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Bushcraft How To Live In Jungle And Bush

Author : Wontolla
ISBN : 1484854535
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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"Around you in the bush are food and materials for shelter and the wherewithal for many emergencies."... The first sentence in this book gives a clue to the amazing collection of information on every aspect of bushcraft which it contains. The opening section deals with huts and shelters which can be made in the bush from bush materials; it tells also how to make ropes and cords from bark, fibres, and vines, and how to knot and lash ropes and cords. The second section deals with traps and snares, It's amazing how many ways there are to catch animals for food! Then, there's information on how to catch fish and other sea food without the usual lines and nets. The third section tells how to find water; this is an art in itself. There are secrets that enable aboriginals and experienced bushmen to live in arid regions, where city-bred men would die. The next section deals with the food that can be found in the bush. There is a section dealing with the business of preparing food; how to make fire places, how to light fires without matches; how to make camp beds and tables. Can you make a canoe or a coracle in the bush? This book tells you how. How about finding your direction and telling the time without a compass or watch? All this fascinating information is illustrated with detailed drawings. It is an invaluable book for campers and hikers, bushmen, soldiers and airmen, members of the Volunteer Defence Corps and Boy Scouts--All who would like to know how "to live off Nature."
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The 10 Bushcraft Books

Author : Richard Graves
ISBN : 1508981876
Genre :
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"The 10 Bushcraft Books" is, as the title suggests, literally all ten of Richard Graves' "Bushcraft Handbooks" bound together as a convenient single volume, perfect for slipping into your rucksack. A true classic of the genre and out of print for more than forty years, "The 10 Bushcraft Books" is back! This edition is a perfect replica of the First Edition, with the same size, formatting, layout, page count and illustrations, but in a softcover format. Unlike the poorly-OCR'd, abridged, censored and dumbed down modern US market reprint edition titled "Bushcraft : The Ultimate Guide to Survival in the Wilderness", this edition of Graves' "The 10 Bushcraft Books" is the REAL DEAL, presented exactly as the author intended, with no deletions or omissions. It is the ONLY COMPLETE volume of Richard Graves' work available today. Remember: If it doesn't have the orange and black cover, it's incomplete and dumbed down. Don't waste your money buying anything else. The term "Bushcraft" describes the activity of how to make use of natural materials found locally in any area. It includes many primitive skills, and to these are added modern skills necessary for survival such as time and direction and the provision of more modern camp comforts and equipment. The practice of bushcraft develops in an individual a remarkable ability to adapt quickly to a changing environment. Because this is so, the activity is a valuable counter to today's specialisation, and it is particularly significant in youth training work. The author of "The 10 Bushcraft Books", Richard Graves, is a member of the Irish literary family of that name. He is also the author of: "Bushcraft: How to live in Jungle and Bush" "Survival Hints", a pamphlet which was included in all Allied jungle survival kits in the Pacific during WWII The Bushcraft Handbook "Ropes and Cords" The Bushcraft Handbook "Huts and Thatching" The Bushcraft Handbook "Bush Campcraft" The Bushcraft Handbook "Food and Water" The Bushcraft Handbook "Fire Making" The Bushcraft Handbook "Knots and Lashings" The Bushcraft Handbook "Traps and Tracking" The Bushcraft Handbook "Snares and Traps" The Bushcraft Handbook "Travel and Gear" The Bushcraft Handbook "Time and Direction" ...all authoritative works on bushcraft and the art of bush and jungle survival. An enthusiastic bushwalker, skier and pioneer of white-water canoeing, Richard Graves foresaw how a knowledge of bushcraft could save lives in the Second World War. To achieve this end, he initiated and led the Australian Jungle Rescue Detachment, assigned to the American Far East Air Force. This detachment of 60 specially selected A.I.F. soldiers successfully effected more than 300 rescue missions, most of which were in enemy-held territory, without failure of a mission or loss of a man. An essential preliminary for rescue is survival, and it was for this purpose that the notes for these books were written. These notes were later revised and prepared for a School in Bushcraft which was conducted for nearly 20 years. As far as is known, "The 10 Bushcraft Books" are unique. There is nothing quite like them, nor is any collection of bushcraft knowledge under one cover as comprehensive.

A Bibliography Of Australian Folklore 1790 To 1990

Author : David S. Hults
ISBN : IND:30000056890290
Genre : Folklore
File Size : 88.82 MB
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Contains only publications culled from Ferguson and the Australian national bibliography (and it predecessors).
Category: Folklore

Bushcraft Skills And How To Survive In The Wild

Author : Anthonio Akkermans
ISBN : 184476270X
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 50.13 MB
Format : PDF
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With full-colour photographs, illustrations and step-by-step sequences on an array of survival scenarios, this title is a practical manual for coping with crisis and danger in the wilderness and mastering the art of mental and physical survival.
Category: Sports & Recreation

