Burn Collector

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Burn Collector

Author : Al Burian
ISBN : 1934620947
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 72.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Reflecting on a year spent living in Berlin, Germany, the expatriated Al Burian's essays in this collection have wildly free-range topics, including freedom, happiness, animal liberty, Aristotle, modern dentistry, riots as rituals, uncomfortable proximity to drunken teenagers, and how to best color coordinate an outfit that includes a Black Flag T-shirt and a baby stroller. An illustrated essay by Anne Elizabeth Moore, ?When You Realize the Freedom,” is also included.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Collector Of Tears

Author : Sean Burn
ISBN : 1906582912
Genre : Drama
File Size : 44.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Unable to age until she has cried, Tanya must collect the tears of others in glass bottles down through the centuries and through her stories, bear witness to the pain and suffering of the people. Tanya is an outcast, hunted by those who misunderstand her until the day comes when she finally stands up to be counted.
Category: Drama

Books Burn Badly

Author : Manuel Rivas
ISBN : 9781409089490
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 35.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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On 19 August 1936 Hercules the boxer stands on the quayside at Coruña and watches Fascist soldiers piling up books and setting them alight. With this moment a young carefree group of friends are transformed into a broken generation. Out of this incident during the early months of Spain's tragic civil war, Manuel Rivas weaves a colourful tapestry of stories and unforgettable characters to create a panorama of twentieth-century Spanish history. For it is not only the lives of Hercules the boxer and his friends that are tainted by the unending conflict, but also those of a young washerwoman who sees souls in the clouded river water and the stammering son of a judge who uncovers his father's hidden library. As the singed pages fly away on the breeze, their stories live on in the minds of their readers.
Category: Fiction

The Burn

Author : Haylie Pomroy
ISBN : 9780804141062
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 78.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the #1 New York Times bestseller The Fast Metabolism Diet, powerhouse nutritionist Haylie Pomroy showed readers how to heal a broken metabolism with the strategic use of macronutrients. But even in the best running systems, inflammation, digestive dysfunction, and hormonal imbalances can all hinder weight-loss. In The Burn, Haylie breaks new ground and gives anyone trying to lose weight new tools for busting through plateaus. Using targeted micronutrients to incinerate weight-loss roadblocks, Haylie will help you remove the problem—and lose up to 3, 5, and 10 pounds in as many days! The Burn offers three eating plans, therapeutically designed to achieve highly specific results. The I-Burn targets the body’s inflammatory reactions to food and flushes out toxins and subcutaneous fat, producing prominent cheekbones and a glowing complexion in three days. In five days, the D-Burn unblocks the body’s digestive barrier and torches torso fat, to create a flat belly and tighter waistline. The 10-day H-Burn addresses the hormonal system, repairing and facilitating the proper synthesis of hormones to reshape lumps and bumps into gorgeous curves, sleeker hips, and thinner thighs. The Burn also unveils: · I-Burn, D-Burn, and H-Burn eating and living plans, complete with detailed grocery lists and daily menus to keep the process simple and easy-to-follow. · Dozens of delicious recipes for meals in a flash. · Simple success boosters: foods, teas, tips, and practices that are easy to incorporate and stoke up your body’s ability to heal. · How to live your life on fire – road maps that help readers recognize what their bodies are saying to keep their metabolisms blazing! From the Hardcover edition.
Category: Health & Fitness

The Collector Of Names

Author : Patrick Hicks
ISBN : 9781936182626
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In his debut short story collection, poet and novelist Patrick Hicks reminds us of one such constant in all our lives—death. In these stories, most of which are set firmly in the heart of the country, the characters, all solid, well-meaning, hardworking people, are beset by tragedies both large and small, natural and unnatural. In the opening piece, "57 Gatwick," which won the 2012 Glimmer Train Emerging Writer Fiction award, a terrorist bombing of a commercial airliner over the city of Duluth, Minnesota gives the town coroner a new task beyond the collection and identification of victims' bodies, thus restoring hope to a shattered community. In "Burn Unit," a lone, misanthropic woman who rescues stray and abused animals, in turn rescues her horribly burned niece from a neglectful family and a life of despair. An unpopular teenage girl discovers a hidden talent in the wake of a devastating storm in "Picasso and the Tornado." In the "The Lazarus Bomb," the crew of a B-17 bomber crew flying missions over Germany in WWII is suddenly imbued with the ability to give life rather than rain death. With gentle humor and deft, lyrical prose, this collection demonstrates that, despite these tragedies, unlooked-for miracles do occur.
Category: Fiction

The Money Burn

Author : Tony Foster
ISBN : 9781469705033
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The most daring heist since the Great Train Robberya bored, complacent parole officer concocts the perfect crime. His plan is to rob an express train carrying millions of worn paper money on its way to the Treasury for destruction and replacement. No one loses anything. After all it is only paper on its way to a government furnace. Without involving himself directly, he enlists the aid of there of his parolees. Colin McCurdy, and ex-marijuana smuggler and pilot who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time; Charlie Webb, a small-time fight promoter heavily in debt to loan sharks, but willing to give his all to make the biggest score of his life; Penny Warren, a gorgeous blond thirst for revenge against the system that put her away for six years for a crime she didnt commit. The Money Burn is based on an actual incident that took place in the early 70's. It is an action packed thriller with a bizarre cast of characters and a fast-paced plot that includes double-crosses, love among thieves, police chases, a final shoot-out and a surprise ending.
Category: Fiction

