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Calm The F Ck Down

Author : Sarah Knight
ISBN : 9780316529174
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 39.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The no-f*cks-given guide to taming anxiety and taking back control of your life, from the bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and Get Your Sh*t Together Do you spend more time worrying about problems than solving them? Do you let unexpected difficulties ruin your day and do "what ifs" keep you up at night? Sounds like you need to CALM THE F*CK DOWN. Just because things are falling apart doesn't mean YOU can't pull it together. Whether you're stressed about sh*t that hasn't happened yet or freaked out about sh*t that already has, the NoWorries method from "anti-guru" Sarah Knight helps you curb the anxiety and overthinking that's making everything worse. Calm the F*ck Down explains: The Four Faces of Freaking Out--and their Flipsides How to accept what you can't control Productive Helpful Effective Worrying (PHEW) The Three Principles of Dealing With It And much more! Praise for Sarah Knight and the No F*cks Given Guides"Self-help to swear by." --The Boston Globe"Genius." --Vogue"Hilarious, irreverent, and no-nonsense." --Bustle
Category: Self-Help

Calm The Fuck Down Anxiety Journal Reduce Stress Manage Anxiety Levels And Improve Overall Well Being Through Writing Mindfulness Journal For Self

Author : Channelwood Press
ISBN : 1797893963
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 86.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Introducing the anxiety journal that has everything that you need to reach your place of Zen and inner peace. The awesome, professionally-designed journal makes it easy for anyone to take a deep, introspective look at the things in life that trigger them, and come up with an effective plan to solve problems, while remaining cool, calm and collected. With creative writing prompts and other features, this anxiety journal is great for anyone who would like to improve their self care. Check out some of the great features of this amazing anxiety journal: Emotional and physical triggers racker to identify your triggers and find ways to cope. Writing prompts that will help you to think about and develop perspective regarding your emotional health and anxiety levels. Personal goals tracker that allows the tracking of 6 Month, 1 Year, 3 Year, 5 Year and 10 Year Goals! Anxiety management activity tracker, to keep track of the anxiety reducing activities that you love. Lined journal pages for self-initiated writing projects about any subject that you choose...and much more! With this journal, you will have a complete and powerful system for managing anxiety and reducing stress. Features: Perfectly Sized: 6" x 9" inch Interior Details: Anxiety Journal Pages Number of Pages: 125 sturdy pages Cover: Soft, matte cover with a smooth finish that feels amazing. High-quality paper that allows the perfect absorbency for pens, gel pens, and even markers! Great size for convenient carrying. Perfect for gift-giving. Be sure to check the Anxiety Journals page for more styles, designs, sizes and other options.
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Calm The Fuck Down

Author : Old Hickory Journals
ISBN : 1081011998
Genre :
File Size : 29.39 MB
Format : PDF
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NOTEBOOK & JOURNAL This can be used as a Journal, Notebook, Log or Composition book. Great for poetry, jotting down notes, to-do's, or reminders! Product Details: 6 x 9 Inches 120 pages Printed on High Quality, creme paper Matte Cover

Calm The Fuck Down

Author : Sandi P. Jennings
ISBN : 1731331959
Genre :
File Size : 24.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The "Calm the Fuck Down" Journal, with lined pages, is the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves cuss words. Great sarcastic gag gift. This blank line journal can be used as a prayer journal, gratitude journal, daily journal, budget journal, food diary, or diary. Great for writing down favorite or new recipes to try. Perfect for keeping track of to-do lists, grocery lists, goals, milestones, success, poetry, creative ideas, and self-care action plan. Reflect on life and relieve stress. This writing journal is the perfect gift idea for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Valentine

Calm The Fuck Down

Author : Zaplou Publishing
ISBN : 107991675X
Genre :
File Size : 33.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This matte finish blank lined paper composition book is ideal for making notes, lists and diary writing. Stay organized with the stylish ruled paperback notebook. Keep this notebook on your desk, beside table or in your bag. Features black and white blank lined paper interior. This is a softcover notebook which is designed for you to write in. It does not contain any text.

