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Educating Tomorrow S Engineers

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Science and Technology Committee
ISBN : 0215053419
Genre : Education
File Size : 62.65 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the UK we teach young people to become computer users and consumers rather than programmers and software engineers. This is creating a chronic skills gap in ICT. We need around 82,000 engineers and technicians just to deal with retirements up to 2016 and 830,000 SET professionals by 2020. On the plus side, the Government's proposal to include computer science as a fourth science option to count towards the EBac is welcomed. The Committee also welcomes the EBac's focus on attainment of mathematics and science GCSEs but is concerned that subjects such as Design and Technology (D&T) might be marginalised. A Technical Baccalaureate (TechBac) is being designed but if it is to be a success, schools should be incentivised to focus on the TechBac by making it equivalent to the EBac. Reforms to vocational education following the Wolf Review meant that Level 2 of the Engineering Diploma, a qualification highly regarded, would count as equivalent to one GCSE despite requiring curriculum time and effort equivalent to several GCSEs. The Engineering Diploma, however, is currently being redesigned as four separate qualifications. The Committee also expressed concerns over the Department for Education's (DfE) lack of clarity on its research budget, and use of evidence in decision-making. The DfE needs to place greater focus on gathering evidence before changes to qualifications are made, and must leave sufficient time for evidence to be gathered on the effectiveness of policies before introducing further change. The possibility of gathering evidence from randomised controlled trials (RCTs) should be seriously considered
Category: Education

The New Financial Order

Author : Robert J. Shiller
ISBN : 1400825474
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.96 MB
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In his best-selling Irrational Exuberance, Robert Shiller cautioned that society's obsession with the stock market was fueling the volatility that has since made a roller coaster of the financial system. Less noted was Shiller's admonition that our infatuation with the stock market distracts us from more durable economic prospects. These lie in the hidden potential of real assets, such as income from our livelihoods and homes. But these ''ordinary riches,'' so fundamental to our well-being, are increasingly exposed to the pervasive risks of a rapidly changing global economy. This compelling and important new book presents a fresh vision for hedging risk and securing our economic future. Shiller describes six fundamental ideas for using modern information technology and advanced financial theory to temper basic risks that have been ignored by risk management institutions--risks to the value of our jobs and our homes, to the vitality of our communities, and to the very stability of national economies. Informed by a comprehensive risk information database, this new financial order would include global markets for trading risks and exploiting myriad new financial opportunities, from inequality insurance to intergenerational social security. Just as developments in insuring risks to life, health, and catastrophe have given us a quality of life unimaginable a century ago, so Shiller's plan for securing crucial assets promises to substantially enrich our condition. Once again providing an enormous service, Shiller gives us a powerful means to convert our ordinary riches into a level of economic security, equity, and growth never before seen. And once again, what Robert Shiller says should be read and heeded by anyone with a stake in the economy.
Category: Business & Economics

A Collection Of Surveys On Savings And Wealth Accumulation

Author : Edda Claus
ISBN : 9781119158394
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52.10 MB
Format : PDF
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In this collection of critical surveys the reader is provided with a range of up-to-date work from some of the leading scholars in the area, writing on private and public sector aspects of savings and wealth accumulation. A survey of savings and wealth accumulation which are important dimensions of research and policy debates Discusses the measurement of genuine savings and sustainability, the estimation of wealth inequality, and recent developments in consumer credit and defaults Evaluates the impact of student loans on financial well-being, people’s retirement decisions, and the impact of pension reform Considers the distribution of wealth across generations and the importance of accurately measuring government debt, the rise of sovereign wealth funds and Islamic banking and finance
Category: Business & Economics

The Big Book Of Jobs 2012 2013

Author : McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN : 9780071774567
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 70.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Up-to-date, authoritative job information from the most trusted source—the U.S. Department of Labor Does your resume tell employers what they really need to know? Which fields are showing the most growth opportunity? What is a realistic salary for the job you want? Whether you’ve recently earned a degree, decided to change careers, or reentered the workforce after an extended absence, is the guide you need to make the right decisions—the first time around. “The Job-Seekers Guide” provides expert advice on: Choosing a career path Building career-management skills Researching careers in the information age Writing effective cover letters and polished resumes “The Occupational Outlook Handbook” offers the latest statistics on: Working conditions Employment trends and outlooks Training, qualifications, and advancement Salary ranges
Category: Business & Economics

Vietnam Economic News

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433089192243
Genre : Business enterprises
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Category: Business enterprises

Financial Executive

Author :
ISBN : UOM:35128001639416
Genre : Accounting
File Size : 62.91 MB
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Category: Accounting

