Christs Offspring

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Christ S Offspring

Author : Sibyl Marvin Huse
ISBN : NYPL:33433068190457
Genre : Christian Science
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Category: Christian Science

Jesus Paul And Early Christianity

Author : Rieuwerd Buitenwerf
ISBN : 9789004170339
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85.10 MB
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This collection of essays by leading experts in New Testament scholarship addresses core themes in the study of early Christianity. The topics addressed include text-critical issues relating to the New Testament, the historical situation in which the earliest Christian documents were composed, early Christian rituals, historical questions concerning Jesus and Paul, and the origin and development of important theological ideas in the early Church. This volume is dedicated to Henk Jan de Jonge (Emeritus Professor in the New Testament, Leiden University) in honour of his important contributions to the field of New Testament Studies.
Category: Religion

Paul And Scripture

Author : Steve Moyise
ISBN : 9780281065516
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63.58 MB
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This is the only short book available that summarizes the role scripture played in Paul's thought. Accessibly written at undergraduate level, it outlines the key arguments in the debate. Written by an international expert on the subject, Paul and Scripture also contributes to contemporary Church discussions about the proper interpretation of scripture.
Category: Religion

God S Offspring

Author : Robert Goeringer
ISBN : 9781546249382
Genre : Religion
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Living upon earth has remained and shall remain spiritually induced. Over seven years and following my writer’s third and final rebirth, it was revealed how negative energy remains denounced in humanism. Revealing how God, within many chosen humans, heals any inequity, I have slated the perfected plan of the earth’s calming oceans as well. Colossians 4:8 predicts the arrival of God’s Offspring: chosen humans shall be revealed humanism, Spirits and weather from God’s continuously good perspective. The present remains the future and He has slated His wonderful plan: the truth of everything has been revealed for God’s human offspring. Learn how you shall remain continuously favored and blessed, as well as safe, through an enlightening spiritual revolution upon the blessed earth.
Category: Religion

Being In Christ

Author : Hans Burger
ISBN : 9781556358401
Genre : Religion
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'Being in Christ' is a central theme in the message of the gospel. It is central for understanding the relation of Christian believers and the church with Jesus Christ, their Lord. It determines the identity of a Christian. It is helpful for understanding the presence of Christ and his salvation in the present. It can be developed as an element of a theological ontology. Finally, it is a theme with a great integrating power. In this book, the theme 'being in Christ' is analyzed in different perspectives. The attention is focused on the reality of 'being in Christ': its ontological implications. First, two representatives of the Reformed tradition are investigated: the English Puritan John Owen and the Dutch Neo-Calvinist Herman Bavinck. Second, a reconstruction of the Pauline and Johannine perspectives on 'being in Christ' is provided. Third, the theme is examined in the work of the English ethicist Oliver O'Donovan and the German-Swiss theologian Ingolf U. Dalferth. In the final chapter, the author gives his own systematic-theological proposal of a concept of 'being in Christ.'
Category: Religion