How To Calm The Fuck Down

Author : Jason Cole
ISBN : 1999463412
Genre :
File Size : 25.48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Okay, so, there was this thing happening where people all around me kept asking me to teach them how to meditate. I thought about all these people and I started telling folks I would make a workshop about it. And so I did online marketing with social media and then I even put posters up all over town. Finally the day came of the first workshop and three people showed up. I tried a few more times and still nobody was showing up, even though people had been asking me every day to do this thing. So I thought I should take the speaking notes from the powerpoint and write a book. I wrote the book, and it sucked. It was just another damn book about meditation that may show up in the "New Age" section of a bookstore piled in with all the other meditation books. And so I put it back on the shelf and let it sit there occasionally pondering over who could benefit the most from a meditation book.One eventful afternoon I was riding my bike past a construction site when I heard tools being thrown, screaming, yelling, fighting noises and saw a gathering circle of employees. As I stood there watching waiting to see if any fight action would happen I thought to myself "Geeze, if there's anyone who needs meditation in this world, it's those guys!". And that was my 'lightbulb' moment. I rushed back home to start re-writing my book for the 3rd time. As I was writing, I started to get this light southern Matthew McConaughey kinda accent in my head and it really started to help shape the character of the book. I was able to step out of my own head; preconceived notions and biases about the topic of meditation, surrender and let it go. And so this book is written in regular speaking language so it's super easy to get through. By the end of it you'll have a set of tools to help you live a more peaceful life.It doesn't take long before you start to see the results. After some practice the tools become effortless and will remove any awareness of the frustrations and worries of your everyday life. You immediately begin to take back control of your actions and your thoughts that cause those actions. There really is no concern for yourself in any way, this all just happens for you. It really starts to feel like time moves differently for you as discomforting hours can pass by in minutes and those happy minutes can feel like hours!This book was designed specifically for the blue collar workforce; the layperson, the tradespeople or labourers of this world. The intent is to teach you about tried and true meditation techniques. Dr. Jay Cole has 30 years of experience meditating and wrote this book in a very laid back and easy to understand method of relating to the audience. This book is not only about 'how' to meditate but also has some personal stories and challenges that have been faced with tips, tricks and techniques to help you live a more peaceful life. If it does not help you, it will at least be highly entertaining to read!

Calm The Fuck Down

Author : Nikki Louise Francis
ISBN : 1098821718
Genre :
File Size : 61.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This glossy finish 120 page blank lined paper composition book is ideal for making notes, lists and diary writing. Stay organized with the stylish 6x9" paperback notebook. Keep this notebook on your desk, beside table or in your bag. Features black and white blank lined paper interior. This is a softcover notebook which is designed for you to write in. It does not contain any writing.

Calm The Fuck Down Journal

Author : Active Creative Journals
ISBN : 1541275772
Genre :
File Size : 75.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is a blank, lined journal with 108 pages. It's 6x9 inches, a convenient and perfect size to carry anywhere. It's perfect for a funny and comical gift for any male or female who needs a place to write and journal daily. Other features of this notebook include excellent and thick binding, durable 55# white paper and a glossy finished cover. If you would like an unlined journal, please take a look at our other products.

Here S A Cup Of Calm The Fuck Down

Author : Sirius Publications
ISBN : 1093212950
Genre :
File Size : 42.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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120 pages. Lined paper. 6''x9'' perfect size to cary around with you. Fits everywhere. Professionally designed with a matte finish. Perfect binding soft cover; no need to worry about pages accidentally ripping. Suitable for taking notes, writing, organizing, goal setting, doodling, drawing, lists, journaling and brainstorming. Personalized notebooks and journals make a thoughtful gift for adults and kids as a functional gift for any occasion.