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Who Would Jesus Kill

Author : Mark Allman
ISBN : 9780884899846
Genre : Religion
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A concise, provocative look at the continuum of approaches to war and peace within the Christian tradition and beyond: pacifism, holy war, and just war. InWho Would Jesus Kill? War, Peace, and the Christian Tradition,Dr. Mark J. Allman asks a provocative, timely, and timeless question. Readable and thought-provoking,Who Would Jesus Kill?Provides an overview of approaches to war and peace within the Christian tradition. The author invites students to reflect on their own views as he examines in detail the topics of holy war, just war, and pacifism. An appendix further explores the issues of war and peace from Jewish and Muslim perspectives. In the video below, Allman gives a lecture called "Gods of War." The lecture is broken into nine videos. View the rest of the lecture at
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Can Christians Kill In Self Defense

Author : Creation Liberty Evangelism
Genre : Education
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The Lord God does not protect the wicked. Christians have every Biblical right to defend themselves.
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The Works Of That Eminent Servant Of Christ Mr John Bunyan The Holy War The Desire Of The Righteous Granted The Saint S Privilege And Profit Christ A Compleat Saviour The Saints Knowledge Of Christ S Love A Discourse Of The House Of The Forest Of Lebanon Of Anti Christ And His Ruin Saved By Grace Christian Behaviour A Discourse Touching Prayer The Strait Gate Some Gospel Truths Opened A Vindication Of Gospel Truths Opened Light For Them That Sit In Darkness Instruction For The Ignorant The Holy City The Resurrection Of The Dead And Eternal Judgment A Caution To Stir Up To Watch Against Sin An Exposition On The Ten First Chapters Of Genesis And Part Of The Eleventh The Work Of Jesus Christ As An Advocate Seasonable Counsel Divine Emblems Mr Bunyan S Last Sermon Ebal And Gerizzim Prison Meditations

Author : John Bunyan
ISBN : NYPL:33433003253626
Genre :
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Jesus Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Author : Rev. Dr. Siotame Havea
ISBN : 9781465370358
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22.36 MB
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Jesus: Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Legal Perspectives of Redemption is an attempt to look into the rule of law to provide reasons as to why Jesus ought to be regarded as the only Saviour of the world. This book unravels the divine connection between the law and the redemptive act of God. Every single step of Gods redemptive act was formulated to satisfy the requirements of the law. Gods love is a holy love. Thus, the loving act of God cannot be shown outside Gods legal framework. That is, the divine love of God is a legal act and it cannot be done outside the law that is based on holiness. After discussing the rule of law in the process of Gods Redemptive act, we will be able to see why nobody else can be the Saviour of the world beside Jesus Christ. Jesus states: I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father accept through me (John 14:6).
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Who Killed The Christ

Author : Clive Oscar
ISBN : 0984091408
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.31 MB
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Who Killed the Christ? is an in-depth investigative report into the sufferings and death of the Christ from the time he left the upper room of the Jerusalem Cenacle to the crucifixion and burial. It deals not only with the physical aspects of the execution but also the spiritual end of it. One cannot be separated from the other, as the author learned early on in the preparation of this work. Come with us down the old Roman steps and out the fountain gate as Jesus leaves the city for the last time as a free man. Find out how Pilate and Herod conducted their trials and learn more about the armies that controlled and enforced the laws during that time period. Find out how Christ’s death came about and who was ultimately responsible.
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Christian Treasury

Author :
ISBN : SRLF:A0003397916
Genre : Christianity
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If You Meet George Herbert On The Road Kill Him

Author : Justin Lewis-Anthony
ISBN : 9781906286170
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.12 MB
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At a time of uncertainty for the Church, this robust challenge to an outmoded style of ministry offers realistic encouragement for the future. The book's deliberately provocative title echoes: If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him; its thesis is that the shadow of George Herbert's parish ministry lingers still in the Church of England, placing an impossible burden of unreasonable expectations upon today's parish clergy. The author sets out realistically to assess the context of Herbert's life and to explore the difficulties of parish life today; he concludes by outlining a more sustainable pattern for the future. This is a book of the long view. In looking at the status and role of parish clergy it draws on the work of historians, social anthropologists, psychologists and theologians and presents their ideas in a readable and passionate style. It is neither a jeremiad nor pollyanna-ish in its analysis or its prescriptions, but rather sees the future strength of the parochial clergy to be found in a recovery of historic, renewed understandings of priestly ministry. In a climate of such uncertainty for the future of the church, it will be an encouragement for priest and people, and welcomed by both.
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May I Kill