Cancellation Of The Intercity West Coast Franchise Competition

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Transport Committee
ISBN : 0215053192
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 74.2 MB
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Embarking on an ambitious, perhaps unachievable, reform of rail franchising, in haste, on the UK's most complex piece of railway was irresponsible. Many of the problems with the franchise competition, detailed in the Laidlaw report, reflect very badly on civil servants at the DfT. However, ministers approved a complex - perhaps unworkable - franchising policy at the same time as overseeing major cuts to the Department's resources. This was a recipe for failure which the DfT must learn from urgently. While the Department has already published a response to the Laidlaw report which Mr Laidlaw described as 'very encouraging', and has initiated a review of franchise MPs warn that a number of matters remain to be adequately resolved. The Committee calls on the Secretary of State and the Department for Transport to: explain why ministers and senior officials were misled about how subordinated loan facilities were calculated, if necessary after disciplinary proceedings against staff have concluded; complete a full email capture and get to the bottom of whether or not any officials manipulated the outcome of the competition to ensure First Group were awarded the contracts; provide a comprehensive breakdown of costs arising from the cancellation of the West Coast Mainline franchise competition. The Committee also wants to establish what lessons current and future ministers must learn from this episode
Category: Business & Economics

Starting A Home Business For Dummies

Author : Rachel Bridge
ISBN : 9781118737552
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 68.89 MB
Format : PDF
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How would you like to work for yourself in your own home? Sounds good right? The commute would be a breeze. Starting a small business from home can mean minimum fuss and minimum start-up costs - so it’s no wonder that around 60% of new businesses are started from home. Whether you’re looking to go freelance, start a home-business full-time or a new venture on the side of your existing job, you need Starting a Home Business For Dummies. It includes tons of ideas for home businesses and gives you all the straight-talking advice you need to get up and running. Inside you’ll find: • Ideas for businesses that you can start easily from home • Step-by-step guidance for getting your business off the ground • The low-down on managing your money and taxes • Tips for making technology and the web work for you • Advice on how to attract and keep customers/clients
Category: Business & Economics

Urban Politics

Author : Bernard H. Ross
ISBN : UOM:39015061182542
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 45.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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URBAN POLITICS: POWER IN METROPOLITAN AMERICA mixes the best classic theory and research on urban politics with the most recent developments in urban and metropolitan affairs. Six fundamental themes guide the book: the importance of private power and the rise of public-private partnerships; the continuing role of formal rules and structures of government; the importance of external affairs and intergovernmental relations in the modern city; commonalties and differences among Frostbelt and Sunbelt cities; the complexity of racial issues and the effect of the new immigration; and the importance of the gendered city.
Category: Political Science

Hospitals Health Care Organizations

Author : David Edward Marcinko
ISBN : 9781466575813
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Drawing on the expertise of decision-making professionals, leaders, and managers in health care organizations, Hospitals & Health Care Organizations: Management Strategies, Operational Techniques, Tools, Templates, and Case Studies addresses decreasing revenues, increasing costs, and growing consumer expectations in today‘s increasingly competi
Category: Business & Economics

Aid On The Edge Of Chaos

Author : Ben Ramalingam
ISBN : 9780191503443
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Many agree that the foreign aid system - which today involves virtually every nation on earth - needs drastic change. But there is much conflict as to what should be done. In Aid on the Edge of Chaos, Ben Ramalingam argues that what is most needed is the creative and innovative transformation of how aid works. Foreign aid today is dominated by linear, mechanistic ideas that emerged from early twentieth century industry, and are ill-suited to the world we face today. The problems and systems aid agencies deal with on a daily basis have more in common with ecosystems than machines: they are interconnected, diverse, and dynamic; they cannot be just simply re-engineered or fixed. Outside of aid, social scientists, economists, business leaders, and policy makers have started applying innovative and scientific approaches to such problems, informed by ideas from the 'new science' of complex adaptive systems. Inspired by these efforts, aid practitioners and researchers have started experimenting with such approaches in their own work. This book showcases the experiences, insights, and often remarkable results of innovative thinkers and practitioners who are working to bring these approaches into the mainstream of aid. From transforming child malnutrition to rethinking economic growth, from building peace to reversing desertification, from rural Vietnam to urban Kenya, the ideas of complex systems thinking are starting to be used to make foreign aid more relevant, more appropriate, and more catalytic. Aid on the Edge of Chaos argues that such ideas and approaches should play a vital part of the transformation of aid. Aid should move from being an imperfect post-World War II global resource transfer system, to a new form of global cooperation that is truly fit for the twenty-first century.
Category: Business & Economics

