Chemical Bonds

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Chemical Bonds

Author : Phillip Manning
ISBN : 9780791097403
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Reaching beyond the typical high school chemistry textbook, each title in this series offers real-life, concrete examples that illustrate the practical importance of the topic at hand, and includes a full-color periodic table, color photographs, sidebars, and a glossary.
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Chemical Bonds

Author : Jeremy K. Burdett
ISBN : 0471971308
Genre : Science
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Inorganic Chemistry This series reflects the breadth of modern research in inorganic chemistry and fulfils the need for advanced texts. The series covers the whole range of inorganic and physical chemistry, solid state chemistry, coordination chemistry, main group chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry. Chemical Bonds A Dialog Jeremy K. Burdett The University of Chicago, USA Understanding the nature of the chemical bond is the key to understanding all chemistry, be it inorganic, physical, organic or biochemistry. In the form of a question and answer tutorial the fundamental concepts of chemical bonding are explored. These range from the nature of the chemical bond, via the regular hexagonal structure of benzene and the meaning of the term 'metallic bond', to d-orbital involvement in hypervalent compounds and the structure of N_2O. Chemical Bonds: A Dialog provides * a novel format in terms of a dialog between two scientists * insights into many key questions concerning chemical bonds * an orbital approach to quantum chemistry
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Chemical Bonds

Author : Harry B Gray
ISBN : 0935702350
Genre : Science
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This profusely illustrated book, by a world-renowned chemist and award-winning chemistry teacher, provides science students with an introduction to atomic and molecular structure and bonding. (This is a reprint of a book first published by Benjamin/Cummings, 1973.)
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Chemical Bonding

Author : M.S. Sethi & M. Satake
ISBN : 8171411630
Genre :
File Size : 61.40 MB
Format : PDF
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Contents: Chemical Bonding-I : Basic Concepts, Chemical Bonding-II : Additional Aspects, Intermolecular Force and Crystal Structures.

Competition Science Vision

Author :
Genre :
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Competition Science Vision (monthly magazine) is published by Pratiyogita Darpan Group in India and is one of the best Science monthly magazines available for medical entrance examination students in India. Well-qualified professionals of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany make contributions to this magazine and craft it with focus on providing complete and to-the-point study material for aspiring candidates. The magazine covers General Knowledge, Science and Technology news, Interviews of toppers of examinations, study material of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany with model papers, reasoning test questions, facts, quiz contest, general awareness and mental ability test in every monthly issue.

Comprehensive Handbook Of Chemical Bond Energies

Author : Yu-Ran Luo
ISBN : 9781420007282
Genre : Medical
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Understanding the energy it takes to build or break chemical bonds is essential for scientists and engineers in a wide range of innovative fields, including catalysis, nanomaterials, bioengineering, environmental chemistry, and space science. Reflecting the frequent additions and updates of bond dissociation energy (BDE) data throughout the literat
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Chemical Bonds And Bonds Energy

Author : R Sanderson
ISBN : 9780323161954
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.37 MB
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Chemical Bonds and Bonds Energy, Second Edition provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of contributing bond energy and bond dissociation energy. This book explores the values that are useful in the interpretation of significant phenomena such as product distribution and reaction mechanisms. Organized into 12 chapters, this edition begins with an overview of the quantitative relationship among three basic properties of an atom, namely, nonpolar covalent radius, electronegativity, and homonuclear single covalent bond energy. This text then examines the quantitative means of evaluating the partial atomic charges that result from initial differences in the electromagnetivity of atoms that form a compound. Other chapters consider the recognition of the reduction of bond weakening not by multiplicity and in certain types of single covalent bonds. The final chapter deals with the application of the principal ideas and techniques to the oxidation of ethane. This book is a valuable resource for organic and inorganic chemists.
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Chemical Bonds Better Ways To Make Them And Break Them

Author : Gerard Meurant
ISBN : 9780444597045
Genre : Science
File Size : 78.66 MB
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Stereochemistry of Organometallic and Inorganic Compounds, Volume 3: Chemical Bonds—Better Ways to Make Them and Break Them focuses on the processes, methodologies, reactions, and approaches involved in the making and breaking of bonds. The selection first tackles heterometallic clusters in catalysis and steric and electronic effects on the photochemical reactions of metal-metal bonded carbonyls. Discussions focus on heterodinuclear metal carbonyls, hybrid catalysts prepared from molecular mixed-metal clusters, and heterometallic clusters in homogeneous catalysis. The book then examines the stereochemical aspects of organometallic clusters, including reactivity, dynamics, and the structures and rationalization of bonding in alkyne-substituted clusters. The publication takes a look at the stereochemistry of the Sakurai reaction, as well as intermolecular and intramolecular reactions, optically active allylsilanes, and other reactions. The selection is a highly recommended source of data for chemists and readers interested in the making and breaking of chemical bonds.
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Research Awards Index

Author :
ISBN : MINN:30000008789053
Genre : Medicine
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The Chemical Bond

Author : Richard David Harcourt
ISBN : 3540206388
Genre : Science
File Size : 21.57 MB
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Providing the quantum-mechanical foundations of chemical bonding, this unique textbook emphasizes key concepts such as superposition, degeneracy of states and the role of the electron spin. An initial, concise and compact presentation of the rudiments of quantum mechanics enables readers to progress through the book with a firm grounding. Experimental examples are included to illustrate how the abstract concepts are manifest in real systems.
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Chemical Bonding For Jee Main Advanced Neet 2nd Edition

Author : Vaibhav Trivedi
ISBN : 9789387421745
Genre :
File Size : 77.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The thoroughly revised & updated 2nd edition of the book on Chemical Bonding is designed especially in accordance with latest competitive trends. The book has been updated with the past questions of NEET, JEE Main & JEE Advanced. A new chapter entitled 'Hydrolysis of Covalent Compounds' has been added based on student's high demand. The salient features of the book are as follows: * A moderately concise and compact book covering all topics from A –Z. * Bent Rule with latest amendments and Drago’s Rule * Physical properties of ionic & covalent compounds with detailed explanation. * Increasing and decreasing order of lattice energy, hydration energy, polarization and effect of these on physical properties has been done comparatively. * Simple language to make it useful even to average and weak students. * Logical and evolutionary approach in descriptions for better imagination and visualization. * Large no. of solved examples, illustrations and Objective type questions. * Miscellaneous Practice Problems as final challenge.