The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Manual

Author : Tim MacWelch
ISBN : 9781681883175
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 34.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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What if you were dropped in the woods with little more than a knife, your wits, and the (hopefully warm) shirt on your back? Could you survive? If you’d read this book, the answer is yes! Survival! It’s one of our most primal fears, most basic needs. What do you do when everything is stripped away except your will to prevail? In this book, survival expert Tim MacWelch examines how native peoples around the world and throughout history have made their own shelter, weapons, tools, and more, and well as clever MacGuyver-esque ideas for using anything you might find in your pockets or pack. Whether your goal is to test yourself against nature, be prepared for any catastrophe, or learn more about traditional ways of survival, this is the one book you need. CHAPTER ONE: Bare Necessities - The stuff you need to survive short term wilderness emergencies (72 hours to one week) The Survival Priorities (& why you need them) Shelter, water, fire, food, first aid and signaling distress Tools of the Minimalist Knife, Axe and Saw - use and care; Clothing selection Shelters Pick a safe shelter location; How to build Leaf huts, lean-tos, jungle platforms, thatched roof, log huts, wicki-ups, pit houses, and more (different homes for varied climates) Water Gathering and Disinfection Finding springs, boiling w/ hot rocks, rain and precipitation collection, water storage, primitive filters, water from plants Fire Tinder, Kindling, Fire Lays, Flint & Steel, Bow Drill, Hand Drill, Bamboo Fire Saw, Fire Plow, Pump Drill, and other friction methods Signaling for Help and Self-Rescue How to signal and communicate w/ old school techniques; How and when to fight your way out CHAPTER TWO: Finer Things - Skills and techniques to collect food, and live more comfortably in the wild (weeks to months) Foraging for Wild Edible Plants How to identify and use wild plant foods; Recipes like our ancestors would have eaten Trapping Ways to catch game with new and old school, low-tech traps Primitive Fishing How to catch fish with thorns and other improvised tackle Ancient Weapons Bow and arrow, spear, Spear thrower, Bola and sling, primitive forging of metal Hunting Skills and game processing; 10 things to never do on a hunt Primitive Tools How to make stone blades, knives, axes, stone drill bits, mallets and wedges for wood splitting, digging sticks Hygiene Keeping clean; Natural toilet paper; Soap from plants; DIY latrine CHAPTER THREE: Long Term Living - The skills of our ancestors and the things you'd need for long term primitive living (years) Food Storage Drying, smoking, Food Caches, Freezing Containers How to make several different basket styles; Bark containers; Wooden bowls; Soapstone bowls and pots; Primitive ceramics Hides and Furs DIY buckskin, fur, rawhide and leather; Making clothes and outerwear (moccasins, mittens, hats, etc.) Primitive Cooking Cook in the coals; Spits and skewers; Green stick grill; Rock for frying pan; Stone Ovens, Steam pit, Earth over (in-ground hearth system) Tracking Man tracking and animal tracking Natural Navigation How to find your way by using the stars, the landscape, the weather and many other methods Wild Medicine Teas, compresses and poultices to help you heal
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The Savage In Literature

Author : Brian V. Street
ISBN : 9781317207467
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 49.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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First published in 1975, this study is concerned with the representation of non-European people in English popular fiction in the period from 1858-1920. It examines the developments in thinking about people across the world and shows how they affected writers’ views of evolution, race, heredity and of the life of the so-called ‘primitive’ man. This book will be of interest to those studying 19th century literature.
Category: Literary Criticism

Bushcraft Survival

Author : Ray Mears
ISBN : 0340834811
Genre : Survival
File Size : 51.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL Ray Mears travels to some of the most remote and beautiful wildernesses in the world, and experiences first hand the survival techniques of different indigenous cultures. From the Hudson Bay in Canada, via Tanzania and the jungles of Venezuela, to the moors and highlands of Britain, BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL explores a range of locations and techniques from indigenous peoples. Drawing on centuries of knowledge as well as his own experience, Ray demonstrates how our enjoyment of the wilderness comes through respect for our surroundings and the people, plants and animals that live there.
Category: Survival

My Outdoor Life

Author : Ray Mears
ISBN : 9781444778236
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 66.78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'If Ray Mears isn't a Great Living Englishman, then goodness me, who is? Ray is a persuader, pragmatist and populariser in the Durrell-Attenborough-Bellamy tradition.' - Robert Crampton, The Times Ray Mears is a household name through his television series Tracks, World of Survival, Bushcraft Survival, The Real Heroes of Telemark and many more. He is a private individual who shuns publicity whenever possible and would prefer to let his many skills tell their own tale - until now. In My Outdoor Life, Ray tells of his childhood and the formative years when he first developed a passion for both bushcraft and the martial arts skills that are central to his life. Having travelled the world several times over, he is no stranger to risk and has had more than his fair share of dangerous and life-threatening encounters to share with his readers. But his life is so much more than a tale of derring-do. Shortly after he returned to England having narrowly survived a serious helicopter crash, his father died. Just a year later, he had to face the death of his first wife Rachel. The book conveys the many sides of Ray Mears, taking us up to the present day - including the previously untold story of his involvement in the man-hunt for murderer Raoul Moat. My Outdoor Life gives us all a chance to share a life-story as rich and as inspirational as a walk in woods with the man himself, Ray Mears.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Defenders Of Wildlife

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105013299883
Genre : Wildlife conservation
File Size : 31.61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Wildlife conservation