We Are At War Book 5

Author : Vitalis Chi Nwaneri
ISBN : 9781477128756
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32.7 MB
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OUR MISSION Over the past century , the world has been witnessing a gradual decline in the state of global peace.At a recent conference of World Religious Leaders in Assissi, on the invitation of Pope Benedict XVI. These Leaders expressed the concern that the declining state of world peace is partly fueled by growing religious crises like terrorism across the globe. Accordingly, it was resolved that global religious leaders should strive to contribute to the recovery in global peace . Pope Benedict followed up the resolution with his establishment of the Pontifi cal Council on the New Evangeliztion --PCNE to stem the growing De-christianization in most advanced countries and enhance the effectiveness of the weapon of Evangelization as a means of contributing to Global Peace and Religious Freedom. The Pope called on all the Lay Members of The Catholic Church to rise up and contribute to the mission of the PCNE. Our Mission is a humble response to the Popes call. In Book 1, the Author surveyed the teaching and history of the Church through a military perspective. He concluded that WE ARE AT WAR WITH SATAN, the only enemy of God and Man. That war started from the Garden of Eden after mans creation. It has been going on ever since. Author therefore reminds the world that its wars and crises, from the family to the global levels are rooted in this war against Satan, fi ghting us, as it did to Adam and Eve to commit sins by disobeying Gods Commandments. Through our disobedience and sins, we bring, as Adam did, wars and crises from our families to the global levels. Accordingly, the Author concludes that we cannot avoid sins if we do not understand the Teaching of Christ Our Only Leader and recognize the voice, language and strategies of His enemy, Satan in tempting us to sin. The Author views the teaching of Christ as the Pillars that sustain our lives and modern governance against the attacks of the enemy. He therefore warns that driving God out of our private and public lives can only move us faster on the path to wars, crises and declining global peace. He therefore provides in these Books his views on how to avoid sins by recognizing the ways that the enemy, Satan lures us to sin. Through such recognition, we can learn how to avoid its temptations. In the world of today, most sins arise from our denial or lack of knowledge of these sins at all levels of our activities and lives. The principle of the Separation of State and Religion is being misinterpreted to mean denying sins in our political,economic and social lives.In Books 2 and 3, the Author continues his surveys of the enemys strategies to cause wars between Christianity and Secularity and shows how the two can cooperate to fi ght back and reduce our wars and enhance global peace. In Book 4, he shows how the enemy uses us in our various professions to be its agents to cause wars that lead to a decline in peace from our family to the gobal levels. Finally, in Book 5 he surveys the on-going Warfront against our Religious Freedom to obey Gods Commandments in all our Religious and Secular activities.. He concludes with strong Recommendations on building the Knights of The Cross Mission of warriors from our Grass root parish levels of the church to the global leve
Category: Religion

Church History

Author : Johann Heinrich Kurtz
ISBN : PSU:000053013057
Genre : Church history
File Size : 59.66 MB
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Category: Church history

The Eclectic Review

Author : Thomas Price
ISBN : UOM:39015019962334
Genre : Books
File Size : 57.15 MB
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This periodical is comprised mainly of book reviews. The majority of the books reviewed are religious in nature, however, books with various topics-most notably books on historical topics and books of poetry are also reviewed.
Category: Books

Science And Health

Author : Mary Baker Eddy
ISBN : UIUC:30112067910197
Genre : Christian Science
File Size : 32.26 MB
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Category: Christian Science

The Pretribulation Rapture Doctrine And The Progressive Dispensational System

Author : John A. Alifano
ISBN : 1581122241
Genre : Philosophy
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Since its inception in the early nineteenth century, the basic tenet of dispensationalism (a school of Protestant theology which holds that God deals with humankind in different ways in different periods of time called dispensations) has been that the church and Israel are two sharply distinct peoples of God. The distinction is theological in nature; specifically, anthropological (pertaining to humanity), soteriological (pertaining to salvation), and eschatological (pertaining to last things). The tenet of theological distinctiveness has always been the cornerstone for the dispensationalist's belief in the pretribulation rapture of the church: the belief that at the first stage of Christ's two-stage second advent he will endue all who comprise the true church with a resurrected body like his own, and transport; i.e., rapture, all to heaven before the seven year period of turmoil known as the Tribulation begins on earth. The rapture marks the end of one dispensation when God focused his attention primarily on the church, and the start of another when God will focus his attention primarily on Israel. Today, almost two centuries later, progressive dispensationalists have rejected the view of a sharp theological distinction. From their study of Scripture they observe a soft non-theological distinction. They describe the church and Israel as different redemptive dimensions of the same humanity that share in a holistic and unified eternal salvation. An already and not yet eschatological framework is the cornerstone of their system. This thesis will argue that progressive dispensationalism cannot integrate the pretribulation rapture doctrine into its reconstructed dispensational system on any basis of theological distinctiveness between the church and Israel. This will be accomplished by first setting forth the theological systems of the three major forms of dispensationalism that have existed during its history, namely, classical, revised, and progressive dispensationalism, and second, by showing that each of three kinds of theological distinctiveness, namely, anthropological, soteriological, and eschatological distinctiveness, are present in the classical and revised systems and therefore these systems can support the rapture's integration, but are not present in the progressive system and therefore this system cannot support the rapture's integration. The thesis closes with an explanation as to why progressive dispensationalism is more compatible with amillennialism than with premillennialism.
Category: Philosophy