Collector Of Tears Other Monologues

Author : sean burn
ISBN : 9781906582166
Genre : Drama
File Size : 27.49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An epic love story for our times. Unable to age until she has cried, Tanya must collect the tears of others in glass bottles down through the centuries – and through her stories, bear witness to the pain and suffering of the people. Taking both male and female lovers, Tanya is an outcast, hunted by those who misunderstand her until the day comes when she finally stands up to be counted – and learns how to cry. Also part of this collection: ‘ghost-tag’, ‘ryan yr tits are leakin’, ‘widescream’, ‘chair held aloft’, ‘when i return as lenin’ and ‘cocoon’.
Category: Drama

The Book Collector

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105121727593
Genre : Book collecting
File Size : 65.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Book collecting

Alternative Vegan

Author : Dino Sarma Weierman
ISBN : 9781604862676
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 80.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Taking a fresh, bold, and alternative approach to vegan cooking without the substitutes, this cookbook showcases more than 100 fully vegan recipes, many of which have South Asian influences. With a jazz-style approach to cooking, it also discusses how to improvise cooking with simple ingredients and how to stock a kitchen to prepare simple and delicious vegan meals quickly. The recipes for mouth-watering dishes include one-pot meals—such as South-Indian Uppama and Chipotle Garlic Risotto—along with Pakoras, Flautas, Bajji, and Kashmiri Biriyani, Hummus Canapes, and No-Cheese Pizza. With new, improved recipes this updated edition also shows how to cook simply to let the flavor of fresh ingredients shine through.
Category: Health & Fitness

The Bone Collector

Author : Jeffery Deaver
ISBN : 1101209089
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68.73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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DON'T MISS THE NBC TELEVISION SERIES LINCOLN RHYME: HUNT FOR THE BONE COLLECTOR The first novel in the New York Times bestselling series featuring forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme—from the author of The Never Game. “Lightning-paced…a breakneck thrill ride.”—The Wall Street Journal Lincoln Rhyme was once a brilliant criminologist, a genius in the field of forensics—until an accident left him physically and emotionally shattered. But now a diabolical killer is challenging Rhyme to a terrifying and ingenious duel of wits. With police detective Amelia Sachs by his side, Rhyme must follow a labyrinth of clues that reaches back to a dark chapter in New York City’s past—and reach further into the darkness of the mind of a madman who won’t stop until he has stripped life down to the bone.
Category: Fiction

Electronic Devices And Circuits I

Author : U.A.Bakshi
ISBN : 8184314728
Genre :
File Size : 72.29 MB
Format : PDF
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Biasing of BJT D.C. operating point, BJT characteristics and parameters all biasing, with and without emitter resistance, analysis of above circuits and their design, Variation of operating point and its stability. Small Signal BJT Amplifiers A.C. equivalent circuit, Rin, Av, Ai, Ro, Hybrid, re model and their use in amplifier design, BJT as switch, BJT as a diode, Emitter coupled pair, Design considerations.Design of CE, BJT amplifier. Biasing of FET Types of FET, Characteristics and parameters of JFET, D-MOSFET, E-MOSFET, Different biasing circuits, Their analysis and design, Location of operating point and its stability, CMOS devices. Small Signal FET Amplifiers A.C. operating point, Rin, Av, Ro, Common source, Common drain, Common gate characteristics, Design of CS, JFET amplifier. Power Circuits Design of rectifier circuit with filters (L, LC, C, Multiple LC, L and pi section) and regulator design using zener, BJT in series, BJT in shunt. Power Switching and Control Devices Characteristics, Ratings and applications of silicon controlled switch (SCS), Schottkey diode, DIAC, TRIAC, UJT, PUT, Phototransistor, Light activated SCR, Optical couplers, IGBT, Power MOSFET.

