katana. As with Cleave, Slash shares many techs with Crono, as he too is wielder of katanas. Tech his shares with Crono include Wind Slash. Fire (Tech) is Lucca's 3rd-level Tech and first magic one in Chrono Trigger. She learns it upon visiting Spekkio. As Lucca spins, a line of fire circles around her. She raises her arms and the fire goes directly to the target, who then combusts with multiple flames shooting off them. Fire II (also known as Fire 2 in the SNES/P...

Chrono Chrono Trigger Enemies

Author : Source: Wikia
ISBN : 1234743302
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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 75. Chapters: Chrono Trigger Enemy Images, Dragons, Fiends, Prehistory Enemies, Reptites, Acid, Aecytonyx, Aecytosaur, Aecyto Weevil, Alkali, Amanita, Avian Rex, Bao Bao, Bellbird, Black Bat, Blood Yolk, Blubber Hulk, Blue Eaglet, Blue Gargoyle, Crested Sprinter, Cyrus, Deverminator EX, Diablo, Djinn, Dondrago, Exterminator, Gato, Gilded Bellbird, Hydraconda, Ion Cloud, Juggler, Nu, Ogan, Shadow, Shieldsman, Turret, Zombor, Zombor, Black Dragon, Chrono, Draggy, Dragon God, Dragon Tank, Fire Dragon, Green Dragon, Harle, Harle, Hydra, Blue Gargoyle, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Doreen, Esmeld, Fiend, Flea, Flea, Imp King, Masa & Mune, Nu, Ozzie, Ozzie VIII, Slash, Slash, Sprigg, Yakra XIII, Zombor, Aecyto Weevil, Avian Rex, Bao Bao, Chrono Trigger, Crested Sprinter, Ion Cloud, Nu, Prehistory, Aecyto Weevil, Avian Rex, Azala, Black Tyranno, Chrono Trigger, Nizbel, Reptite. Excerpt: Acid is an enemy that appears in Chrono Trigger. Mostly amorphous blobs of orange goop, these creatures exhibit some humanoid features such as mouths, eyes, and arms. Occasionally, they curl up into puddles, which increases their Defense. Attacking them should cause them to unfurl into the true form. Acid share similar palette forms with Alkali, Shadows, and Ion Cloud, and often accompany large groups of them in battle. The main difference is the color. Acid are orange, Shadow are purple, Ion Clouds are black, and Alkali are green. Found in the Derelict Factory, which is located in the Future, these enemies often accompany Shadows. Impervious to physical attacks and weak to Light, it is far easier to kill Acid using Magical Techs such as Lightning, or physical Techs that deal Light damage, such as Wind Slash. In battle, Acid occasionally uses Flamethrower, which is similar in animation and damage to the Tech performed by Lucca. Acid is a liquid compound, found in an abundance of places in a many varieties. Commonly, however, this substan...

2019 Planner

Author : Daring Diaries
ISBN : 1726682161
Genre :
File Size : 37.53 MB
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2019 Planner: Save Money, Travel The World, Play Chrono Trigger: The Perfect 2019 Diary / Planner For Fans Of Chrono Trigger! Are you a fan of Chrono Trigger and looking for a great new diary for 2019?! If so, then this awesome year planner is the perfect choice! Crafted by the team at Daring Diaries, this personalized 2019 Chrono Trigger diary will serve you well! 2019 Planner Features: 120 pages and 6"x9" dimensions

Chrono Chrono Trigger Locations

Author : Source Wikia
ISBN : 123468490X
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Source: Wikia. Pages: 51. Chapters: Abandoned Sewers, Algetty, Arena of the Ages, Arris Dome, Bangor Dome, Black Omen, Blackbird, Choras, Crono's House, Cursed Woods, Death Peak, Denadoro Mountains, Dimensional Vortex, Dorino, End of Time, Enhasa, Fiendlord's Keep, Fiona's Forest, Fiona's Shrine, Fiona's Villa, Forest Ruins, Geno Dome, Giant's Claw, Guardia, Guardia Castle, Guardia Forest, Heckran Cave, Hero's Grave, Ioka Village, Ioka Village Hut, Kajar, Keeper's Dome, Land Bridge, Laruba Ruins, Last Village, Last Village Commons, Leene Square, List of Chrono Trigger locations, Lost Sanctum, Lucca's House, Magic Cave, Mammon Machine, Manolia Cathedral, Mayor's Manor, Medina Village, Melchior's Cabin, Millennial Fair, Mountain of Woe, Mystic Mountains, North Cape, Ocean Palace, Ozzie's Fort, Porre, Prison Towers, Site 16, Site 32, Skyway, Snail Stop, Sun Shrine, Sun Temple, Sunken Desert, Trann Dome, Truce, Truce Canyon, Tyranno Lair, West Cape, West Continent, Zeal, Zeal Palace, Zenan Bridge. Excerpt: The Abandoned Sewers (also known as Sewer Access in the SNES/PS version) is a location in Chrono Trigger that appears in the Future. It is the ruin of a structure built before the Apocalypse. The music that plays here is called Creeping through the Sewers. The Sewers are infested by Krawlie and his cohorts (Dondragos, Rats, etc.). Its the only way to get to Death Peak's continent by foot. The only way to get through is by walkways and bridges. Several traps such as phony Save Points and Cats spawn enemy battles here. A letter found on the Sewers' bottom-most level complains about the inhumanity of the guillotine. Oddly enough, the letter only appears if Crono chose to rescue Fritz in the Prison Towers. Because of this, it is likely a descendant of Fritz wrote the letter to record the injustice his ancestor almost faced. Chests: 600G, Rage Band and Thunder Blade. Algetty is a location in Chrono Trigger and is the village of the Earthbound Ones in the Antiquity era...

