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Group Cbt For Psychosis

Author : Tania Lecomte
ISBN : 9780199391523
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Psychosis implies an alteration of one's reality, with specific beliefs and sensory experiences that affect one's judgment and capacity to function socially. Previously, medication alone was believed to attenuate or eliminate psychotic symptoms; however, more than two decades of empirical evidence now support the use of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for psychosis, including group CBT for psychosis. Group CBT for Psychosis offers the first published group therapy module of its kind and is suitable for a broad range of mental health professionals. Group therapy for people with psychosis is often recommended given its cost-efficiency and indirect benefits such as improved social skills and social support, yet delivery of this group intervention necessitates specialized skills and knowledge not typically included as part of most clinical training programs. This book offers thorough descriptions of relevant techniques, clinical vignettes, and worksheets for use in group sessions. Individual chapters focus on the basics of CBT for psychosis, essential elements of group therapy, explaining the CBT model in a group context, techniques for various symptoms, measuring change, common obstacles to group CBT for psychosis, and much more. Group CBT for Psychosis will be a valuable resource for psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, and graduate students in these fields. Professors and supervisors teaching clinical skills, such as how to run groups or how to conduct CBT in groups with people with psychotic disorders, will also find this book very useful.

Cbt For Psychosis

Author : Roger Hagen
ISBN : 9781136837982
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This book offers a new approach to understanding and treating psychotic symptoms using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT for Psychosis shows how this approach clears the way for a shift away from a biological understanding and towards a psychological understanding of psychosis.
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Cbt For Psychosis

Author : Caroline Cupitt
ISBN : 9781315294834
Genre : Psychology
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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for psychosis is constantly changing and evolving. Recently, in what is sometimes called the ‘third wave’, therapy has become more concerned with the individual’s relationship to their experience, rather than with the content of it. This more process–orientated approach appears to tap into universal psychological processes. The aim is to reduce distress by changing the function of the experience, rather than necessarily the experience itself. Written by some of the leading figures from around the world, CBT for Psychosis: Process-Orientated Therapies and the Third Wave brings the reader the latest developments in the field. Presented in three parts, CBT for Psychosis first explores theoretical perspectives on recent developments in cognitive behavioural therapies. Part two examines specific therapeutic approaches, including metacognitive training, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, compassion focused therapy and the method of levels. Finally, part three presents two critical perspectives: the first offering a reflection on the experience of receiving CBT, and the second looking ahead to possible future developments. Offering a cutting-edge collection of theoretical, therapeutic and critical perspectives, CBT for Psychosis: Process-Orientated Therapies and the Third Wave will be of great interest to clinical and counselling psychologists, both practising and in training, as well as psychiatrists, nurse therapists, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals working with people experiencing psychosis.
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Narrative Cbt For Psychosis

Author : John Rhodes
ISBN : 9781134134090
Genre : Psychology
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Designed to meet the complex needs of patients with psychosis, Narrative CBT for Psychosis combines narrative and solution-focused therapy with established techniques from CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) into one integrated flexible approach. In this book John Rhodes and Simon Jakes bring the practitioner up-to-date, as treatment and practice evolve to draw on other therapeutic approaches, creating an approach which is client centred and non-confrontational. The book contains many tried and tested practical ideas for helping clients, with several chapters including detailed and illuminating case studies. Areas of discussion include: how to work with delusions, voices and visions working with core beliefs an exploration of narratives of past difficulties and traumas recovery and ending therapy Narrative CBT for Psychosis will be essential reading for all mental health professionals who deal with psychosis who wish to learn a new approach.
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Cbt For Schizophrenia

Author : Craig Steel
ISBN : 9781118321355
Genre : Psychology
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Informed by the latest clinical research, this is the first book to assemble a range of evidence-based protocols for treating the varied presentations associated with schizophrenia through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Deals with a wide range of discrete presentations associated with schizophrenia, such as command hallucinations, violent behaviour or co-morbid post-traumatic stress disorder Covers work by the world's leading clinical researchers in this field Includes illustrative case material in each chapter
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The Case Study Guide To Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Of Psychosis

Author : David Kingdon
ISBN : 9780470856468
Genre : Psychology
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This is a practical volume which reflects how treatment programmes can be compatible with the reality of service delivery and mental health provision in an organisational context. It also supports both training and clinical practice by presenting examples of clinical cases to illustrate the assessment, treatment planning and implementation processes of CBT for psychosis. * Based on extensive clinical experience and real life service settings * Deals with the roles of several mental health disciplines, as they combine in the these treatment programmes * Cases from a variety of settings: inpatient, outpatient community * Describes techniques used with the full range of symptoms Part of the Wiley Series in Clinical Psychology
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Handbook Of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders Volume Iii

Author : Michael S. Ritsner
ISBN : 9400708343
Genre : Medical
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A few disorders have some of the same symptoms as schizophrenia including schizoaffective disorders, schizophreniform disorder, schizotypal and schizoid personality disorders, delusional disorder, and autism (schizophrenia spectrum disorders). Since the 2000 there has been significant progress in our understanding of the early presentations, assessment, suspected neuropathology, and treatment of these disorders. Recent technological breakthroughs in basic sciences hold promise for advancing our understanding of the pathophysiology of schizophrenia spectrum disorders. This collective monograph reviewers recent researches regarding the origins, onset, course, and outcome of schizophrenia spectrum disorders. In particular, this book will be illustrate new developments in terms of conceptual models, and research methodology, genetics and genomics, brain imaging and neurochemical studies, neurophysiology and information processing in schizophrenia spectrum disorders patients. Also will be highlighted new developments in our understanding of the childhood psychosis, prodromal and first-episode states, in treatment and rehabilitation. Thus, the purpose of this book is to provide up-to-date overview of the rapid advances made in the clinical and basic science studies supporting our understanding of the relationship between cerebral processes and clinical, cognitive and other presentations of the schizophrenia spectrum disorders. In addition, this book aims to monitor important research developments, which may be relevant to treatment, and rehabilitation of patients.
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Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Severe Mental Illness

Author : Jesse H. Wright
ISBN : 9781585623211
Genre : Medical
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This practical and insightful guide distills into one volume CBT techniques for individual therapy and video demonstrations on DVD that illustrate how these techniques can be used to tackle a wide range of severe clinical problems.
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Author : Peter Brian Jones
ISBN : 9780443102509
Genre : Medical
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Schizophrenia is a debilitating and serious medical illness that has a profound effect on the patient's life, as well as the lives of their immediate family, friends and carers. This book, jointly written by two experienced researchers and clinicians, aims to bring together all the latest research and current best practice in one easy-reference handbook for the busy clinician. The concise narative with accompanying full-color illustrations help explain more difficult concepts. Case studies enable the reader to explore real-life patients and review their care plans with commentary from the authors. Finally, an excellent reference list allows the interested reader to gather further information on specific topics for themselves. The book is full of new information and clinical pearls, written in a condensed, pocket-book format. Unique design, comprising novel 3D effect artworks 'Pull-out quotes' included in the margin to provide a novel means of highlighting key information Includes management algorithms to provide quick reference treatment pathways Includes Clinical Cases highlighting key issues in the main text Credible evidence-based sources - when possible, evidence base for practice by reference to primary research or international guidelines Bullet lists and short tables for clear presentation of key information Abbreviations lists Website addresses and other useful contact details
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Moving Forward

Author :
ISBN : 0987322605
Genre : Psychoses
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