Chinese Buddhism

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Hand Book Of Chinese Buddhism

Author : Ernest John Eitel
Genre : Buddha (The concept)
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Buddha (The concept)

The Reality Of Contemporary Chinese Buddhism And Taoism

Author : Otis Colon
ISBN : 1695237528
Genre :
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Chinese Buddhism and Taoism may seem a little bit mysterious to the outside world. Its philosophy, meditation, regimen, medicine, martial art, Kong Fu, etc., attracts many enthusiasts from around the globe to come to China. Some of them just come to open their eyes about the Buddhism or Taoism; while some choose to stay and live in the temple as a disciple for a period of time. This is especially common in Taoism in which case the foreign disciples are interested in Chinese martial arts and try to learn the so-called Kong Fu.It's no doubt that many people especially foreigners learn Chinese Buddhism and Taoism from movies or other art works. For example, the film Shao Lin Temple is well-known in the world. That's probably the only way for many foreign people to learn about Chinese Buddhism and Shao Lin Kong Fu.Buddhism and Taoism have a long history in China. The origin of both religions is controversial among some scholars, such as the founder or the exact age. This book isn't an academic study of Chinese Buddhism and Taoism. There are no redundant and obscure religious terms in this book. Although it's not written in too many words, this is an important book by telling the facts about what the religions of Buddhism and Taoism in China today look like and how it works. It introduces some ritual episodes that will give readers an impression of the religious scenes. The case stories are interesting and real. The interpretation on the philosophical ideas of the religions manifests organically from the beginning to the end of the book. Readers will get a clear picture after reading this book. For those who are interested in martial art, Kong Fu or regimen of Chinese Buddhism and Taoism, this book may be a light tower for their decision and help them avoid misleading.

Tibetan Buddhism Among Han Chinese

Author : Joshua Esler
ISBN : 9781498584654
Genre :
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This study examines the changing role of Tibetan Buddhism among Han Chinese in contemporary China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It analyzes how Tibetan Buddhism is both adapting to contemporary Chinese society and reorienting the lives of Han practitioners.--David Palmer, University of Hong Kong

Chinese Buddhism

Author : Joseph Edkins
ISBN : 9781465577467
Genre :
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Fusang Or The Discovery Of America By Chinese Buddhist Priests In The Fifth Century

Author : Charles Godfrey Leland
ISBN : IBNF:CF005705952
Genre : History
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"Each September, up to 5,000 of the most amazing pieces of British architecture, engineering and heritage are opened up to the public. The main event and the focus of the series is the London Open House architecture event, which offers the chance to visit some of the very special buildings, many of which are usually closed to the public. From the Bank of England to a top secret Second World War bunker used by Churchill ; Gladstone's St. Deiniol's Library in Wales to the cutting edge life-saving research laboratories at Queen Mary's University"--Container.
Category: History

Buddhism In China

Author : Samuel Beal
Genre : Buddhism
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Category: Buddhism

The Practice Of Chinese Buddhism 1900 1950

Author : Holmes Welch
ISBN : 0674697006
Genre : Religion
File Size : 42.29 MB
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Based partly on unpublished documents and oral information obtained from monks who headed major monasteries on mainland China, Holmes Welch presents a detailed description of the modern practice of Chinese Buddhism. Focusing on the actual rather than the theoretical observances of the religion, he gives an exhaustive account of the monastic system and the style of life of both monk and layman. His study makes new information available for the Western reader and calls into question the whole concept of the moribund state of Chinese Buddhism.
Category: Religion

Byways In Chinese Buddhism

Author : Kyoko Tokuno
ISBN : IND:30000078390717
Genre : Apocryphal books (Tripiṭaka)
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Category: Apocryphal books (Tripiṭaka)

Things Chinese

Author : James Dyer Ball
Genre : China
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Category: China

Coming To Terms With Chinese Buddhism

Author : Robert Sharf
ISBN : 0824830288
Genre : Religion
File Size : 84.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The issue of sinification—the manner and extent to which Buddhism and Chinese culture were transformed through their mutual encounter and dialogue—has dominated the study of Chinese Buddhism for much of the past century. Robert Sharf opens this important and far-reaching book by raising a host of historical and hermeneutical problems with the encounter paradigm and the master narrative on which it is based. Coming to Terms with Chinese Buddhism is, among other things, an extended reflection on the theoretical foundations and conceptual categories that undergird the study of medieval Chinese Buddhism. Sharf draws his argument in part from a meticulous historical, philological, and philosophical analysis of the Treasure Store Treatise (Pao-tsang lun), an eighth-century Buddho-Taoist work apocryphally attributed to the fifth-century master Seng-chao (374–414). In the process of coming to terms with this recondite text, Sharf ventures into all manner of subjects bearing on our understanding of medieval Chinese Buddhism, from the evolution of T’ang "gentry Taoism" to the pivotal role of image veneration and the problematic status of Chinese Tantra. The volume includes a complete annotated translation of the Treasure Store Treatise, accompanied by the detailed exegesis of dozens of key terms and concepts.
Category: Religion