Chrono Chrono Trigger Characters

Author : Source: Wikia
ISBN : 1234684888
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Source: Wikia. Pages: 76. Chapters: Alfador, Atropos XR, Ayla, Azala, Banta, Belthasar, Biggs, Bullfrogs, Carpenter, Cat, Chancellor, Citizen, Crono, Crono's Mother, Cyrus, Dalton, Doan, Doreen, Dumb, Dumber, Earthbound Ones, Elaine, Enlightened Ones, Entity, FATE, Fiona, Fritz, Frog, Frog King, Gaspar, Gato, Ghost Children, Guardia Knight, Guru, Imp King, Janus, Johnny, Judge, King Guardia XXI, King Guardia XXXIII, King Zeal, Kino, Lara Ashtear, List of Chrono Trigger characters, Lucca, Magus, Marco, Marle, Masa & Mune, Master of Kitchens, Melchior, Mother Brain, Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors, Ozzie, Ozzie VIII, Piano Man, Pierre, Piette, Porre Elder's Wife, Porre Mayor, Poyozo Doll, Prometheus, Queen Aliza, Queen Leene, Queen Zeal, RX-XR, Robo, Schala, Slash, Spekkio, Taban, Tata, The Prophet, Toma, Zeal Plant Woman. Excerpt: Alfador is a character in Chrono Trigger. He appears in the Antiquity era as the pet Cat of Janus and dutifully follows him around. Inseparable as Janus and Alfador are, they are first encountered in Enhasa, City of Dreams, after Crono travels to Zeal via the Skyway. Alfador is not spotted again until the party reaches Zeal Palace, where Janus remarks that Alfador only likes him. Interestingly, like many other Enlightened Ones, Alfador has purple hair. He is the only feline in the game with fur of that color.After the Ocean Palace disaster, Alfador resides in the Last Village Commons. There, he follows Magus around if he is in the party, but he ignores the party completely otherwise. In Ending 11: What the Prophet Seeks in Chrono Trigger, Alfador is seen following the Prophet as Janus and Schala exit their quarters in the Palace. Oddly enough, only Alfador suspects the true identity of the Prophet as Janus. Likely this clip was included because the unveiling of the Prophet never occurs beforehand. And since Alfador is partial to Janus, only Janus or one of his incarnations could strike the feline's attention. Atropos XR is a boss th...

