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The Curious World Of Carnivorous Plants

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ISBN : 9780881927924
Genre : Art
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Plants that trap and eat animals: an amazing phenomenon that has inspired awe since before the days of Darwin. The victims may be flies and butterflies, small crustaceans, or even vertebrates the size of rats. Lured into the danger zone by optical, tactile, and olfactory strategies, the prey succomb to ingenious traps and face their doom. But unlike plants that temporarily catch insects for pollination, the true carnivores go considerably further: they digest them for the nutrients they need to survive in extremely inhospitable sites on land and in water. "Drosophyllum lusitanicum" can digest a mosquito within 24 hours. The common butterwort, "Pinguicula vulgaris," digests small snimals within two days; a whole fly will disappear in "Drosera anglica" in four days. This exquisite book, copiously illustrated with closeup photography, provides detailed descriptions--including trapping mechanisms, digestion, and prey--and cultivation information for key species in 17 genera and 10 families. Most notably, it includes the first comprehensive listing of some 630 known carnivorous plant species, described in fascinating detail, with identification history and geographic distribution species by species. Physiological and ecological wonders abound in clear and accessible explanations by four author-scientists who work at the leading edge of research. Anyone captivated by the unearthly beauty of the "flowers of evil" will treasure this stunning, encyclopedic exploration, which also includes animal-trapping mosses and fungi, as well as advice for growing and buying carnivorous plants and an extensive international bibliography. It is an essential reference for hobbyist, naturalist, and collector alike.
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Carnivorous Plants Of The World

Author : James Pietropaolo
ISBN : 0881923567
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Few groups of plants capture the imagination like these carnivores. Among the best known are the Venus fly trap and the various pitcher plants; these and many others are covered.
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Carnivorous Plants In The Wilderness

Author : Makoto Honda
ISBN : 1495386031
Genre : Nature
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This is a book on the ecology of carnivorous plants, their lifestyle and surroundings. For sample pages please visit Through millions of years of evolution, carnivorous plants have acquired special adaptations that may appear quite bizarre and eccentric in the seemingly docile world of the plant kingdom. The idea that some plants eat animals sounds so strange that there was strong hesitation on the part of eighteenth-century botanists to accept such a notion. It is a deviation from our familiar concept of the food chain. Plants are eaten by herbivores and herbivores, in turn, are eaten by carnivores. Carnivorous plants have reversed the order of this normal hierarchy that exists within the ecosystem. Charles Darwin was one of the first to demonstrate, with convincing evidence, that some plants had indeed been adapted to the carnivorous habit. Modern science has confirmed that the nutrients obtained from captured prey are absorbed through the trap leaf and are carried to the growth points, suggesting that the plants do derive benefits. The main requirements for the healthy growth of plants are sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, and some inorganic nutrients. A deficiency in any of these basic requirements creates a hostile environment for the plants. In any adverse situations, the plant must adapt to survive. Over millions of years, the plants' struggles for survival have created a staggering array of properties found in the richness of the plant kingdom of our planet today. There are places in the world where the soil is poor and plants cannot obtain enough nutrients through the root to sustain their growth. This particular environmental stress has given rise to a syndrome quite eccentric in view of the normal plant lifestyle. It is in such mineral-deficient environments found in some regions of the globe that the plants that have adopted carnivory can be found. The Introduction of this book describes carnivorous plants in the world, covering various trapping methods deployed by carnivorous plants, their beautiful flowers, a dilemma associated with pollinators, ecology, classification, and evolution. The six chapters that follow describe all the genera of carnivorous plants occurring in North America - Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia), Cobra Plant (Darlingtonia), Sundews (Drosera), Venus Flytrap (Dionaea), Butterworts (Pinguicula), and Bladderworts (Utricularia). Each chapter describes in detail a specific trapping mechanism of the genus. The Sarracenia chapter describes various color variants of many pitcher plant taxa. The Darlingtonia chapter examines a mystery of elusive pollinators of their flowers. The Drosera chapter provides thorough coverage of endemic species, D. filiformis and D. linearis. The Dionaea chapter explains the most amazing trapping mechanism of the Venus flytrap, its clever and deceptive strategies. The Pinguicula chapter covers all butterwort species occurring in the US, together with their lovely flowers. The Utricularia chapter describes the bladderworts' triggering mechanism, the world fastest animal-trapping action to be found in the plant kingdom. The door opening is described using "bucking" as the key mechanism to release the subtle door lock of the trap. The book ends with a 10-page bibliography section. All the photographic images presented in this book are critically selected out of thousands of photographs accumulated over many decades. Through vivid imagery of nature photography, the reader is invited into the wilderness of North America to witness a variety of mysterious carnivorous plant lifestyle in their natural habitats. For more, visit
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Do Plants Eat Meat The Wonderful World Of Carnivorous Plants Biology Books For Kids Children S Biology Books

Author : Baby Professor
ISBN : 9781541918207
Genre : Nature
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Did you know that some plants eat special food? Sunlight is not enough for them and they lack the capacity to create their own food. That is why they prey on insects. They have a unique scent that attracts their small prey so they just sit and wait until they can gobble something up! Should you be afraid of these carnivorous plants too?
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Growing Carnivorous Plants

