Chronicler Of The Winds

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Author : Henning Mankell
ISBN : 9781459617711
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On the rooftop of a theater in an African port, a ten-year-old boy lies slowly dying of bullet wounds. He is Nelio, a leader of street kids, rumored to be a healer and a prophet, and possessed of a strangely ancient wisdom. One of the millions of poor people ''forced to eat life raw,'' Nelio tells his unforgettable story over the course of nine nights. After bandits cruelly raze his village, he joins the legions of abandoned children living in the city's streets. An act of the imagination, an effort to prove to his comrades that life must be more than mere survival, cuts short Nelio's life.


Author : Henning Mankell
ISBN : 9781595586131
Genre : Fiction
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International bestseller: Murder becomes a high tech game of cat and mouse in this “thinking man’s thriller” from the master of Nordic noir (The New York Times Book Murder). Ystad, Sweden. A man stops at an ATM during his evening walk and inexplicably falls to the ground dead. Two teenage girls brutally murder a taxi driver. They are quickly apprehended, shocking local policemen with their complete lack of remorse. A few days later a blackout cuts power to a large swath of the country. When a serviceman arrives at the malfunctioning power substation, he makes a grisly discovery. Inspector Kurt Wallander senses these events must be linked, but he has to figure out how and why. The search for answers eventually leads him dangerously close to a group of anarchic terrorists who hide in the shadows of cyberspace. Somehow, these criminals always seem to know the police department’s next move. How can a small group of detectives unravel a plot designed to wreak havoc on a worldwide scale? And will they solve the riddle before it’s too late? A riveting police procedural about our increasing vulnerability in the modern digitized world, Firewall “proves once again that spending time with a glum police inspector in chilly Sweden can be quite thrilling . . . A notable success” (Publishers Weekly).
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Author : Henning Mankell
ISBN : 9781595585646
Genre : Fiction
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The master of Scandinavian crime fiction spins a dark tale of passion and deceit set during World War I: “A memorable and shocking psychological study” (Publishers Weekly). October, 1914. Swedish naval officer Lars Tobiasson-Svartman is charged with a secret mission to take depth readings around the Stockholm archipelago. In the course of his work, he lands on the rocky isle of Halsskär. It seems utterly inhabitable, yet Halsskär is home to the young widow Sara Fredrika. Lars soon learns that Sara, living in near-total isolation, is unaware that the world is at war. A man of control and precision, Lars is overwhelmed by his attraction to the half-wild, illiterate Sara, a total contrast to his reserved, elegant wife. Giving in to the worst of his impulses, Lars turns into a far more dangerous man—one ready to trade in lies and even death to get closer to the lonely woman without losing hold of his wife. All thoughts of shame, fidelity, and duty are swept to sea as he struggles to maintain his parallel lives, with devastating consequences for the women who love him. Henning Mankell, author of the internationally bestselling Kurt Wallander series and the critically acclaimed Chronicler of the Winds, once again proves himself a master of the novel with this arresting, disquieting story of obsession.
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The Man Who Smiled

Author : Henning Mankell
ISBN : 9781595585806
Genre : Fiction
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The #1 international-bestselling tale of greed, violence, and corporate power from the master of Scandinavian noir: “One of his best” (The Times, London). After killing a man in the line of duty, Inspector Kurt Wallander finds himself deep in a personal and professional crisis; during more than a year of sick leave, he turns to drink and vice to quiet his lingering demons. Once he pulls himself together, he vows to quit the Ystad police force for good—just before a friend who had asked Wallander to look into the death of his father winds up dead himself, shot three times. Far from leaving police work behind, Wallander instead must investigate a formidable suspect: a powerful business tycoon at the helm of a multinational company engaged in extralegal activities. Ann-Britt Höglund, the department’s first female detective, proves to be Wallander’s best ally as he tries to pierce the smiling façade of the suspicious mogul. But just as he comes close to uncovering the truth, Wallander finds his own life being threatened. In this “exquisitely plotted” thriller, Henning Mankell’s mastery of the modern police procedural—which has earned him legions of fans worldwide and inspired the BBC show Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh—is on vivid display (Publishers Weekly). “This is crime fiction of the highest order.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review “Compelling . . . Skillfully plotted and suspenseful. . . . A thriller for the thinking reader.” —The Dallas Morning News “Mankell’s novels are a joy.” —USA Today “Absorbing. . . . In the masterly manner of P.D. James, Mankell projects his hero’s brooding thoughts onto nature itself.” —The New York Times “Wallander is a loveable gumshoe. . . . He is one of the most credible creations in contemporary crime fiction.” —The Guardian
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Kennedy S Brain