Author : Jeffrey K. Mann
ISBN : 9781532652035
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59.41 MB
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Today, we live in a world where we are less exposed to violence than at any other time in history. However, we also know that violence can come knocking on our door at any moment. Preparing for this possibility means more than physical safety; it means being clear with ourselves about the ethics of violence. Can violence be justified? When should we fight? How should we fight? And in situations when things have gone badly, may we kill? These questions are not only for politicians, soldiers, and police officers, but are also important considerations for civilians whose lives do not normally intersect with violence. Whether advocating for government policies, marching in the streets, or defending ourselves and loved ones, a coherent moral framework is essential to good decision-making. May I Kill? examines the efficacy of different approaches to non-violence and Just War Theory. By scrutinizing these ethical theories, the reader is encouraged to critically examine occasions for the use of force from a moral perspective, whether nations at war or violent encounters in our own neighborhoods. We may then determine how best to develop ourselves—body, mind, and spirit—to respond effectively and make the world a safer place.
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If You Don T Die To Self I May Have To Kill You

Author : Karen Long
ISBN : 9780307562654
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.27 MB
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Marital Misery? You’re Not Alone Contemplating divorce? (Gasp) Never! Murder? (Hmmmmm) Well, maybe…! If your marriage resembles a combat zone more than a covenant commitment, you’re in good company. If You Don’t Die to Self, I May Have to Kill You is packed with juicy foibles and misdeeds candidly expressed by Emmy-nominated TV news reporter Karen Long . Follow her behind the scenes to discover solid spiritual ammunition targeting attitude, gratitude, contentment, forgiveness, self-denial, and even suffering. Romance, suspense, and intrigue mark Karen’s antics, and “what not to dos” reinforce biblical principles that light the way from marital misery to a harmonious hitch. Contemplating Divorce? (Gasp) Never! Murder? (Pause) Well...maybe! The slogan for The Divorce Store reads: “When ‘till death do you part’ isn’t soon enough.” Can you relate? “Instead of just waiting for Paul to keel over, I spent years looking for a younger woman for him, someone who enjoys doing laundry.” “I calculated I’d forgiven Paul the biblically required seven times seventy—490 times—over the course of one weekend alone…” “When ‘two become one flesh,’ you either get some unity or you get Frankenstein. We got a monster of a marriage…” When your marriage resembles a combat zone more than a covenant commitment, you need a few weapons, er…tools at your disposal. Former award-winning TV news reporter Karen Long candidly expresses juicy foibles and misdeeds marking her treacherous memorable twenty-year marriage with Paul. The happy ending? They’re still married. Only now they’re laughing. Karen will arm you with solid spiritual ammunition targeting attitude, gratitude, contentment, forgiveness, and—of course—suffering. Humorously revealing her hard-won wisdom, this book is your ticket out of marital misery and into a harmonious hitch. “A book just like the author—witty, funny, charming, and full of depth. It will make you laugh and cry, but mostly you will learn about yourself and what it takes to finish the marriage journey with a smile on your face.” Congressman James E. Rogan Story Behind the Book Karen Long gave up a lucrative career as a TV news reporter “broadcasting live from the mean streets of Los Angeles ” to go home to a husband, kids, and real action and drama. She tells of being on the frontlines of the home front in this evangelical exposé on the epidemic of marital misery. “Over the years,” Karen says, “my husband, Paul, pushed all my buttons, including the little red one that can blast a nuclear family of five into oblivion. Paul often brought out the very worst in me…allowing me to see my great need for a Savior instead of a good divorce attorney. Yes, this would be a terribly tragic story if it wasn’t such a terrific, true testimony for the Lord.”
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Conquerors For Christ

Author : Michael James Robertson
ISBN : 9781607910572
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30.71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Conquerors for Christ is anointed and illuminated Bible scholarship that teaches you how to effectively deploy, engage and execute the Strategy, Tactics & Weapons of Our Warfare against Satan, his strongmen, demons, devils and evil, rotten fruits, as well as against the false pastors, preachers, prophets and teachers in the apostate church, thus enforcing the Victory of Jesus Christ, until He Raptures His Church! You learn how to preemptively strike the enemy and his legions in daily warfare, which empowers you to continuously assault, attack, break down and breakthrough the gates of Hell by preaching the Gospel, in the Anointing, Authority, Power and Strength of the Holy Spirit, thereby setting the captives free in Christ! This is our end time Spiritual Warfare Handbook/Manuel, which reveals Christ's rapid response action/battle plan for the mighty "Conquerors for Christ," by being disciplined in the very character of Messiah! Michael James Robertson holds a Juris Doctor, possesses a wealth of high level Fortune 100 corporate and entrepreneurial business experience, and is CEO/Apostle/Evangelist and Pastor of God & Country Revival. The Ministry wins souls for Christ, equips and sends out Christ's disciples! Ministries include God & Country Revival (USA, Kenya and India), Jesus Brigade, Crusades & Revivals, Trade Winds Ministries (intercessory), Television & Internet (, Visioning Institute, prison outreach, and other international outreaches. An extension of the Acts church, Robertson preaches the Cross of Christ and the Power of the Resurrection, with signs following! Robertson authored this rapid response action/battle plan to empower us to effectively deploy, engage and execute the Weapons of Our Warfare against Satan and his legions in daily warfare, thereby setting the captives free in Christ by the preaching of the Gospel and enforcing Messiah's Victory of the Cross and Resurrection!
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Life In Christ

Author : Edward White
ISBN : OXFORD:591047201
Genre : Annihilationism
File Size : 39.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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