Cautionary Tales

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Cautionary Tales

Author : Mindful Translation
ISBN : 9798606941681
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This literary work is the English translation of an original collection of stories: The French version "Recueil de Nouvelles de Carine Anayé-Kitu ''.CAUTIONARY TALES is a collection of allegories that will hit close to home. The 'tales' intend to trigger the "I wish someone had warned me" -type of inner reaction. Each story invites the reader's imagination to devise an end.They are punctuated by illustrating poems and more importantly, Bible verses.Carine Anayé-Kitu is the founder and owner of MINDFUL TRANSLATION.

Cautionary Tales

Author : Hilaire Belloc
ISBN : 1857159373
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These classic tales of Awful Warnings about the consequences of Bad Behaviour are among the best of comic verse ever written for children. 'Designed for the Admonition of children between the ages of eight and fourteen years', they were first published in 1907; though such eccentricity as Henry King's chewing string may no longer be a common misdemeanour, the humour is perennial and continues to entertained generations of children and their parents. This edition includes New Cautionary Tales, first published in 1930, and illustrated by Nicholas Bentley, who replaced as collaborator the poet's friend Lord Basil Blackwood (B. T. B. ) after his death in World War I.

Cautionary Tales

Author : Simon Anderson
ISBN : 9781351953009
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Juvenile crime makes headlines. It is the stock-in-trade of politicians and pundits. But young people are also the victims of crime. They too have demands to make of the police. Drawing upon survey and interview research with 11 to 15 year-olds in Edinburgh, this book examines how crime impacts upon young people's everyday lives. It reveals that young people experience far more serious problems as victims and witnesses of crime, than they cause as offenders. It shows that they report little of their experiences of crime to the police, and are left to find their own ways of managing risk, such as telling cautionary tales? about dangerous people and places. The study concludes by examining young people's relations with the police, suggesting they are over-controlled? as suspects and under-protected? as victims.

Cautionary Tales

Author : Alice W. Brown
ISBN : 9781579227821
Genre : Education
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Scarcely a week goes by without a headline about the unsustainability of higher education as we know it, under threat from new models, for-profits, or online education. Most threatened are small liberal arts colleges – with commentators predicting the demise of colleges with fewer than 1,000, or even 1,500 students. Are these trends inevitable, or can they be overcome? Through a unique case study approach to examining and analyzing colleges that have struggled, Alice Brown reveals the steps that can lead to a sustainable operation and, when closure is inevitable, the steps to do so with orderliness and dignity. Rather than expounding on trends, or management theory and prescriptions, Brown focuses on narrative examples of survival and closure, recounted by real people in actual colleges, and reports the lessons they learned. Here are examples of strategies involving mergers, partnerships, or “going it alone”, and their outcomes, that illustrate principles that can serve as guides for fragile colleges struggling to address their social and economic challenges. Added to Brown’s six carefully researched and extended case studies, her own insights and analyses of decisions made and actions taken, this book offers guidance by seasoned scholars and administrators on issues as varied as leadership, the roles of the president, governing boards, faculty and staff, in articulating and implementing mission and strategies for survival, and on the changing landscape of higher education. The references to the literature on college survival strategies constitute an education in themselves. While this book is of immediate practical value for trustees and leaders of small colleges as they look toward and plan for the future and for anyone aspiring to an administrative positions in higher education, the examples constitute a microcosm of the interplay between the external constituencies, governance structures and internal forces that sustain or undermine institutional health, and which are hard to observe clearly in larger, more decentralized environments.
Category: Education

Cautionary Tales

Author : Chris Addison
ISBN : 9781444717136
Genre : Humor
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These are dark days. The world is seething with imbeciles and poltroons. Everywhere the careless and thoughtless are charging about the place in hulking 4x4s, or inviting Channel 4 to come around rather than clean their own homes. So comedian Chris Addison has written CAUTIONARY TALES FOR GROWN-UPS - poems to illustrate the dangers of modern behaviour. The tales include: * The Gloucestershire Horse Club, Who posed Naked for a Charity Calendar. * Phillip, who talked only in Management Speak * Myfanwy, Who answered an Email from a Nigerian Bank Manager * and Fiona and Dave, who had a Wacky Wedding Sparklingly wicked and cunningly illustrated, this is a hilarious Struwelpeter for the twenty-first century.
Category: Humor