The Urban Geography Reader

Author : Nicholas R. Fyfe
ISBN : 0415307023
File Size : 38.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A reader, this collection captures the diversity of scholarship in the field of urban geography by presenting a stimulating selection of articles and excerpts by leading figures, organized around seven themes.
Category: SCIENCE

Battling Corruption In America S Public Schools

Author : Lydia G. Segal
ISBN : 1555535844
Genre : Education
File Size : 77.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Introducing a brand new perspective on why our public schools are failing and what to do about it, Lydia Segal reveals how systemic waste and corruption cripple education and offers a feasible prescription for how to tackle their root causes and reclaim our schools. This eye-opening book exposes how embedded waste and fraud deplete classroom resources, block initiative, and distort educational priorities and explains how to remedy the problem. Drawing on extensive interviews and investigative research in America's three largest districts, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, Segal argues that the problem is not usually bad people, but a bad system that focuses on process at the expense of results. She shows how regulations that were established to curb waste and fraud provide perverse incentives. Districts following rules designed to save every penny spend thousands of dollars to hunt down checks for amounts as small as $25. To fix leaky toilets, caring principals may have to pay workers under the table because submitting a work order through the central office, with its many fraud checks, could take years. Meanwhile, those who pilfer from classrooms may get away because the pyramidal structure of large districts makes schools inherently difficult to oversee. Drawing on initiatives in successful districts, Segal offers pragmatic solutions and a detailed blueprint for reform. She calls for radically restructuring districts, empowering principals, and establishing new, less stifling forms of accountability that put a premium on performance. As reformers grapple with the dismal state of education in America, this timely work offers a bold, far-reaching plan for improving public schools.
Category: Education

The City

Author : Tony Golding
ISBN : 0273661043
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 84.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The landscape of our financial system is dominated by institutional investment. The funds move markets when they act, and corporate empires can rise, fall or change hands on the tide of institutional opinion and the flow of equity. Today, in many ways, these institutions are the City, such is their influence over the whole financial process. They are at the heart of the expectation machine; the Capital of capital. These all-powerful financial players cast a long shadow over the worlds of investment, corporate and venture finance, and yet City outsiders - from private investors to company directors - many of whose expectations and fortunes are tied to the flow of equity, know little about them. They may glimpse parts of the process through the, frequently distorted, lens of the press; they may find their activities and fortunes affected by the movements of institutional players, but rarely do they understand the subtle and complex relationships that drive behaviour of the City. It is remarkable, in view of the power wielded by the big investment institutions, how little has been written about them, especially from an analytical rather than anecdotal standpoint. The financial world, and the business world it drives, need a better understanding of the City and the behaviour of equity - the "visible" part of what the City does. In The City; Inside the Great Expectations Machine , Investment Analyst Tony Golding takes you inside the equity market and explains its structure, dynamics and behaviour. An easy-to-read, comprehensive analysis of the big investment institutions who dominate the stock market, with key insights into their impact on the City, industry and the private investor. This book will explain how the institutions achieved their ascendancy, acquire their funds, invest those funds and significantly influence other City activities and the corporate world in the process. The book will trace the flow of funds through the City and offer valuable insights into how fund managers behave, what drives their performance, the pressures they are under and the effects of their actions on the investment and corporate worlds. The behaviour of the investment institutions - pension funds, insurance companies, unit trusts, investment trusts - touches, in one way or another, the great majority of those living in the UK. To an extent that few outside the City appreciate, they dominate the London stock market, both in terms of ownership and activity. This text examines the way these institutions work, how fund managers invest and the implications of their investment behaviour. Institutional investors own 75 per cent of the shares quoted in the UK. In no other major economy - including the USA, where the institutional control is a much more modest 55 per cent - do the investment instituions exert such a grip on the corporate sector. It is not uncommon for large and medium-sized British companies to have 80 or 90 per cent institutional ownership. Share-prices are determined by the fund managers working in a small number of large institutions. The nostalgic idea that price setting in the stock market is the result of a multitude of individual decisions is, this text argues, a dangerous illusion. The book provides information about the investment institutions around which the stock market revolves, arguing that their perceptions and their actions determine the level of share-prices and much else besides, such as the success or failure of a takeover bid. It asks: what motivates fund managers and how do they make their decisions?; How do companies communicate with their institutional shareholders, especially in regard to the task of managing expectations? What companies do fund managers like or dislike, and why? And to what extent do they rely on the investment analysts employed by the investment banks for information and advice?
Category: Business & Economics