Author : Henning Mankell
ISBN : 9781595585783
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68.76 MB
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Henning Mankell, the acclaimed author of the Kurt Wallander mysteries, has put his unmistakable stamp on this gripping new thriller. Archaeologist Louise Cantor returns home to Sweden and makes a devastating discovery: her only child, twenty-eight-year-old Henrik, dead in his bed. The police rule his death a suicide but she knows he was murdered; her quest to find out what really happened to Henrik takes her across the globe to Barcelona, where her son kept a secret apartment; Sydney, Australia, to find Aron, her estranged ex-husband and Henrik’s father; and to Maputo, Mozambique, where she learns the awful truth behind an AIDS hospice. Her investigation reveals how much her son concealed from her as she uncovers the links between his death, the African AIDS epidemic, and Western pharmaceutical interests, while those who dare help her are killed off. In the tradition of John le Carré’s The Constant Gardener, Kennedy’s Brain was inspired by Mankell’s anger at ongoing inequities that permit a few people to have unprecedented power over the many poor Africans who have none. Already a bestseller in Europe, Kennedy’s Brain is both a thrilling page-turner and a damning indictment of inhuman greed in the face of the African AIDS crisis.
Category: Fiction

The Mage Winds

Author : Mercedes Lackey
ISBN : 9781783296538
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42.79 MB
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Long ago, high magic was lost to Valdemar when the last Herald-Mage gave his life to protect his kingdom from destruction by dark sorceries. But now the protective barrier over Valdemar is crumbling, and with the realm imperiled, Princess Elspeth, Herald and heir to the throne, has gone on a desperate quest in search of a mentor who can teach her to wield her fledgling mage-powers and help her to defend her threatened kingdom.
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The Reshaping Of Ancient Israelite History In Chronicles

Author : Isaac Kalimi
ISBN : 9781575060583
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41.8 MB
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Kalimi catalogues and categorizes the techniques by which the Israelite history in Samuel-Kings is reshaped in the biblical books of Chronicles. The chapters of this study consider the various historiographical and literary changes found in the parallel texts of Chronicles. Because about half of the material in Chronicles is available to us in other biblical sources, comparison of the literary and linguistic devices used by the Chronicler are very revealing. Kalimi considers the ways in which the Chronicler has edited the material available to him, addressing such topics as: literary-chronological proximity, historiographical revision, completions and additions, various kinds of parallelism and literary devices, and so on. A handy compendium of the ways in which the Chronicler treated his material by one of the premier scholars working in the field.
Category: Religion

I Die But My Memory Lives On

Author : Henning Mankell
ISBN : 9781595580139
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 55.58 MB
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An exploration of the new African tradition of memory books written by parents dying of AIDS for their children shares deeply personal stories and mementos representing individual lives lost to the disease, in a volume that will donate a portion of its sales to charity and includes an appendix of AIDS organizations and resources. Original. 12,000 first printing.
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The Home Chronicler

Author :
ISBN : OXFORD:590498476
Genre : Animal welfare
File Size : 45.87 MB
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Category: Animal welfare

A History Of The Inquisition Of The Middle Ages Complete

Author : Henry Charles Lea
ISBN : 9781465527240
Genre :
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THE history of the Inquisition naturally divides itself into two portions, each of which may be considered as a whole. The Reformation is the boundary-line between them, except in Spain, where the New Inquisition was founded by Ferdinand and Isabella. In the present work I have sought to present an impartial account of the institution as it existed during the earlier period. For the second portion I have made large collections of material, through which I hope in due time to continue the history to its end. The Inquisition was not an organization arbitrarily devised and imposed upon the judicial system of Christendom by the ambition or fanaticism of the Church. It was rather a natural—one may almost say an inevitable—evolution of the forces at work in the thirteenth century, and no one can rightly appreciate the process of its development and the results of its activity without a somewhat minute consideration of the factors controlling the minds and souls of men during the ages which laid the foundation of modern civilization. To accomplish this it has been necessary to pass in review nearly all the spiritual and intellectual movements of the Middle Ages, and to glance at the condition of society in certain of its phases. At the commencement of my historical studies I speedily became convinced that the surest basis of investigation for a given period lay in an examination of its jurisprudence, which presents without disguise its aspirations and the means regarded as best adapted for their realization. I have accordingly devoted much space to the origin and development of the inquisitorial process, feeling convinced that in this manner only can we understand the operations of the Holy Office and the influence which it exercised on successive generations. By the application of the results thus obtained it has seemed to me that many points which have been misunderstood or imperfectly appreciated can be elucidated. If in this I have occasionally been led to conclusions differing from those currently accepted, I beg the reader to believe that the views presented have not been hastily formed, but that they are the outcome of a conscientious survey of all the original sources accessible to me. No serious historical work is worth the writing or the reading unless it conveys a moral, but to be useful the moral must develop itself in the mind of the reader without being obtruded upon him. Especially is this the case in a history treating of a subject which has called forth the fiercest passions of man, arousing alternately his highest and his basest impulses. I have not paused to moralize, but I have missed my aim if the events narrated are not so presented as to teach their appropriate lesson.