Chrono Chrono Trigger

Author : Source: Wikia
ISBN : 1234684969
Genre :
File Size : 87.17 MB
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Source: Wikia. Pages: 115. Chapters: Abandoned Sewers, Aecyto Weevil, Alfador, Antipode Bomb III, Atropos XR, Avian Rex, Ayla, Azala, Banta, Bao Bao, Belthasar, Biggs, Bronze Helmet, Buff, Carpenter, Cat, Chancellor, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Trigger Novel Project, Counter, Crested Sprinter, Crono, Crono's Mother, Cyclone, Cyrus, Dactyl, Dalton, Deverminator EX, Dimensional Adventure Numa Monjar, Doan, Doreen, Dragon Tank, Elaine, Entity, Epoch, Experience Point, FATE, Fiend, Fiona, Fire, Flea, Frenzy, Frog, Gaspar, Gate, Gate Key, Gato, Geno Dome, Ghost Children, Gold, Guardia, Guardia Castle, Guardia Knight, Guru, Haste Helm, Heckran, Hit Point, Ice, Imp King, Ion Cloud, Johnny, King Guardia XXI, King Guardia XXXIII, Kino, Leene's Bell, Leene Square, Light, Lightning II, List of Chrono Trigger endings, List of Vehicles, Lucca, Magic, Magic Attack, Magic Point, Magus, Marco, Marle, Masa & Mune, Megaton Bomb, Melchior, Melphyx, Millennial Fair, Minigame, New Game Plus, Nizbel, Nu, Ozzie Pants, Ozzie VIII, Piette, Platinum Helm, Porre, Prehistory, Prismatic Helm, Prison Towers, Queen Aliza, Queen Leene, Queen Zeal, Rainbow Shell, Reptite, Robo, Ruby Knife, Save Point, Schala, Shadow, Sidequest, Silver Point, Slash, Speed Ring, Spekkio, Stone Helm, Sun Stone, Sun Temple, Taban, Taban's Helm, Tata, Telepod, Tent of Horrors, Tetsuya Takahashi, The Three Gurus, Timeline of Chrono Trigger, Toma, Truce Canyon, Tyranno Lair. Excerpt: The Abandoned Sewers (also known as Sewer Access in the SNES/PS version) is a location in Chrono Trigger that appears in the Future. It is the ruin of a structure built before the Apocalypse. The music that plays here is called Creeping through the Sewers. The Sewers are infested by Krawlie and his cohorts (Dondragos, Rats, etc.). Its the only way to get to Death Peak's continent by foot. The only way to get through is by walkways and bridges. Several traps such as phony Save Points and Cats spawn enemy battles here. A letter found on the Sewe...

The Ultimate Reference Guide To Chrono Trigger

Author : BlackNES Guy
ISBN : 1987408969
Genre :
File Size : 84.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Think you know Chrono Trigger? Think again!! This is the ultimate reference guide to Chrono Trigger on the SNES; part of The Ultimate Guide series from bestselling author The BlackNES Guy!! This book has over 100 full-color pages which allows you to cover the quest on your own while giving you all of the information needed to succeed. Change the course of history! Travel through time, meet friends along the way, and save Earth's past, present, and future! ****FREE -- Get the Ultimate Guide to the SNES Classic Edition FREE when you purchase this book! Build Your Team. Character descriptions, Stats, and tables explaining their special Techniques help you choose the best team in each situation. Feel confident in the characters you choose! Know Your Enemies. Full tables containing information on every enemy you will face, from tiny creatures to the most difficult bosses. Explore the Eras. Full-color world maps of every era show you important locations to inspect. Complete Every Ending. Full descriptions and explanations of the game's multiple endings give you the information to access every ending yourself. Learn how your choices through time affect the present and future. Complete the Game Without a Walkthrough. This book is for gamers who want to play without step by step instructions. Explore the game and discover each new encounter at your own pace. And So Much More. Like the original game, this reference guide has many areas to explore. Whether you want to master the basics or discover hidden secrets, the information inside this book will help you play with confidence. Take your Chrono Trigger knowledge to the next level with The Ultimate Guide! Scroll up and BUY YOURS TODAY!!!

Mobile Games

Author : Source Wikipedia
ISBN : 1230674233
Genre :
File Size : 75.3 MB
Format : PDF
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 176. Chapters: Clannad (visual novel), Chrono Trigger, Dragon Warrior, Resident Evil 4, Jeopardy!, Pac-Man, Ninja Gaiden (Nintendo Entertainment System), Kanon, Tetris, Air (visual novel), Space Invaders, The Final Fantasy Legend, Crash Nitro Kart, Sonic Unleashed, Doom (video game), Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, Street Fighter II, Umineko: When They Cry, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man X (video game), Mega Man (video game), Final Fantasy (video game), Secret of Mana, Pong, Mega Man 9, Final Fantasy II, Dragon's Lair, Charlie's Angels, SimCity, Lemmings (video game), Dragon Warrior III, Resident Evil (video game), Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Excerpt: Connection Timeout Chrono Trigger Hepburn: Kurono Torig ) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. Chrono Trigger's development team included three designers that Square dubbed the "Dream Team" Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Square's Final Fantasy series; Yuji Horii, a freelance designer and creator of Enix's popular Dragon Quest series; and Akira Toriyama, a freelance manga artist famed for his work with Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball. Kazuhiko Aoki produced the game, Masato Kato wrote most of the plot, Hiroyuki Ito was the game designer as well as animator, while composer Yasunori Mitsuda scored most of the game before falling ill and deferring remaining tracks to Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. The game's story follows a group of adventurers who travel through time to prevent a global catastrophe. Square re-released a ported version by Tose in Japan for Sony's PlayStation in 1999, later repackaged with a Final Fantasy IV port as Final Fantasy Chronicles in 2001 for the North American market. A slightly...