Cautionary Tales Bad Child S Book Of Beasts

Author : Hilaire Belloc
ISBN : 9780486174204
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 34.59 MB
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Adored by readers of all ages, these classics feature witty stories, rhymes, and hilarious drawings of the fates that befall naughty children, plus an A-to-Z bestiary with droll observations on wildlife.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Costs And Cautionary Tales

Author : Anthony I Ogus
ISBN : 9781847311948
Genre : Law
File Size : 69.33 MB
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The aim of this book is to provide an overview of how economic analysis can enrich an understanding of law and can provide standards for its critical evaluation. It eschews a dogmatic approach, acknowledging that non-economic goals play an important part in the law. It is directed primarily at lawyers and law students, particularly those who hitherto have been sceptical of the uses and value of law and economics. It is not a conventional textbook in the sense that it does not deal systematically with different areas of law. Rather each chapter is built on a particular theme or set of themes, with examples drawn from across legal categories. The approach is discursive, anecdotal and analytical, reflecting the ideas and convictions developed during the author's 30 years working in the field of law and economics. Winner of the Hart SLSA Book Prize 2007 for an outstanding piece of socio-legal scholarship.
Category: Law

Cautionary Tales For The Modern Investor

Author : Aberdeen Asset Management
ISBN : 9780857194176
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67.53 MB
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Investing is an activity that's rife with opportunity to fall into bad habits, be led astray or make decisions for the wrong reasons. Being aware of the behavioural traps and temptations that lie in wait for the unwary investor is the first step to avoiding them. The Seven Deadly Sins were formulated in early Christian teachings to make followers mindful of man's natural vices - lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. On the following pages, The Seven Deadly Sins are adapted to the world of multi-asset investment, revealing the all-too-common investor tendencies that the authors look to avoid in order to achieve reliable long-term performance.
Category: Business & Economics

Inspirational And Cautionary Tales For Would Be School Leaders

Author : Gerald Haigh
ISBN : 9781134072347
Genre : Education
File Size : 89.12 MB
Format : PDF
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Based upon Gerald Haigh’s acclaimed weekly column in the Times Educational Supplement, this book is a lively and refreshing look at what it takes to get on in teaching. Touching on everything from the legacy of Ted Wragg to the film Brokeback Mountain the author’s incise eye will give teachers wanting to get on in their career both inspiration and much to ponder upon. This reworked and thematically grouped collection will give leaders and aspiring leaders in education vital insights and observations into a wide range of topics including: the recruitment game and building your career dealing with people, making mistakes and learning lessons from Heroes and Gurus – from Tom Peters and Peter Drucker to Lawrence of Arabia supporting colleagues getting a life beyond school. Over recent years Haigh’s columns - Second Half, for experienced teachers, and Leading Questions, specifically for teachers in leadership positions - have developed a loyal following from readers. This book will delight and engage all who wish to move onwards and upwards in teaching.
Category: Education

Cautionary Tales In The Ethics Of Lifelong Learning Policy And Management

Author : Richard G. Bagnall
ISBN : 9781402022159
Genre : Education
File Size : 78.81 MB
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This work is concerned with appraising the contemporary ethical impact of lifelong learning ideology and advocacy on education, through focusing on trends in educational policy and management that flow from the ideology. It has its origins in the author's concern that many of those trends are being defmed and promoted, or opposed, without an adequate understanding of their ethical dimensions. The 21 trends examined in this work are seen as defming important dimensions of the quite radical changes in educational policy and management that are flowing from the practical realisation of lifelong learning ideology and advocacy. In here evaluating those trends from an ethical perspective, the thesis is developed that they lead inevitably to distinctive ethical dilemmas or tensions in the lived experience of educational participants. The dilemmas, though, are not seen as realities that can intelligently be either avoided or resolved. They are, rather, inescapable features of the trends, although they and the experience of them may be managed intelligently to a greater or lesser extent. This analysis is premised on the belief that an understanding of the dilemmas may be of practical value in assisting educators, and policy makers and managers, to live and work more intelligently with them and to better manage the educational changes that are defmed by the trends. It may thereby contribute to moderating the excesses, sillinesses, and inanities so often evident in the directing and managing of refonns associated with the trends and to reduce the anguish and pain associated with them.
Category: Education