Winds Of Spices

Author : K. S. Mathew
ISBN : UOM:39015070118313
Genre : Cannanore (India)
File Size : 76.23 MB
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Papers presented at the International Seminar on Portuguese Factories, Fortresses and Settlements in India with Special Reference to Cannanore, held at Kannur during 20-24 February 2005.
Category: Cannanore (India)

The Medieval Way Of War

Author : Gregory I. Halfond
ISBN : 9781472419606
Genre : History
File Size : 63.55 MB
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Few historians have argued so forcefully or persuasively as Bernard S. Bachrach for the study of warfare as not only worthy of scholarly attention, but demanding of it. In his many publications Bachrach has established unequivocally the relevance of military institutions and activity for an understanding of medieval European societies, polities, and mentalities. In so doing, as much as any scholar of his generation, he has helped to define the status quaestionis for the field of medieval military history. The Medieval Way of War: Studies in Medieval Military History in Honor of Bernard S. Bachrach pays tribute to its honoree by gathering in a single volume seventeen original studies from an international roster of leading experts in the military history of medieval Europe. Ranging chronologically from Late Antiquity through the Later Middle Ages (ca. AD 300-1500), and with a broad geographical scope stretching from the British Isles to the Middle East, these diverse studies address an array of critical themes and debates relevant to the conduct of war in medieval Europe. These themes include the formation and implementation of military grand strategies; the fiscal, material, and administrative resources that underpinned the conduct of war in medieval Europe; and religious, legal, and artistic responses to military violence. Collectively, these seventeen studies embrace the interdisciplinarity and topical diversity intrinsic to Bachrach’s research. Additionally, they strongly echo his conviction that the study of armed conflict is indispensable for an accurate and comprehensive understanding of medieval European history.
Category: History

The Winds Of War

Author : Raymond Jones
ISBN : 1976979854
Genre :
File Size : 31.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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These, are the Forth chronicles of the Iceni tribe which tell the story of Boudicca, and Prasutagus, who have become the King and Queen of the Iceni tribe, at the time of the second Roman invasion of Britain. As the winds of War sweep across the lands of Britain, so must the Romans try to capture and destroy the druid sect at their Holy Island they know as Mona Insulis? A time when the might of Rome was to fall on the tribes there and attempt to destroy their holy men. The Druids of Gybi and their deep magic. A critical time in the histories of Britain when they must choose to submit to the legions of Rome or stand against them to protect their way of life.This is a story Myriddin-Hu-Emery's shall tell in these chronicles as he is witness to the struggle between light and darkness, which begins with the Chosen.It is also the fight for their independence against the might of Rome and here we shall meet 'The Chosen,' who will fight for their dark master Annwn and use the Talismans to destroy 'Avalon,' and thereby to return to the physical world. So must our Chronicler return to the life and times of the Chosen who serve the forces of Light and the Dark Seekers who would destroy the lands so that in the chaos they can bring forth their dark master from his prison.

A Chronicler Of Immigrant Life

Author : Svein Nilsson
ISBN : UOM:39015001072670
Genre : Norwegian Americans
File Size : 50.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Svein Nilsson's articles in Billed-Magazin 1868-1870. Translated and introduced by C. A. Clausen. Authors series Volume VI. Translated to English. Focus on early settlement in southeasten and south Wisconsin.
Category: Norwegian Americans

Medieval Warfare

Author : Maurice Keen
ISBN : 9780191647383
Genre : History
File Size : 26.48 MB
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This richly illustrated book explores over seven hundred years of European warfare, from the time of Charlemagne to the end of the middle ages (c.1500). The period covered has a distinctive character in military history. It was an age when organization for war was integral to social structure, when the secular aristocrat was by necessity also a warrior, and whose culture was profoundly influenced by martial ideas. Twelve scholars, experts in their own fields, have contributed to this finely illustrated book. It is divided into two parts. Part I seeks to explore the experience of war viewed chronologically with separate chapters on, for instance, the Viking age, on the wars and expansion of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, on the Crusades and on the great Hundred Years War between England and France. The chapters in Part II trace thematically the principal developments in the art of warfare; in fortification and siege craft; in the role of armoured cavalrymen; in the employment of mercenary forces; the advent of gunpowder artillery; and of new skills in navigation and shipbuilding. In both parts of the book, the overall aim has been to offer the general reader an impression, not just of the where and the when of great confrontations, but above all of the social experience of warfare in the middle ages, and of the impact of its demands on human resources and human endurance.
Category: History

Going Through The Mill

Author : Mrs. Gerald Paget
ISBN : STANFORD:36105022368919
Genre :
File Size : 38.74 MB
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