Electronic Circuits And Applications

Author : U.A.Bakshi A.P.Godse
ISBN : 8184313942
Genre : Electronics
File Size : 21.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Diode ApplicationsVoltage multiplier circuits : Working and comparison of voltage doubler, tripler and voltage quadrupler configurations. Limitations of voltage multiplier circuits. Effect of frequency on load regulation.Clipping and clamping circuits : Series and parallel forms of clipping circuits, Biased clipper, their operation and transfer characteristics. Clamping circuits.MOSFET ApplicationsMOSFET in VLSI : V-I characteristic equation in terms of W/L ratio, MOSFET scaling and small geometry effects, MOSFET capacitances. Modeling MOS transistors using SPICE, CMOS inverter, Static characteristics - Noise margin, threshold voltage, Layout and latch-up prevention, Other logic gates - NAND and NOR gates. Objective : To study Power MOSFET and Power BJT devices and their data sheet specifications.Power MOSFETConstruction - Lateral double diffused MOSFET, VMOSFET. Drive requirements, Comparison with power BJT. One example of drive circuit for POWER MOSFET.Power BJTPower BJT construction, Data sheet specifications, Thermal resistance, Second breakdown, Safe operating area (SOA), Thermal runaway, BJT as a switch in display and relay drive applications, Drive considerations, Anti saturation circuits, Comparison with POWER MOSFET.Large signal AF BJT amplifiersBlock schematic of AF amplifier. Classes of power amplifiers - Class A, Class B, Class AB. An overview and applications of Class C and Class D amplifiers. Class A with resistive load, Transformer coupled class A amplifier, Class B Push-pull, Class AB, Complementary symmetry and Quasi-complementary configurations. Efficiency analysis for Class A transformer coupled amplifier, Class B push-pull amplifiers. Comparison of efficiencies of other configurations. Distortions in amplifiers, concept of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).High frequency, small signal BJT amplifiersBehavior of transistor at high frequencies. Modified T equivalent circuit. High frequency hybrid CE amplifier model. CE short circuit current gains for T and hybrid models. Definitions and derivations for , and . Amplifier bandwidth taking into account source and load resistances. Techniques to improve bandwidth. Single tuned, Double tuned and stagger tuned amplifiers. Unloaded and loaded Q. Effect of staggering on bandwidth (no derivations).Feedback amplifiers and oscillatorsConcept of feedback. Negative and positive feedback. Classification of amplifiers based on feedback topology. (Voltage, Current, Transconductance and Transresistance amplifiers). Transfer gain with feedback. Advantages and disadvantages of negative feedback. Effect of feedback on input and output impedances and bandwidth of an amplifier. Analysis of one circuit for each feedback topology.OscillatorsOscillator startup mechanism, need for amplitude limiting. Study of following oscillator circuits (using FET) - (Derivations not expected) - LC oscillators - General form of LC oscillator. Hartley oscillator, Colpitts oscillator, Clapp oscillator. Crystal oscillator, Crystal clock.Linear voltage regulators and voltage referencesBlock schematic of linear regulators. Emitter follower regulator, Transistor series regulator and its analysis for performance parameters. 3 terminal floating, dual and adjustable regulators. Method of boosting output current using external series pass transistor. Performance parameters - Load and Line regulation, Ripple rejection, Output resistance and efficiency. Protection circuits - Reverse polarity protection, over current, fold back current limiting, over voltage protections. Important data sheet specifications of linear regulators. Voltage references, their peculiarities and applications.
Category: Electronics

Electronic Devices And Circuits

Author : U.A.Bakshi A.P.Godse
ISBN : 8184313322
Genre :
File Size : 55.89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Electron Dynamics and CROMotion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields. Simple problems involving electric and magetic fields only. Electrostatic and magnetic focuing. Principles of CRT, deflection sesitivity (Electrostatic and magnetic deflection), Parallel Electric and Magnetic fields, perpendicular Electric and Magnetic fields.

Elements Of Electronics Engineering

Author : U.A.Bakshi A.P.Godse
ISBN : 818431292X
Genre : Electronic engineering
File Size : 35.64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Semiconductor Diodes Classification of materials as insulator, Conductors and semiconductors, Types of semiconductors-intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, P-type and N-type, Majority and minority charge carriers, Drift current. The PN junction, Formation of depletion layer, Junction voltage, Effect of temperature on junction voltage, Forward and reverse biased PN junction. Reverse saturation current, V-I characteristics. Junction breakdown, Zener and avalanche breakdown, Junction capacitance and equivalent circuit. PN junction diode, V-I characteristics, Diode parameters, Applications, Diode ratings or specifications, Ideal diode and real diode, Introduction to zener diode.Bipolar Junction Transistor Introduction, Emitter, Base and collector of transistor, Transistor construction and biasing. Transistor circuit configurations, Common base, Common emitter, Common collector, Leakage current and thermal runaway.Field Effect Transistor Introduction, Symbol, Classification of FET, Basic construction of JFET, Opens operation and characteristics, MOSFET, Depletion and enhancement type MOSFET, Construction, Working. FET applications.Opto and Power Devices Introduction, Wavelength and frequency, Spectral response of human eye, LED, Photo emissive devices, Photo diode.UJT, SCR, TRIAC, DIAC, SCSConstruction, Parameters, Characteristics, Operation and applications.Operational Amplifiers and Power Supplies Ideal operational amplifier. Inverting and non-inverting amplifier, Difference amplifier. Ground concept, Summing amplifier, Voltage follower.DC Power Supplies Introduction, Unregulated and regulated power supply, Rectifiers, Regulation, Zener diode shunt regulator, Transistor series voltage regulator. Voltage multipliers, Complete power supply.Cathode Ray OscilloscopeIntroduction, Cathode ray tube, Theory and construction, Applications.Electronic InstrumentsElectronic voltmeters, Differential amplifiers, DC voltmeters, Electronic multimeters.Logic Circuits Binary numbers, Conversion of decimal numbers to binary numbers. HEX and OCTAL numbers, Conversion to binary form, AND, OR, NOR, NAND and all logic gates, Symbols and truth table each case.
Category: Electronic engineering