Relaxation Of The Chemical Bond

Author : Chang Q Sun
ISBN : 9789814585217
Genre : Science
File Size : 46.42 MB
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The aim of this book is to explore the detectable properties of a material to the parameters of bond and non-bond involved and to clarify the interdependence of various properties. This book is composed of four parts; Part I deals with the formation and relaxation dynamics of bond and non-bond during chemisorptions with uncovering of the correlation among the chemical bond, energy band and surface potential barrier (3B) during reactions; Part II is focused on the relaxation of bonds between atoms with fewer neighbors than the ideal in bulk with unraveling of the bond order-length-strength (BOLS) correlation mechanism, which clarifies the nature difference between nanostructures and bulk of the same substance; Part III deals with the relaxation dynamics of bond under heating and compressing with revealing of rules on the temperature-resolved elastic and plastic properties of low-dimensional materials; Part IV is focused on the asymmetric relaxation dynamics of the hydrogen bond (O:H-O) and the anomalous behavior of water and ice under cooling, compressing and clustering. The target audience for this book includes scientists, engineers and practitioners in the area of surface science and nanoscience.
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Chemical Bonding And Spectroscopy In Mineral Chemistry

Author : F. J. Berry
ISBN : 9789400948389
Genre : Science
File Size : 54.2 MB
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In recent years mineralogy has developed even stronger links with solid-state chemistry and physics and these developments have been accompanied by a trend towards further quantification in the theoretical as well as the experimental aspects of the subject. The importance of solid-state chemistry to mineralogy was reflected in a symposium held at the 1982 Annual Congress of The Royal Society of Chemistry at which the original versions of most of the contributions to this book were presented. The meeting brought together chemists, geologists and mineralogists all of whom were interested in the application of modern spectroscopic techniques to the study of bonding in minerals. The interdisci plinary nature of the symposium enabled a beneficial exchange of information from the various fields and it was felt that a book presenting reviews of the key areas of the subject would be a useful addition to both the chemical and mineralogical literature. The field of study which is commonly termed the 'physics and chemistry of minerals' has itself developed very rapidly over recent years. Such rapid development has resulted in many chemists, geologists, geochemists and mineralogists being less familiar than they might wish with the techniques currently available. Central to this field is an understanding of chemical bonding or 'electronic structure' in minerals which has been developed both theoretically and by the use of spectroscopic techniques.
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Electron Density And Chemical Bonding I

Author : Dietmar Stalke
ISBN : 9783642308024
Genre : Science
File Size : 35.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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D. Stalke, U. Flierler: More than Just Distances from Electron Density Studies.- A.O. Madsen: Modeling and Analysis of Hydrogen Atoms.- B.B. Iversen/J. Overgaard: Charge Density Methods in Hydrogen Bond Studies.- U. Flierler, D. Stalke: Some Main Group Chemical Perceptions in the Light of Experimental Charge Density Investigations.- D. Leusser: Electronic Structure and Chemical Properties of Lithium Organics Seen Through the Glasses of Charge Density.- L. J. Farrugia, P. Macchi: Bond Orders in Metal–Metal Interactions Through Electron Density Analysis.- W. Scherer, V. Herz, Ch. Hauf: On the Nature of β-Agostic Interactions: A Comparison Between the Molecular Orbital and Charge Density Picture.
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Theoretical Models Of Chemical Bonding

Author : Zvonimir B. Maksić
ISBN : 3540522522
Genre : Chemical bonds
File Size : 26.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The state-of-the-art in contemporary theoretical chemistry is presented in this 4-volume set with numerous contributions from the most highly regarded experts in their field. It provides a concise introduction and critical evaluation of theoretical approaches in relation to experimental evidence.
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Theoretical Models Of Chemical Bonding

Author : Zvonimir B. Maksic
ISBN : 9783642581793
Genre : Science
File Size : 35.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The renowned theoretical physicist Victor F. Weisskopf rightly pointed out that a real understanding of natural phenomena implies a clear distinction between the essential and the peripheral. Only when we reach such an understanding - that is to say when we are able to separate the relevant from the irrelevant, will the phenomena no longer appear complex, but intelectually transparent. This statement, which is generally valid, reflects the very essence ofmodelling in the quantum theory of matter, on the molecular level in particular. Indeed, without theoretical models one would be swamped by too many details embodied in intricate accurate molecular wavefunctions. Further, physically justified simplificqtions enable studies of the otherwise intractable systems and/or phenomena. Finally, a lack of appropriate models would leave myriads of raw experimental data totally unrelated and incomprehensible. The present series ofbooks dwells on the most important models of chemical bonding and on the variety of its manifestations. In this volume the electronic structure and properties of molecules are considered in depth. Particular attention is focused on the nature of intramolecular interactions which in turn are revealed by various types ofmolecular spectroscopy. Emphasis is put on the conceptual and interpretive aspects of the theory in line with the general philosophy adopted in the series.
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