Hand Book Of Chinese Buddhism

Author : Ernest John Eitel
Genre : Buddhism
File Size : 68.82 MB
Format : PDF
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This reference text is a highly useful tool for the student of Chinese religious literature as well as for general readers in need of a handy companion text to the rest of this rich collection. The dictionary in this volume contains vocabularies of Buddhist terms in Pali, Singhalese, Siamese, Burmese, Tibetan, Mongolian and Japanese. If you find yourself hampered by the continual recurrence of Sanskrit and other foreign terms embedded in texts on Tibetan Buddhism, generally with no explanation, this volume will be quite helpful in smoothing the path to understanding.
Category: Buddhism

Burning For The Buddha

Author : James A. Benn
ISBN : 9780824829926
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27.79 MB
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Burning for the Buddha: Self-Immolation in Chinese Buddhism is the first book-length study of the theory and practice of "abandoning the body" (self-immolation) in Chinese Buddhism. Although largely ignored by conventional scholarship, the acts of self-immolators (which included not only burning the body but also being devoured by wild animals, drowning oneself, and self-mummification, among others) form an enduring part of the religious tradition and provide a new perspective on the multifarious dimensions of Buddhist practice in China from the early medieval period to the present time. This book examines the hagiographical accounts of all those who made offerings of their own bodies and places them in historical, social, cultural, and doctrinal context.
Category: Religion

Comparative Development Of India China

Author : Neena Sondhi
ISBN : 9789353886080
Genre : Business & Economics
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The prodigious economic growth of India and China over the last three decades has ensured their rightful prominence in the global economic order. The two players opened up their respective economies to liberalization and market regulations, which led to a tectonic shift from agriculture-based economies to manufacturing and service-based economies. In this context, Comparative Development of India and China offers contemporary research on economic, technological, sectoral and sociocultural issues by highlighting the opportunities as well as vulnerabilities in the development of the two fastest growing nations in the world. It unveils the similarities of thought and practices, and explores the plethora of possibilities for collaborative effort that may serve to contribute to the prosperity and progress of both the countries. The perspectives presented by various Indian and Chinese scholars in this edited volume provide varied outlooks and insights on these two nations, albeit within a single thematic framework.
Category: Business & Economics

Monks In Motion

Author : Jack Meng-Tat Chia
ISBN : 9780190090975
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29.33 MB
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"Chinese Buddhists have never remained stationary. They have always been on the move. Why did Buddhist monks migrate from China to Southeast Asia? How did they participate in transregional Buddhist networks across the South China Sea? In Monks in Motion, Jack Meng-Tat Chia tells a story of monastic connectivity across the South China Sea during the twentieth century. Following in the footsteps of three prominent monks-Chuk Mor (1913-2002), Yen Pei (1917-1996), and Ashin Jinarakkhita (1923-2002)-Chia explores the connected history of Buddhist communities in China and maritime Southeast Asia. Monks in Motion is the first book to offer a history of what Chia terms "South China Sea Buddhism," referring to a Buddhism that emerged from a swirl of correspondence networks, forced exiles, voluntary visits, evangelizing missions, institution-building campaigns, and the organizational efforts of countless Chinese and Chinese diasporic Buddhist monks. Drawing on multilingual research conducted in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, he challenges the conventional categories of "Chinese Buddhism" and "Southeast Asian Buddhism" by focusing on the lesser-known-yet no less significant-Chinese Buddhist communities of maritime Southeast Asia. By crossing the artificial spatial frontier between China and Southeast Asia, Monks in Motion brings Southeast Asia into the study of Chinese Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism into the study of Southeast Asia. Chuk Mor, Yen Pei, Ashin Jinarakkhita, South China Sea Buddhism, Buddhist modernism, Chinese Buddhism, Southeast Asian Buddhism, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore"--
Category: Religion