Rosie Little S Cautionary Tales For Girls

Author : Danielle Wood
ISBN : 9781741760125
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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These are not, I should say at the outset, tales written for the benefit of good and well-behaved girls who always stick to the path when they go to Grandma's. Skipping along in their gingham frills - basket of scones, jam and clotted cream upon their arms - what need can these girls have for caution? Rather, these are tales for girls who have boots as stout as their hearts, and who are prepared to firmly lace them up (boots and hearts both) and step out into the wilds in search of what they desire. Taking her cues from the Brothers Grimm and Scheherazade, Rosie - a thoroughly modern Little Red Riding Hood - tells us of love and desire, men and women, heartache and happiness. Beguiling, clever and funny, Rosie Little's Cautionary Tales for Girls is a sheer delight. ss, wit, simplicity and directness, Rosie offers her clear-eyed, slyly funny and rueful take on life, love and everything in between.
Category: Fiction

Kung Fu And The Invisible Hand

Author : Adam Cheung
ISBN : 1512048690
Genre :
File Size : 87.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Short Stories and Parables about our society through the lens of the Kung Fu and Chinatown culture.

Not So Grimm Gentle Fables And Cautionary Tales

Author : Becky Haigler
ISBN : 0980212081
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.73 MB
Format : PDF
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In his dedication of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis said to the young people for whom he wrote, "Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." not so GRIMM is a collection for those who are ready for fairy tales. The stories take place in our familiar world, but the author also pulls back the curtain between this reality and another in surprising scenes, evoking the old tales while tapping the shoulder of the 21st-century conscience.
Category: Fiction

Murtagh S Cautionary Tales Third Edition

Author : John Murtagh
ISBN : 9781743767597
Genre : Medical
File Size : 25.96 MB
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‘Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.’ OSCAR WILDE What if a misdiagnosis could stop a wedding? Could your patient with chronic fatigue actually have Addison disease? Would you have recognised musculoskeletal pain as a manifestation of anxiety about penis size? These scenarios and many others feature in this much anticipated collection of cautionary tales by the world-renowned authority on general practice, Professor John Murtagh. Learn and laugh as Professor Murtagh and colleagues recount their war stories from the front line. These tales remind us that sometimes things are not as they seem, and it always pays to remain alert to the subtleties of the human condition. In this third edition of Cautionary Tales, Professor Murtagh is joined by Dr Sara Bird, who provides authoritative commentary on relevant medico-legal advice and pitfalls, using the case histories as a platform. After all, in the words of Professor Murtagh, ‘To practise medicine is a privilege, to practise it well is a difficult challenge, but not to learn from one’s mistakes is unforgivable’.
Category: Medical

Cautionary Tales

Author : John Murtagh
ISBN : 0070285403
Genre : Diagnosis
File Size : 59.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Taken primarily from Professor Murtagh's own practice in rural Victoria, these cautionary tales are authentic cases in clinical practice and the mistakes and problems that GPs can encounter. Each story is an engaging example of the common mistakes which can occur in general practice and provides the reader with valuable insights.
Category: Diagnosis

Cautionary Tales

Author : A. L. Gwynne
ISBN : 0902094068
Genre : Medical personnel
File Size : 69.8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Medical personnel

Cautionary Tales

Author : Steven Rand
ISBN : STANFORD:36105123917747
Genre : Art
File Size : 48.18 MB
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Category: Art