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Chasing Mystery

Author : Carey Walsh
ISBN : 9780814680940
Genre : Religion
File Size : 78.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Why does God have to be so exasperatingly silent? Why can't we see him at least long enough to allay doubt? How does one grow deeper in love with God against the cultural currents of disdain and antagonism? Chasing Mystery is an exploration into how the Bible negotiates the presence and absence of God in the hopes of forging a path in situations where absences often seem more pressing than presences. Amid the prevailing skepticism and restlessness, says Walsh, we must relearn the skill of trust in reading Scripture. The aim is to experience God through holy writing. Walsh offers a work in biblical theology that explores the liveliness of the God of the Bible. She insists that the pages of the Bible do not simply describe divine presence; they evoke it in the process of reading. Not all the time, certainly not predictably, but enough to warrant a trust. Her goal is to strengthen the heart's reading competency in order to facilitate our encounter with God.
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Biblical Theology

Author : Carey Walsh
ISBN : 9781498234443
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20.12 MB
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This book offers two things in particular: first, these are papers that have been commented on and re-worked in the context of a set of lively sessions from (International) SBL conferences from 2012 to 2014 (Amsterdam, St. Andrews, Vienna). Second, they offer an insight into the origins of the discipline as one which became conscious of itself in the early modern era and the turn to history and the analysis of texts, to offer something exegetical and synthetic. The fresh wind that the enterprise received in the latter part of the twentieth century is the focus of the second part of the volume, which describes the recent activity up to the present "state of the question." The third part takes a step further to anticipate the way forward for the discipline in an era where "canon"--but also "Scripture" and "theology"--seem to be alien terms, and where other ideologies are advanced in the name of neutrality. Biblical Theology will aim to be true to the evidence of the text: it will not always see clearly, but it will rely on the best of biblical criticism and theological discernment to help it. That is the spirit with which this present volume is imbued.
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Many Roads Lead Eastward

Author : Robert D. Miller
ISBN : 9781498284721
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90.79 MB
Format : PDF
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Is there a gap between the academic study of the Bible and the work of theologians? What lies behind this gap? And most important, how have biblical scholars tried to bridge the gap with hermeneutical methods? This book addresses the exegesis vs. theology impasse and categorizes the most important attempts to bridge it over the past century, especially those of the last decades. These attempts are assessed and evaluated so that readers can see the philosophies undergirding each and the potential each has for a true "theological interpretation" of the Bible.
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Why Faith

ISBN : 9781587685323
Genre :
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New Testament Basics For Catholics

Author : John Bergsma
ISBN : 9781594715839
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.16 MB
Format : PDF
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Award-winning author and theology professor John Bergsma follows up his popular Bible Basics for Catholics—which has sold more than 60,000 copies—with a more in-depth look at the New Testament. Using simple illustrations and the same clear, conversational style that characterized his earlier book, Bergsma introduces four of the most important writers in the New Testament: Matthew, Luke, Paul, and John. With humor and simple illustrations, theology professor John Bergsma focuses on Matthew, Luke, Paul, and John, whose writings comprise about 90 percent of the New Testament. The gospel of Matthew, written for Jewish Christians, illuminates the life and teachings of Christ as the long-promised Messiah. In Luke's gospel, readers will delve into the infancy and Triduum narratives, as well as the Acts of the Apostles and the life of the early Church. This leads the reader to discover St. Paul and his first and arguably greatest theological treatise: Romans. Finally, “the beloved apostle” St. John draws us in to the unsurpassed beauty of the fourth gospel, as well as the most mysterious book of the New Testament: the book of Revelation. A concluding chapter offers suggestions for further study. Intended as an introductory work for those who are new to scripture study, New Testament Basics for Catholics does not aspire to be a comprehensive guide to all twenty-seven books of the New Testament, but is intended to lay the foundation for a lifetime of scripture reading.
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In Quest Of A Vital Protestant Center

Author : George Demetrion
ISBN : 9781630878450
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Quest of a Vital Protestant Center probes the relationship between Scripture and culture in twentieth-century US theology and biblical studies. It points to the necessity of turning to what Karl Barth has referred to as "the strange new world within the Bible" for any revitalization of mainline Protestantism in the tradition of the Protestant Reformers in critical dialogue with serious evangelical theology. The study includes a historical overview underlying what Demetrion refers to as the "fundamentalist/modernist great divide," which continues to resonate powerfully in contemporary US Protestant thought and culture. Demetrion offers an in-depth exploration of four representative twentieth-century Protestant theologians and biblical scholars, spanning from the conservative evangelical theology of J. I. Packer to the postliberal dialectical theology of Walter Brueggemann. The book includes a chapter on the neo-orthodox legacy as a mediating resource in bringing evangelical and postliberal theology into dialogue with the core issues of theology, biblical hermeneutics, and religious culture. Demetrion concludes with a critically empathetic review of the postliberal dialectical theology of Douglas J. Hall and the evangelical narrative theology of Richard Lints. In linking evangelical, postliberal, and neo-orthodox theology to a common search for a vital Protestant center, this book will facilitate fruitful dialogue among divergent schools of Protestant thought and culture.
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The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Author : Wendell Stephen Reilly
ISBN : UCAL:B4434391
Genre : Bible
File Size : 42.4 MB
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Includes various reports of the Association.
Category: Bible

Pursuing The Dream

Author : Dan Cohn-Sherbok
ISBN : UVA:X004833436
Genre : Christianity and other religions
File Size : 79.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A feminist Roman Catholic theologian and a liberal rabbi exchange letters and emails on the major theological fundamentals of their respective faiths, such as God, Jesus and the Bible, alongside contemporary issues such as war and peace, gender, ecology, family, sin and racism. Their inspiration was a desire to focus on the ways in which their two faiths provide resources for achieving reconciliation in the contemporary world. It soon became clear, however, that they disagreed about nearly everything, except the general principle that each tradition contains invaluable spiritual resources for creating a better world. The problem was that both held very different visions of what such a world should be. But what the conversation finally reveals is the possibility for mutual sympathy and understanding, which in a post-Holocaust, post-9/11 world is perhaps a good enough basis from which to attempt future dialogue and encounter.
Category: Christianity and other religions

New Perspectives In Philosophy Of Education

Author : David Lewin
ISBN : 9781472513366
Genre : Education
File Size : 90.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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New Perspectives in Philosophy of Education seeks to build a bridge between philosophical reflection and socio-political action by developing a range of critical discussions in the areas of ethics, politics and religion. This volume brings together established authorities and a new generation of scholars to ask whether philosophy of education can contribute to political and social discourse, or whether it is destined to remain the marginal gadfly of mainstream ideology. The philosophy of education stands in danger of becoming a neglected field at precisely the moment we need to be able to reflect upon the increasingly apparent costs of the technocratic attitude to education. While many of the educational policy discussions of recent years seem far-reaching and radical, critical debate surrounding these initiatives remain largely at a populist level. New Perspectives in Philosophy of Education provides contemporary responses to philosophical issues that bear upon educational studies, policies and practices, contributing to the debate on the role of philosophy of education in an increasingly fractured intellectual milieu.
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