Author : Barry A. Rice
ISBN : UOM:39015066778690
Genre : Gardening
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Over 200 species, hybrids, and cultivars from all genera of carnivorous plants are described in this comprehensive volume. Detailed cultivation advice is provided to enable readers to select and place the right plants, while information on how to feed carnivorous plants will enable even the most squeamish grower to ensure that plants receive the nutrients they require.
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Australian Carnivorous Plants

Author : Greg Bourke
ISBN : 1908787023
Genre : Australia
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"Australian Carnivorous Plants" is a beautifully produced coffeetable book with extensive colour photographs of all carnivorousplant genera found in Australia (Aldrovanda, Byblis, Cephalotus,Drosera, Nepenthes, and Utricularia). Incorporating 180 images ofover 150 species taken over the past two decades by acclaimedwildlife photographers and carnivorous plant experts, Greg Bourkeand Richard Nunn, this visually striking book is the first workdedicated to highlighting the beauty of Australian carnivorousplants in the wild through high-quality photographs.The selection of breathtaking images featured in this lavishlyillustrated work was carefully chosen to highlight theextraordinary diversity of carnivorous plants found in Australia,an assemblage that is greater than on all other continents onEarth. The spectacular images and detailed captions, written inaccessible English, offer a uniquely informative portrait of someof the Southern Hemisphere's most extraordinary and beautifulplants. It is a work that will fascinate amateur natureenthusiasts and specialist botanists alike.This beautiful book includes a foreword by Allen Lowrie, a worldauthority on carnivorous plants; a short introductory chapter tothe carnivorous plants of the world with a summary and completelisting of all carnivorous plant species found in Australia;chapters dedicated to each genus of Australian carnivorous plantwith introductory descriptions; a chapter on conservation; andinformation relating to the photographic techniques used by theauthors. Many of the taxa covered here have never been depicted inprint before.Particular highlights include:1. The first complete listing of all currently known carnivorousplants of Australia.2. Many rare, little known and seldom photographed taxa, includingByblis aquatica, B. rorida, Drosera browniana, D. bulbosa subsp.major, D. gibsonii, D. nivea, D. oreopodion, D. radicans, D.zigzagia, Utricularia circumvoluta, U. leptoryncha, U. paulineae,U. singeriana, and many more.
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The Savage Garden Revised

Author : Peter D'Amato
ISBN : 9781607744115
Genre : Gardening
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For fifteen years, The Savage Garden has been the number one bestselling bible for those interested in growing carnivorous plants. This new edition is fully revised to include the latest developments and discoveries in the carnivorous plant world, making it the most accurate and up to date book of its kind. You may be familiar with the Venus flytrap, but did you know that some pitcher plants can—and do—digest an entire rat? Or that there are several hundred species of carnivorous plants on our planet? Beautiful, unusual, and surprisingly easy to grow, flesh-eating plants thrive everywhere from windowsills to outdoor container gardens, in a wide variety of climates. The Savage Garden is the most comprehensive guide to these fascinating oddities, gloriously illustrated with more than 200 color photos. Fully revised with the latest developments in the carnivorous plant world, this new edition includes: • All the basics—from watering and feeding to modern advances in artificial lighting, soil, and fertilizers. • Detailed descriptions of hundreds of plants, including many of the incredible new species that have been recently discovered and hybridized. • Cultivation and propagation information for all the plant families: pitcher plants, Venus flytraps, sundews, rainbow plants, bladderworts, and many other peculiar plants from the demented mind of Mother Nature. Whether you’re a beginner with your first flytrap or an expert looking for the latest exotic specimen, this classic book has everything you need to grow your very own little garden of horrors.
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Pitcher Plants Of The Old World

Author : Stewart McPherson
ISBN : STANFORD:36105215138780
Genre : Cephalotus follicularis
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Pitcher plants include the largest and most spectacular of allcarnivorous plants. So-called because they produce highlyspecialised foliage that takes the form of hollow, water-filled"pitchers", these extraordinary plants lure and prey uponarthropods and other small animals. The pitcher plants of the OldWorld also trap the largest prey of all carnivorous plants,including on rare occasions, vertebrates as large as frogs, miceand even rats. This two volume work examines both genera of OldWorld pitcher plants (Nepenthes and Cephalotus) and documents theecology and natural diversity of every known species for thefirst time and in unparalleled detail...Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume One consists of thefollowing chapters; Introduction, Carnivorous Plants of theWorld, The Pitcher Plants of the Old World, The Evolution of thePitcher Plants of the Old World, Trapping Processes, Infauna,Nepenthes of Borneo and Nepenthes of Peninsular Malaysia andIndochina.
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Carnivorous Plants

Author : Adrian Slack
ISBN : 0262690896
Genre : Nature
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Explores a variety of carnivorous plants, discussing how they entice, catch, and digest their prey and provides instructions on how to cultivate them.
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